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Breast central nervous system head and neck

Trevor J Royce, Muhammad M Qureshi, Minh Tam Truong
BACKGROUND: The changing use of radiation as a first-line cancer therapy in the United States is poorly characterized. This study aims to report radiotherapy utilization and fractionation patterns during the first course of cancer treatment. METHODS: We extracted all solid tumor cases from 2004 to 2014 in the National Cancer Data Base, which captures only the first course of treatment. Patients were subcategorized by disease site: breast, central nervous system (CNS), gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynecologic, head and neck (HN), musculoskeletal, skin, or thoracic...
June 11, 2018: Journal of the American College of Radiology: JACR
Mohammad Amin Hosseini, Mohammad Mohamadianpanah, Mohammad Zare-Bandeamiri, Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi
Hadron therapy (HT) with protons and carbon ions is an advanced radiotherapy technique. As the first report addressing this topic, the present study aimed to estimate the number of patients eligible for HT in Fars province and the whole of Iran. The data were collected through direct inspection of medical records of the patients treated at the Radiotherapy Department, Namazi Hospital, Shiraz, Iran in 2014. The patients who were treated with external-beam radiotherapy and declared to be a resident of Fars province were extracted from the medical records...
May 2018: Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences
Klaus Kaae Andersen, Tom Skyhøj Olsen
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Manifest cancer is associated with increased risk of stroke. The risk of stroke in people with occult cancer in comparison to the risk in the background population without cancer has not been investigated. Smoking is a risk factor for both cancer and stroke, but the role of smoking for the risk of stroke in cancer has not been investigated. METHODS: We identified all incident cases of cancer in Denmark 2003 to 2012 (n=264.376) from the Danish Cancer Registry...
June 4, 2018: Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
Shivam M Kharod, Julie Greenwalt, Camille Dessaigne, Anamaria Yeung
Radiation therapy (RT) can be lethal to a developing fetus; therefore, determining pregnancy status before RT is essential. We here sought to determine how many women treated with RT at our institution for over one year were at risk for pregnancy when starting RT. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of all female patients 12-55 years old treated with radiation, i.e. 1 October 2012 to 31 September 2013. Patients were categorised as 'at risk' if they had a uterus and 'no risk' if they had a hysterectomy...
2017: Ecancermedicalscience
Andrew Yiu, Mieke Van Hemelrijck, Hans Garmo, Lars Holmberg, Håkan Malmström, Mats Lambe, Niklas Hammar, Göran Walldius, Ingmar Jungner, Wahyu Wulaningsih
OBJECTIVES: Serum uric acid has been suggested to be associated with cancer risk. We aimed to study the association between serum uric acid and cancer incidence in a large Swedish cohort. RESULTS: A positive association was found between uric acid levels and overall cancer risk, and results were similar with adjustment for glucose, triglycerides and BMI. Hazard ratio (HR) for overall cancer for the 4th quartile of uric acid compared to the 1st was 1.08 (95% CI: 1...
June 27, 2017: Oncotarget
Pin-Chieh Wang, Darlene Verittupong, Weber Shao, Susan Ann McCloskey, Vincent Basehart, Michael L Steinberg, Patrick Kupelian
197 Background: The computerized 'paperless' medical recording system has transformed the modern health information system and serves as an idea platform for cancer registry development, particularly in a specialty like radiation oncology, where technological advances generate unprecedented amounts of data. METHODS: From May 2011 to May 2015, physicians prospectively inputted data on patients seen during consultation in the Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA. Using a customized interface established between an in-house registry and a commercially-available, hospital-based electronic medical record system (Epic Systems, Inc...
March 2016: Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Mark V Mishra, Sameer Aggarwal, Soren M Bentzen, Nancy Knight, Minesh P Mehta, William F Regine
PURPOSE: To review and assess ongoing proton beam therapy (PBT) clinical trials and to identify major gaps. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Active PBT clinical trials were identified from and the World Health Organization International Clinical Trials Platform Registry. Data on clinical trial disease site, age group, projected patient enrollment, expected start and end dates, study type, and funding source were extracted. RESULTS: A total of 122 active PBT clinical trials were identified, with target enrollment of >42,000 patients worldwide...
February 1, 2017: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Chi-Lu Chiang, Yu-Wen Hu, Chieh-Hung Wu, Yung-Tai Chen, Chia-Jen Liu, Yung-Hung Luo, Yuh-Min Chen, Tzeng-Ji Chen, Kang-Cheng Su, Kun-Ta Chou
BACKGROUND: Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are liable to develop significant comorbidities, including lung cancer. Whether they are at a higher risk for cancer of other types remains debatable, especially for Asians. We studied the risk of incident cancer in COPD patients using a nationwide representative database, the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database. METHODS: From 1995 to 2008, 50,875 COPD patients who were free of antecedent malignancy were identified and followed up to development of malignancy, death or end of 2008, whichever came first...
October 2016: International Journal of Clinical Oncology
Susanna Busco, Carlotta Buzzoni, Sandra Mallone, Annalisa Trama, Marine Castaing, Francesca Bella, Rosalba Amodio, Sabrina Bizzoco, Tiziana Cassetti, Claudia Cirilli, Rosanna Cusimano, Roberta De Angelis, Mario Fusco, Gemma Gatta, Valerio Gennaro, Adriano Giacomin, Paolo Giorgi Rossi, Lucia Mangone, Salvatore Mannino, Silvia Rossi, Daniela Pierannunzio, Andrea Tavilla, Sandro Tognazzo, Rosario Tumino, Massimo Vicentini, Maria Francesca Vitale, Emanuele Crocetti, Luigino Dal Maso
OBJECTIVES: This collaborative study, based on data collected by the network of Italian Cancer Registries (AIRTUM), describes the burden of rare cancers in Italy. Estimated number of new rare cancer cases yearly diagnosed (incidence), proportion of patients alive after diagnosis (survival), and estimated number of people still alive after a new cancer diagnosis (prevalence) are provided for about 200 different cancer entities. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data herein presented were provided by AIRTUM population- based cancer registries (CRs), covering nowadays 52% of the Italian population...
January 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Nima Nabavizadeh, Lindsay M Burt, Brandon R Mancini, Zachary S Morris, Amanda J Walker, Seth M Miller, Shripal Bhavsar, Pranshu Mohindra, Miranda B Kim, Jordan Kharofa
PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to survey radiation oncology chief residents to define their residency experience and readiness for independent practice. METHODS AND MATERIALS: During the academic years 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015, the Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO) conducted an electronic survey of post-graduate year-5 radiation oncology residents in the United States during the final 3 months of training. Descriptive statistics are reported...
February 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Min-Juan Zhang, Guo-Hong Su, Jie Shen, Feng-Hai Liu, Yan-Feng Xu, Xiao-Ling Zhang, Qing Wang, Rui-Huan Wang, Chun-Yan Liu, Yu-Lei Zhao
Multiple myeloma (MM) is a rare hematological malignancy, characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of plasma cells in the bone marrow. MM is usually confined to the bone marrow, however, it may occasionally infiltrate other tissues, which is known as extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP). The majority of EMPs involve the head and neck region, although different anatomical sites, including the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, thyroid gland and breast may also be affected. The simultaneous presentation of EMP in the kidney and head is rare, presenting diagnostic challenges due to its unusual location and non-specific or absent symptoms...
October 2015: Oncology Letters
Kosj Yamoah, Timothy N Showalter, Nitin Ohri
PURPOSE: To systematically review the outcomes of randomized trials testing radiation therapy (RT) intensification, including both dose escalation and/or the use of altered fractionation, as a strategy to improve disease control for a number of malignancies. METHODS AND MATERIALS: We performed a literature search to identify randomized trials testing RT intensification for cancers of the central nervous system, head and neck, breast, lung, esophagus, rectum, and prostate...
November 15, 2015: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Ayesha Tariq, Imtiaz Majeed, Azhar Khurshid
Cancer is basically a class of disorder marked by uncontrolled proliferation of cells which have the potential to interfere with different systems of body like digestive, central nervous and circulatory systems by releasing hormones. Tumors that reside only in a specified location and show restricted growth are commonly characterized as benign tumors. When tumor cells grow and effectively spread to other body parts and potentially invade and damage healthy tissues they show various degrees of malignancy. Cancer may be caused by different factors like gene mutations, carcinogens and some medical factors that harm the immune system of the body...
2015: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
Alison Gibberd, Rajah Supramaniam, Anthony Dillon, Bruce K Armstrong, Dianne L O'Connell
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether Aboriginal people in New South Wales were diagnosed with more advanced cancer than non-Aboriginal people. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: Cross-sectional study of cancer cases, excluding lymphohaematopoietic cancers and cancers of unknown primary site, diagnosed in NSW in 2001-2007. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Spread of disease at time of cancer diagnosis. RESULTS: Overall, 40.3% of 2039 cancers in Aboriginal people and 46...
March 2, 2015: Medical Journal of Australia
Allison Y Ye, Winson Y Cheung, Karen J Goddard, Daniel Horvat, Robert A Olson
PURPOSE: With continual advancements in cancer care, improved outcomes, and increasing survivors, survivorship has become an important area of research. This project seeks to determine the current status of follow-up care in oncology. METHODS: An electronic survey was sent to the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology members. Based on brief clinical scenarios pertaining to various survivor populations, questions were posed to determine routine follow-up practices...
September 2015: Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice
C Marcelo Aldaz, Brent W Ferguson, Martin C Abba
WWOX was cloned as a putative tumor suppressor gene mapping to chromosomal fragile site FRA16D. Deletions affecting WWOX accompanied by loss of expression are frequent in various epithelial cancers. Translocations and deletions affecting WWOX are also common in multiple myeloma and are associated with worse prognosis. Metanalysis of gene expression datasets demonstrates that low WWOX expression is significantly associated with shorter relapse-free survival in ovarian and breast cancer patients. Although somatic mutations affecting WWOX are not frequent, analysis of TCGA tumor datasets led to identifying 44 novel mutations in various tumor types...
August 2014: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Andrea L Wiens, Eyas M Hattab
OBJECT: Collectively, metastatic tumors are the most common malignancy encountered in the adult central nervous system (CNS), arising most often from lung, breast, skin, and gastrointestinal tract carcinomas. Limited information is available in the literature regarding solid nonhematopoietic CNS metastases in children. The authors carried out a retrospective study of pediatric metastatic neoplasms to the CNS treated in a 30-year period to characterize their frequency, common histological subtypes, and sites of origin...
August 2014: Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics
June C Yang, Paul E Wallner, Gary J Becker, Jennifer L Bosma, Anthony M Gerdeman
PURPOSE: Oral examinations are used in certifying examinations by many medical specialty boards. They represent daily clinical practice situations more realistically than do written tests or computer-based tests. However, there are repeated concerns in the literature regarding objectivity, fairness, and extraneous factors from interpersonal interactions, item bias, reliability, and validity. In this study, the reliability of oral examination on the radiation oncology certifying examination, which was administered in May of 2010, was analyzed...
January 2013: Practical Radiation Oncology
I H Kunkler, R Audisio, Y Belkacemi, M Betz, E Gore, S Hoffe, Y Kirova, P Koper, J-L Lagrange, A Markouizou, R Pfeffer, S Villa
Radiotherapy (RT) is a key component of the management of older cancer patients. Level I evidence in older patients is limited. The International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) established a task force to make recommendations for curative RT in older patients and to identify future research priorities. Evidence-based guidelines are provided for breast, lung, endometrial, prostate, rectal, pancreatic, oesophageal, head and neck, central nervous system malignancies and lymphomas. Patient selection should include comorbidity and geriatric evaluation...
November 2014: Annals of Oncology: Official Journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology
C-H Hsu, C-L Huang, Y-H Hsu, U Iqbal, P-A Nguyen, W-S Jian
BACKGROUND: The discovery of asynchronous or synchronous double or multiple malignancies in patients is not uncommon. The co-occurrence of second primary malignancy (SPM) could be randomly occurring or association with risk factors such as environmental, genetic predisposition and therapy-related. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrieved ∼782 million claim records consisting of 10.8 million males and 10.6 million females from Taiwan's National Health Insurance, which were collected for a period of 3 years (January 2000-December 2002)...
August 2014: QJM: Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians
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