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Thuy Tran

Hang Thi Phan, Hang Thi Thuy Tran, Hanh Thi My Tran, Anh Pham Phuong Dinh, Ha Thanh Ngo, Jenny Theorell-Haglow, Christopher J Gordon
BACKGROUND: Hand hygiene compliance is the basis of infection control programs. In developing countries models to improve hand hygiene compliance to reduce healthcare acquired infections are required. The aim of this study was to determine hand hygiene compliance following an educational program in an obstetric and gynecological hospital in Vietnam. METHODS: Health care workers from neonatal intensive care, delivery suite and a surgical ward from Hung Vuong Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam undertook a 4-h educational program targeting hand hygiene...
March 7, 2018: BMC Infectious Diseases
Xu-Feng Zhang, Malcolm H Squires, Fabio Bagante, Cecilia G Ethun, Ahmed Salem, Sharon M Weber, Thuy Tran, George Poultsides, Andre Y Son, Ioannis Hatzaras, Linda Jin, Ryan C Fields, Matthew Weiss, Charles Scoggins, Robert C G Martin, Chelsea A Isom, Kamron Idrees, Harveshp D Mogal, Perry Shen, Shishir K Maithel, Carl R Schmidt, Timothy M Pawlik
BACKGROUND: The impact of re-resection of a positive intraoperative bile duct margin on clinical outcomes for resectable hilar cholangiocarcinoma (HCCA) remains controversial. We sought to define the impact of re-resection of an initially positive frozen-section bile duct margin on outcomes of patients undergoing surgery for HCCA. METHODS: Patients who underwent curative-intent resection for HCCA between 2000 and 2014 were identified at 10 hepatobiliary centers...
February 22, 2018: Annals of Surgical Oncology
Dinh Chuong Pham, Thi Hiep Nguyen, Uyen Thi Phan Ngoc, Ngoc Thuy Trang Le, Tuong Vi Tran, Dai Hai Nguyen
Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is one of the major staple food crops of nearly two-third of the world's population. However, rice blast caused by fungus Pyricularia oryzae is generally considered the most serious disease of cultivated rice worldwide due to its extensive distribution and destructiveness under favourable climatic conditions. In this report, the combination between chitosan (CS) and silver (Ag), Ag@CS, was introduced for antifungal activity against Pyricularia oryzae extracted from blast-infected leaves...
August 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Pham Gia Vu, Trinh Anh Truc, Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Do Quang Tham, Tran Huu Trung, Vu Ke Oanh, To Thi Xuan Hang, Marjorie Olivier, Thai Hoang
In this study, carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/ZnO composites had been prepared using the sol-gel method and then incorporated into an epoxy resin for reinforcement of mechanical and electrical properties. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) analyses show that the ZnO nanoparticles deposited on CNTs were crystallized in a hexagonal wurtzite structure. Average particle size of ZnO deposited on the CNT was about 8 nm. The mechanical and dielectric properties of epoxy containing CNTs/ZnO were investigated in comparison to epoxy resin and epoxy resin containing only CNT or ZnO nanoparticles...
April 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Tran Thi Mai, Dinh Thi Mai Thanh, Tran Huu Trung, Trinh Hoang Trung, Le Van Quan, Nguyen Thi Hoa, Can Van Mao, Nguyen Trong Nghia, Nguyen Thanh Hai, Tran Hong Anh, Tran Viet Hung, Jin-Ho Choy, Nguyen Van Loi, Baskaran Rajesh, Thai Hoang
This paper presents the results of zeta potential, water contact angle, atomic force microscopy image, in vitro solubility, and content of heavy metals in polylactic acid (PLA)/chitosan (CS) nanoparticles loading nifedipine. In addition, the In Vivo test of the PLA/CS nanoparticles loading nifedipine in the mice is also one of highlights of this work. The Zeta potential result shows that the charged surface of the PLA/CS nanoparticles loading nifedipine is neutral, negative or complex depending on nifedipine content...
April 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Ho Ngoc Minh, Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Tran Thi Thanh Van, Dam Xuan Thang, Thai Hoang
In order to improve dispersiveness of nanosilica in polymer matrix, surface organo-modification of nanosilica is necessary. This work reveals silica nanoparticles modified by titanate coupling agent isopropyltri (dioctylphosphate) titanate (KR12) in toluene solvent. Effect of reaction temperature, reaction time and reactant ratio on grafting efficiency have been studied by Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA). The obtained results exhibit the grafted percentage of titanate coupling agent KR-12 on the surface of nanosilica increased quickly from 4...
May 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Tran Thi Mai, Nguyen Thuy Chinh, Rajesh Baskaran, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Vu Viet Thang, Dang Thi Thanh Le, Do Quang Minh, Thai Hoang
This paper presents the tensile, thermal, dielectric and morphological properties of composites based on polyoxymethylene (POM) and nanosilica (NS) prepared by melt mixing method at 190 °C. Based on the torque readings, the processing of POM/NS composites were found to be easier in comparison to only POM. The FT-IR spectra analysis of the POM/NS nanocomposites showed the presence of peak at approximately 910 cm-1, attributed to the Si-O and C-O groups in NS and POM on the POM/NS nanocomposite. The absorption at these peaks increased on gradually increasing the content of NS...
July 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Do Thi Ha, Phung Thanh Long, Tran Thi Hien, Dao Trong Tuan, Nguyen Thi Thuy An, Nguyen Minh Khoi, Ha Van Oanh, Tran Manh Hung
BACKGROUND: Vitis heyneana is widely distributed in the north of Vietnam, it has been used in Vietnamese traditional medicine as an agent for treatment of arthritis, bronchitis, carbuncles and inflammatory conditions, and menstrual irregularities. However, this plant has not been investigated in phytochemical constituents and biological effects, especially in the anti-inflammatory property. RESULTS: Bioassay-guided fractionation of the EtOAc soluble fraction from the aerial part of Vitis heyneana resulted in the isolation of a series of oligostilbenoids as piceid (1), 2-r-viniferin (2), betulifol A (3), vitisinol C (4), (-)-trans-ε-viniferin (5), α-viniferin (6), shoreaketon (7), amurensin B (8), vitisinol B (9), and cis-vitisin B (10)...
February 13, 2018: Chemistry Central Journal
Tiffinee Swanson, Thuy D Tran, Lacey Ellingson, Michael K O'Connor, Deborah J Rhodes, Katie N Hunt, Amy L Conners, Carrie B Hruska
Molecular breast imaging (MBI) technologists are required to possess a combination of nuclear medicine skills and mammographic positioning techniques. Currently, no formal programs offer this type of hybrid technologist training. The purpose of this perspective is to provide a best practices guide for technologists performing MBI. Familiarity with best practices may aid in obtaining high-quality MBI examinations by decreasing the likelihood of image artifacts, positioning problems and other factors that contribute to false negative or false positive findings...
February 2, 2018: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Quyen T Nguyen, Phuc Dinh Nguyen, Duc N Nguyen, Quang Duc Truong, Tran Thi Kim Chi, Thuy Ung, Itaru Honma, Nguyen Quang Liem, Phong D Tran
Amorphous molybdenum selenide nanopowder, obtained by refluxing Mo(CO)6 and Se precursors in dichlorobenzene, shows several structural and electrochemical similarities to the amorphous molybdenum sulfide analogue. The molybdenum selenide displays attractive catalytic properties for the hydrogen evolution reaction in water over a wide range of pH. In a pH 0 solution, it operates with a small onset overpotential of 125 mV and requires an overpotential of 270 mV for generating a catalytic current of 10 mA/cm2...
February 9, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Xu-Feng Zhang, Eliza W Beal, Jeffery Chakedis, Qinyu Chen, Yi Lv, Cecilia G Ethun, Ahmed Salem, Sharon M Weber, Thuy Tran, George Poultsides, Andre Y Son, Ioannis Hatzaras, Linda Jin, Ryan C Fields, Stefan Buettner, Charles Scoggins, Robert C G Martin, Chelsea A Isom, Kamron Idrees, Harveshp D Mogal, Perry Shen, Shishir K Maithel, Carl R Schmidt, Timothy M Pawlik
BACKGROUND: Time to tumor recurrence may be associated with outcomes following resection of hepatobiliary cancers. The objective of the current study was to investigate risk factors and prognosis among patients with early versus late recurrence of hilar cholangiocarcinoma (HCCA) after curative-intent resection. METHODS: A total of 225 patients who underwent curative-intent resection for HCCA were identified from 10 academic centers in the USA. Data on clinicopathologic characteristics, pre-, intra-, and postoperative details and overall survival (OS) were analyzed...
February 5, 2018: World Journal of Surgery
Thuy-Nhien Nguyen, Lorenz von Seidlein, Tuong-Vy Nguyen, Phuc-Nhi Truong, Son Do Hung, Huong-Thu Pham, Tam-Uyen Nguyen, Thanh Dong Le, Van Hue Dao, Mavuto Mukaka, Nicholas Pj Day, Nicholas J White, Arjen M Dondorp, Guy E Thwaites, Tran Tinh Hien
BACKGROUND: A substantial proportion of Plasmodium species infections are asymptomatic with densities too low to be detectable with standard diagnostic techniques. The importance of such asymptomatic plasmodium infections in malaria transmission is probably related to their duration and density. To explore the duration of asymptomatic plasmodium infections and changes in parasite densities over time, a cohort of participants who were infected with Plasmodium parasites was observed over a 2-year follow-up period...
February 1, 2018: Lancet Infectious Diseases
Thuy B Tran, David J Worhunsky, Malcolm H Squires, Linda X Jin, Gaya Spolverato, Konstantinos I Votanopoulos, Sharon M Weber, Carl Schmidt, Edward A Levine, Ryan C Fields, Timothy M Pawlik, Shishir K Maithel, Jeffrey A Norton, George A Poultsides
BACKGROUND: Although gastrectomy with adequate regional nodal examination is considered the standard of care for invasive gastric adenocarcinoma, endoscopic resection has been adopted increasingly in select patients with T1 gastric cancer. The objective of this study was to identify preoperative predictors of lymph node metastasis in patients in the United States with T1 gastric cancer. METHODS: Patients who underwent operative resection for T1 gastric cancer between 2000 and 2012 were identified from a multi-institutional database...
February 2, 2018: Surgery
Đào Thị Diệu Thúy, Trần Minh Hoàng, Đinh Thanh Thúy, Phạm Phương Mai, Lê Minh Giang
Most of people who inject drugs in Vietnam live in their family homes and these living have formed the burden on caring. This study aimed at exploring the characteristic of depression of caregivers of HIV - positive injection drug users and relative factors. Cross - sectional assessment data were gathered from 138 caregivers recruited from Hanoi city. About 20% of the study sample had a depressed condition from mild to extremely severe. Caregiver burden and family function were significantly associated with depression of caregivers...
April 2017: Tạp Chí Nghiên Cứu y Học
Alla A Kicha, Dinh T Ha, Natalia V Ivanchina, Timofey V Malyarenko, Anatoly I Kalinovsky, Pavel S Dmitrenok, Svetlana P Ermakova, Olesya S Malyarenko, Nguyen A Hung, Tran T T Thuy, Pham Q Long
Six new polyhydroxysteroidal glycosides, anthenosides S1-S6 (1-6), along with a mixture of two previously known related glycosides, 7 and 8, were isolated from the methanolic extract of the starfish Anthenea sibogae. The structures of 1-6 were established by NMR and HR-ESI-MS techniques as well as by chemical transformations. All new compounds have a 5α-cholest-8(14)-ene-3α,6β,7β,16α-tetrahydroxysteroidal nucleus and differ from majority of starfish glycosides in positions of carbohydrate moieties at C(7) and C(16) (1-4, 6) or only at C(16) (5)...
January 22, 2018: Chemistry & Biodiversity
Rania Abutarboush, Saad H Mullah, Biswajit K Saha, Ashraful Haque, Peter B Walker, Chioma Aligbe, Georgina Pappas, Lam Thuy Vi Tran Ho, Francoise G Arnaud, Charles R Auker, Richard M McCarron, Anke H Scultetus, Paula Moon-Massat
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess, in two experiments, the safety and efficacy of the PFC emulsion Oxycyte as an oxygen therapeutic for traumatic brain injury (TBI) to test the hypothesis that early administration of this oxygen-carrying fluid post-TBI would improve brain tissue oxygenation (Pbt O2 ). METHODS: The first experiment assessed effects of Oxycyte on cerebral vasoactivity in healthy, uninjured rats using intravital microscopy. The second experiment investigated the effect of Oxycyte on cerebral Pbt O2 using the phosphorescence quenching method (PQM) in TBI model...
January 22, 2018: Microcirculation: the Official Journal of the Microcirculatory Society, Inc
Phuong Thi Kim Nguyen, Hoang Thi Tran, Thuy Thi Thanh Thai, Kirsty Foster, Christine L Roberts, Ben J Marais
Background: Breastfeeding is recognized as the single most cost-effective intervention to reduce child morbidity and mortality. However, few studies have explored perceived barriers to breastfeeding and factors associated with breastfeeding intent among mothers of newborn babies in Viet Nam. We conducted a study to assess breastfeeding initiation rates, intent to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months or more and perceived barriers to breastfeed among mothers of newborn babies in Da Nang, Viet Nam...
2018: International Breastfeeding Journal
HyunTae V Hwang, Darlene Thuy Tran, Michelle Nicole Rebuffatti, Chin-Shang Li, Anne A Knowlton
Previously, quercetin has been reported to be a senolytic, a drug that selectively removes senescent cells, in HUVECs. However, we found neither quercetin nor Q3G was effective as a senolytic for adult human endothelial cells.
2018: PloS One
Bradley A Krasnick, Linda X Jin, Jesse T Davidson, Dominic E Sanford, Cecilia G Ethun, Timothy M Pawlik, George A Poultsides, Thuy Tran, Kamran Idrees, William G Hawkins, William C Chapman, Maria B M Doyle, Sharon M Weber, Steven M Strasberg, Ahmed Salem, Robert C G Martin, Chelsea A Isom, Charles Scoggins, Carl R Schmidt, Perry Shen, Eliza Beal, Ioannis Hatzaras, Rivfka Shenoy, Shishir K Maithel, Ryan C Fields
BACKGROUND: Curative-intent treatment for localized hilar cholangiocarcinoma (HC) requires surgical resection. However, the effect of adjuvant therapy (AT) on survival is unclear. We analyzed the impact of AT on overall (OS) and recurrence free survival (RFS) in patients undergoing curative resection. METHODS: We reviewed patients with resected HC between 2000 and 2015 from the ten institutions participating in the U.S. Extrahepatic Biliary Malignancy Consortium...
December 28, 2017: Journal of Surgical Oncology
Saori Amaike Campen, Jed Lynn, Stephanie J Sibert, Sneha Srikrishnan, Pallavi Phatale, Taya Feldman, Joel M Guenther, Jennifer Hiras, Yvette Thuy An Tran, Steven W Singer, Paul D Adams, Kenneth L Sale, Blake A Simmons, Scott E Baker, Jon K Magnuson, John M Gladden
Efficient deconstruction of plant biomass is a major barrier to the development of viable lignocellulosic biofuels. Pretreatment with ionic liquids reduces lignocellulose recalcitrance to enzymatic hydrolysis, increasing yields of sugars for conversion into biofuels. However, commercial cellulases are not compatible with many ionic liquids, necessitating extensive water washing of pretreated biomass prior to hydrolysis. To circumvent this issue, previous research has demonstrated that several thermophilic bacterial cellulases can efficiently deconstruct lignocellulose in the presence of the ionic liquid, 1-ethyl-3-methylimadizolium acetate...
2017: PloS One
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