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Multiple scleroses

Kantaro Hara, Nobuhiro Izumi, Takuma Tsukioka, Hiroaki Komatsu, Satoshi Okada, Michihito Toda, Ryuichi Ito, Toshihiko Shibata, Noritoshi Nishiyama
A 36-year-old Chinese woman was referred to our hospital for further examination of an abnormal shadow on chest X-ray. Chest computed tomography(CT) revealed a 5 mm circular nodule in diameter in right lung S3 and a 32 mm mass in diameter in right lung S7. The S7 mass showed an abnormal accumulation of SUVmax=4.0 on positron emission tomography( PET)-CT. Transbronchial biopsy was performed, but failed to rule out possible malignancy. Differential diagnoses were multiple lung benign tumor, multiple lung metastases from unknown primary cancer, malignant lymphoma or primary lung cancer, and so on...
December 2016: Kyobu Geka. the Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery
Stefaan Verhulst, Jan Best, Wing-Kin Syn, Hendrik Reynaert, Karine H Hellemans, Ali Canbay, Laurent Dolle, Leo A van Grunsven
Chronic hepatic injury is accompanied by a ductular response that is strongly correlated with disease severity and progression of fibrosis. To investigate whether anti-inflammatory drugs can modulate the ductular response, we treated mice suffering from a steatotic or cholestatic injury with anti-TNF-α antibodies (Infliximab) or glucocorticoids (Dexamethasone). We discovered that Dexamethasone and Infliximab can both modulate the adaptive remodeling of the biliary architecture that occurs upon liver injury and limit extracellular matrix deposition...
November 8, 2016: Scientific Reports
Herbert Tilg, Patrice D Cani, Emeran A Mayer
The gut microbiota has recently evolved as a new important player in the pathophysiology of many intestinal and extraintestinal diseases. The liver is the organ which is in closest contact with the intestinal tract, and is exposed to a substantial amount of bacterial components and metabolites. Various liver disorders such as alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic liver disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis have been associated with an altered microbiome. This dysbiosis may influence the degree of hepatic steatosis, inflammation and fibrosis through multiple interactions with the host's immune system and other cell types...
October 8, 2016: Gut
Jaya Ruth Asirvatham, Maria Monica Garcia Falcone, Celina G Kleer
Apocrine change in the breast is an extremely common finding. In most cases, the benign or malignant nature of the lesion is easily recognized. Apocrine adenosis is used to describe sclerosing adenosis with apocrine change. The term apocrine atypia is used when there is significant cytologic atypia in apocrine cells, characterized by a 3-fold nuclear enlargement, prominent/multiple nucleoli, and hyperchromasia. Atypical apocrine adenosis is diagnosed when apocrine adenosis and apocrine atypia are superimposed...
October 2016: Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Anna Cieślak, Isabelle Kelly, Jocelyn Trottier, Mélanie Verreault, Ewa Wunsch, Piotr Milkiewicz, Guy Poirier, Arnaud Droit, Olivier Barbier
This study aimed at establishing a sensitive multiple reaction monitoring-mass spectrometry (MRM-MS) method for the quantification of the drug metabolizing cytochrome P450 (CYP)3A4 enzyme in human liver homogenates. Liver samples were subjected to trypsin digestion. MRM-MS analyses were performed using three transitions optimized on one purified synthetic peptide unique to CYP3A4 and the standardizing protein, calnexin. Coefficient of variations for the precision and reproducibility of the MRM-MS measurement were also determined...
September 16, 2016: Proteomics
Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Bao-Bao Hsu, Chen-Lin Chi, Yuh-Feng Wang
BACKGROUND: The clinical picture of IgG4-related sclerosing disease (IgG4-RSD) may mimic lymphoma, and should be in the differential diagnosis of patients with this clinical picture. CASE SUMMARY: A 32-year-old female had recurrent swelling of both eyelids for more than 15 years. Examination revealed elastic, firm, swollen lacrimal glands about 2-3 cm in diameter that was not painful. Head and orbits magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed mass lesions over the bilateral lacrimal glands, submandibular glands, and left foramen of ovale...
September 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Kung-Chao Chang, Jen-Chieh Lee, Yu-Chu Wang, Liang-Yi Hung, Yenlin Huang, Wan-Ting Huang, Ren-Ching Wang, Tse-Ching Chen, Yi-Shan Tsai, L Jeffrey Medeiros
Sclerosing angiomatoid nodular transformation (SANT) of the spleen is a morphologically distinctive lesion. Although the clinical course of SANT is benign, its reactive or neoplastic nature remains to be clarified. Furthermore, some investigators have suggested that SANT is related to IgG4 sclerosing lesion or inflammatory pseudotumor with stromal cells positive for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). In this study, we assessed 22 cases of SANT derived from adult women. Clinical data and follow-up information were obtained by chart review...
October 2016: American Journal of Surgical Pathology
J Lerat, C Mounayer, A Scomparin, S Orsel, J-P Bessede, K Aubry
OBJECTIVES: Head and neck lymphatic malformation is a rare benign tumor, mainly affecting children under 1 year of age. Total resection is often difficult, and recurrence is frequent. Functional and esthetic sequelae are a major issue. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A single-center retrospective study recruited patients with head and neck lymphatic malformation managed surgically, with or without associated sclerosis by alcohol, bleomycin or aetoxisclerol, between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2013...
December 2016: European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases
Mohammed M Seleem, Ahmed M Eliwa, Ehab R Elsayed, Hamdy Desouky, Hazem El Galaly, Khalid Abdelwahab, Salem Khalil, Mahmoud El Adl
OBJECTIVE: To compare the safety, efficacy and complications of single vs multiple instillations of povidone iodine (PI) and urographin as a sclerosing agent in the treatment of chyluria. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study included 58 patients diagnosed with chyluria between March 2006 and January 2013. The inclusion criteria were either severe attacks of chyluria or patients with mild-to-moderate chyluria who had failed conservative treatment. The patients were randomly allocated to one of two groups: those in Group A had a single instillation of a combination of PI 0...
June 2016: Arab Journal of Urology
Swagata Tripathy, Prakash Sasmal, P Bhaskar Rao, Tushar S Mishra, Sukdev Nayak
Savlon (0.5% cetrimide/0.05% chlorhexidine) is used as a scolicidal during surgery of hydatid cysts. It is considered a safe and effective agent. However, there are no recommendations for the appropriate concentration or dosage of these agents. Previously reported to cause severe metabolic acidosis, its effects on the pulmonary system have not been explored. We present a case of acute lung injury and respiratory distress along with acute cardiopulmonary distress, severe metabolic acidosis, and renal failure following its use during surgical removal of pulmonary hydatid cyst...
July 2016: Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia
Xiaolei Liu, Zhiying Yang, Haidong Tan, Chen Shao, Liguo Liu, Shuang Si, Li Xu, Yongliang Sun
BACKGROUND: Failure to differentiate benign and malignant hilar bile duct stenosis may lead to inappropriate treatment. We retrospectively analyzed the methods for differentiation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 53 patients with hilar bile duct stenosis were included, comprising 41 malignant cases (hilar cholangiocarcinoma) and 12 benign cases (six primary sclerosing cholangitis and six IgG4-associated sclerosing cholangitis). Data of clinical histories, laboratory tests, imaging studies, and liver pathologies were collected, and comparison was made between benign and malignant groups...
June 15, 2016: Journal of Surgical Research
Hiep Nguyen Canh, Kenichi Harada
Biliary epithelial cells preferentially respond to various insults under chronic pathological conditions leading to reactively atypical changes, hyperplasia, or the development of biliary neoplasms (such as biliary intraepithelial neoplasia, intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct, and cholangiocarcinoma). Moreover, benign biliary strictures can be caused by a variety of disorders (such as IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis, eosinophilic cholangitis, and follicular cholangitis) and often mimic malignancies, despite their benign nature...
June 27, 2016: Medical Molecular Morphology
Farid F Ibrahim, Sam J Daniel
Thyroglossal duct cyst (TGDC) is one of the most common congenital anterior midline neck masses in children. Sistrunk operation is considered as the cornerstone in TGDC removal. Nevertheless, 5% to 7 % of patients have been reported to show a recurrence even after adequate resection. This necessitates at times multiple resections with potential complications. One interesting emerging technique is sclerotherapy of TGDC remnants post resection. We present here a case of a child who had a successfully treated recurrent TGDC using sclerotherapy with doxycycline...
July 2016: International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Andrei S Purysko, Antonio C Westphalen, Erick M Remer, Christopher P Coppa, Hilton M Leão Filho, Brian R Herts
The kidneys and perinephric tissues can be affected by a variety of hematologic disorders, which usually occur in the setting of multisystem involvement. In many of these disorders, imaging is used to evaluate the extent of disease, guide biopsy, and/or monitor disease activity and patient response to therapy. Lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma commonly manifest as multiple parenchymal or perinephric lesions. Erdheim-Chester disease and Rosai-Dorfman disease, rare forms of multisystemic histiocytosis, are often identified as perinephric and periureteral masses...
July 2016: Radiographics: a Review Publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc
Siavash Behbahani, Jason C Hoffmann, Renee Stonebridge, Sabrina Mahboob
Atypical hemangioma (including sclerosing and/or hyalinizing hemangioma) of the liver is a rare variant of hepatic hemangioma, which is the most common benign hepatic tumor. Atypical hemangioma can be indistinguishable from malignancy, primary, or metastatic, based on imaging characteristics. We describe a case of a 70-year-old man with weight loss, occasional bloody stool, change in caliber of stool, and laboratory abnormalities who was found to have multiple hepatic lesions concerning for metastases. We demonstrate that knowledge of the appearance of atypical hemangioma and its inclusion in the differential diagnosis of hepatic lesions can alter patient management and be important to consider before invasive therapies are planned...
June 2016: Radiology case reports
Davide Patrini, Rajeev Shukla, David Lawrence, Elaine Borg, Martin Hayward, Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos
Sclerosing Hemangioma is a rare lung tumor with polymorphic histologic features that usually occurs in middle aged women. Based on many immunohistochemical and ultrastructural studies, it is most probably derived from undifferentiated respiratory epithelial cells. Symptoms are usually due to enlargement of the tumor and compression of the surrounding tissues. Occurrence of multiple lesions or metastasis is extremely rare although some authors consider sclerosing hemangioma as a potentially low grade malignancy tumor...
2016: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
Sara E Lally
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purpose of this article is to review the recent published literature in 2015 on lymphatic malformation and provide updated information on the disease. Specifically, this article will describe recent advances in identifying and managing lymphatic malformations. RECENT FINDINGS: All articles discussed in this article emphasize the difficulty in treating lymphatic malformations. Most patients have long complicated histories with multiple recurrences...
September 2016: Current Opinion in Ophthalmology
Timothy R Card, Sinéad M Langan, Thomas P C Chu
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Extra-intestinal manifestations are well recognized in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). To what extent the commonly recognized extra-intestinal manifestations seen in IBD patients are attributable to IBD is, however, not clear due to the limited number of controlled studies published. METHODS: We have conducted a study of these manifestations using electronic primary care records. We have identified extra-intestinal manifestations in IBD and non-IBD patients and derived odds ratios (ORs) using conditional logistic regression...
September 2016: Digestive Diseases and Sciences
Katherine Arndtz, Gideon M Hirschfield
BACKGROUND: Autoimmune liver disease (AILD) encompasses 3 main distinct clinical diseases: autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis (formally known as cirrhosis, PBC) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). These conditions are an important, yet under-appreciated cause of patient morbidity and mortality with ongoing unmet needs for further research and clinical advances. KEY MESSAGES: There is observational evidence for genetic predisposition, with all 3 conditions being more common in first degree relatives...
2016: Digestive Diseases
Deep Dutta, Meha Sharma, Vrushali Mahajan, Prem Chopra
Metastasis to spleen is rare and usually occurs in the setting of extensive multivisceral metastatic disease. A 60-year-old lady with appropriately managed early breast cancer (breast conservative surgery for Grade-2 infiltrative ductal carcinoma [0.7 cm × 0.5 cm diameter]) in 2006, was detected to have splenic incidentaloma (1.4 cm × 0.8 cm) in November 2012, which was fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG) avid on positron emission tomography. Fine needle spiration cytology (FNAC) was normal. More than doubling of lesion size by March 2015 (3...
April 2016: Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology
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