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Karl Patterson, Lovleen Arya, Sarah Bottomley, Susan Morgan, Angela Cox, James Catto, Helen E Bryant
RECQ helicases are a family of enzymes with both over lapping and unique functions. Functional autosomal recessive loss of three members of the family BLM, WRN and RECQL4, results in hereditary human syndromes characterized by cancer predisposition and premature aging, but despite the finding that RECQL5 deficient mice are cancer prone, no such link has been made to human RECQL5. Here we demonstrate that human urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCC) has increased expression of RECQL5 compared to normal bladder tissue and that increasing RECQL5 expression can drive proliferation of normal bladder cells and is associated with poor prognosis...
October 15, 2016: Oncotarget
Ândrea de Melo, Eliara Pinto Vieira Biaggio, Inaê Costa Rechia, Pricila Sleifer
Purpose: To measure the exogenous components of the cortical auditory evoked potential (CAEP) in term and preterm newborns and compare them considering the variables latency and amplitude. Methods: This is a cross-sectional, prospective, comparative, contemporary study. One hundred twenty-seven newborns were evaluated; 96 of these were included in the study after analysis of the exams by three referees. Participants were divided into two groups: Term Group: 66 infants and Preterm Group: 30 neonates...
October 13, 2016: CoDAS
Ana Vrdoljak, Vanja Ivković, Sandra Karanović, Živka Dika, Ivana Vuković, Jelena Kos, Mario Laganović, Tajana Željković Vrkić, Margareta Fištrek Prlić, Ivan Pećin, Bojan Jelaković
OBJECTIVE: It was observed that glomerular hyperfiltration (GHF) is associated with progression of kidney disease in diabetics, patients in stage 1 hypertension (HT), and we found previously that eGFR decreased faster also in prehypertensives (PHT) with GHF. Here we analyzed whether GHF in PHT is associated with other biomarkers of early renal impairment. DESIGN AND METHOD: From 954 subjects enrolled in ENAH follow-up study, 371(137 m;mean age = 46years) were eligible for further analysis:100 with optimal,72 with normal BP,70 with PHT(high normal BP),and 129 with newly diagnosed untreated HT...
September 2016: Journal of Hypertension
Miranda Ward
Drawing on ethnographic work, this paper explores the convergence of bodies, materialities and practices found at the indoor swimming pool - a space that has not often been the subject of geographical study, in spite of the fact that swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise in countries such as the UK. The paper focuses on the "contained" nature of the indoor pool environment, examining the distinct experience this can create for lap swimmers. This focus is placed in the context of a broader politics of exercise, with an emphasis on the popularity and potential benefits of swimming, as well as less encouraging facts about participation and facility provision, suggesting that in order to encourage further uptake of swimming and preservation of swimming facilities the voices and experiences of regular swimmers should be considered...
October 15, 2016: Health & Place
Amanda N Fader, James Java, Meaghan Tenney, Stephanie Ricci, Camille C Gunderson, Sarah M Temkin, Nick Spirtos, Christina L Kushnir, Michael L Pearl, Oliver Zivanovic, Krishnansu S Tewari, David O'Malley, Ellen M Hartenbach, Chad A Hamilton, Natalie S Gould, Robert S Mannel, William Rodgers, Joan L Walker
OBJECTIVES: We sought to analyze the clinicopathologic features, recurrence patterns and survival outcomes of women with high-grade uterine cancer (UC) enrolled on The Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) LAP2 trial. METHODS: This is a post-hoc analysis of LAP-2 patients with grade 3 endometrioid adenocarcinoma (ENDO), uterine serous (USC), clear cell (CC) and carcinosarcoma (CS). Demographics, clinicopathologic features, and recurrence patterns, were compared by histology and surgical approach...
October 12, 2016: Gynecologic Oncology
Dan W Teng, Charles L Eddy, Damian G Kelty-Stephen
Blindwalking to replicate an instructed distance requires various sensory signals. Recent evidence in movement science across many organisms suggests that multifractal organization of connective tissue supports the use of these signals. Multifractal structure is a multiplicity of power laws defining distribution of proportion across many time scales that helps predict judgments of the objects' length. Present work tests whether the multifractal structure in postural accelerometry during blindwalking predicts blindwalking distance replications...
October 14, 2016: Attention, Perception & Psychophysics
John Kenny, SarahJane Cullen, Giles D Warrington
PURPOSE: Ice-mile swimming presents significant physiological challenges and potential safety issues but little data are available. We report on deep body temperature (BT), respiratory rate (RR) and swim performance in two swimmers completing an 'ice-mile' swim of one mile (1600m) in water temperature at less than 5°C. METHODS: Two male cold-water habituated swimmers completed a one-mile lake swim in water at 3.9°C. For comparative purposes, they completed an indoor one-mile swim in water at 28...
October 13, 2016: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Mark Lenz, Karl Stoffel, Heike Kielstein, Keith Mayo, Gunther O Hofmann, Boyko Gueorguiev
INTRODUCTION: Proximal plate fixation in periprosthetic femur fractures can be improved by plate anchorage in the greater trochanter (lateral tension band principle) or bicortical locking screw placement beside the prosthesis stem in an embracement configuration. Both concepts were compared in a biomechanical test using a femoral hook plate (hook) or a locking attachment plate (LAP). METHODS: After bone mineral density (BMD) measurement in the greater trochanter, six pairs of fresh frozen human femora were assigned to two groups and instrumented with cemented hip endoprostheses...
September 30, 2016: Injury
Cesare Tripolino, Concetta Irace, Claudio Carallo, Faustina Barbara Scavelli, Agostino Gnasso
BACKGROUND: In recent years, new measures of body adiposity have been introduced: lipid accumulation product (LAP), body adiposity index (BAI) and body shape index (ABSI). These indices have been demonstrated to better associate with cardiovascular disease than other measures of adiposity. OBJECTIVES: The aim of the present study was to evaluate if LAP or BAI better associate with blood viscosity than other measures of adiposity (body mass index, BMI; waist circumference, WC; waist-to-hip ratio, W/HR; waist-to-height ratio, W/HtR)...
October 6, 2016: Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
Zonglong Zhu, Qifan Xue, Hexiang He, Kui Jiang, Zhicheng Hu, Yang Bai, Teng Zhang, Shuang Xiao, Kenan Gundogdu, Bhoj Raj Gautam, Harald Ade, Fei Huang, Kam Sing Wong, Hin-Lap Yip, Shihe Yang, He Yan
A polymer/PCBM hybrid electron transport layer is reported that enables high-performance perovskite solar cells with a high power conversion efficiency of 16.2% and with negligible hysteresis. Unlike previous approaches of reducing hysteresis by thermal annealing or fullerene passivation, the success of our approach can be mainly attributed to the doping of the PCBM layer using an insulating polymer (polystyrene) and an amine-containing polymeric semiconductor named PFNOX.
September 2016: Advanced Science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Phil Hubbard, Rachela Colosi
The night-time economy is often described as repelling consumers fearful of the 'undesirable Others' imagined dominant within such time-spaces. In this paper we explore this by describing attitudes towards, and reactions to, one particularly contentious site: the 'lap dance' club. Often targeted by campaigners in England and Wales as a source of criminality and anti-sociality, in this paper we shift the focus from fear to disgust, and argue that Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) are opposed on the basis of moral judgments that reflect distinctions of both class and gender...
November 2015: Sociological Review
Lap Man Lee, Jin Woo Lee, Danielle Chase, Daniel Gebrezgiabhier, Allen P Liu
Various micro-engineered tools or platforms have been developed recently for cell mechanics studies based on acoustic, magnetic, and optical actuations. Compared with other techniques for single cell manipulations, microfluidics has the advantages with simple working principles and device implementations. In this work, we develop a multi-layer microfluidic pipette aspiration device integrated with pneumatically actuated microfluidic control valves. This configuration enables decoupling of cell trapping and aspiration, and hence causes less mechanical perturbation on trapped single cells before aspiration...
September 2016: Biomicrofluidics
Milagro Fernández-Delgado, Jackeline Cortez, Guiden Sulbarán, César Matos, Renzo Nino Incani, Diana E Ballén, Italo M Cesari
Schistosoma mansoni enzymes play important roles in host-parasite interactions and are potential targets for immunological and/or pharmacological attack. The aim of this study was to comparatively assess the presence of hydrolytic activities (phosphatases, glycosidases, aminopeptidases) in soluble (SF) and membrane (MF) fractions from different S. mansoni developmental stages (schistosomula 0 and 3h, juveniles, and adult worms of 28 and 45days-old, respectively), by using simple enzyme-substrate microassays...
September 28, 2016: Parasitology International
F Siedentopf, E Wowro, M Möckel, H Kentenich, M David
Introduction: Few studies have evaluated the utilisation of emergency gynaecological services, although lower abdominal pain (LAP) is one of the most common symptoms prompting emergency presentation. Although such pain may be caused by potentially life-threatening gynaecological diseases, very often no clinical cause is found. The aim of this study was to describe the characteristics of emergency presentations in order to enable quicker identification of real emergencies in routine clinical practice. Materials and Methods: Standardised, so-called first aid cards of 1066 consecutive patients with LAP presenting acutely to one emergency unit were analysed in this retrospective, cross-sectional study...
September 2016: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde
Juan Ignacio Basile, Denise Kviatcovsky, María Mercedes Romero, Luciana Balboa, Johana Monteserin, Viviana Ritacco, Beatriz Lopez, Carmen Sabio Y García, Ana García, Marisa Vescovo, Pablo González Montaner, Domingo Palmero, María Del Carmen Sasiain, Silvia de la Barrera
We have previously reported that T cells from patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) express high levels of IL-17 in response to the MDR strain M (Haarlem family) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tuberculosis). Herein, we explore the pathways involved in the induction of h17 cells in MDR-TB patients and healthy tuberculin reactors (PPD(+) HD) by the M strain and the laboratory strain H37Rv. Our results show that IL-1β and IL-6 are crucial for the H37Rv and M-induced expansion of IL-17(+) IFNγ- and IL-17(+) IFNγ(+) in CD4(+) T cells from MDR-TB and PPD(+) HD...
September 28, 2016: Clinical and Experimental Immunology
Edoardo Conte, Andrea Annoni, Gianluca Pontone, Saima Mushtaq, Marco Guglielmo, Andrea Baggiano, Valentina Volpato, Cecilia Agalbato, Alice Bonomi, Fabrizio Veglia, Alberto Formenti, Cesare Fiorentini, Antonio L Bartorelli, Mauro Pepi, Daniele Andreini
AIMS: Recent studies suggested that even non-obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) increases major cardiovascular adverse events (MACE) rate. Aim of this study was to evaluate whether coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) may detect specific plaque characteristics that may affect prognosis in patients with non-obstructive CAD. METHODS: We enrolled 245 patients who underwent CCTA between April 2004 and April 2007 for suspected CAD and were found to have non-obstructive CAD...
September 27, 2016: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging
Zhao-Min Liu, Suzanne Ho, Yuan-Tao Hao, Yu-Ming Chen, Jean Woo, Samuel Yeung-Shan Wong, Qiqiang He, Yao Jie Xie, Lap Ah Tse, Bailing Chen, Xue-Fen Su, Xiang-Qian Lao, Carmen Wong, Ruth Chan, Wen-Hua Ling
INTRODUCTION: Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a public health problem in postmenopausal women. Whole soy foods are rich in unsaturated fats, high quality plant protein and various bioactive phytochemicals that may have a beneficial role in the management of MetS. The aim of the study is to examine the effect of whole soy replacement diet on the features of MetS among postmenopausal women. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: This will be a 12-month, randomised, single-blind, parallel controlled trial among 208 postmenopausal women at risk of MetS or with early MetS...
2016: BMJ Open
Laila Hubbert, Jacek Baranowski, Baz Delshad, Henrik Ahn
Following implantation of a continuous-flow left ventricular assist device (LVAD), left atrial pressure (LAP) monitoring allows for precise management of intravascular volume, inotropic therapy and pump speed. In this case series of 4 LVAD recipients we report the first clinical use of this wireless pressure sensor for long-term monitoring of LAP during LVAD support. A wireless microelectromechanical system (MEMS) pressure sensor, (Titan™, ISS Inc., Ypsilanti, MI, USA) was placed in the left atrium in four patients at the time of LVAD implantation...
September 22, 2016: ASAIO Journal: a Peer-reviewed Journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
Kaizhi Gu, Yajing Liu, Zhiqian Guo, Cheng Lian, Chenxu Yan, Ping Shi, He Tian, Wei-Hong Zhu
Leucine aminopeptidase (LAP), one of the important proteolytic enzymes, is intertwined with the progress of many pathological disorders as a well-defined biomarker. To explore fluorescent aminopeptidase probe for quantitative detection of LAP distribution and dynamic changes, herein we report a LAP-targeting near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent probe (DCM-Leu) for ratiometric quantitative trapping of LAP activity in different kinds of living cells. DCM-Leu is composed of a NIR-emitting fluorophore (DCM) as a reporter and l-leucine as a triggered moiety, which are linked together by an amide bond specific for LAP cleavage...
October 3, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Hewen Niu, Shichang Kang, Xiaofei Shi, Yuanqing He, Xixi Lu, Xiaoyi Shi, Rukumesh Paudyal, Jiankuo Du, Shijin Wang, Jun Du, Jizu Chen
Melting of high-elevation glaciers can be accelerated by the deposition of light-absorbing aerosols (e.g., organic carbon, mineral dust), resulting in significant reductions of the surface albedo on glaciers. Organic carbon deposited in glaciers is of great significance to global carbon cycles, snow photochemistry, and air-snow exchange processes. In this work, various snow and ice samples were collected at high elevation sites (4300-4850masl) from Mt. Yulong on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau in 2015. These samples were analyzed for water-soluble organic carbon (DOC), total nitrogen (TN), and water-soluble inorganic ions (WSIs) to elucidate the chemical species and compositions of the glaciers in the Mt...
September 22, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
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