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Murphy Emory

Melissa M Murphy, T Lindsey Burrell, Joseph F Cubells, Roberto Antonio España, Michael J Gambello, Katrina C B Goines, Cheryl Klaiman, Longchuan Li, Derek M Novacek, Ava Papetti, Rossana Lucia Sanchez Russo, Celine A Saulnier, Sarah Shultz, Elaine Walker, Jennifer Gladys Mulle
BACKGROUND: 3q29 deletion syndrome is caused by a recurrent hemizygous 1.6 Mb deletion on the long arm of chromosome 3. The syndrome is rare (1 in 30,000 individuals) and is associated with mild to moderate intellectual disability, increased risk for autism and anxiety, and a 40-fold increased risk for schizophrenia, along with a host of physical manifestations. However, the disorder is poorly characterized, the range of manifestations is not well described, and the underlying molecular mechanism is not understood...
June 8, 2018: BMC Psychiatry
Brenda M Pracheil, S Marshall Adams, Mark S Bevelhimer, Allison M Fortner, Mark S Greeley, Cheryl A Murphy, Teresa J Mathews, Mark J Peterson
A 4.1 million m(3) coal ash release into the Emory and Clinch rivers in December 2008 at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston Fossil Plant in east Tennessee, USA, prompted a long-term, large-scale biological monitoring effort to determine if there are chronic effects of this spill on resident biota. Because of the magnitude of the ash spill and the potential for exposure to coal ash-associated contaminants [e.g., selenium (Se), arsenic (As), and mercury (Hg)] which are bioaccumulative and may present human and ecological risks, an integrative, bioindicator approach was used...
August 2016: Ecotoxicology
John G Smith, Tyler F Baker, Cheryl A Murphy, R Trent Jett
A dike failure at the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Plant in East Tennessee, United States, in December 2008, released approximately 4.1 million m(3) of coal ash into the Emory River. From 2009 through 2012, samples of mayfly nymphs (Hexagenia bilineata) were collected each spring from sites in the Emory, Clinch, and Tennessee Rivers upstream and downstream of the spill. Samples were analyzed for 17 metals. Concentrations of metals were generally highest the first 2 miles downstream of the spill, and then decreased with increasing distance from the spill...
May 2016: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Yesim Isil Ulman, Tuna Cakar, Gokcen Yildiz
Neuromarketing is a recent interdisciplinary field which crosses traditional boundaries between neuroscience, neuroeconomics and marketing research. Since this nascent field is primarily concerned with improving marketing strategies and promoting sales, there has been an increasing public aversion and protest against it. These protests can be exemplified by the reactions observed lately in Baylor School of Medicine and Emory University in the United States. The most recent attempt to stop ongoing neuromarketing research in France is also remarkable...
October 2015: Science and Engineering Ethics
B J He, G Nolte, K Nagata, D Takano, T Yamazaki, Y Fujimaki, T Maeda, Y Satoh, S Heckers, M S George, F Lopes da Silva, J C de Munck, P J Van Houdt, R M Verdaasdonk, P Ossenblok, K Mullinger, R Bowtell, A P Bagshaw, D Keeser, S Karch, F Segmiller, I Hantschk, A Berman, F Padberg, O Pogarell, F Scharnowski, S Karch, S Hümmer, D Keeser, M Paolini, V Kirsch, G Koller, B Rauchmann, M Kupka, J Blautzik, O Pogarell, N Razavi, K Jann, T Koenig, M Kottlow, M Hauf, W Strik, T Dierks, J Gotman, S Vulliemoz, Y Lu, H Zhang, L Yang, G Worrell, B He, O Gruber, C Piguet, D Hubl, Ph Homan, J Kindler, T Dierks, K Kim, U Steinhoff, R Wakai, T Koenig, M Kottlow, L Melie-García, A Mucci, U Volpe, A Prinster, M Salvatore, S Galderisi, D E J Linden, D Brandeis, C E Schroeder, C Kayser, S Panzeri, A Kleinschmidt, P Ritter, S Walther, J Haueisen, S Lau, L Flemming, H Sonntag, B Maess, T R Knösche, B Lanfer, M Dannhauer, C H Wolters, M Stenroos, J Haueisen, C Wolters, U Aydin, B Lanfer, S Lew, F Lucka, L Ruthotto, J Vorwerk, S Wagner, C Ramon, C Guan, K K Ang, S G Chua, W K Kuah, K S Phua, E Chew, H Zhou, K H Chuang, B T Ang, C Wang, H Zhang, H Yang, Z Y Chin, H Yu, Y Pan, L Collins, B Mainsah, K Colwell, K Morton, D Ryan, E Sellers, K Caves, S Throckmorton, A Kübler, E M Holz, C Zickler, E Sellers, D Ryan, K Brown, K Colwell, B Mainsah, K Caves, S Throckmorton, L Collins, R Wennberg, S P Ahlfors, C Grova, R Chowdhury, T Hedrich, M Heers, R Zelmann, J A Hall, J M Lina, E Kobayashi, T Oostendorp, P van Dam, P Oosterhof, A Linnenbank, R Coronel, P van Dessel, J de Bakker, B Rossion, C Jacques, N Witthoft, K S Weiner, B L Foster, K J Miller, D Hermes, J Parvizi, K Grill-Spector, G H Recanzone, M M Murray, J D Haynes, J Richiardi, M Greicius, M De Lucia, K-R Müller, E Formisano, R Smieskova, A Schmidt, K Bendfeldt, A Walter, A Riecher-Rössler, S Borgwardt, P Fusar-Poli, S Eliez, A Schmidt, K Sekihara, S S Nagarajan, J M Schoffelen, A G Guggisberg, G Nolte, S Balazs, K Kermanshahi, W Kiesenhofer, H Binder, F Rattay, A Antal, L Chaieb, W Paulus, I Bodis-Wollner, K Maurer, G Fein, J Camchong, J Johnstone, V Cardenas-Nicolson, L D J Fiederer, F Lucka, S Yang, J Vorwerk, M Dümpelmann, D Cosandier-Rimélé, A Schulze-Bonhage, A Aertsen, O Speck, C H Wolters, T Ball, M Fuchs, M Wagner, J Kastner, R Tech, C Dinh, J Haueisen, D Baumgarten, M S Hämäläinen, S Lau, S J Vogrin, W D'Souza, J Haueisen, M J Cook, A Custo, D Van De Ville, S Vulliemoz, F Grouiller, C M Michel, J Malmivuo, U Aydin, J Vorwerk, P Küpper, M Heers, H Kugel, J Wellmer, C Kellinghaus, M Scherg, S Rampp, C Wolters, S F Storti, I Boscolo Galazzo, A Del Felice, F B Pizzini, C Arcaro, E Formaggio, R Mai, P Manganotti, L Koessler, J Vignal, T Cecchin, S Colnat-Coulbois, H Vespignani, G Ramantani, L Maillard, I Rektor, R Kuba, M Brázdil, J Chrastina, I Rektorova, P van Mierlo, E Carrette, G Strobbe, V Montes-Restrepo, K Vonck, S Vandenberghe, B Ahmed, C Brodely, C Carlson, R Kuzniecky, O Devinsky, J French, T Thesen, D Bénis, O David, J-P Lachaux, E Seigneuret, P Krack, V Fraix, S Chabardès, J Bastin, K Jann, D Gee, E Kilroy, T Cannon, D J Wang, J R Hale, S D Mayhew, I Przezdzik, T N Arvanitis, A P Bagshaw, G Plomp, C Quairiaux, L Astolfi, C M Michel, S D Mayhew, K J Mullinger, A P Bagshaw, R Bowtell, S T Francis, A C Schouten, S F Campfens, H van der Kooij, Z Koles, J Lind, P Flor-Henry, M Wirth, C M Haase, S Villeneuve, J Vogel, W J Jagust, L Kambeitz-Ilankovic, L Simon-Vermot, B Gesierich, M Duering, M Ewers, I Rektorova, L Krajcovicova, R Marecek, M Mikl, T Bracht, H Horn, W Strik, A Federspiel, S Schnell, O Höfle, K Stegmayer, R Wiest, T Dierks, T J Müller, S Walther, T Surmeli, A Ertem, E Eralp, I H Kos, W Skrandies, S Flüggen, A Klein, J Britz, L Díaz Hernàndez, T Ro, C M Michel, A Lenartowicz, E Lau, C Rodriguez, M S Cohen, S K Loo, G Di Lorenzo, M Pagani, L Monaco, A Daverio, I Giannoudas, P La Porta, A R Verardo, C Niolu, I Fernandez, A Siracusano, P Flor-Henry, J Lind, Z Koles, S Bollmann, C Ghisleni, R O'Gorman, S-S Poil, P Klaver, L Michels, E Martin, J Ball, D Eich-Höchli, D Brandeis, D F Salisbury, T K Murphy, C D Butera, D H Mathalon, S L Fryer, K A Kiehl, V C Calhoun, G D Pearlson, B J Roach, J M Ford, T H McGlashan, S W Woods, U Volpe, E Merlotti, A Vignapiano, V Montefusco, G M Plescia, O Gallo, P Romano, A Mucci, S Galderisi, G Mingoia, K Langbein, M Dietzek, G Wagner, Smesny, S Scherpiet, R Maitra, Ch Gaser, H Sauer, I Nenadic, S Gonzalez Andino, R Grave de Peralta Menendez, R Grave de Peralta Menendez, M Sanchez Vives, B Rebollo, S Gonzalez Andino, L Frølich, T S Andersen, M Mørup, P Belfiore, P Gargiulo, C Ramon, S Vanhatalo, J-H Cho, J Vorwerk, C H Wolters, T R Knösche, T Watanabe, Y Kawabata, D Ukegawa, S Kawabata, Y Adachi, K Sekihara, K Sekihara, S S Nagarajan, S Wagner, U Aydin, J Vorwerk, C Herrmann, M Burger, C Wolters, F Lucka, U Aydin, J Vorwerk, M Burger, Ch Wolters, M Bauer, L Trahms, T Sander, P L Faber, D Lehmann, L R R Gianotti, R D Pascual-Marqui, P Milz, K Kochi, S Kaneko, S Yamashita, K Yana, K Kalogianni, A N Vardy, A C Schouten, F C T van der Helm, A Sorrentino, G Luria, R Aramini, A Hunold, M Funke, R Eichardt, J Haueisen, F Gómez-Aguilar, S Vázquez-Olvera, T Cordova-Fraga, J Castro-López, M A Hernández-Gonzalez, S Solorio-Meza, M Sosa-Aquino, J J Bernal-Alvarado, M Vargas-Luna, J Vorwerk, L Magyari, J Ludewig, R Oostenveld, C H Wolters, J Vorwerk, C Engwer, J Ludewig, Ch Wolters, K Sato, T Nishibe, M Furuya, K Yamashiro, K Yana, T Ono, N Puthanmadam Subramaniyam, J Hyttinen, S Lau, D Güllmar, L Flemming, J Haueisen, H Sonntag, J Vorwerk, C H Wolters, L Grasedyck, J Haueisen, B Maeß, S Freitag, U Graichen, P Fiedler, D Strohmeier, J Haueisen, M Stenroos, O Hauk, M Grigutsch, M Felber, B Maess, B Herrmann, G Strobbe, P van Mierlo, S Vandenberghe, G Strobbe, D Cárdenas-Peña, V Montes-Restrepo, P van Mierlo, G Castellanos-Dominguez, S Vandenberghe, B Lanfer, I Paul-Jordanov, M Scherg, C H Wolters, Y Ito, D Sato, K Kamada, T Kobayashi, S S Dalal, S Rampp, F Willomitzer, O Arold, S Fouladi-Movahed, G Häusler, H Stefan, S Ettl, S Zhang, Y Zhang, H Li, X Kong, V Montes-Restrepo, G Strobbe, P van Mierlo, S Vandenberghe, D D E Wong, A Bidet-Caulet, R T Knight, N E Crone, S S Dalal, G Birot, L Spinelli, S Vulliémoz, M Seeck, C M Michel, H Emory, C Wells, N Mizrahi, S J Vogrin, S Lau, M J Cook, F I Karahanoglu, F Grouiller, C Caballero-Gaudes, M Seeck, S Vulliemoz, D Van De Ville, L Spinelli, P Megevand, M Genetti, K Schaller, C Michel, S Vulliemoz, M Seeck, M Genetti, R Tyrand, F Grouiller, S Vulliemoz, L Spinelli, M Seeck, K Schaller, C M Michel, F Grouiller, S Heinzer, B Delattre, F Lazeyras, L Spinelli, F Pittau, M Seeck, O Ratib, M Vargas, V Garibotto, S Vulliemoz, S J Vogrin, C A Bailey, M Kean, A E Warren, A Davidson, M Seal, A S Harvey, J S Archer, M Papadopoulou, M Leite, P van Mierlo, K Vonck, P Boon, K Friston, D Marinazzo, C Ramon, M Holmes, L Koessler, E Rikir, M Gavaret, F Bartolomei, J P Vignal, H Vespignani, L Maillard, M Centeno, S Perani, K Pier, L Lemieux, J Clayden, C Clark, R Pressler, H Cross, D W Carmichael, A Spring, R Bessemer, D Pittman, Y Aghakhani, P Federico, F Pittau, F Grouiller, S Vulliémoz, J Gotman, J M Badier, C-G Bénar, F Bartolomei, C Cruto, P Chauvel, M Gavaret, V Brodbeck, T van Leeuwen, E Tagliazzuchi, L Melloni, H Laufs, I Griskova-Bulanova, K Dapsys, C Klein, J Hänggi, L Jäncke, B V Ehinger, P Fischer, A L Gert, L Kaufhold, F Weber, M Marchante Fernandez, G Pipa, P König, K Sekihara, E Hiyama, R Koga, E Iannilli, C M Michel, A-L Bartmuss, N Gupta, T Hummel, R Boecker, N Holz, A F Buchmann, D Blomeyer, M M Plichta, I Wolf, S Baumeister, A Meyer-Lindenberg, T Banaschewski, D Brandeis, M Laucht, S Natahara, M Ueno, T Kobayashi, M Kottlow, A Bänninger, T Koenig, S Schwab, T Koenig, A Federspiel, T Dierks, K Jann, H Natsukawa, T Kobayashi, L Tüshaus, T Koenig, M Kottlow, P Achermann, R S Wilson, S D Mayhew, S Assecondi, T N Arvanitis, A P Bagshaw, A Darque, T A Rihs, F Grouiller, F Lazeyras, R Ha-Vinh Leuchter, C Caballero, C M Michel, P S Hüppi, T U Hauser, L T Hunt, R Iannaccone, P Stämpfli, D Brandeis, R J Dolan, S Walitza, S Brem, U Graichen, R Eichardt, P Fiedler, D Strohmeier, S Freitag, F Zanow, J Haueisen, L Lordier, F Grouiller, D Van de Ville, A Sancho Rossignol, I Cordero, F Lazeyras, F Ansermet, P Hüppi, A Schläpfer, K Rubia, D Brandeis, G Di Lorenzo, M Pagani, L Monaco, A Daverio, I Giannoudas, A R Verardo, P La Porta, C Niolu, I Fernandez, A Siracusano, K Tamura, C Karube, T Mizuba, M Matsufuji, S Takashima, K Iramina, S Assecondi, D Ostwald, A P Bagshaw, R Marecek, M Brazdil, M Lamos, T Slavícek, R Marecek, J Jan, N M Meier, W Perrig, T Koenig, T Minami, Y Noritake, S Nakauchi, K Azuma, T Minami, S Nakauchi, C Rodriguez, A Lenartowicz, M S Cohen, C Rodriguez, A Lenartowicz, M S Cohen, K Iramina, H Kinoshita, K Tamura, C Karube, M Kaneko, J Ide, Y Noguchi, M S Cohen, P K Douglas, C M Rodriguez, H J Xia, E M Zimmerman, C J Konopka, P S Epstein, L M Konopka, S Giezendanner, M Fisler, L Soravia, J Andreotti, R Wiest, T Dierks, A Federspiel, N Razavi, A Federspiel, T Dierks, M Hauf, K Jann, K Kamada, D Sato, Y Ito, K Okano, N Mizutani, T Kobayashi, A Thelen, M Murray, L Pastena, E Formaggio, S F Storti, F Faralli, M Melucci, R Gagliardi, L Ricciardi, G Ruffino, A Coito, P Macku, R Tyrand, L Astolfi, B He, R Wiest, M Seeck, C Michel, G Plomp, S Vulliemoz, F Ph S Fischmeister, J Glaser, V Schöpf, H Bauer, R Beisteiner, F Deligianni, M Centeno, D W Carmichael, J Clayden, G Mingoia, K Langbein, M Dietzek, G Wagner, St Smesny, S Scherpiet, R Maitra, Ch Gaser, H Sauer, I Nenadic, S Dürschmid, T Zaehle, H Pannek, H F Chang, J Voges, J Rieger, R T Knight, H-J Heinze, H Hinrichs, V Tsatsishvili, F Cong, T Puoliväli, V Alluri, P Toiviainen, A K Nandi, E Brattico, T Ristaniemi, M Grieder, R M Crinelli, K Jann, A Federspiel, M Wirth, T Koenig, M Stein, L-O Wahlund, T Dierks, H Atsumori, R Yamaguchi, Y Okano, H Sato, T Funane, K Sakamoto, M Kiguchi, A Tränkner, S Schindler, F Schmidt, M Strauß, R Trampel, U Hegerl, R Turner, S Geyer, P Schönknecht, V Kebets, M van Assche, R Goldstein, M van der Meulen, P Vuilleumier, J Richiardi, D Van De Ville, F Assal, A Wozniak-Kwasniewska, D Szekely, S Harquel, T Bougerol, O David, T Bracht, D K Jones, H Horn, T J Müller, S Walther, P Sos, M Klirova, T Novak, M Brunovsky, J Horacek, M Bares, C Hoschl C, I Fellhauer, F G Zöllner, J Schröder, L Kong, M Essig, L R Schad, J Arrubla, I Neuner, D Hahn, F Boers, N Jon Shah, I Neuner, J Arrubla, D Hahn, F Boers, N Jon Shah, M Suriya Prakash, R Sharma, H Kawaguchi, T Kobayashi, P Fiedler, S Griebel, S Biller, C Fonseca, F Vaz, L Zentner, F Zanow, J Haueisen, V Rochas, T Rihs, G Thut, N Rosenberg, Th Landis, Ch Michel, V Moliadze, T Schmanke, E Lyzhko, S Bassüner, Ch Freitag, M Siniatchkin, R Thézé, A G Guggisberg, L Nahum, A Schnider, L Meier, H Friedrich, K Jann, B Landis, R Wiest, A Federspiel, W Strik, T Dierks, M Witte, S E Kober, C Neuper, G Wood, R König, A Matysiak, W Kordecki, C Sieluzycki, N Zacharias, P Heil, C Wyss, F Boers, J Arrubla, J Dammers, W Kawohl, I Neuner, N J Shah, C Braboszcz, R B Cahn, J Levy, M Fernandez, A Delorme, L Rosas-Martinez, E Milne, Y Zheng, Y Urakami, K Kawamura, Y Washizawa, K Hiyoshi, A Cichocki, N Giroud, V Dellwo, M Meyer, K S Rufener, F Liem, V Dellwo, M Meyer, J D Jones-Rounds, R Raizada, W Staljanssens, G Strobbe, P van Mierlo, R Van Holen, S Vandenberghe, M Pefkou, R Becker, C Michel, A Hervais-Adelman, W He, J Brock, B Johnson, K Ohla, K Hitz, K Heekeren, C Obermann, T Huber, G Juckel, W Kawohl, D Gabriel, A Comte, J Henriques, E Magnin, L Grigoryeva, J-P Ortega, E Haffen, T Moulin, L Pazart, R Aubry, M Kukleta, B Baris Turak, J Louvel, M Crespo-Garcia, J L Cantero, M Atienza, S Connell, K Kilborn, A Damborská, M Brázdil, I Rektor, M Kukleta, J L Koberda, A Bienkiewicz, I Koberda, P Koberda, A Moses, M Tomescu, T Rihs, J Britz, A Custo, F Grouiller, M Schneider, M Debbané, S Eliez, Ch Michel, G Y Wang, R Kydd, T A Wouldes, M Jensen, B R Russell, N Dissanayaka, T Au, A Angwin, J O'Sullivan, G Byrne, P Silburn, R Marsh, G Mellic, D Copland, A Bänninger, M Kottlow, L Díaz Hernàndez, T Koenig, L Díaz Hernàndez, A Bänninger, T Koenig, T U Hauser, R Iannaccone, C Mathys, J Ball, R Drechsler, D Brandeis, S Walitza, S Brem, P H Boeijinga, E W Pang, T Valica, M J Macdonald, A Oh, J P Lerch, E Anagnostou, G Di Lorenzo, M Pagani, L Monaco, A Daverio, A R Verardo, I Giannoudas, P La Porta, C Niolu, I Fernandez, A Siracusano, T Shimada, Y Matsuda, A Monkawa, T Monkawa, R Hashimoto, K Watanabe, Y Kawasaki, Y Matsuda, T Shimada, T Monkawa, A Monkawa, K Watanabe, Y Kawasaki, K Stegmayer, H Horn, A Federspiel, N Razavi, T Bracht, K Laimböck, W Strik, T Dierks, R Wiest, T J Müller, S Walther, L J Koorenhof, S J Swithenby, A Martins-Mourao, T A Rihs, M Tomescu, K W Song, A Custo, J F Knebel, M Murray, S Eliez, C M Michel, U Volpe, E Merlotti, A Vignapiano, V Montefusco, G M Plescia, O Gallo, P Romano, A Mucci, S Galderisi, K Laimboeck, K Jann, S Walther, A Federspiel, R Wiest, W Strik, H Horn
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 24, 2013: Clinical EEG and Neuroscience: Official Journal of the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ENCS)
J M Craver, D A Murphy, E L Jones, P E Curling, D K Bone, R B Smith, G D Perdue, C R Hatcher, M Kandrach
Data are presented on 68 patients who underwent concomitant carotid endarterectomy (CE) and coronary artery bypass surgery (CAB) at Emory University Hospital from January 1974 to February 1981. This group is then compared with a randomly selected, matched population without known carotid disease who underwent CAB alone. Asymptomatic bruit was the reason for investigation in 40 patients (59%); another 23 patients (34%) experienced transient cerebral ischemic attacks (TIAs); and five patients (7%) had TIA and prior stroke...
June 1982: Annals of Surgery
D A Murphy, W D Knopf, J H Goodroe
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 1987: Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia
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