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exercise and inflamation

James B Everett, Jim Schumacher, Thomas J Doherty, Randi A Black, Lisa L Amelse, Peter Krawczel, Johann F Coetzee, Brian K Whitlock
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of stacked wedge pads and chains applied to the forefeet of Tennessee Walking Horses on behavioral and biochemical indicators of pain, stress, and inflamation. ANIMALS 20 Tennessee Walking Horses. PROCEDURES Horses were randomly assigned to 2 treatment groups: keg shoes (control; n = 10) or stacked wedge pads and exercise with chains (10). Ten days before treatment application, an accelerometer was attached at the left metatarsus of each horse to record daily activity. Horses were exercised for 20 minutes daily, beginning on day -7...
January 2018: American Journal of Veterinary Research
Benoit Ho-Tin-Noé, Yacine Boulaftali, Eric Camerer
Platelets play a central role in primary hemostasis by forming aggregates that plug holes in injured vessels. Half a century ago, detailed studies of the microvasculature by electron microscopy revealed that under inflammatory conditions that do not induce major disruption to vascular structure, individual platelets are mobilized to the vessel wall, where they interact with leukocytes and appear to seal gaps that arise between endothelial cells. Recent developments in genetic engineering and intravital microscopy have allowed further molecular and temporal characterization of these events...
January 18, 2018: Blood
Turan Acar, Erdinç Kamer, Nihan Acar, Kemal Atahan, Halis Bağ, Mehmet Hacıyanlı, Özgün Akgül
INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become the gold standard in the treatment of symptomatic gallstones. The common opinion about treatment of acute cholecystitis is initially conservative treatment due to preventing complications of inflamation and following laparoscopic cholecystectomy after 6- 8 weeks. However with the increase of laparoscopic experience in recent years, early laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become more common. METHODS: We aimed to compare the outcomes of the patients to whom we applied early or late cholecystectomy after hospitalization from the emergency department with the diagnosis of AC between March 2012-2015...
2017: Pan African Medical Journal
K Dideriksen, S Reitelseder, N M Malmgaard-Clausen, R Bechshoeft, R K Petersen, U R Mikkelsen, L Holm
BACKGROUND: Based on circulating C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, some individuals develop slightly increased inflammation as they age. In elderly inflamed rats, the muscle response to protein feeding is impaired, whereas it can be maintained by treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It is unknown whether this applies to elderly humans with increased inflammation. Thus, the muscle response to whey protein bolus ingestion with and without acute resistance exercise was compared between healthy elderly individuals and elderly individuals with slightly increased inflammation±NSAID treatment...
October 2016: Experimental Gerontology
Bin Ma, James R Whiteford, Sussan Nourshargh, Abigail Woodfin
Chronically inflamed tissues show altered characteristics that include persistent populations of inflammatory leukocytes and remodelling of the vascular network. As the majority of studies on leukocyte recruitment have been carried out in normal healthy tissues, the impact of underlying chronic inflammation on ongoing leukocyte recruitment is largely unknown. Here, we investigate the profile and mechanisms of acute inflammatory responses in chronically inflamed and angiogenic tissues, and consider the implications for chronic inflammatory disorders...
November 2016: Journal of Pathology
Madeleen Bosma, Marco Gerling, Jenny Pasto, Anastasia Georgiadi, Evan Graham, Olga Shilkova, Yasunori Iwata, Sven Almer, Jan Söderman, Rune Toftgård, Fredrik Wermeling, Elisabeth Almer Boström, Pontus Almer Boström
FNDC4 is a secreted factor sharing high homology with the exercise-associated myokine irisin (FNDC5). Here we report that Fndc4 is robustly upregulated in several mouse models of inflammation as well as in human inflammatory conditions. Specifically, FNDC4 levels are increased locally at inflamed sites of the intestine of inflammatory bowel disease patients. Interestingly, administration of recombinant FNDC4 in the mouse model of induced colitis markedly reduces disease severity compared with mice injected with a control protein...
April 12, 2016: Nature Communications
James F Markworth, Krishna Rao Maddipati, David Cameron-Smith
Lipid mediators are bioactive metabolites of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that play diverse roles inthe initiation, self-limitation, and active resolution of inflammation. Prostaglandins, classical pro-inflammatory lipid metabolites of arachidonic acid, have long been implicated in immunological and adaptive muscle responses to acute injury and exercise-induced stress. More recently, PUFA metabolites have been discovered during the resolution phase of inflammation which collectively function as endogenous 'stop signals' to control inflammation whilst actively promoting the return to a non-inflamed state...
2016: Exercise Immunology Review
Ulla Ramer Mikkelsen, Kasper Dideriksen, Mads Bisgaard Andersen, Anders Boesen, Nikolai Mølkjær Malmgaard-Clausen, Inge Juul Sørensen, Peter Schjerling, Michael Kjær, Lars Holm
INTRODUCTION: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is often associated with diminished muscle mass, reflecting an imbalance between protein synthesis and protein breakdown. To investigate the anabolic potential of both exercise and nutritional protein intake we investigated the muscle protein synthesis rate and anabolic signaling response in patients with RA compared to healthy controls. METHODS: Thirteen RA patients (age range 34-84 years; diagnosed for 1-32 years, median 8 years) were individually matched with 13 healthy controls for gender, age, BMI and activity level (CON)...
September 25, 2015: Arthritis Research & Therapy
A Capo, E Ismail, D Cardone, E Celletti, M Auriemma, E Sabatini, A Merla, P Amerio
BACKGROUND: Functional infrared imaging (fIRI) is used to provide information on circulation, thermal properties and thermoregulatory function of the cutaneous tissue in several clinical settings. OBJECTIVES: This study aims to evaluate the application of fIRI in Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) assessment, evaluating the thermoregulatory alterations due to joint inflammation in PsA patients both in basal conditions and after a mild functional (isometric) exercise; fIRI outcomes were compared with those provided by Power Doppler Ultrasonography (PWD-US)...
November 2015: Microvascular Research
Silvia Lo Vecchio, Lars J Petersen, Sara Finocchietti, Parisa Gazerani, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Thomas Graven-Nielsen
OBJECTIVE: Cutaneous hyperalgesia is prominent in the ultraviolet-B (UVB) model of inflammatory pain. This study investigated possible interactions between cutaneous and deep tissues hyperalgesia. METHODS: A total of 16 healthy volunteers participated in the study. Skin inflammation was induced unilaterally by UVB irradiation (three times of the individual minimal erythema dose) in square-shaped areas on the upper-trapezius and lower-back. Moderate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) was induced bilaterally in the low-back by eccentric exercise...
November 2015: Pain Medicine: the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Brice Moulari, Arnaud Béduneau, Yann Pellequer, Alf Lamprecht
A major limitation in the drug treatment of inflammatory bowel disease is the inability to deliver the drug selectively towards the inflamed tissues. Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems have led to an amelioration of the therapeutic selectivity but still the majority of the entrapped drug is eliminated without exercising a therapeutic effect. Here, lectin-decorated drug loaded nanoparticles (NP) are suggested for active targeting and selective adhesion to the inflamed tissue in experimental colitis. Peanut (PNA) and wheat germ (WGA) lectins were covalently bound to the surface of NP and were tested for their stability and degree of bioadhesion in cell culture...
August 28, 2014: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Dolores Prieto, Cristina Contreras, Ana Sánchez
Obesity is a metabolic disorder of increasing prevalence worldwide and a risk factor for the development of insulin resistance (IR), metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is related to endothelial dysfunction through indirect mechanisms such as IR and the associated risk factors, and through direct mechanisms including the production of proinflammatory adipokines and elevated levels of free fatty acids (FFAs) by adipose tissue. Both clinical and experimental studies using genetic and diet-induced animal models of obesity have consistently shown impaired metabolic, agonistor flow-induced vasodilatations correlated with the amount of visceral adipose tissue and improved by dietary interventions and exercise...
May 2014: Current Vascular Pharmacology
Y Y Lee, K E L McColl
Obesity is a major reason for the recent increase in incidence of reflux disease and cancers at the distal esophagus and gastroesophageal junction (GOJ) and is mediated through a rise in the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) but the exact mechanisms are unclear. Raised IAP from obesity and with application of waist belt produces mechanical distortion of the GOJ through formation of partial hiatus hernia. Even though there is no trans-sphincteric acid reflux, there is increased ingress of acid into the lower sphincter (intra-sphincteric reflux) as a consequence of raised IAP...
May 2015: Diseases of the Esophagus: Official Journal of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus
E W Johnson
Why do so many patients opt for a surgical solution to lumbosacral (L-S) radicular pain? A rhetoric as well as specific question.Recently a Big Ten coach underwent the scalpel for the third time in two years. "Pain" not masochism was his response when questioned by the press, "Why the knife?"Most physicians and patients equate the severity of L-S radicular pain with the seriousness of the disc derangement.This is not so!Most physicians are aware that radicular pain is inversely proportional to the weakness associated with L-S disc herniation or extrusion...
January 1, 1993: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Michael Sg Bell, Gaby Doumit
Surgical soft tissue debridement of an inflamed or necrotic wound can be a challenging, time-consuming exercise, often with disproportionate blood loss. Suction-assisted curettage is a safe, simple and effective technique for these common, frustrating problems.
2005: Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, Journal Canadien de Chirurgie Plastique
D Pratt, P N Fuchs, K A Sluka
Pain encompasses both a sensory as well as an affective dimension and these are differentially processed in the cortex. Animal models typically use reflexive behaviors to test nociceptive responses; these are thought to reflect the sensory dimension of pain. While several behavioral tests are available for examining the affective dimension of pain it is unclear if these are appropriate in animal models of muscle pain. We therefore tested the utility of existing paradigms as well as new avoidance paradigms in animal models of muscle pain in mice...
September 17, 2013: Neuroscience
(no author information available yet)
OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of hylan G-F 20 as a substitute for existing treatments for pain due to osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, other viscosupplementation devices, and/or as an adjunct to conventional therapy. Hylan G-F 20 (brand name Synvisc, which is manufactured by Genzyme) is a high molecular weight derivative of hyaluronan, a component of joint synovial fluid. It acts as a lubricant and shock absorber. It is administered by injection into the joint space to treat pain associated with OA of the knee...
2005: Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series
Charalampos I Liakos, Gregory P Vyssoulis, Andreas P Michaelides, Evangelos I Chatzistamatiou, George Theodosiades, Marina G Toutouza, Maria I Markou, Andreas G Synetos, Ioannis E Kallikazaros, Christodoulos I Stefanadis
Arterial hypertension is an established risk factor for acute coronary syndromes, and physical exertion may trigger the onset of such an event. The mechanisms involved include the rupture of a small, inflamed, coronary plaque and the activation of thrombogenic factors. Blood pressure (BP)-lowering treatment has been associated with beneficial effects on subclinical inflammation and thrombosis at rest and during exercise. This prospective study sought to compare the effect of different antihypertensive drugs on the inflammatory and thrombotic response during exercise...
December 2012: Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension
Claude Bouchard, Steven N Blair, Timothy S Church, Conrad P Earnest, James M Hagberg, Keijo Häkkinen, Nathan T Jenkins, Laura Karavirta, William E Kraus, Arthur S Leon, D C Rao, Mark A Sarzynski, James S Skinner, Cris A Slentz, Tuomo Rankinen
BACKGROUND: Individuals differ in the response to regular exercise. Whether there are people who experience adverse changes in cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors has never been addressed. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: An adverse response is defined as an exercise-induced change that worsens a risk factor beyond measurement error and expected day-to-day variation. Sixty subjects were measured three times over a period of three weeks, and variation in resting systolic blood pressure (SBP) and in fasting plasma HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C), triglycerides (TG), and insulin (FI) was quantified...
2012: PloS One
Jason L Dragoo, Christina Johnson, Jenny McConnell
The infrapatellar fat pad (IFP), also known as Hoffa's fat pad, is an intracapsular, extrasynovial structure that fills the anterior knee compartment, and is richly vascularized and innervated. Its degree of innervation, the proportion of substance-P-containing fibres and close relationship to its posterior synovial lining implicates IFP pathologies as a source of infrapatellar knee pain. Though the precise function of the IFP is unknown, studies have shown that it may play a role in the biomechanics of the knee or act as a store for reparative cells after injury...
January 1, 2012: Sports Medicine
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