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Thanos Karatzias, Sally Jowett, Amelie Begley, Suzanne Deas
BACKGROUND: Although the association between psychological trauma and early maladaptive schemas (EMS) is well established in the literature, no study to date has examined the relationship of EMS to PTSD and psychopathologies beyond depression and anxiety in a sample of adult survivors of interpersonal trauma. This information may be useful in helping our understanding on how to best treat interpersonal trauma. OBJECTIVE: We set out to investigate the association between EMS and common forms of psychopathology in a sample of women with a history of interpersonal trauma (n=82)...
2016: European Journal of Psychotraumatology
Lee Revere, Adele Semaan, Nicole Lievsay, Jessica Hall, Zheng M Wang, Charles Begley
The Texas Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver reforms the state's safety net systems by creating a Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment incentive pool for innovative healthcare delivery. The Waiver supports the design and implementation of transformative projects. As part of the Waiver requirements, regions created Learning Collaboratives to collaborate on project implementation and outcomes. This paper describes the experience of one region in adapting the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series (IHI BTS) model, as a framework for their Learning Collaborative...
September 13, 2016: Journal for Healthcare Quality: Official Publication of the National Association for Healthcare Quality
Thomas Kirkegaard, James Gray, David A Priestman, Kerri-Lee Wallom, Jennifer Atkins, Ole Dines Olsen, Alexander Klein, Svetlana Drndarski, Nikolaj H T Petersen, Linda Ingemann, David A Smith, Lauren Morris, Claus Bornæs, Signe Humle Jørgensen, Ian Williams, Anders Hinsby, Christoph Arenz, David Begley, Marja Jäättelä, Frances M Platt
Lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) often manifest with severe systemic and central nervous system (CNS) symptoms. The existing treatment options are limited and have no or only modest efficacy against neurological manifestations of disease. We demonstrate that recombinant human heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) improves the binding of several sphingolipid-degrading enzymes to their essential cofactor bis(monoacyl)glycerophosphate in vitro. HSP70 treatment reversed lysosomal pathology in primary fibroblasts from 14 patients with eight different LSDs...
September 7, 2016: Science Translational Medicine
Margaret Carroll, Deirdre Daly, Cecily M Begley
BACKGROUND: Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) is a leading cause of maternal mortality with approximately 225 women dying as a result of it each day especially in low income countries. However, much less is known about morbidity after a PPH. This systematic review aimed to determine the overall prevalence of emotional and physical health problems experienced by women following a postpartum haemorrhage. METHODS: Eight databases were searched for published non-randomised, observational, including cohort, primary research studies that reported on the prevalence of emotional and/or physical health problems following a PPH...
2016: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Hui Xu, Yindrila Chakrabarty, Benjamin Philmus, Angad P Mehta, Dhananjay Bhandari, Hans-Peter Hohmann, Tadhg P Begley
Riboflavin is a common cofactor, and its biosynthetic pathway is well characterized. However, its catabolic pathway, despite intriguing hints in a few distinct organisms, has never been established. This paper describes the isolation of a Microbacterium maritypicum riboflavin catabolic strain, and the cloning of the riboflavin catabolic genes. RcaA, RcaB, RcaD, and RcaE were overexpressed and biochemically characterized as riboflavin kinase, riboflavin reductase, ribokinase and riboflavin hydrolase respectively...
September 2, 2016: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Fiona Timmins, Maryanne Murphy, Thelma Begley, Freda Neill, Greg Sheaf
National and international professional health and nursing guidelines recommend that attention should be given to the spiritual and religious needs of patients. This suggests that spiritual care is an important aspect of holistic patient care that needs to be considered and supported, if relevant, in a healthcare context. However, many nurses lack knowledge and awareness of the subject, and it is unclear to what extent core textbooks provide the information they need. This article reports on a study that explored the extent to which contemporary core nursing textbooks support and advocate the provision of spiritual care by nurses...
September 2016: Nursing Management (Harrow)
Andrea Begley, Christina Mary Pollard
BACKGROUND: The disease burden due to poor nutrition, physical inactivity and obesity is high and increasing. An adequately sized and skilled workforce is required to respond to this issue. This study describes the public health nutrition and physical activity (NAPA) practice priorities and explores health managers and practitioner's beliefs regarding workforce capacity to deliver on these priorities. METHODS: A workforce audit was conducted including a telephone survey of all managers and a postal survey of practitioners working in the area of NAPA promotion in Western Australia in 2004...
2016: BMC Public Health
Meredith E Jansen, Ping Situ, Carolyn G Begley, Danielle Boree, Robin L Chalmers, Kathrine Osborn Lorenz, Tawnya Wilson
PURPOSE: To document the time course and resolution of contact lens-related corneal infiltrative events (CIEs) comparing slit-lamp images with anterior segment ocular coherence tomography (AS-OCT) images. METHODS: Six silicone hydrogel (SiHy) soft contact lens (SCL) wearers presenting with newly diagnosed symptomatic CIEs were monitored with slit-lamp images, detailed drawings, and AS-OCT until the resolution of the CIE. A final follow-up visit was completed 4 weeks after CIE resolution to determine whether scar formation was present...
August 24, 2016: Cornea
Tristan D McClure-Begley, Irina Esterlis, Kathryn L Stone, TuKiet T Lam, Sharon R Grady, Christopher M Colangelo, Jon M Lindstrom, Michael J Marks, Marina R Picciotto
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) support the initiation and maintenance of smoking, but the long-term changes occurring in the protein complex as a result of smoking and the nicotine in tobacco are not known. Human studies and animal models have also demonstrated that increasing cholinergic tone increases behaviors related to depression, suggesting that the nAChR-associated proteome could be altered in individuals with mood disorders. We therefore immunopurified nAChRs and associated proteins for quantitative proteomic assessment of changes in protein-protein interactions of high-affinity nAChRs containing the β2 subunit (β2*-nAChRs) from either cortex of mice treated with saline or nicotine, or postmortem human temporal cortex tissue from tobacco-exposed and nonexposed individuals, with a further comparison of diagnosed mood disorder to control subjects...
July 2016: ENeuro
Yubao Wang, Michael Begley, Qing Li, Hai-Tsang Huang, Ana Lako, Michael J Eck, Nathanael S Gray, Timothy J Mitchison, Lewis C Cantley, Jean J Zhao
The protein kinase maternal and embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) is critical for mitotic progression of cancer cells; however, its mechanisms of action remain largely unknown. By combined approaches of immunoprecipitation/mass spectrometry and peptide library profiling, we identified the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4B (eIF4B) as a MELK-interacting protein during mitosis and a bona fide substrate of MELK. MELK phosphorylates eIF4B at Ser406, a modification found to be most robust in the mitotic phase of the cell cycle...
August 30, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Charles Begley, Jessica Hall, Amrita Shenoy, June Hanke, Rebecca Wells, Lee Revere, Nicole Lievsay
Texas is one of 8 states that have received a Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver in which federal supplemental payments are being used to incentivize delivery system reform. Under the Texas Transformation Waiver's 5-year Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, hospitals and other providers have established regional health care partnerships, conducted regional needs assessments, and developed and implemented projects addressing local gaps in service. The projects were selected from menus, supplied by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which defined acceptable infrastructure development and/or program innovation and redesign initiatives...
July 25, 2016: Population Health Management
Jane E Hamilton, Pratikkumar V Desai, Nathan R Hoot, Robin E Gearing, Shin Jeong, Thomas D Meyer, Jair C Soares, Charles E Begley
STUDY OBJECTIVES: Behavioral health-related emergency department (ED) visits have been linked with ED overcrowding, an increased demand on limited resources and a longer length of stay due in part to patients being admitted to the hospital but waiting for an inpatient bed. The present study examines factors associated with the likelihood of hospital admission for ED patients with behavioral health conditions at 16 hospital-based EDs in a large urban area in the southern United States...
July 7, 2016: Academic Emergency Medicine: Official Journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
Isita Jhulki, Prem K Chanani, Sameh H Abdelwahed, Tadhg P Begley
Roseoflavin is a naturally occurring riboflavin analogue with antibiotic properties. It is biosynthesized from riboflavin in a reaction involving replacement of the C8 methyl with a dimethylamino group. Herein we report the identification of a flavin-dependent enzyme that converts flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and glutamate to 8-amino-FMN via the intermediacy of 8-formyl-FMN. A mechanistic proposal for this remarkable transformation is proposed.
July 13, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Stephen Begley, Markus Vogt, Gurpreet Kaur Gulati, Hiroki Takahashi, Matthias Keller
Recent technological advances in cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED) are paving the way to utilize multiple quantum emitters confined in a single optical cavity. In such systems, it is crucially important to control the quantum mechanical coupling of individual emitters to the cavity mode. In this regard, combining ion trap technologies with CQED provides a particularly promising approach due to the well-established motional control over trapped ions. Here, we experimentally demonstrate coupling of up to five trapped ions in a string to a high-finesse optical cavity...
June 3, 2016: Physical Review Letters
Naomi Elliott, Cecily Begley, Greg Sheaf, Agnes Higgins
BACKGROUND: Advanced roles such as nurse practitioner, nurse consultant and advanced nurse or midwife practitioner are increasing across the world. In most countries, clinical practice, education, leadership and research are the four components that define the advanced practitioner's role. Of these, leadership is perhaps the most important part of the role, but its study has largely been neglected. There is a risk that failure to identify and respond to barriers to enacting the advanced practitioners' leadership role will limit the extent to which they can become strategic leaders for professional development, and jeopardise the long-term sustainability of the role...
August 2016: International Journal of Nursing Studies
Jingshu Xu, Paul Begley, Stephanie J Church, Stefano Patassini, Selina McHarg, Nina Kureishy, Katherine A Hollywood, Henry J Waldvogel, Hong Liu, Shaoping Zhang, Wanchang Lin, Karl Herholz, Clinton Turner, Beth J Synek, Maurice A Curtis, Jack Rivers-Auty, Catherine B Lawrence, Katherine A B Kellett, Nigel M Hooper, Emma R L C Vardy, Donghai Wu, Richard D Unwin, Richard L M Faull, Andrew W Dowsey, Garth J S Cooper
Impairment of brain-glucose uptake and brain-copper regulation occurs in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Here we sought to further elucidate the processes that cause neurodegeneration in AD by measuring levels of metabolites and metals in brain regions that undergo different degrees of damage. We employed mass spectrometry (MS) to measure metabolites and metals in seven post-mortem brain regions of nine AD patients and nine controls, and plasma-glucose and plasma-copper levels in an ante-mortem case-control study...
2016: Scientific Reports
Stefano Patassini, Paul Begley, Jingshu Xu, Stephanie J Church, Suzanne J Reid, Eric H Kim, Maurice A Curtis, Mike Dragunow, Henry J Waldvogel, Russell G Snell, Richard D Unwin, Richard L M Faull, Garth J S Cooper
Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetically-mediated neurodegenerative disorder wherein the aetiological defect is a mutation in the Huntington's gene (HTT), which alters the structure of the huntingtin protein (Htt) through lengthening of its polyglutamine tract, thus initiating a cascade that ultimately leads to premature death. However, neurodegeneration typically manifests in HD only in middle age, and mechanisms linking the causative mutation to brain disease are poorly understood. Brain metabolism is severely perturbed in HD, and some studies have indicated a potential role for mutant Htt as a driver of these metabolic aberrations...
September 2016: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Francis Doyle, Andrea Leonardi, Lauren Endres, Scott A Tenenbaum, Peter C Dedon, Thomas J Begley
The translation of mRNA in all forms of life uses a three-nucleotide codon and aminoacyl-tRNAs to synthesize a protein. There are 64 possible codons in the genetic code, with codons for the ∼20 amino acids and 3 stop codons having 1- to 6-fold degeneracy. Recent studies have shown that families of stress response transcripts, termed modification tunable transcripts (MoTTs), use distinct codon biases that match specifically modified tRNAs to regulate their translation during a stress. Similarly, translational reprogramming of the UGA stop codon to generate selenoproteins or to perform programmed translational read-through (PTR) that results in a longer protein, requires distinct codon bias (i...
September 1, 2016: Methods: a Companion to Methods in Enzymology
Sharanya Murty, Charles E Begley, Luisa Franzini, J Michael Swint
The objective of the study was to examine the relationship between physician/safety net availability and health insurance coverage and preventable hospitalizations (PHs) in nonelderly adults in an urban area. Preventable conditions (PHs) were identified for nonelderly adults in Harris County using the Texas Health Care Information Collection hospital database. Multivariable logistic regression models examined the association of health insurance and patient proximity to physicians and safety net clinics with the risk of a PH...
July 2016: Journal of Ambulatory Care Management
F Fasoli, M Moretti, M Zoli, F Pistillo, A Crespi, F Clementi, T Mc Clure-Begley, M J Marks, C Gotti
Studies with heterologous expression systems have shown that the α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) subtype can exist in two stoichiometries (with two [(α4)2(β2)3] or three [(α4)3(β2)2] copies of the α subunit in the receptor pentamer) which have different pharmacological and functional properties and are differently regulated by chronic nicotine treatment. However, the effects of nicotine treatment in vivo on native α4β2 nAChR stoichiometry are not well known. We investigated in C57BL/6 mice the in vivo effect of 14-day chronic nicotine treatment and subsequent withdrawal, on the subunit expression and β2/α4 subunit ratio of (3)H-epibatidine labeled α4β2*-nAChR in total homogenates of cortex and thalamus...
September 2016: Neuropharmacology
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