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James R Broughman, Ramsankar Basak, Matthew E Nielsen, Bryce B Reeve, Deborah S Usinger, Kiayni C Spearman, Paul A Godley, Ronald C Chen
Background: Men with early-stage prostate cancer have multiple options that have similar oncologic efficacy but vary in terms of their impact on quality of life. In low-risk cancer, active surveillance is the option that best preserves patients' sexual function, but it is unknown if patient preference affects treatment selection. Our objectives were to identify patient characteristics associated with a strong preference to preserve sexual function and to determine whether patient preference and baseline sexual function level are associated with receipt of active surveillance in low-risk cancer...
October 16, 2017: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Michitoshi Hashiguchi, Takashi Okamura, Kei Nomura, Takayuki Nakamura, Kuniki Kawaguchi, Satoko Koteda, Satoshi Morishige, Eijirou Oku, Yuka Takata, Ritsuko Seki, Fumihiko Mouri, Koichi Osaki, Kohji Yoshimoto, Yutaka Imamura, Koji Nagafuji
A 72-year-old Japanese male was diagnosed as having monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and was followed up without therapy. Three years later, the patient progressed to symptomatic multiple myeloma. Melphalan + prednisolone was administered as first-line chemotherapy for ~6 years. Since the patient was judged to exhibit refractory multiple myeloma, he subsequently received radiation therapy on the lumbar spine. The patient was enrolled in a clinical trial and received lenalidomide + lowdose dexamethasone (Rd) therapy...
April 2016: Molecular and Clinical Oncology
Duanyang Han, Na Han, Peixun Zhang, Baoguo Jiang
Fracture non-union is a serious complication in orthopedic clinical practice. Mesenchymal stem cells are believed to play a vital role in fracture healing process. Among various origins of mesenchymal stem cell, adipose derived stem cells hold great promise especially in clinical milieu. However, the wide spread application of mesenchymal stem cell based therapy is impeded by the pro-metastasis nature of the mesenchymal stem cell itself. Based on the findings from previous studies, we hypothesize that local transplanted osteogenic pre-differentiatiated adipose stem cell may promote the non-union fracture healing...
2015: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
E Mampel
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 15, 1967: Zeitschrift Für die Gesamte Innere Medizin und Ihre Grenzgebiete
A Hunter
This paper reports on a family with popliteal pterygium syndrome (PPS), which was ascertained through a baby with most of the major signs of the syndrome. The mother, who had a repaired cleft palate and toe syndactyly, had been aware that her syndactyly was familial, but her unpreparedness for the birth of a child with PPS led to interest in, and a subsequent review of, the differnetial diagnosis and the variable expression of the clinical manifestations of this syndrome. Upon review, some earlier reported cases were excluded as PPS, and certain ascertainment and reporting biases that could affect such an analysis were considered...
June 1990: American Journal of Medical Genetics
B T Mossman, J P Marsh, A Sesko, S Hill, M A Shatos, J Doherty, J Petruska, K B Adler, D Hemenway, R Mickey
Several in vitro studies suggest the involvement of active oxygen metabolites in cell damage caused by asbestos. To determine if lung injury, inflammation, and asbestosis could be inhibited in vivo in a rapid-onset, inhalation model of disease, a novel method of chronic administration of antioxidant enzymes was developed. In brief, Fischer 344 rats were treated with polyethylene glycol-conjugated (PEG-) superoxide dismutase or catalase in osmotic pumps over a 10-day (5 days/wk for 2 wk) or 20-day (5 days/wk for 2 wk) period of exposure to crocidolite asbestos...
May 1990: American Review of Respiratory Disease
A R Haake, G A Scott
There is evidence that epidermal keratinocytes play a critical role in melanocyte position and differentiation in the epidermis, although little is known about the molecular mechanisms involved. We have used an in vitro skin equivalent as a model system in which to study keratinocyte/melanocyte interactions in both fetal and neonatal skin. Because the skin equivalent model has been shown to closely simulate the morphologic and biochemical features of differentiated epidermis we hypothesized that the factors that influence melanocyte position and differnetiation would also function in this system...
January 1991: Journal of Investigative Dermatology
L A Cohn, K B Adler
In order to better define the responses of lung cells to potentially pathogenic insults, primary cell cultures of dissociated respiratory epithelial cells have been established. These epithelial cells have been obtained from various areas of the respiratory tract ranging from the trachea to the alveolus and the cultures have been demonstrated to mimic the differnetiated state of these cell types as observed in situ. Several procedures which enhance the differentiated state have been evaluated, which include maintenance on more physiologically-relevant substrata, such as collagen gels, use of defined serum-free medium and use of air/liquid interface systems...
1991: Toxicologic Pathology
C C Lai, R J Gorlin
Trisomy 8 syndrome, with or without mosaicism, is characterized by the following clinical signs and symptoms: mental retardation, deformed skull, prominent forehad, high-arched palate, low-set and/or dysplastic ears, long and slender trunk, reduced joint mobility, and deep plantar furrows. The deep furrow or longitudinal crease of the sole may be pathognomonic for the syndrome. It should be noted that it has been seen in other rare syndromes. It is recommended that a child with mental retardation and associated multiple anomalies should be subjected to a cytogenetic study in order to define the incidence of this syndrome...
July 1975: Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research
J S Horoszewicz, S S Leong, W A Carter
Infection of mice with the polycythemia-inducing strain of Friend leukemia virus caused a rapid emergence of new erythroid precursor cells. These cells which, in the absence of erythropoietin, proliferated in vitro to form colonies and even differnetiated, quickly out-numbered the usual erythropoietin-dependent hematopoietic elements in bone marrow and spleen. Ultimately, the marrow and spleen were probably totally repopulated with this erythropoietin-independent cell.
January 1975: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
B Miller
Student drug abuse and its relationship to attitudes held by the abuser, sex differences,and the abuser's relationship to his parents were studied. The Parent-Child Relations Questionnaire and four Smantic Differnetials regarding the "real" me, the perceived me, the immediate world and the drug addict were employed. Subjects were divided into present, past, and never users. Results indicated striking sex differences as well as differences between female present and never users with respect to all the attitudes investigated and the perceived relationship with the mother...
1976: International Journal of the Addictions
J H Talbott
A partial review of selected published case reports of AD-P associated with malignancy has been enhanced by the presentation of pertinent data on 15 unreported examples of the association. It is noteworthy that the first case in current literature of AD-P associated with a malignancy was described in 1916. The brief clinical report of a patient with proximal muscle weakness and skin lesions, with the obvious association with a malignancy (adenocarcinoma of the stomach), describes an example that has been repeated many times with different types of tumors but with essentially no variations in the clinical findings...
May 1977: Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism
C Eriksson, S Jones
A triple association has been observed between a high negative surface charge, bone morphogenetic activity, and in vitro recalcificaiton in implants of demineralized bone matrix. Proplast fills with bony tissue when implanted in the body and shows the same triple association. The higher the negative surface charge, the greater is the mass of new bone induced and the higher degree of mineralization when placed in a calcifying solution in vitro. Further investigations are necessary to determine whether in implants of demineralized bone, a high negative surface charge may cause the formation of discrete calcium deposits or whether it triggers the invading primitive cells to differnetiate and produce bone, or both...
October 1977: Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research
T E Starzl, K A Porter, C W Putnam, G P Schroter, C G Halgrimson, R Weil, M Hoelscher, H A Reid
During the 11 1/2 year period ending 13 months ago, 93 consecutive patients were treated with orthotopic liver transplantation. Fifty-six of the recipients were 18 years old or younger, and the other 37 were adults. The most common indications for operation were biliary atresia, primary hepatic malignant tumor, chronic aggressive hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis. There has been a gradual improvement in results throughout the period of study, although to a satisfactory level. Twenty-seven of the 93 patients survived for at least one year after liver replacement with a maximum of six years, and 16 are still alive after 13 to 71 months...
April 1976: Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics
L M Fuller, J F Gamble, J J Butler, J G Sinkovics, S Wallace, R G Martin, E A Gehan, C C Shullenberger
A detailed review of our results of radiotherapy for stage I and II non-Hodgkin's lymphomas has been presented as background for our current multidisciplinary approach which uses multiple-agent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy for nodular and diffuse stage I, II, and III lymphomas of the poorly differnetiated lymphocytic, mixed, and histiocytic varieties. Optimum management is based on coordinated efforts of medicine, radiotherapy, pathology, diagnostic radiology, and surgery. In stage I, II, and III disease, routine staging procedures include lymphangiography, bilateral iliac crest needle biopsies of the bone marrow, and percutaneous needle biopsies of the liver...
September 1977: Cancer Treatment Reports
G A Ackerman
The ultrastructural cationized ferritin (CF) technique was employed as a probe of the surface binding characteristics of the various cell types present in normal human bone marrow. The number of CF particles per micron length of cell surface were counted and data subjected to statistical analysis. All cells of the bone marrow exhibited CF reactivity. The extent of labeling was cell specific and could be related to the stage of maturation of the cells in a given lineage. In the neutrophilic series, myeloblasts showed moderate labeling while promyelocytes and myelocytes revealed only minimal binding; CF binding increased sequentially in metamyelocytes, band and segmented neutrophils...
May 27, 1975: Cell and Tissue Research
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