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Hasmeena Kathuria, Frank T Leone, Enid R Neptune
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' requirement to integrate tobacco treatment with lung cancer screening (LCS) has served as a catalyst for motivating pulmonary medicine clinicians to improve upon their ability to effectively treat tobacco dependence. To do so, clinicians need to be well versed in the behavioral and pharmacologic tools that promote smoking cessation. RECENT FINDINGS: The current review outlines current strategies for treating tobacco dependence, focusing on the important interplay between counseling and pharmacotherapy...
April 18, 2018: Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
Heather Kitzman, Leilani Dodgen, Abdullah Mamun, J Lee Slater, George King, Donna Slater, Alene King, Surendra Mandapati, Mark DeHaven
Reducing obesity positively impacts diabetes and cardiovascular risk; however, evidence-based lifestyle programs, such as the diabetes prevention program (DPP), show reduced effectiveness in African American (AA) women. In addition to an attenuated response to lifestyle programs, AA women also demonstrate high rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. To address these disparities, enhancements to evidence-based lifestyle programs for AA women need to be developed and evaluated with culturally relevant and rigorous study designs...
November 2017: Contemporary Clinical Trials
Hina Mehta, Lille Tidwell, Lance A Liotta
Patents are designed to protect and encourage creativity and innovation. Patenting a biomedical discovery can be a requirement before a pharmaceutical company or biotech entity will invest in the lengthy and capital-intensive drug development and clinical trials necessary to achieve patient benefit. Although scientists and clinicians are well versed in research publication requirements, patent descriptions and claims are formatted in a manner quite different from a research paper. Patents require (a) a series of logical statements clearly delineating the boundaries of the novel aspects of the invention and (b) sufficient disclosure of the invention so that it can be reproduced by others...
2017: Methods in Molecular Biology
Vicente Planells-Palop, Ali Hazazi, Julia Feichtinger, Jana Jezkova, Gerhard Thallinger, Naif O Alsiwiehri, Mikhlid Almutairi, Lee Parry, Jane A Wakeman, Ramsay J McFarlane
BACKGROUND: Cancer/testis (CT) genes have expression normally restricted to the testis, but become activated during oncogenesis, so they have excellent potential as cancer-specific biomarkers. Evidence is starting to emerge to indicate that they also provide function(s) in the oncogenic programme. Human TEX19 is a recently identified CT gene, but a functional role for TEX19 in cancer has not yet been defined. METHODS: siRNA was used to deplete TEX19 levels in various cancer cell lines...
April 26, 2017: Molecular Cancer
G Gibbard, C Shang, S Khanal
PURPOSE: To validate a novel real time quality assurance device, as a means to test coincidence of light fields to electron radiation fields. METHOD AND MATERIALS: Use a Raven™ (LAP of America Laser Applications) detector, both light fields and electron radiation fields of various electron cones and cutouts from two Clinacs (Varian Medical) were sensed by the phosphor screen and registered by a CCD camera of the device. During measurements, the screen surface of Raven was placed at ISO center level facing the radiation field at any setup angle...
June 2016: Medical Physics
Nitesh D Kuhadiya, Husam Ghanim, Aditya Mehta, Manisha Garg, Salman Khan, Jeanne Hejna, Barrett Torre, Antoine Makdissi, Ajay Chaudhuri, Manav Batra, Paresh Dandona
CONTEXT: It is imperative that novel approaches to treatment of type 1 diabetes (T1D) are devised. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study was to investigate whether addition of dapagliflozin to insulin and liraglutide results in a significant reduction in glycemia and body weight. DESIGN: This was a randomized clinical trial. SETTING: The study was conducted at a single academic medical center. PARTICIPANTS: Participants included T1D patients on liraglutide therapy for at least last 6 months...
September 2016: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Vaclav Pavelec, Brian W Rotenberg, Joachim T Maurer, Edward Gillis, Thomas Verse
OBJECTIVE: Many cases of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) involve collapse of the tongue base and soft palate during sleep, causing occlusion of the upper airway and leading to oxygen desaturation. Existing therapies can be effective, but they are plagued by patient adherence issues and the invasiveness of surgical approaches. A new, minimally invasive implant for OSA has been developed, which is elastic and contracts a few weeks after deployment, stabilizing the surrounding soft tissue...
2016: Nature and Science of Sleep
Erin Godecke, Elizabeth A Armstrong, Tapan Rai, Sandy Middleton, Natalie Ciccone, Anne Whitworth, Miranda Rose, Audrey Holland, Fiona Ellery, Graeme J Hankey, Dominique A Cadilhac, Julie Bernhardt
RATIONALE: The efficacy of rehabilitation therapy for aphasia caused by stroke is uncertain. AIMS AND HYPOTHESIS: The Very Early Rehabilitation of Speech (VERSE) trial aims to determine if intensive prescribed aphasia therapy (VERSE) is more effective and cost saving than non-prescribed, intensive (usual care-plus) and non-intensive usual care (UC) therapy when started within 15 days of stroke onset and continued daily over four weeks. We hypothesize that aphasia therapy when started very early after stroke and delivered daily could enhance recovery of communication compared with UC...
July 2016: International Journal of Stroke: Official Journal of the International Stroke Society
Stuart A Harlin, Ruth A Grissom, Christopher LeCroy, Susan M Pouliot, Scott A Harlin
BACKGROUND: Percutaneous endovascular aneurysm repair (PEVAR) continues to evolve. Device profiles continue to decline, further reducing the physiological insult of the procedure. Anesthesia, however, has not evolved with a large proportion of patients continuing to receive general anesthesia for their increasingly less invasive procedures. We report on a novel anesthetic technique providing outstanding anesthesia in patients undergoing PEVAR in an outpatient setting. The total anesthesia used was remarkably cost effective...
July 2016: Annals of Vascular Surgery
Andréa Bortolotto
Although little studied now, the work of Johann Andreas Cramer (1710-1777) on mineralogy and metallurgy was much appreciated by his peers and influenced the development those fields throughout the eighteenth century. Well versed in the theoretical and practical problems of analysing and grouping minerals, Cramer sought to solve them by formulating a new, accurate system for identifying and classifying metals. He also developed faster and less expensive metal extraction methods than those previously available...
2015: Ambix
Ildikó Király, Szilvia Takács, Zsuzsa Kaldy, Erik Blaser
The dominant view of children's memory is that it is slow to develop and is inferior to adults'. Here we pitted 4-year-old children against adults in a test of verbatim recall of verbal material. Parents read a novel rhyming verse (and an integrated word list) as their child's bedtime story on ten consecutive days. A group of young adults listened to the verse, matching the exposure of children. All participants subsequently performed a free-recall of the verse, verbatim. (Parents and young adults knew they would be tested; children did not...
May 2017: Developmental Science
Alex Langford-Smith, Viranga Tilakaratna, Paul R Lythgoe, Simon J Clark, Paul N Bishop, Anthony J Day
Age-related cataract formation is the primary cause of blindness worldwide and although treatable by surgical removal of the lens the majority of sufferers have neither the finances nor access to the medical facilities required. Therefore, a better understanding of the pathogenesis of cataract may identify new therapeutic targets to prevent or slow its progression. Cataract incidence is strongly correlated with age and cigarette smoking, factors that are often associated with accumulation of metal ions in other tissues...
2016: PloS One
Hadley S Sauers-Ford, Jeffrey M Simmons, Samir S Shah
Many families involved in research are well versed in the care system due to chronic conditions. Engagement of families of children with serious acute illnesses is infrequent, and no studies have documented the feasibility or acceptability of different methods of family engagement. We describe a model used in the Hospital-to-Home Outcomes study, which utilized a novel approach of short-term focused engagement of families and other stakeholders to incorporate the unique viewpoints of families whose care experience is primarily focused around the period surrounding their child's hospitalization for acute illness...
February 2016: Journal of Hospital Medicine: An Official Publication of the Society of Hospital Medicine
Jessica D Arden, Kari I Lavik, Kaitlin A Rubinic, Nicolas Chiaia, Sadik A Khuder, Marthe J Howard, Andrea L Nestor-Kalinoski, Arthur S Alberts, Kathryn M Eisenmann
The extensive invasive capacity of glioblastoma (GBM) makes it resistant to surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy and thus makes it lethal. In vivo, GBM invasion is mediated by Rho GTPases through unidentified downstream effectors. Mammalian Diaphanous (mDia) family formins are Rho-directed effectors that regulate the F-actin cytoskeleton to support tumor cell motility. Historically, anti-invasion strategies focused upon mDia inhibition, whereas activation remained unexplored. The recent development of small molecules directly inhibiting or activating mDia-driven F-actin assembly that supports motility allows for exploration of their role in GBM...
November 1, 2015: Molecular Biology of the Cell
Christy A Olson, Lisa R Hale, Nancy Hamilton, Joshua N Powell, Laura E Martin, Cary R Savage
Individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) often complain of doubt related to memory. As neuropsychological research has demonstrated that individuals with OCD tend to focus on details and miss the larger context, the construct of source (contextual) memory may be particularly relevant to memory complaints in OCD. Memory for object versus contextual information relies on partially distinct regions within the prefrontal cortex, parietal and medial temporal lobe, and may be differentially impacted by OCD...
January 1, 2016: Behavioural Brain Research
Mira Brancu, David Jobes, Barry M Wagner, Jeffrey A Greene, Timothy A Fratto
The purpose of this pilot study was to predict resolution of suicidal ideation and risk over the course of therapy among suicidal outpatients (N = 144) using a novel method for analyzing Self- verses Relationally oriented qualitative written responses to the Suicide Status Form (SSF). A content analysis software program was used to extract word counts and a repeated measures longitudinal design was implemented to assess improvement over time. Patients with primarily Relationally focused word counts were more likely to have a quicker suicide risk resolution than those with more Self-focused word counts (6-7 sessions versus 17-18 sessions)...
July 2, 2016: Archives of Suicide Research: Official Journal of the International Academy for Suicide Research
K Ratnakar Reddy, Y Poornachandra, G Jitender Dev, G Mallareddy, Jagadeesh B Nanubolu, C Ganesh Kumar, B Narsaiah
A series of novel amide functionalized 2H-chromene derivatives 3 were prepared starting from ethyl-2-hydroxy-2-(trifluoromethyl)-2H-chromene-3-carboxylate 1 via sodium borohydride reduction followed by Ritter amidation using HBF4·OEt2 as a mild and versatile reagent. All the products 3 were screened for antimicrobial activity against various Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria and fungal strain. The promising derivatives such as 3f, 3g, 3k, 3l, 3m, 3n and 3o were further screened for minimum bactericidal concentration and bio-film inhibition activity and identified the potential ones...
August 1, 2015: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Nicola A Hanania, Michael Noonan, Jonathan Corren, Phillip Korenblat, Yanan Zheng, Saloumeh K Fischer, Melissa Cheu, Wendy S Putnam, Elaine Murray, Heleen Scheerens, Cecile T J Holweg, Romeo Maciuca, Sarah Gray, Ramona Doyle, Dana McClintock, Julie Olsson, John G Matthews, Karl Yen
INTRODUCTION: In a subset of patients with asthma, standard-of-care treatment does not achieve disease control, highlighting the need for novel therapeutic approaches. Lebrikizumab is a humanised, monoclonal antibody that binds to and blocks interleukin-13 activity. METHODS: LUTE and VERSE were replicate, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, evaluating multiple doses of lebrikizumab in patients with uncontrolled asthma despite the use of medium-to-high-dose inhaled corticosteroid and a second controller...
August 2015: Thorax
Sung Hyun Nam
This study aims to examine the beginning and the development of Christian Charities during the 4(th)-6(th) centuries which would eventually result in the birth of the hospital in modern sense in the first half of the 7(th) century. For this purpose, I looked carefully into various primary sources concerning the early Christian institutions for the poor and the sick. Above all, it's proper to note that the first xenodocheion where hospitality was combined with a systematic caring, is concerned with the Trinitarian debate of the 4(th) century...
April 2015: Ŭi Sahak
Haojun Yang, Jian Gu, Qin Zhu, Hao Lu, Kunpeng Wang, Xuhao Ni, Yunjie Lu, Ling Lu
All-trans retinoic acid (atRA), the active derivative of vitamin A, has been shown to regulate Treg and T effector cell differentiation. However, the potential use of atRA as a treatment for acute graft-verse-host disease (aGVHD) has not been realized. Here we studied the ability of atRA to prevent and treat acute-GVHD in the B6-to-F1(D2B6F1) murine model. Our results showed that atRA consistently displayed a potent ability to control aGVHD development and reduce mortality by suppressing the expansion of donor T cells and inhibiting cytokine expression from donor CD8 cells...
October 2015: International Immunopharmacology
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