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Esophageal choriocarcinoma

F Pezzuto, F Fortarezza, V Falcone, C Quintiliani, D Piscitelli
Extra-gonadal choriocarcinoma is an extremely rare highly malignant neoplasm with a poor prognosis. In the gastrointestinal tract it usually arises in stomach, esophagous, bowel intestine and colon. Only few cases are pure and not associated with a classic adenocarcinoma. The correlation of Crohn's disease with choriocarcinoma is not reported. We describe a case of 47-year old man with primary choriocarcinoma of the colon in a previously documented Crohn's disease.
May 2017: Il Giornale di Chirurgia
Dengfeng Cao, Peter A Humphrey, Robert W Allan
BACKGROUND: The correct diagnosis of metastatic germ cell tumors is critical, because these tumors can be effectively treated and are even cured with modern therapy. Their histopathologic diagnosis can be challenging without immunohistochemical markers, which currently have limitations. SALL4 is a novel stem cell marker essential to maintain pluripotency and self-renewal of embryonic stem cells. In the current study, the authors investigated the utility of SALL4 as a potential diagnostic marker for metastatic germ cell tumors...
June 15, 2009: Cancer
Tassawar Hussain, Amjad Salamat, Muhammad Asif Farooq, Fayyaz Hassan, Muhammad Hafeez
OBJECTIVE: To determine common indications for requesting Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and to describe the diagnosis made after endoscopic ultrasound/Fine-Needle Aspiration and Cytology (FNAC) during two years at a tertiary gastrointestinal unit. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional descriptive study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: The study was carried out in Gastrointestinal Department of Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, from March 2006 to February 2008...
April 2009: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Guillaume Granier, Christiane Marty-Double
Gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma with a choriocarcinomatous component (GACC) is an extremely rare and highly malignant human chorionic gonadotrophin-producing neoplasm. The development of this tumour from dedifferentiation or trans-differentiation of adenocarcinomatous cells is the most likely mechanism. 102 of the 120 cases reviewed in the literature presented enough clinicopathological information to be analysed. This tumour can be purely choriocarcinomatous or associated with an adenocarcinoma as in half of the observations...
October 2007: Gastroentérologie Clinique et Biologique
Ichiro Hirai, Wataru Kimura, Akira Fuse, Hideki Isobe, Osamu Hachiya, Toshiyuki Moriya, Koichi Suto, Masaomi Mizutani
BACKGROUND/AIMS: This study investigated the results of hepatectomy for multiple liver metastases and repeated hepatectomy for recurrent hepatic metastases. A proposed treatment strategy for liver metastases is discussed. METHODOLOGY: Fifty-seven consecutive cases of liver metastases were studied. The metastases originated from colon cancer (24 cases), rectal cancer (11 cases), gastric cancer (14 cases), or gastrointestinal stromal tumors (two cases). The other cases included one each of gastric carcinoid, carcinoma of the papilla of Vater, cystic duct cancer, esophageal cancer, choriocarcinoma and breast cancer...
September 2006: Hepato-gastroenterology
Shivanand Patil, K A Ramakrishna, Srinivas G R S Rao, Ajit Kumar, C Sundaram, Anand C Loya
Extragenital choriocarcinoma involving the gastrointestinal tract is rare. We report a 60-year-old woman with squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus with a choriocarcinomatous focus. She was palliated with chemotherapy and an endoprosthesis.
January 2006: Indian Journal of Gastroenterology: Official Journal of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology
Hong-Bo Bao, Chuan-Bao Zhang, Jin-Fang Wang, Chuan-Nong Zhou, Fang Liu, Xiao-Hang Zhao, Shi-Jun Qian
The uracil in DNA comes from either the misincorporation of dUTP in place of dTTP or deamination of cytosine. In the latter case, it can result in a GC to AT transition mutation if the uracil is not removed before DNA replication. Base excision repair (BER) is a major pathway for removing DNA lesions arising from endogenous processes as well as those induced by exposure to exogenous chemicals or irradiation. BER is initiated by DNA glycosylases that excise aberrant bases from DNA by cleavage of the N-glycosidic bond linking to the base of its deoxyribose sugar...
September 2003: Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao, Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
Akira Ishihara, Takashi Mori, Masashi Koono
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in situ (SCCIS) with diffuse pagetoid features is a recently recognized rare variant of squamous cell carcinoma. A histopathological study of a specimen from a 70-year-old male Japanese patient is reported. The patient died of respiratory failure due to rapidly progressing metastatic pulmonary tumors of unknown origin 73 days after the onset of hemosputum. Autopsy disclosed widespread metastasis of choriocarcinoma in the absence of tumors of the testes or other common sites of germ cell tumors...
February 2002: Pathology International
Hitoshi Tanigawa, Yoshiki Kida, Sadayoshi Kuwao, Hidenaga Uesugi, Tatsuya Ojima, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Katsunori Saigenji, Isao Okayasu
We report an unusual hepatoid adenocarcinoma in Barrett's esophagus with achalasia, which developed in a 44-year-old Japanese woman. The patient received an esophago-gastrectomy after diagnosis of the tumor and achalasia at the lower esophagus, 4 months before her death due to multiple metastatic tumors of the liver. The main granular tumor removed surgically was a hepatoid adenocarcinoma, mainly composed of clear cancer cells (alpha-1 antitrypsin, albumin and alpha-fetoprotein positive), with elements of choriocarcinoma and tubular adenocarcinoma...
February 2002: Pathology International
I Virtanen, D Gullberg, J Rissanen, E Kivilaakso, T Kiviluoto, L A Laitinen, V P Lehto, P Ekblom
Two novel monoclonal antibodies were raised and used to study the expression of laminin (Ln) alpha1-chain in developing and adult human tissues. In both fetal and adult kidney, a distinct immunoreactivity was seen in basement membranes (BM) of most proximal tubules but not in the distal tubular or glomerular BM or in the basal laminae of blood vessels. Immunoprecipitation of metabolically labeled cultured human renal proximal tubular cells showed an abundant production and deposition of Ln alpha1-chain to the extracellular matrix, suggestive of an epithelial origin of kidney Ln-1...
June 15, 2000: Experimental Cell Research
O Merimsky, J Jossiphov, N Asna, E Shmueli, A Stabsky, M Inbar
Extragonadal germ cell tumors are rare neoplasms with histologic features comparable to those of gonadal origin. Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus was diagnosed in a 53-year-old male patient, and was palliated for a short period by cisplatin plus 5-fluorouracil. Clinical deterioration and development of gynecomastia led to diagnosis of hormone-secreting choriocarcinoma that originated within the squamous cell tumor of the esophagus. Salvage chemotherapy affected the markers but not the tumor. Extragonadal choriocarcinoma is a chemosensitive tumor, but when arising within squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus it may be chemoresistant, and lead to a fatal outcome...
April 2000: American Journal of Clinical Oncology
K Y Lam, V Tang
OBJECTIVE: The clinicopathologic features of splenic metastases have seldom been investigated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical and pathological impact of splenic metastases. CASE MATERIAL: We reviewed the clinical/autopsy records and pathologic features of 92 Chinese patients (58 men, 34 women) with secondary nonlymphoid splenic tumors recorded during a 25-year period. RESULTS: The incidence of splenic secondary tumors at autopsy was 0...
April 2000: Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
T Motoyama, M Higuchi, J Taguchi
We describe an oesophageal tumour composed of choriocarcinoma, hepatoid adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma and tubular adenocarcinoma. The choriocarcinomatous areas and hepatoid adenocarcinomatous areas contained beta human chorionic gonadotropin-positive cells and alpha fetoprotein-positive cells, respectively. The small cell carcinomatous areas contained cells positive for serotonin or adrenocorticotrophic hormone, while the tubular adenocarcinomatous areas contained cells positive for carcinoembryonic antigen...
1995: Virchows Archiv: An International Journal of Pathology
S Iida, O Katoh, A Tokunaga, M Terada
All of 13 human esophageal cancer cell lines contained mRNAs for both basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and its receptor, FGFR1/N-sam protein, while they did not have mRNAs for keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) despite the presence of mRNAs for the KGF receptor gene, K-sam. The results indicate that in human esophageal cancer, bFGF plays roles in an autocrine manner, while KGF acts as a paracrine mediator. In contrast, only one of seven human gastric cancer cell lines contained bFGF mRNAs, while three out of the seven had mRNAs for FGFR1/N-sam protein...
March 30, 1994: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
H S Wasan, J B Schofield, T Krausz, K Sikora, J Waxman
A patient with primary adenocarcinoma with yolk sac and trophoblastic differentiation occurring in Barrett's esophagus is reported. Yolk sac differentiation at this site has not been described previously. The diagnosis of germ cell differentiation initially was suggested by the finding of elevated serum tumor marker levels. The patient experienced disease remission after cytotoxic chemotherapy. Germ cell differentiation may be difficult to identify in small biopsy samples, which may not be representative of the tumor as a whole...
February 1, 1994: Cancer
W Hosemann, C Wittekind
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 3, 1982: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift
K Ota, Y Ariyoshi, A Urata
The effects of chemotherapy for lung metastasis in 284 cancer patients using various anti-tumor drugs, including classic ones and modern active agents for the past 18 years, were presented. Lung metastasis for lung cancer was excluded. The response was achieved in cervical carcinoma of the uterus (17/62, 27%), endometrial carcinoma of the uterus (1/7, 14%), colorectal cancer (6/39, 15%), breast cancer (5/28, 18%) and stomach cancer (4/28, 14%). A high response was achieved in myosarcoma (5/12, 42%), testicular cancer (5/11, 45%) and also in ovarian cancer (3/10, 30%)...
May 1983: Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics
J V Klavins
The following serum tumor markers are elevated above normal levels in 50 percent or more of patients with various malignant neoplasms: Alpha-fetoprotein in yolk sac tumors, hepatomas, retinoblastomas, embryonal carcinomas, breast carcinomas, and carcinomas of uterine cervix; Carcinoembryonic antigen in colon carcinomas, choriocarcinomas, pancreatic carcinomas, medullary thyroid carcinomas, osteosarcomas, retinoblastomas, ovarian cystadenocarcinomas, mycosis fungoides, hepatomas, esophageal carcinomas, adenocarcinomas of uterine cervix, lung carcinomas, carcinomas of small intestine, urinary bladder carcinomas, and renal cell carcinomas; Human chorionic gonadotrophin in choriocarcinomas, malignant interstitial cell tumors of testis, non seminomatous tumors of testis, embryonal carcinomas, and pancreatic carcinomas...
July 1983: Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science
A K Ageev
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1967: Voprosy Onkologii
N Sasano, S Abe, O Satake, K Endo, M Sato
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 1970: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
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