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White coat effect

Adamasco Cupisti, Lorenzo Ghiadoni, Claudia Zullo, Michele Marchini, Enrico Varricchio, Alessandro Puntoni, Elisabetta Giglio, Ophelia Meniconi, Maria R Bruno, Maria F Egidi
BACKGROUND: Arterial hypertension is very common in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients and its prevalence increases with lowering estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Blood pressure (BP) control is a cornerstone in the treatment of CKD patients but still most treatment decisions are based on office BP measurement (OBPM). The aim of this cross-sectional, retrospective study is to investigate the prevalence of hypertension phenotypes in CKD patients and whether different home (HBPM) or OBPM are associated with a different CKD stage and cardiovascular comorbidities...
November 22, 2017: Panminerva Medica
Monika Zarska, Michal Sramek, Filip Novotny, Filip Havel, Andrea Babelova, Blanka Mrazkova, Oldrich Benada, Milan Reinis, Ivan Stepanek, Kamil Musilek, Jiri Bartek, Monika Ursinyova, Ondrej Novak, Rastislav Dzijak, Kamil Kuca, Jan Proska, Zdenek Hodny
The exceptionally high cellular uptake of gold nanorods (GNRs) bearing cationic surfactants makes them a promising tool for biomedical applications. Given the known specific toxic and stress effects of some preparations of cationic nanoparticles, the purpose of this study was to evaluate, in an in vitro and in vivo in mouse, the potential harmful effects of GNRs coated with (16-mercaptohexadecyl)trimethylammonium bromide ((MTAB)GNRs). Interestingly, even after cellular accumulation of high amounts of (MTAB)GNRs sufficient for induction of photothermal effect, no genotoxicity (even after longer-term accumulation), induction of autophagy, destabilization of lysosomes (dominant organelles of their cellular destination), alterations of actin cytoskeleton, or in cell migration could be detected in vitro...
November 1, 2017: Biomaterials
Kazutoshi Iijima, Ayako Iizuka, Ryo Suzuki, Hitomi Ueno-Yokohata, Nobutaka Kiyokawa, Mineo Hashizume
We have developed a method to functionalize polystyrene (PS) cell culture plates with hydroxyapatite (HAp) via protein adsorption layers such as human serum albumin (HSA) in simulated body fluids (SBFs). In order to investigate the versatility the method, in this study the effect of protein adsorption layers on HAp deposition on PS plate surfaces in SBF was evaluated. Pretreatments with alternate soaking process (ASP) using solutions containing calcium ions and phosphate ions followed by incubation with SBF for 24 h resulted in HAp deposition on PS plates with adsorption layers of HSA, type I collagen, hen egg white lysozyme, and poly L-glutamic acid, an acidic protein analogue: the deposition behaviors were correlated with adsorption ability and charge state of proteins...
November 15, 2017: Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine
Hyun Chul Park, Isnaeni, Suhyun Gong, Yong-Hoon Cho
Enhancing the fluorescence intensity of colloidal quantum dots (QDs) in case of color-conversion type QD light-emitting devices (LEDs) is very significant due to the large loss of QDs and their quantum yields during fabrication processes, such as patterning and spin-coating, and can therefore improve cost-effectiveness. Understanding the enhancement process is crucial for the design of metallic nanostructure substrates for enhancing the fluorescence of colloidal QDs. In this work, improved color conversion of colloidal green and red QDs coupled with aluminum (Al) and silver (Ag) nanodisk (ND) arrays designed by in-depth systematic finite-difference time domain simulations of excitation, spontaneous emission, and quantum efficiency enhancement is reported...
November 9, 2017: Small
Michal Mestanik, Alexander Jurko, Bart Spronck, Alberto P Avolio, Mark Butlin, Tomas Jurko, Zuzana Visnovcova, Andrea Mestanikova, Peter Langer, Ingrid Tonhajzerova
Arterial stiffness is a marker of vascular damage. Although adiposity increases cardiovascular risk, the relationship between paediatric overweight and arterial stiffness is unclear. The study aimed to evaluate the simultaneous effect of hypertension and overweight on arterial stiffness using cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) and related novel, theoretically blood pressure (BP)-independent, index CAVI0. CAVI and CAVI0 were measured in 140 adolescent boys (16.0 ± 1.9 years) divided into age-matched groups: normal-weight normotensives, overweight normotensives, overweight white-coat hypertensives, and overweight essential hypertensives...
November 6, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Daqin Chen, Gaoliang Fang, Xiao Chen
Tunability of emitting colors of perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) was generally realized via composition/size modulation. Due to their bandgap absorption and ionic crystal features, the mixing of multiple PQDs inevitably suffers from reabsorption and anion-exchange effects. Herein, we address these issues with high-content Mn(2+)-doped CsPbCl3 PQDs that can yield blue-excitable orange Mn(2+) emission benefited from exciton-to-Mn energy transfer and Cl-to-Br anion exchange. Silica-coating was applied to improve air stability of PQDs, suppress the loss of Mn(2+), and avoid anion-exchange between different PQDs...
November 7, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Abiodun M Adeoye, Yemi R Raji, Adewole Adebiyi, Bamidele O Tayo, Babatunde L Salako, Adesola Ogunniyi, Akinlolu Ojo, Richard Cooper
BACKGROUND: Circadian variation in blood pressure (BP) has been shown to determine cardiovascular events in people with chronic kidney diseases (CKDs). Studies aimed at elucidating the relationship between diurnal variation in BP and cardiovascular disease have yielded conflicting results, and very few of these studies have been conducted on CKD patients in Sub-Saharan Africa, hence the need for this study. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Eighty-five adult participants comprising 54 patients with CKD (36 males and 18 females) and 31 hypertensive patients (16 males and 15 females) free of CKD were recruited for 24 h ambulatory BP monitoring and cardiovascular risk factor assessment...
July 2017: Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Joyce P Samuel, Cynthia S Bell, Sean A Hebert, Arun Varughese, Joshua A Samuels, Jon E Tyson
OBJECTIVE: Clinicians frequently rely on office blood pressure (BP) measurements alone to assess hypertension control, despite widespread acceptance of 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) as the reference standard in the initial diagnosis of hypertension. This study was designed to investigate how often the hypertensive status differed between concurrent office BP versus ABPM measurements, and whether any patient-specific characteristics predict the risk for misclassification by office BP...
December 2017: Blood Pressure Monitoring
Hongjin Lv, Congcong Wang, Guocan Li, Rebeckah Burke, Todd D Krauss, Yongli Gao, Richard Eisenberg
The present study reports the fabrication of CdSe quantum dot (QD)-sensitized photocathodes on NiO-coated indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes and their H2-generating ability upon light irradiation. A well-established spin-coating method was used to deposit CdSe QD stock solution onto the surface of NiO/ITO electrodes, thereby leading to the construction of various CdSe QD-sensitized photocathodes. The present report includes the construction of rainbow photocathodes by spin-coating different-sized QDs in a sequentially layered manner, thereby creating an energetically favorable gradient for charge separation...
October 24, 2017: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Soshiro Ogata, Kei Kamide, Kei Asayama, Yasuharu Tabara, Takahisa Kawaguchi, Michihiro Satoh, Tomohiro Katsuya, Ken Sugimoto, Takuo Hirose, Ryusuke Inoue, Azusa Hara, Taku Obara, Masahiro Kikuya, Hirohito Metoki, Fumihiko Matsuda, Jan A Staessen, Takayoshi Ohkubo, Hiromi Rakugi, Yutaka Imai
BACKGROUND: White coat effect (WCE), the blood pressure (BP) difference between clinical and non-clinical settings, can lead to clinical problems such as misdiagnosis of hypertension. Etiology of WCE has been still unclear, especially from genetic aspects. The present article investigated association between genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and WCE in patients with essential hypertension. METHODS: The present cross-sectional analyses were based on 295 Japanese essential hypertensive outpatients aged ≧40 years enrolled in randomized control study, Hypertension Objective Treatment Based on Measurement by Electrical Devices of Blood Pressure (HOMED-BP) study, who were not taking antihypertensive medications before the randomization...
October 23, 2017: Clinical and Experimental Hypertension: CHE
Huizhang Guo, Daniel Klose, Yuhui Hou, Gunnar Jeschke, Ingo Burgert
Titanium dioxide is widely used in sunscreens because of its strong ultraviolet (UV) light absorbing capabilities and its resistance to discoloration under UV exposure. However, when deposited as a thin film, the high refractive index of titanium dioxide typically results in whiteness and opacity, which limits the use of titanium dioxide for material surfaces, for which long-term natural appearance is of high relevance. Since the whitish appearance is due to the strong light scattering and reflection on the interface of oxide particles and air, one can increase the transparency of TiO2 coatings by forming a continuous TiO2 layer...
November 8, 2017: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Stephanie Longet, Vincenzo Aversa, Daire O'Donnell, Joshua Tobias, Monica Rosa, Jan Holmgren, Ivan S Coulter, Ed C Lavelle
Oral vaccines present an attractive alternative to injectable vaccines for enteric diseases due to ease of delivery and the induction of intestinal immunity at the site of infection. However, susceptibility to gastrointestinal proteolysis, limited transepithelial uptake and a lack of clinically acceptable adjuvants present significant challenges. A further challenge to mass vaccination in developing countries is the very expensive requirement to maintain the cold chain. We recently described the effectiveness of a Single Multiple Pill(®) (SmPill(®)) adjuvanted capsule approach to enhance the effectiveness of a candidate enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) oral vaccine...
October 9, 2017: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Julie Coloigner, Yeun Kim, Adam Bush, Soyoung Choi, Melissa C Balderrama, Thomas D Coates, Sharon H O'Neil, Natasha Lepore, John C Wood
Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a chronic blood disorder that is often associated with acute and chronic cerebrovascular complications, including strokes and impaired cognition. Using functional resting state magnetic resonance images, we performed whole-brain analysis of the amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (ALFF), to detect areas of spontaneous blood oxygenation level dependent signal across brain regions. We compared the ALFF of 20 SCD patients to that observed in 19 healthy, age and ethnicity-matched, control subjects...
2017: PloS One
Alan Kawarai Lefor, Tetsu Ohnuma, Shin Nunomiya, Shinichiro Yokota, Jun Makino, Masamitsu Sanui
PURPOSE: The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of physician attire and behavior on perceptions of care by ICU visitors in Japan. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Visitors were surveyed including 117 at a community hospital and 106 at a university hospital. Demographic data (age, gender, relationship to patient, length of stay) were collected. A seven-point Likert scale (1=strongly agree, 4=neutral, 7=strongly disagree) was used to judge physician attire (name tag, white coat, scrubs, short sleeve shirts, blue jeans, sneakers, clogs), behavior (addressing a patient, carrying a snack) and overall effect on perception of care...
September 28, 2017: Journal of Critical Care
Domenico Di Raimondo, Gaia Musiari, Mauro Grova, Giuseppe Miceli, Antonino Tuttolomondo, Antonio Pinto
BACKGROUND: Clinic resting heart rate (RHR), is one of the cardiovascular parameters more easily measurable. In the general population RHR has been associated with total and cardiovascular mortality and higher rate of vascular events. OBJECTIVE: The case of essential hypertension is in some ways peculiar: in the past decades has often been attributed to hypertensive subjects higher values of RHR than healthy controls as a result of the effects of the different factors leading to the development of essential hypertension itself, first of all the presence of an increased tone of the sympathetic nervous system Methods: Several excellent articles debated the issue of autonomic dysfunction in essential hypertension; nevertheless of this, after various decades of debate, this issue is to-date unresolved...
September 10, 2017: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Martin L Katz, Eline Rustad, Grace O Robinson, Rebecca E H Whiting, Jeffrey T Student, Joan R Coates, Kristina Narfstrom
The neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCLs) are devastating inherited progressive neurodegenerative diseases, with most forms having a childhood onset of clinical signs. The NCLs are characterized by progressive cognitive and motor decline, vision loss, seizures, respiratory and swallowing impairment, and ultimately premature death. Different forms of NCL result from mutations in at least 13 genes. The clinical signs of some forms overlap significantly, so genetic testing is the only way to definitively determine which form an individual patient suffers from...
December 2017: Neurobiology of Disease
Danying Tao, Jianing N Sun, Xiaojie Wang, Qiong Zhang, Mojgan A Naeeni, Carole J Philpotts, Andrew Joiner
OBJECTIVES: To measure tooth whitening effects delivered immediately after brushing with silica-based toothpastes containing either blue covarine or a combination of blue covarine and FD&C Blue No. 1 in vitro and in vivo. METHODS: Salivary pellicle coated human extracted teeth were brushed with either a slurry of a toothpaste containing blue covarine (BC) or a formulation containing a matched level of blue covarine and FD&C Blue No.1 (BC+D). The colour of the specimens were measured in vitro using a colorimeter, before and after brushing and changes in CIELAB and tooth Whiteness Index (WIO) values calculated...
August 30, 2017: Journal of Dentistry
Hong Su, Guoneng Xue, Changrong Ye, Yan Wang, Ansha Zhao, Nan Huang, Jingan Li
Surface modification by immobilizing biomolecules has been widely proved to enhance biocompatibility of cardiovascular implanted devices. Here, we aimed at developing a multifunctional surface that not only provides good hemocompatibility but also functions well in capturing circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in the blood flow to improve the surface endothelialization. In the present work, we preferred to chemically co-immobilize (Michael addition and Schiff base reaction) the anti-CD133 (EPC-specific antibody) and fucoidan (EPC-mobilization factor, which also contribute to better hemocompatibility) onto a polydopamine (PDA) film which is famous for its stability and endothelial cell (EC) compatibility...
September 19, 2017: Journal of Biomaterials Science. Polymer Edition
Claudia Cappelleri, Alin Janoschka, Reto Berli, Sibylle Kohler, Ruediger C Braun-Dullaeus, Ludwig T Heuss, Mathias Wolfrum
Elevated blood pressure (BP) is frequently diagnosed in very elderly hospitalized patients. Accurate diagnosis of hypertension is challenging in the hospital environment, due to the "white coat effect," and both overtreatment and undertreatment can adversely affect clinical outcome. Twenty-four-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) has the potential to avoid the "white coat effect" and accurately guide the management of hypertension. However, effects of the hospital environment on ABPM are unknown in the very elderly...
August 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
Shubhra Sinha, Cheng-Yi Kuo, Joan K Ho, Paul J White, Jalal A Jazayeri, Colin W Pouton
In this study we determined the in vivo activity of model ovalbumin vaccines delivered by direct intramuscular delivery of plasmid DNA or oral delivery using a recombinant suicidal Listeria monocytogenes strain (rsΔ2). In a previous report we described how rsΔ2 is capable of delivering luciferase, as protein or DNA, in vitro, into non-dividing intestinal epithelial cells (Kuo et al., 2009). This is achieved by engineering a dual expression shuttle vector, pDuLX-Luc, that replicates in E. coli and rsΔ2 and drives gene expression from the Listeria promoter (Phly) as well as the eukaryotic cytomegalovirus promoter (CMV), thereby delivering both protein and plasmid DNA to the cell cytoplasm...
August 16, 2017: Vaccine
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