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Michelle J Alfa, Harminder Singh, Zoann Nugent, Donald Duerksen, Gale Schultz, Carol Reidy, Pat DeGagne, Nancy Olson
OBJECTIVE Biofilm has been implicated in bacterial persistence and survival after endoscope reprocessing. In this study, we assessed the impact of different methods of reprocessing on organic residues and viable bacteria after repeated rounds of biofilm formation when each was followed by full reprocessing. METHODS ATS-2015, an artificial test soil containing 5-8 Log10 colony-forming units (CFU) of Enterococcus faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, was used to form biofilm in polytetrafluroethylene channels overnight on 5 successive days...
October 17, 2017: Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
Marianne Littel, Kevin van Schie, Marcel A van den Hout
Background: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective psychological treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. Recalling a memory while simultaneously making eye movements (EM) decreases a memory's vividness and/or emotionality. It has been argued that non-specific factors, such as treatment expectancy and experimental demand, may contribute to the EMDR's effectiveness. Objective: The present study was designed to test whether expectations about the working mechanism of EMDR would alter the memory attenuating effects of EM...
2017: European Journal of Psychotraumatology
Ulrike Beilenhoff, Holger Biering, Reinhard Blum, Jadranka Brljak, Monica Cimbro, Jean-Marc Dumonceau, Cesare Hassan, Michael Jung, Christiane Neumann, Michael Pietsch, Lionel Pineau, Thierry Ponchon, Stanislav Rejchrt, Jean-François Rey, Verona Schmidt, Jayne Tillett, Jeanin van Hooft
Patients should be informed about the benefits and risks of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)Only specially trained and competent personnel should carry out endoscope reprocessing.Manufacturers of duodenoscopes should provide detailed instructions on how to use and reprocess their equipment.In the case of modifications to their equipment, manufacturers should provide updated instructions for use.Detailed reprocessing protocols based on the manufacturer's instructions for use should clearly lay out the different reprocessing steps necessary for each endoscope model...
October 16, 2017: Endoscopy
L M Bryson, D Fernandez Rivas, C Boutsioukis
AIM: To compare the pre-sterilization cleaning of rotary Ni-Ti files of different sizes previously used a. ex vivo and b. clinically by a washer disinfector, a regular ultrasonic bath, and the same ultrasonic bath in combination with a recently developed cavitation intensifying method. METHODOLOGY: Two sets of two hundred rotary Ni-Ti files, one previously used ex vivo and another one used clinically, were collected from the undergraduate and postgraduate clinics of the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)...
October 12, 2017: International Endodontic Journal
Alicia Valiente-Gómez, Ana Moreno-Alcázar, Devi Treen, Carlos Cedrón, Francesc Colom, Víctor Pérez, Benedikt L Amann
Background: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapeutic approach that has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through several randomized controlled trials (RCT). Solid evidence shows that traumatic events can contribute to the onset of severe mental disorders and can worsen their prognosis. The aim of this systematic review is to summarize the most important findings from RCT conducted in the treatment of comorbid traumatic events in psychosis, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and chronic back pain...
2017: Frontiers in Psychology
René Pilz, Riccarda Hartleb, Gabriela Konrad, Eva Reininghaus, Human Friedrich Unterrainer
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic method that has been shown to be especially effective in traumatic disorders. Since the concept of an addiction memory has become widely accepted, the use of EMDR also in substance use disorders (SUD) treatment might count as a separate field. This review summarizes the current state of research on treatment effects EMDR in SUD. The literature search included the databases of PubMed and PsychInfo; four studies met the inclusion criteria. EMDR was found to be related to a decreased amount of craving, fear and depression and to an improvement of emotion regulation and management and self-esteem...
October 2017: Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie
Yoshio Nishimura, Jaeyoon Chung, Hurik Muradyan, Zhibin Guan
Here we introduce silyl ether linkage as a novel dynamic covalent motif for dynamic material design. Through introduction of a neighboring amino moiety, we show that the silyl ether exchange rate can be accelerated by almost three orders of magnitude. By incorporating such silyl ether linkages into covalently cross-linked polymer networks, we demonstrate dynamic covalent network polymers displaying both malleability and reprocessability. The malleability of the networks is studied by monitoring stress relaxation at varying temperature, and their topology freezing temperatures are determined...
October 16, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Marcus Christl, Núria Casacuberta, Johannes Lachner, Jürgen Herrmann, Hans-Arno Synal
In this study we present new sea water data of (236)U and (238)U sampled in the North Sea in 2010. The North Sea has been and is still receiving a considerable input of anthropogenic radionuclides from nuclear reprocessing facilities located in La Hague (France) and Sellafield (Great Britain). It therefore represents an important source region for oceanographic tracer studies using the transient signal of anthropogenic (236)U. A proper knowledge of the sources of (236)U is an essential prerequisite for such tracer studies...
October 9, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Noureddine Henoun Loukili, Nadine Lemaitre, Benoit Guery, Olivier Gaillot, Dominique Chevalier, Geoffrey Mortuaire
BACKGROUND: Nasendoscopes are widely used in the outpatient ENT setting. Their reprocessing requires high-level disinfection (HLD). Recently, a wiping procedure using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been proposed as an alternative to HLD traditional procedures. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of the HLD wiping procedure versus soaking procedure on a contaminated nasendoscope. METHOD: A nasendoscope was contaminated with four strains of bacteria and Bacillus subtilis spores...
March 2017: Journal of Infection Prevention
Christopher M Watson, Nick Camm, Laura A Crinnion, Samuel Clokie, Rachel L Robinson, Julian Adlard, Ruth Charlton, Alexander F Markham, Ian M Carr, David T Bonthron
BACKGROUND: Diagnostic genetic testing programmes based on next-generation DNA sequencing have resulted in the accrual of large datasets of targeted raw sequence data. Most diagnostic laboratories process these data through an automated variant-calling pipeline. Validation of the chosen analytical methods typically depends on confirming the detection of known sequence variants. Despite improvements in short-read alignment methods, current pipelines are known to be comparatively poor at detecting large insertion/deletion mutations...
October 6, 2017: Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy
Michael Hase, Ute M Balmaceda, Luca Ostacoli, Peter Liebermann, Arne Hofmann
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has been widely recognized as an efficacious treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the last years more insight has been gained regarding the efficacy of EMDR therapy in a broad field of mental disorders beyond PTSD. The cornerstone of EMDR therapy is its unique model of pathogenesis and change: the adaptive information processing (AIP) model. The AIP model developed by F. Shapiro has found support and differentiation in recent studies on the importance of memories in the pathogenesis of a range of mental disorders beside PTSD...
2017: Frontiers in Psychology
Liam M Kilcommons, Robert J Redmon, Delores J Knipp
We have developed a method for reprocessing the multi-decadal, multi-spacecraft Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Magnetometer (DMSP SSM) dataset and have applied it to fifteen spacecraft-years of data (DMSP Flight 16-18, 2010-2014). This Level-2 dataset improves on other available SSM datasets with recalculated spacecraft locations and magnetic perturbations, artifact signal removal, representations of the observations in geomagnetic coordinates, and in-situ auroral boundaries. Spacecraft locations have been recalculated using ground-tracking information...
August 2017: Journal of Geophysical Research. Space Physics
A Berthod, M J Ruiz-Ángel, S Carda-Broch
The molten organic salts with melting point below 100°C, commonly called ionic liquids (ILs) have found numerous uses in separation sciences due to their exceptional properties as non molecular solvents, namely, a negligible vapor pressure, a high thermal stability, and unique solvating properties due to polarity and their ionic character of molten salts. Other properties, such as viscosity, boiling point, water solubility, and electrochemical window, are adjustable playing with which anion is associated with which cation...
September 22, 2017: Journal of Chromatography. A
Federica Valeriani, Antonella Agodi, Beatrice Casini, Maria Luisa Cristina, Marcello Mario D'Errico, Gianluca Gianfranceschi, Giorgio Liguori, Renato Liguori, Nicolina Mucci, Ida Mura, Cesira Pasquarella, Andrea Piana, Giovanni Sotgiu, Gaetano Privitera, Carmela Protano, Annalisa Quattrocchi, Giancarlo Ripabelli, Angelo Rossini, Anna Maria Spagnolo, Manuela Tamburro, Stefano Tardivo, Licia Veronesi, Matteo Vitali, Vincenzo Romano Spica
BACKGROUND: Reprocessing of endoscopes is key to preventing cross-infection after colonoscopy. Culture-based methods are recommended for monitoring, but alternative and rapid approaches are needed to improve surveillance and reduce turnover times. A molecular strategy based on detection of residual traces from gut microbiota was developed and tested using a multicenter survey. METHODS: A simplified sampling and DNA extraction protocol using nylon-tipped flocked swabs was optimized...
September 25, 2017: American Journal of Infection Control
Qun-Yan Wu, Yu-Ting Song, Lin Ji, Cong-Zhi Wang, Zhi-Fang Chai, Wei-Qun Shi
With the fast development of nuclear energy, the issue related to spent nuclear fuel reprocessing has been regarded as an imperative task, especially for the separation of minor actinides. In fact, it still remains a worldwide challenge to separate trivalent An(iii) from Ln(iii) because of their similar chemical properties. Therefore, understanding the origin of extractant selectivity for the separation of An(iii)/Ln(iii) by using theoretical methods is quite necessary. In this work, three ligands with similar structures but different bridging frameworks, Et-Tol-DAPhen (La), Et-Tol-BPyDA (Lb) and Et-Tol-PyDA (Lc), have been investigated and compared using relativistic density functional theory...
October 11, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Mate Szarka, Andras Guttman
We present the application of a smartphone anatomy based technology in the field of liquid phase bioseparations, particularly in capillary electrophoresis. A simple capillary electrophoresis system was built with LED induced fluorescence detection and a credit card sized minicomputer to prove the concept of real time fluorescent imaging (zone adjustable time-lapse fluorescence image processor) and separation controller. The system was evaluated by analyzing under- and overloaded aminopyrenetrisulfonate (APTS)-labeled oligosaccharide samples...
October 17, 2017: Analytical Chemistry
Yukichika Kawata, Satoko Kubota
Substantial food loss and waste occur worldwide; approximately one third of produced food is lost or wasted annually, which worsens problems such as starvation and environmental degradation. This study examines the possibility of selling reprocessed meat products made from raw meat near its sell-by date, using Japanese fried chicken as an example. If reprocessed products are accepted by consumers, this will significantly contribute to reducing food waste in grocery stores. Because reprocessing does not require a reduction in current meat consumption, selling reprocessed foods is a more feasible and realistic way to reduce food waste compared to other initiatives, such as "Meat Free Monday...
September 21, 2017: Appetite
Brit Salbu, Valery Kashparov, Ole Christian Lind, Rafael Garcia-Tenorio, Mathew P Johansen, David P Child, Per Roos, Carlos Sancho
A series of different nuclear sources associated with the nuclear weapon and fuel cycles have contributed to the release of radioactive particles to the environment. Following nuclear weapon tests, safety tests, conventional destruction of weapons, reactor explosions and fires, a major fraction of released refractory radionuclides such as uranium (U) and plutonium (Pu) were present as entities ranging from sub microns to fragments. Furthermore, radioactive particles and colloids have been released from reprocessing facilities and civil reactors, from radioactive waste dumped at sea, and from NORM sites...
September 20, 2017: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Joe Sheffer, Ralph Basile, Seth Hendee, Cheryl Kwinn, Janet Prust
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2017: Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology
Hongning Song, Qing Zhou, Lan Zhang, Qing Deng, Yijia Wang, Bo Hu, Tuantuan Tan, Jinling Chen, Yiteng Pan, Fazhi He
The novel 3-dimensional printing (3DP) technique has shown its ability to assist personalized cardiac intervention therapy. This study aimed to determine the feasibility of 3D-printed left atrial appendage (LAA) models based on 3D transesophageal echocardiography (3D TEE) data and their application value in treating LAA occlusions.Eighteen patients with transcatheter LAA occlusion, and preprocedure 3D TEE and cardiac computed tomography were enrolled. 3D TEE volumetric data of the LAA were acquired and postprocessed for 3DP...
September 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
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