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Thorax contrast CT

A Sossin, V Rebuffel, J Tabary, J M Létang, N Freud, L Verger
Both in radiography and computed tomography (CT), recently emerged energy-resolved x-ray photon counting detectors enable the identification and quantification of individual materials comprising the inspected object. However, the approaches used for these operations require highly accurate x-ray images. The accuracy of the images is severely compromised by the presence of scattered radiation, which leads to a loss of spatial contrast and, more importantly, a bias in radiographic material imaging and artefacts in CT...
December 21, 2016: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Onur Fevzi Erer, Pinar Cimen, Mehmet Unlu, Nuran Katgi
Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) is a technique for the detection of mediastinal abnormalities. A total of 548 EBUS procedures were performed for various indications, and in four cases (0.7%), filling defects in central pulmonary arteries were demonstrated fortuitously during the procedure. Subsequently, all patients underwent contrast-enhanced CT of the thorax to confirm the diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE). In three of the four cases, there was a concomitant lung cancer. PTE can be incidentally detected during EBUS; therefore, pulmonary arteries should be examined carefully during EBUS in all patients, particularly in patients with suspected or proven malignancy...
November 3, 2016: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: JCU
Alex Cheen Hoe Khoo, Fadzilah Hamzah, Choo Khoon Ong
Nonosseous uptake in Tc-hydroxymethylene bone scintigraphy should always be evaluated for any possibility of pathological changes. We share interesting images of a 60-year-old woman initially investigated for suspected osteomyelitis of the left femur but found to have an extraosseous uptake in the right hemithorax on bone scintigraphy. Plain chest radiograph followed by contrast-enhanced CT of the thorax revealed the presence of a lung mass in the right lower lobe with no lymphadenopathy. CT-guided biopsy yielded fibrocollagenous tissue, partly lined by benign pneumocytes...
January 2017: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
Cyril Mory, Guillaume Janssens, Simon Rit
Four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography (4D-CBCT) of the free-breathing thorax is a valuable tool in image-guided radiation therapy of the thorax and the upper abdomen. It allows the determination of the position of a tumor throughout the breathing cycle, while only its mean position can be extracted from three-dimensional CBCT. The classical approaches are not fully satisfactory: respiration-correlated methods allow one to accurately locate high-contrast structures in any frame, but contain strong streak artifacts unless the acquisition is significantly slowed down...
September 21, 2016: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Walter Bugiantella, Federico Crusco, Nicola Avenia, Rondelli Fabio
UNLABELLED: Splenosis is the autoimplantation of splenic tissue to ectopic sites after spleen injury. Although splenosis most commonly occurs in the abdomen, it may occur in the thorax in case of diaphragm rupture. Thoracic splenosis (TS) is often asymptomatic and is diagnosed incidentally in the course of chest examination. We describe the case of a man, with a history of thoracoabdominal trauma, undergoing routine chest radiography with the evidence of radio-opaque images close to the inferior left curvature of the cardiac shadow, which resulted to be nodules of TS at the contrast enhanced CT scan...
2016: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Md Arshad Ejazi, Md Mazhar Alam, Mohammad Shameem, Rakesh Bhargava, C G Adil Wafi, Salauddin
Phrenic nerve palsy causing hemidiaphragm paralysis is a very uncommon feature of thoracic aortic aneurysm. In one case, a 30 year male complained of chronic dull aching chest pain, and hoarseness of voice; posteroanterior view chest radiograph revealed large spherical radiopacity on the left upper lung zone with smooth lobulated margin with elevated left hemidiaphragm. On Colour Doppler sonography, lesion was anechoic on gray scale sonography but on Doppler analysis revealed intense internal vascularity within it with characteristic "Ying Yang" sign...
July 2016: Lung India: Official Organ of Indian Chest Society
Shunsuke Matsumoto, Yoshitake Yamada, Masahiro Hashimoto, Teppei Okamura, Minoru Yamada, Fumiaki Yashima, Kentaro Hayashida, Keiichi Fukuda, Masahiro Jinzaki
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness of CT before TAVI using variable helical pitch (VHP) scanning and its diagnostic performance for coronary artery disease (CAD). METHODS: Sixty patients (84.4 ± 4.6 years) scheduled for TAVI underwent CT using VHP scanning with the contrast material (CM) volume calculated as scanning time × weight [kg] × 0.06 mL. Retrospective electrocardiography (ECG)-gated scanning was utilized to examine the thorax, and non-ECG-gated scanning of the abdomen immediately followed...
August 25, 2016: European Radiology
Dukhabandhu Naik, Kumaradoss Felix Jebasingh, Ramprasath, Gnanamuthu Birla Roy, Mazhuvanchary Jacob Paul
Ectopic anterior mediastinal parathyroid adenoma is a rare cause of Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Imaging studies such as Technetium-99m ((99m)Tc) sestamibi parathyroid scan along with a Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomogram (SPECT), and contrast enhanced Computerized Tomogram (CT) of the neck and thorax can precisely localize the ectopic mediastinal parathyroid adenoma. We report a 40-year-old gentleman who presented with persistent pain in the right shoulder following trivial trauma. His biochemical investigations showed an elevated serum calcium of 11...
June 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Andrew P Santoso, Kwang H Song, Yujiao Qin, Stephen J Gardner, Chang Liu, Indrin J Chetty, Benjamin Movsas, Munther Ajlouni, Ning Wen
BACKGROUND: This study investigates the effect of gantry speed on 4DCBCT image quality and dose for the Varian On-Board Imager®. METHODS: A thoracic 4DCBCT protocol was designed using a 125 kVp spectrum. Image quality parameters were evaluated for 4DCBCT acquisition using Catphan® phantom with real-time position management™ system for gantry speeds varying between 1.0 to 6.0°/s. Superior-inferior motion of the phantom was executed using a sinusoidal waveform with five second period...
2016: Radiation Oncology
Grace Tang, Christopher Moussot, Daniel Morf, Edward Seppi, Howard Amols
Most of the treatment units, both new and old models, are equipped with a megavoltage portal imager but its use for volumetric imaging is limited. This is mainly due to the poor image quality produced by the high-energy treatment beam (> 6MV). A linac at our center is equipped with a prototype 2.5 MV imaging beam. This study evaluates the feasibility of low-dose megavoltage cone-beam imaging with the 2.5MV beam and a thick cesium iodide detector, which is a high-efficiency imager. Basic imaging properties such as spatial resolution and modulation transfer function were assessed for the 2...
2016: Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Jun Kuwabara, Yuji Watanabe, You Kojima, Naoyuki Higaki, Yoshiou Ikeda, Kouichi Sato, Motohira Yoshida, Yuji Yamamoto, Satoshi Kikuchi
INTRODUCTION: Spontaneous esophageal rupture is a rare condition with a high mortality rate, and it is generally treated by surgery. In the present report, successful non-surgical closure of spontaneous esophageal rupture by endoscopic ligation with snare loops in a patient with pyopneumothorax and septicemia is presented. CASE DESCRIPTION: The case of an 80-year-old man patient with spontaneous esophageal rupture who was cured by endoscopic ligation with snare loops is reported...
2016: SpringerPlus
Yingming Amy Chen, Vikramaditya Prabhudesai, Helene Castel, Samir Gupta
BACKGROUND: Hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) is defined by liver dysfunction, intrapulmonary vascular dilatations, and impaired oxygenation. The gold standard for detection of intrapulmonary vascular dilatations in HPS is contrast echocardiography. However, two small studies have suggested that patients with HPS have larger segmental pulmonary arterial diameters than both normal subjects and normoxemic subjects with cirrhosis, when measured by CT. We sought to compare CT imaging-based pulmonary vasodilatation in patients with HPS, patients with liver dysfunction without HPS, and matching controls on CT imaging...
2016: PloS One
A Sossin, V Rebuffel, J Tabary, J M Létang, N Freud, L Verger
X-ray imaging coupled with recently emerged energy-resolved photon counting detectors provides the ability to differentiate material components and to estimate their respective thicknesses. However, such techniques require highly accurate images. The presence of scattered radiation leads to a loss of spatial contrast and, more importantly, a bias in radiographic material imaging and artefacts in computed tomography (CT). The aim of the present study was to introduce and evaluate a partial attenuation spectral scatter separation approach (PASSSA) adapted for multi-energy imaging...
June 21, 2016: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Nesreen Alsbou, Salahuddin Ahmad, Imad Ali
PURPOSE: A motion algorithm has been developed to extract length, CT number level and motion amplitude of a mobile target from cone-beam CT (CBCT) images. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The algorithm uses three measurable parameters: Apparent length and blurred CT number distribution of a mobile target obtained from CBCT images to determine length, CT-number value of the stationary target, and motion amplitude. The predictions of this algorithm are tested with mobile targets having different well-known sizes that are made from tissue-equivalent gel which is inserted into a thorax phantom...
May 17, 2016: Journal of X-ray Science and Technology
Kristin Jensen, Trond Mogens Aaløkken, Anders Tingberg, Erik Fosse, Anne Catrine T Martinsen
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to validate iterative reconstruction technique in oncologic chest computed tomography (CT). METHODS: An anthropomorphic thorax phantom with 4 simulated tumors was scanned on a 64-slice CT scanner with 2 different iterative reconstruction techniques: one model based (MBIR) and one hybrid (ASiR). Dose levels of 14.9, 11.1, 6.7, and 0.6 mGy were used, and all images were reconstructed with filtered back projection (FBP) and both iterative reconstruction algorithms...
May 2016: Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography
Perry B Johnson, Kyle R Padgett, Kuan L Chen, Nesrin Dogan
"Reg Refine" is a tool available in the MIM Maestro v6.4.5 platform ( that allows the user to actively participate in the deformable image registration process. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the efficacy of this tool and investigate strategies for how to apply it effectively. This was done by performing DIR on two publicly available ground-truth models, the Pixel-based Breathing Thorax Model (POPI) for lung, and the Deformable Image Registration Evaluation Project (DIREP) for head and neck...
2016: Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Karli Gillette, Jess Tate, Brianna Kindall, Peter Van Dam, Edward Kholmovski, Robert MacLeod
Registering and combining anatomical components from different image modalities, like MRI and CT that have different tissue contrast, could result in patient-specific models that more closely represent underlying anatomical structures. In this study, we combined a pair of CT and MRI scans of a pig thorax to make a tetrahedral mesh and compared different registration techniques including rigid, affine, thin plate spline morphing (TPSM), and iterative closest point (ICP), to superimpose the segmented bones from the CT scan on the soft tissues segmented from the MRI...
September 2015: Computing in Cardiology
W H Nijhof, M Hilbink, G J Jager, C H Slump, M J C M Rutten
AIM: To investigate the association between a non-invasive cardiac output (CO) measurement and the scan delay, as derived from a test bolus injection protocol. The secondary objective was to determine which factors affect the relationship between the CO and scan delay. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty-five patients referred for a contrast-enhanced (thorax-)abdomen CT examination were included in this feasibility study. A test bolus examination was performed prior to the abdominal CT...
September 2016: Clinical Radiology
Kevin P Murphy, Lee Crush, Siobhan B O'Neill, James Foody, Micheál Breen, Adrian Brady, Paul J Kelly, Derek G Power, Paul Sweeney, Jackie Bye, Owen J O'Connor, Michael M Maher, Kevin N O'Regan
PURPOSE: We examine the performance of pure model-based iterative reconstruction with reduced-dose CT in follow-up of patients with early-stage testicular cancer. METHODS: Sixteen patients (mean age 35.6 ± 7.4 years) with stage I or II testicular cancer underwent conventional dose (CD) and low-dose (LD) CT acquisition during CT surveillance. LD data was reconstructed with model-based iterative reconstruction (LD-MBIR). Datasets were objectively and subjectively analysed at 8 anatomical levels...
2016: European Journal of Radiology Open
Zeeshan Ahmed, Suresh Singh, Akshay Mangal, Alka Mittal
Primary spermatic cord malignant mesothelioma is an extremely rare tumour with only 12 cases reported so far. It is an aggressive tumour with a high recurrence rate. A 45-year-old man presented with a slow growing right inguinal swelling for the past 1 year. Physical examination revealed a well-circumscribed, hard, non-reducible swelling palpable along the medial extent of the inguinal canal with no cough impulse. Fine-needle aspiration cytology suggested metastatic carcinoma. Contrast-enhanced CT of the thorax and abdomen did not reveal any primary...
2016: BMJ Case Reports
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