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pulmonary adenocarcinoma & brain metastases

Hiroshi Matsufuji, Eri Shiozaki, Yasutaka Nakatake, Koichi Yoshida, Kensaku Kamada, Takayuki Matsuo
Of all brain metastases, the most common primary lesion is derived from the lung. These types of metastases enlarge aggressively with unfavorable prognoses. We report the case of a 75-year-old male patient who had a history of pulmonary resection for Stage IA non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC), and received chemotherapy. One year after NSCLC surgery, he experienced a cardiogenic cerebral infarction, and anticoagulant therapy was initiated. Mass lesions with hemorrhage were detected bilaterally in the frontal lobes through magnetic resonance imaging three years after the NSCLC surgery...
April 2017: No Shinkei Geka. Neurological Surgery
A Dao, H Jabir, A Taleb, N Benchakroun, Z Bouchbika, T Nezha, H Jouhadi, S Sahraoui, A Benider
BACKGROUND: The metastases of a primary lung cancer over the thyroid gland are extremely rare. We report on an unusual presentation of thyroid metastasis of lung cancer in order to improve the management of similar cases. CASE PRESENTATION: Three years ago, a Moroccan male 59-year-old was admitted for dyspnea, dry cough, and chest pain. He had smoked about 30 cigarette packs a year. Clinical examination revealed a right thyroid nodule. Chest and neck computed tomography (CT) scan showed a proximal left tumor in contact with the pulmonary artery and revealed a suspected nodule in the right lobe of the thyroid with homolateral neck node...
March 21, 2017: BMC Research Notes
Ki-Eun Hwang, Su-Jin Oh, Chul Park, Se-Jeong Jeon, Jeong-Mi Lee, Byong-Ki Cha, Kwon-Ha Yoon, Eun-Taik Jeong, Hak-Ryul Kim
Background/Aims: Brain and bone metastases are common in patients with lung cancer. The development of metastasis is associated with poor survival in lung cancer patients. Although tumor morphologic features on radiographs are routinely assessed for differentiation between benign and malignant lung nodules, they are not used to predict metastasis. We assessed morphologic features of pulmonary adenocarcinomas with brain/bone metastasis on computed tomography (CT) to identify related factors for metastasis...
February 15, 2017: Korean Journal of Internal Medicine
Ildikó Krencz, Anna Sebestyén, Katalin Fábián, Ágnes Márk, Judit Moldvay, András Khoor, László Kopper, Judit Pápay
Brain metastases (BMs) are common complications of adenocarcinomas (ADCs) of the lung and are associated with a poor prognosis. Although an increasing amount of data indicates that dysregulated activity of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) can influence the metastatic potential of various tumors, the role of mTOR complexes in the development of BMs from ADCs of the lung is largely unknown. To estimate mTOR activity, we studied the expression of mTOR-related proteins (mTORC1: p-mTOR, p-S6; mTORC2: p-mTOR, Rictor) in primary (n=67) and brain metastatic (n=67) lung ADCs, including 15 paired tissue samples, using immunohistochemistry and tissue microarrays...
April 2017: Human Pathology
Masafumi Yamaguchi, Makoto Edagawa, Yuzo Suzuki, Ryo Toyozawa, Fumihiko Hirai, Kaname Nosaki, Takashi Seto, Mitsuhiro Takenoyama, Yukito Ichinose
BACKGROUND: We wanted to assess the efficacy of curative intent pulmonary resection for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with synchronous M1b-distant metastases in a single organ or lesion. METHODS: Between 1995 and 2015, 23 consecutive synchronous M1b-cStage IV NSCLC patients who underwent any treatment for metastases and curative intent pulmonary resection were retrospectively analyzed. RESULTS: Sixteen patients were men and 7 were women, with a median age of 56 years (range: 41 to 76 years)...
November 15, 2016: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Guang Han, Jianping Bi, Wenyong Tan, Xueyan Wei, Xiaohong Wang, Xiaofang Ying, Xiaofang Guo, Xiaoyi Zhou, Desheng Hu, Weining Zhen
Lung adenocarcinomas are more commonly associated with brain metastases (BM). Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations have been demonstrated to be both predictive and prognostic for patients with lung adenocarcinoma. We aimed to explore the potential association between EGFR mutation and the risk of BM in pulmonary adenocarcinoma patients. Data of 234 patients from 2007 to 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. A total of 108 patients had EGFR mutations in the entire cohort. Among them, 76 patients developed BM during their disease course...
August 30, 2016: Oncotarget
Yazan Abdeen, Sawsan Amireh, Alpa Patel, Moh'd Al-Halawani, Hamid Shaaban, Richard Miller
CONTEXT: According to the recent World Health Organization reports, lung cancer has become the most common type of malignancy and the leading cause of death from cancer. Lung cancer frequently metastasizes to hilar lymphnodes, brain, adrenal glands, bone, but rarely to skin. CASE REPORT: We report a case of a 72-year-old male with a past medical history of pulmonary fibrosis and no prior history of smoking who presented to the emergency room for progressive dyspnea over three weeks...
May 2016: North American Journal of Medical Sciences
Jennifer Shih, Babar Bashir, Karen S Gustafson, Mark Andrake, Roland L Dunbrack, Lori J Goldstein, Yanis Boumber
Next-generation sequencing of primary and metachronous metastatic cancer lesions may impact patient care. We present a case of relapsed metastatic breast cancer with a dominant pulmonary lesion originally identified as lung adenocarcinoma. A 72-year-old, never-smoker woman with a protracted cough was found to have a large lung mass and regional lymphadenopathy on a chest CT. Lung mass biopsy showed adenocarcinoma with focal TTF-1 (thyroid transcription factor 1) positivity, favoring a lung primary. In addition to stereotactic brain radiation for cerebral metastases, she was started on carboplatin/pemetrexed...
August 2015: Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network: JNCCN
Yoshihisa Shimada, Hisashi Saji, Masatoshi Kakihana, Naohiro Kajiwara, Tatsuo Ohira, Norihiko Ikeda
BACKGROUND: We investigated the factors associated with post-recurrence survival and the treatment for non-small-cell lung cancer patients with postoperative distant recurrence, especially oligometastasis. METHODS: We reviewed the data of 272 patients with distant recurrence who underwent resection of non-small-cell lung cancer from January 2000 through December 2011. RESULTS: The type of distant recurrence was classified as oligometastasis (n = 76, 28%) or polymetastasis (n = 196, 72%)...
October 2015: Asian Cardiovascular & Thoracic Annals
Halit Diri, Melih Kiziltepe, Sulbiye Karaburgu, Mehmet Sait Koc, Ersin Ozaslan, Fatih Tanriverdi
Adrenal incidentalomas are found incidentally during a radiologic examination performed for indications other than an adrenal disease, and 15% of them are bilateral adrenal masses. This study describes a 51-year-old male smoker patient admitted with diabetes mellitus. An abdominal ultrasonography performed due to his anemia revealed bilateral adrenal masses. His chest X-ray showed abnormal 10 cm opacity at the right upper lung, and brain, thorax, and abdomen CT scans showed multiple lesions compatible with lung cancer metastases...
2015: Case Reports in Endocrinology
David Ladrón de Guevara H, Francisca Furnaro L, Sebastián Yévenes A, José Miguel Clavero R, David Lazo P, Patricio Rodríguez D, Antonio Piottante B, Raúl Pefaur D, Claudio Pardo B
BACKGROUND: PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) is widely used in nodal and metastatic staging of lung cancer patients. AIM: To analyze PET/CT detection of metastatic disease in patients with lung cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We reviewed retrospectively F18Fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT scans performed between December 2008 and December 2013. We selected 143 patients aged 30 to 92 years (63% males) with confirmed lung cancer referred for staging, with no previous treatment...
January 2015: Revista Médica de Chile
Clemens Seidel, Rolf-Dieter Kortmann
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2015: Strahlentherapie und Onkologie: Organ der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft ... [et Al]
Yingjie Xiu, Lili Jiang, Weiping Liu
Pulmonary blastoma is a rare series of malignant lung tumor, which contains three categories: classic biphasic pulmonary blastoma, pluropulmonary blastoma, and well-differentiated fetal adenocarcinoma. In this study, a 19-year old female suffering with classic biphasic pulmonary blastoma and metastases in brain and axilla was presented with special interest in clinicopathological presentations, immunohistochemical features, and molecular characterizations. However, this case was misdiagnosed initially with small biopsy specimen...
2015: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology
Kornelia Holzmann, Roland Kropfmüller, Herwig Schinko, Stephan Bogner, Franz Fellner, Wolfgang Arzt, Bernd Lamprecht
In the 26th week of gestation, a 29-year-old pregnant office employee was referred to the pulmonary department of Linz General Hospital (AKH) under the suspicion of tuberculosis. She complained of a cough with intermittent hemoptysis and pain in the thoracic spine from which she had been suffering the past 9 weeks. A plain chest X-ray showed a dense infiltrate on the right side and multiple smaller shadows in both lungs. Laboratory testing revealed anemia, leukocytosis, and an increase of C-reactive protein...
August 2015: Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift
Wei Zhang, Chao Yu, Bin Huang, Feng-Liang Zhou, Hai-Dong Huang, Qiang Li
Thrombocytosis is commonly observed in patients exhibiting a variety of malignancies, including pulmonary, gastrointestinal and hepatic cancer. In the present study, the correlation between distant metastasis and thrombocytosis was retrospectively reviewed in 308 cases of histopathologically confirmed pulmonary adenocarcinoma. The patients were classified as having thrombocytosis or not, based on their platelet counts upon diagnosis; thrombocytosis was documented in 82/308 patients (26.6%). A log-rank test indicated a statistically significant difference in survival between patients exhibiting thrombocytosis compared with patients not exhibiting thrombocytosis (P<0...
February 2015: Oncology Letters
Dhruv Lowe, Shreya Sinha, Arunpreet Kahlon
Cancer Student/Resident Case Report Posters IIISESSION TYPE: Medical Student/Resident Case ReportPRESENTED ON: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMINTRODUCTION: Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis is a rare but grave consequence of advanced cancers with median overall survival of 2-3 months. Patients can present with a broad range of symptoms, hence, diagnosis requires a high index of suspicion.CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of a 71 year old female with h/o ovarian cancer s/p TAH-BSO, pulmonary adenocarcinoma s/p left lung lobectomy who presented to the hospital with a one month history of intermittent lightheadedness and headaches...
October 1, 2014: Chest
Nirosshan Thiruchelvam, Jaskirat Randhawa, Hamed Daw, Timothy Spiro, Abdo Haddad
SESSION TITLE: Cancer Student/Resident Case Report Posters IISESSION TYPE: Medical Student/Resident Case ReportPRESENTED ON: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 01:30 PM - 02:30 PMINTRODUCTION: Pancoast tumor is defined as a neoplasm located at the apical pleuropulmonary groove. The majority of the tumors are non small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs). CASE PRESENTATION: A 44 year old male with 20 pack year history of smoking who presented with headache, axillary chest wall discomfort and numbness in the medial aspect of the left forearm for 2 weeks...
October 1, 2014: Chest
Dong Soo Lee, Seung Joon Kim, Jin Hyoung Kang, Sook Hee Hong, Eun Kyoung Jeon, Young Kyoon Kim, Ie Ryoung Yoo, Jae Gil Park, Hong Seok Jang, Hyo Chun Lee, Yeon Sil Kim
BACKGROUND: This study aimed to clarify the clinical associations between serum carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) levels and whole-body metastatic distribution in stage IV NSCLC patients. METHODS: This study analyzed 377 eligible patients between June 2007 and December 2012. All patients enrolled in the study were newly diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC and had records of pre-treatment serum CEA levels. The serum CEA levels were categorized as normal (< 5 ng/ml) or abnormal (≥ 5 ng/ml) to reveal clinically correlated factors with abnormal serum CEA levels...
2014: Journal of Cancer
Giorgio Fratus, Fabio Tagliabue, Pierpaolo Mariani, Enrico Coppola Bottazzi, Luisella Spinelli, Lorenzo Novellino
UNLABELLED: Lung cancer is the most common neoplasm diagnosed worldwide. Metastatic presentation of the disease is frequent. Apart from the usual sites of metastatic disease (bone, adrenals, liver, brain), a particular site for metastases is represented by skin. The case we report is about a 66 year-old man with cutaneous metastasis from lung cancer. A 66 year-old man, with a previous history of abdominal aortic aneurism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiopathy, diabetes mellitus, was admitted to our institution for left lower lobe lung cancer...
2014: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Jy Ming Chiang, Pao Shiu Hsieh, Jinn Shiun Chen, Reiping Tang, Jeng Fu You, Chien Yuh Yeh
BACKGROUND: Rectal cancer patients have a higher incidence of pulmonary metastases than those with colon cancer. This study aimed to examine the effects of rectal cancer level on recurrence patterns in rectal cancer patients. METHODS: Patients with T3/T4 rectal cancers who underwent surgery between 2002 and 2006 were recruited in this study. All the patients were followed up on until death. Recurrence patterns and survival rates were calculated in relation to clinical variables...
2014: World Journal of Surgical Oncology
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