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apple cider vinegar

Aleksandra Štornik, Barbara Skok, Janja Trček
Organic apple cider vinegar is produced from apples that go through very restricted treatment in orchard. During the first stage of the process, the sugars from apples are fermented by yeasts to cider. The produced ethanol is used as a substrate by acetic acid bacteria in a second separated bioprocess. In both, the organic and conventional apple cider vinegars the ethanol oxidation to acetic acid is initiated by native microbiota that survived alcohol fermentation. We compared the cultivable acetic acid bacterial microbiota in the production of organic and conventional apple cider vinegars from a smoothly running oxidation cycle of a submerged industrial process...
March 2016: Food Technology and Biotechnology
Naoki Akasaka, Haruka Higashikubo, Yuri Ishii, Hisao Sakoda, Shinsuke Fujiwara
Vinegar produced by acetic acid bacteria is used as an attractant for fruit flies. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and brown rice vinegar (BRV) are used as lures to detect Drosophila suzukii (also known as the spotted wing drosophila [SWD], a newly emerging invasive pest of soft-skinned fruits) and to capture Drosophila melanogaster, respectively. In the present study, we evaluated the attractiveness of BRV and ACV to SWD in laboratory trapping experiments using an upturned microcentrifuge tube with a pipette tip as a trap...
January 2017: Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering
H Bouderbala, H Kaddouri, O Kheroua, D Saidi
AIM OF THE STUDY: The search of new anti-obesogenic treatments based on medicinal plants without or with minimal side effects is a challenge. In this context, the present study was conducted to evaluate the anti-obesogenic effect of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in Wistar rats subjected to a high fat diet. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighteen male Wistar rats (140±5g) were divided into 3 three equal groups. A witness group submitted to standard laboratory diet and two groups subjected to a high fat diet (cafeteria diet); one receives a daily gavage of apple cider vinegar (7mL/kg/d) for 30 days...
June 2016: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Janja Trček, Aleksander Mahnič, Maja Rupnik
Unfiltered vinegar samples collected from three oxidation cycles of the submerged industrial production of each, red wine and organic apple cider vinegars, were sampled in a Slovene vinegar producing company. The samples were systematically collected from the beginning to the end of an oxidation cycle and used for culture-independent microbial analyses carried out by denaturing high pressure liquid chromatography (DHPLC) and Illumina MiSeq sequencing of 16S rRNA gene variable regions. Both approaches showed a very homogeneous bacterial structure during wine vinegar production but more heterogeneous during organic apple cider vinegar production...
April 16, 2016: International Journal of Food Microbiology
H Bouderbala, H Kaddouri, M Maharrar, O Kheroua, D Saidi
OBJECTIFS: Au cours des dernières décennies, l'incidence de l'obésité a dramatiquement augmenté au point de devenir une préoccupation majeure de santé publique. Selon les recommandations de l'OMS, la recherche de nouveaux traitements anti-obésogènes à base de plantes médicinales dépourvues, ou ayant des effets secondaires minimes est un défi. Dans cette optique, la présente étude a été menée pour évaluer l'effet anti-obésogène du vinaigre de cidre de pomme (VCP) chez le rat Wistar soumis à un régime hyperlipidique...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Hannah J Burrack, Mark Asplen, Luz Bahder, Judith Collins, Francis A Drummond, Christelle Guédot, Rufus Isaacs, Donn Johnson, Anna Blanton, Jana C Lee, Gregory Loeb, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Steven van Timmeren, Douglas Walsh, Douglas R McPhie
Drosophila suzukii Matsumara, also referred to as the spotted wing drosophila, has recently expanded its global range with significant consequences for its primary host crops: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, and strawberries. D. suzukii populations can increase quickly, and their infestation is difficult to predict and prevent. The development of effective tools to detect D. suzukii presence in new areas, to time the beginning of activity within a crop, to track seasonal activity patterns, and to gauge the effectiveness of management efforts has been a key research goal...
June 2015: Environmental Entomology
Stephanie Feldstein, Maryam Afshar, Andrew C Krakowski
"Natural home remedies" for nevi removal found on the Internet can be ineffective, or worse, dangerous. Children and teens, in particular, may be more likely to attempt self-treatment in order to avoid discussing their concerns with their parents. Here, the authors report a case of an adolescent who presented with a chemical burn after following an Internet-based protocol for nevi removal using apple cider vinegar.
June 2015: Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology
Neelendra K Joshi, David J Biddinger, Kathleen Demchak, Alan Deppen
Zaprionus indianus (Gupta) (Diptera: Drosophilidae), an invasive vinegar fly, was found for the first time in Adams County, Pennsylvania, in 2011. It was found in a commercial tart cherry orchard using apple cider vinegar (ACV) traps that were monitoring another invasive vinegar fly, the spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) (Diptera: Drosophilidae). Coincidentally, the first record of D. suzukii found in Pennsylvania was also found in this same cherry orchard only 3 months earlier as part of a spotted wing drosophila survey effort in raspberry, blackberry, grape, and tart cherry in Adams County...
2014: Journal of Insect Science
Ana Carolina Loureiro Gama Mota, Ricardo Dias de Castro, Julyana de Araújo Oliveira, Edeltrudes de Oliveira Lima
PURPOSE: To evaluate the in vitro antifungal activity of apple cider vinegar on Candida spp. involved in denture stomatitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The microdilution technique was used to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum fungicidal concentration (MFC) of apple cider vinegar containing 4% maleic acid, and nystatin (control). Further tests of microbial kinetics and inhibition of adherence to acrylic resin were performed testing different concentrations (MIC, MICx2, MICx4) of the products at time intervals of 0, 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes...
June 2015: Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists
Lindsy E Iglesias, Teresia W Nyoike, Oscar E Liburd
Field experiments were conducted in commercial southern highbush blueberries and wild blackberries to evaluate the attractiveness of different trap designs, bait types, and bait age on captures of the spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) (Diptera: Drosophilidae). During the 2012 trap design study, the five treatments evaluated were four 1-liter clear plastic cup traps (with and without a yellow visual stimulus or odorless dish detergent) and the fifth treatment was a Pherocon AM yellow sticky card trap...
August 2014: Journal of Economic Entomology
Rachel Brown, Cecilia H Y Sam, Tim Green, Simon Wood
Chewing gum alleviates symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux (GER) following a refluxogenic meal. GutsyGum(tm), a chewing gum developed to alleviate the symptoms of GER contains calcium carbonate, with a proprietary blend of licorice extract, papain, and apple cider vinegar (GiGs®). The efficacy of GutsyGum(tm) was determined in alleviating the symptoms of GER after a refluxogenic meal compared to placebo gum. This double-blind, placebo-controlled-crossover trial with a one-week washout between treatments had 24 participants with a history of GER consume a refluxogenic meal and then chew GutsyGum(tm) or placebo gum...
June 2015: Journal of Dietary Supplements
Mustafa Nazıroğlu, Mustafa Güler, Cemil Özgül, Gündüzalp Saydam, Mustafa Küçükayaz, Ercan Sözbir
The purpose of this study was to investigate the potentially beneficial effects of apple cider vinegar (ACV) supplementation on serum triglycerides, total cholesterol, liver and kidney membrane lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant levels in ovariectomized (OVX) mice fed high cholesterol. Four groups of ten female mice were treated as follows: Group I received no treatment and was used as control. Group II was OVX mice. Group III received ACV intragastrically (0.6% of feed), and group IV was OVX and was treated with ACV as described for group III...
August 2014: Journal of Membrane Biology
K A Hamby, M P Bolda, M E Sheehan, F G Zalom
Native to Southeast Asia, Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) prefer to oviposit on ripe fruit and have become an important pest of California raspberries (Rubus idaeus L.) since their detection in Santa Cruz County, CA, in 2008. Preliminary management guidelines included D. suzukii monitoring recommendations, though there was little available information on seasonal occurrence and potential lures for use in raspberries. To address this issue, we trapped adult D. suzukii weekly for 2 yr (including both spring and fall harvests) in multiple raspberry varieties using apple cider vinegar and a yeast-sugar-water mixture as liquid lures, and measured fruit infestation when commercially ripe fruit were available...
August 2014: Environmental Entomology
Joseph R Kleiber, C Rikard Unelius, Jana C Lee, David Maxwell Suckling, Michael C Qian, Denny J Bruck
Laboratory screening bioassays and field trapping experiments of spotted wing drosophila flies, Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) (Diptera: Drosophilidae), were conducted to determine the attractiveness of 17 compounds as well as to compare attractant efficiency during peak fruit ripeness and postharvest captures late in the season. Compounds structurally related to each of the fermentation products acetic acid, ethanol, ethyl acetate, and 2-phenethyl alcohol were screened for attractiveness compared with a soap water control in greenhouse cage bioassays...
April 2014: Environmental Entomology
Dong H Cha, Stephen P Hesler, Richard S Cowles, Heidrun Vogt, Gregory M Loeb, Peter J Landolt
We determined the attractiveness of a new chemical lure compared with fermented food baits in use for trapping Drosophila suzukii Matsumura, spotted wing drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae), in Connecticut, New York, and Washington in the United States and at Dossenheim in Germany. The chemical lure (SWD lure) and food baits were compared in two types of traps: the dome trap and a cup trap. Regardless of trap type, numbers of male and female D. suzukii trapped were greater with the SWD lure compared with apple cider vinegar (ACV) baits at the Washington and New York sites, and were comparable with numbers of D...
October 2013: Environmental Entomology
Jana C Lee, Peter W Shearer, Luz D Barrantes, Elizabeth H Beers, Hannah J Burrack, Daniel T Dalton, Amy J Dreves, Larry J Gut, Kelly A Hamby, David R Haviland, Rufus Isaacs, Anne L Nielsen, Tamara Richardson, Cesar R Rodriguez-Saona, Cory A Stanley, Doug B Walsh, Vaughn M Walton, Wee L Yee, Frank G Zalom, Denny J Bruck
Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura), an invasive pest of small and stone fruits, has been recently detected in 39 states of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. This pest attacks ripening fruit, causing economic losses including increased management costs and crop rejection. Ongoing research aims to improve the efficacy of monitoring traps. Studies were conducted to evaluate how physical trap features affect captures of D. suzukii. We evaluated five colors, two bait surface areas, and a top and side position for the fly entry point...
December 2013: Environmental Entomology
Mary Balliett, Jeanmarie R Burke
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to describe changes in anthropometric measurements, body composition, blood pressure, lipid profile, and testosterone following a low-energy-density dietary intervention plus regimented supplementation program. METHODS: The study design was a pre-post intervention design without a control group. Normal participants were recruited from the faculty, staff, students, and community members from a chiropractic college to participate in a 21-day weight loss program...
March 2013: Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
Cécile P Faucher, Monika Hilker, Marien de Bruyne
Behavioural responses of animals to volatiles in their environment are generally dependent on context. Most natural odours are mixtures of components that can each induce different behaviours when presented on their own. We have investigated how a complex of two olfactory stimuli is evaluated by Drosophila flies in a free-flying two-trap choice assay and how these stimuli are encoded in olfactory receptor neurons. We first observed that volatiles from apple cider vinegar attracted flies while carbon dioxide (CO2) was avoided, confirming their inherent positive and negative values...
2013: PloS One
D L Gambon, H S Brand, E C I Veerman
Erosive tooth wear was diagnosed in the dentition of a 15-year-old girl with a Moroccan background. After an anamnesis, extensive analysis of possible risk factors and a study of the pattern of erosion, it was concluded that the erosive tooth wear was induced by daily consumption of a glass of apple cider vinegar Further investigation revealed that in North-African culture, women have used apple cider vinegar to achieve weight loss for generations. Bodybuilders are also known to make use of this method of weight reduction...
December 2012: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Tandheelkunde
Anca Gaston, Robert F Garry
BACKGROUND: Common warts (verruca vulgaris) are benign epithelial proliferations associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Salicylic acid and cryotherapy are the most frequent treatments for common warts, but can be painful and cause scarring, and have high failure and recrudescence rates. Topical vitamin A has been shown to be a successful treatment of common warts in prior informal studies. CASE: The subject is a healthy, physically-active 30 old female with a 9 year history of common warts on the back of the right hand...
January 17, 2012: Virology Journal
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