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I Schuler, A Milon, Y Nakatani, G Ourisson, A M Albrecht, P Benveniste, M A Hartman
To gain some insight into the structural and functional roles of sterols in higher plant cells, various plant sterols have been incorporated into soybean phosphatidylcholine (PtdCho) bilayers and tested for their ability to regulate water permeability and acyl chain ordering. Sitosterol was the most efficient sterol in reducing the water permeability of these vesicles and stigmasterol appeared to have no significant effect. Vesicles containing 24zeta-methylcholesterol exhibited an intermediate behavior, similar to that of vesicles containing cholesterol...
August 15, 1991: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
K Wellesen, F Durst, F Pinot, I Benveniste, K Nettesheim, E Wisman, S Steiner-Lange, H Saedler, A Yephremov
We describe lacerata (lcr) mutants of Arabidopsis, which display various developmental abnormalities, including postgenital organ fusions, and report cloning of the LCR gene by using the maize transposon Enhancer/Suppressor-mutator (En/Spm). The pleiotropic mutant phenotype could be rescued by genetic complementation of lcr mutants with the wild-type LCR gene. The LCR gene encodes a cytochrome P450 monooxygenase, CYP86A8, which catalyzes omega-hydroxylation of fatty acids ranging from C12 to C18:1, as demonstrated by expression of the gene in yeast...
August 14, 2001: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
A Rahier, J C GĂ©not, F Schuber, P Benveniste, A S Narula
Microsomes from maize seedlings are capable of catalyzing the C-24 alkylation of 4,4,14 alpha-trimethyl-9 beta,19-cyclo-5 alpha-cholest-24-en-3 beta-ol (cycloartenol) by (S)-adenosyl-L-methionine (AdoMet) leading to 24-methylene cycloartanol. Derivatives of cycloartenol bearing a nitrogen atom at C-25 have been previously shown to be potent inhibitors of the AdoMet-cycloartenol-C-24-methyltransferase (Narula, A. S., Rahier, A., Benveniste, P., and Schuber, F. (1981) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 103, 2408-2409). In order to determine the molecular parameters of the inhibition and to gain information about its mechanism, various azasteroids and analogues have been synthesized and assayed...
December 25, 1984: Journal of Biological Chemistry
I Schuler, G Duportail, N Glasser, P Benveniste, M A Hartmann
The typical plant sterols (sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol) were compared with respect to their ability to regulate membrane fluidity of soybean phosphatidylcholine (PC) vesicles. Fluidity changes were monitored by the steady-state fluorescence anisotropy with 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene as a probe and assigned to a measure of the acyl chain orientational order. Sitosterol and campesterol appear to be the most suitable sterols in ordering the acyl chains of soybean lecithin bilayers, even more efficient than cholesterol, the standard of reference for sterol effects on membranes, suggesting that they play a significant role in the regulation of plant membrane properties...
September 21, 1990: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
P Bouvier, M Rohmer, P Benveniste, G Ourisson
The 4,4-dimethyl and 4alpha-methyl sterols of the bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus were identified as 4,4-dimethyl- and 4alpha-methyl-5alpha-cholest-8(14)-en-3beta-ol and 4,4-dimethyl- and 4alpha-methyl-5alpha-cholesta-8(14),24-dien-3beta-ol. Sterol biosynthesis is blocked at the level of 4alpha-methyl delta8(14)-sterols.
November 1976: Biochemical Journal
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