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Erectil disfunction

C Simon, D W Greening, D Bolumar, N Balaguer, L A Salamonsen, F Vilella
Extensive evidence suggests that the release of membrane enclosed compartments, more commonly known as extracellular vesicles (EVs), is a potent newly identified mechanism of cell-to-cell communication both in normal physiology and in pathological conditions. This article specifically reviews evidence about the formation and release of different EVs, their definitive markers and cargo content in reproductive physiological processes, and their capacity to convey information between cells through the transfer of functional protein and genetic information to alter phenotype and function of recipient cells associated with reproductive biology...
January 30, 2018: Endocrine Reviews
Francesco Sasso, Matteo Vittori, Alessandro D'Addessi, Pier Francesco Bassi
Our aim was to review the literature and discuss about penile curvature in order to have an update for management after 20 years experience in the field.Penile curvature may be congenital or acquired. Congenital penile curvature is a relatively uncommon condition that may present in late adolescent or early adult life. The incidence is estimated to be 0.6 %. On the other side, acquired penile curvature has an overall prevalence of 0.5-13%. Three main factors seem to increase the risk of developing an acquired penile curvature, often related to Peyronie's disease: penile traumatism, genetic and familiar conditions and a history of diseases of the genital tract...
September 26, 2016: Urologia
Ibrahim Guler, Kemal Ödev, Havva Kalkan, Cihan Simsek, Suat Keskin, Mehmet Kilinç
PURPOSE: We studied the use of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of penile fracture. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between 1997 and 2012, fifteen patients (age range 17-48 years, mean age 37 years) with suspected penile fracture underwent MRI examinations. Ten patients were injured during sexual intercourse, whereas four patients were traumatized by non-physiological bending of the penis during self manupilation, one patient was traumatized falling from the bed...
March 2015: International Braz J Urol: Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology
S Alvarez Rodríguez, F Arias Fúnez, C Bueno Bravo, R Rodríguez-Patrón Rodríguez, E Sanz Mayayo, V Hevia Palacios, F J Burgos Revilla
Purpose. Published data about cryotherapy for prostate cancer (PC) treatment are based on case series with a lack of clinical trials and the inexistence of a validated definition of biochemical failure. A prospective study with standardized followup protocol was conducted in our institution. Material and Methods. Prospective study of a series of cases including 108 patients diagnosed with localized PC at clinical stage T1c-T2c treated by primary cryoablation and median followup of 61 months. Criteria of biochemical recurrence were unified according to the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO)...
2014: Prostate Cancer
M Rodriguez Peña, D Moreno
A 50-year-old male patient presented with erectile failure and loss of libido. In the physical examination, there were stone-hard indurations in his bilateral testes. The ultrasonographic study demonstrated multiple hypoechoic areas in the testes and normal epididymis. Since the lesion was presumed as malignancy, bilateral inguinal exploration was performed and intraoperative frozen biopsies were studied and diagnosed as inflammatory process. Nevertheless, we decided to perform left orchiectomy to a deeper histopathologic analysis which revealed granulomatous orchitis, mastocytosis, and severe depletion of Leydig cells at the testicular interstitium...
2013: Case Reports in Urology
Giovanni Nano, Daniela Mazzaccaro, Giovanni Malacrida, Maria Teresa Occhiuto, Silvia Stegher, Domenico G Tealdi
BACKGROUND: We report a case of delayed endovascular correction of graft collapse occurred after emergent Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR) for traumatic aortic isthmus rupture. CASE PRESENTATION: In 7th post-operative day after emergent TEVAR for traumatic aortic isthmus rupture (Gore TAG® 28-150), a partial collapse of the endoprosthesis at the descending tract occurred, with no signs of visceral ischemia. Considering patient's clinical conditions, the graft collapse wasn't treated at that time...
May 24, 2011: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
C Alan, H Kocoglu, A Resit Ersay, H Anil Kurt, Y Ertung, H Alan
OBJECTIVE: One of the most important complications of radical prostatectomy operation is erectile disfunction (ED). Oxidative stress patterns and apoptotic changes may happen in smooth muscles and endothelial cells of corpus cavernosum after neuropraxia or neurectomy. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) shows its antioxidant properties by eliminating free radicals. In this experimental study we investigated the effects of ALA on rehabilitation of cavernosal tissue and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) containing nerve fibers on erectile tissue...
November 2010: Actas Urologicas Españolas
Thomas Gasser
There is increasing evidence of causal relation between benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and erectile dysfunction (ED). BPH appears to have a negative impact on sexual function. Drugs commonly used for the treatment of BPH (i.e. alphablockers, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors) may cause retrograde ejaculation, ED and reduced libido. Physicians should be aware of these adverse events and inform their patients accordingly. Conversely, phosphodiestease-5-inhibitors may have a beneficial effect on BPH symptoms.
March 2010: Therapeutische Umschau. Revue Thérapeutique
S La Vignera, A E Calogero, R Condorelli, F Lanzafame, B Giammusso, E Vicari
AIM: In the management of the chronic complications caused by diabetes mellitus, an important role is played to andrological problematics, which require a specialistic evaluation combined in order to concretely contribute to the improvement of quality of life of such patients. The erectile disfunction in the diabetic patient notoriously correlates with the main cardiometabolics risk factors, and recently it has been pointed out how after chronic use of inhibitors of the phospodiesterase-enzyme-5 (PDE5-I) it is possible to improve the vascular response profile, evaluated through ecolor doppler (ECD) penile dynamic...
March 2009: Minerva Endocrinologica
C Bettocchi, P Ditonno, F Palumbo, G Lucarelli, G Garaffa, B Giammusso, M Battaglia
Even in the era of phoshodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, penile implants are considered the definitive solution for the treatment of organic erectile disfunction. The advent of new surgical tools and new infection-resistant materials has significantly reduced the risk of intra and post-operative complications and the need for revision surgery. Various companies have also improved their mechanical systems in order to reduce the risk of failures, and their products are now so good they may last lifelong. In this article, we evaluate the intraoperative and postoperative complications recorded in our experience and in literature reports, and make some suggestions as to how to prevent or correct them...
2008: Advances in Urology
Xiao-Ran Wang, Rui Jiang
OBJECTIVE: To detect the expression of HO-2 in the corpus cavernosum of rats with chronic renal failure (CRF) , and investigate the role of HO-2 in penile erection and its association with testosterone. METHODS: Fifteen 10-week-old SD rats underwent 5/6 kidney removal for the establishment of CRF models, and another 15 included as controls. Twelve weeks later, both the two groups of animals were subjected to electrostimulation of the cavernous nerve for the detection of intracavernosal pressure (ICP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP), and the protein contents of HO-2, nNOS and eNOS in the penile tissues were determined by Western blot and immunohistochemical analysis...
May 2008: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue, National Journal of Andrology
M A Fernández-Gil, L Martínez-Piñeiro, M Martí, F J Vaz Leal, J A Guisado Macías
OBJECTIVES: To establish a relationship between Doppler-Duplex colour ultrasound after prostaglandin intracorporeal injec tion and psychological features in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. METHODS: Forty two patients with erectile dysfunction were prospectively evaluated with Doppler-Duplex colour ultra sonography after intracavernosal injection of 20 micrograms of E1 prostaglandin. Dynamic vascular pattern were analyzed an penile tumescence were graded in poor, moderate or good (I, II, III)...
October 2005: Actas Urologicas Españolas
Luciano Janussi Vacanti, Bruno Caramelli
OBJECTIVE: Data on sexual disfunction (SD) after myocardial infarction (MI) are sketchy, especially in our community and in regard to predictors. Both males and females, with active sexual life and no sexual dysfunction prior to MI were evaluated in order to investigate SD incidence after MI, as well as to identify the possible variables associated. METHODS: Forty-three patients were studied consecutively, through structured questionnaires for SD and psychological disorders (PD) diagnosis...
August 2005: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia
Henryk Futyma, Grzegorz Jakiel
This research discusses the issues of erectile disfunction in diabetes, which constitute not only a medical but, what results from its spread, also a social problem. Diabetes as a social disease causes many metabolic disorders, dysfunction of many organs, including erectile dysfunction. Because of the fact that there are so many disorders in organs, people who suffer from diabetes should be especially carefully treated in view of metabolism. Erectile dysfunctions in diabetes have definitely an organic background: connected with vessels, neurologic, endocrinologic and psychological functions...
April 2005: Ginekologia Polska
L V Shaplygin, A M Koval', A V Pavlenko, A Iu Kazachenko
There are three directions in pathogenetic treatment of chronic prostatitis (CP) which is conducted in parallel to etiotropic one (antimicrobial): general immunological; improving arterial inflow and venous outflow; creation of prostatic secretion outflow and that of seminal vesicles by means of contractions of the pelvic and perineal muscles, muscular fibers of the prostatic gland. The latter two directions can be managed with physiotherapy. It is proposed to use combination of drugs with physiotherapy conducted by means of the devices [see text]...
September 2004: Urologii︠a︡
J Rubio Briones, I Iborra Juan, R Dumont Martínez, J Casanova Ramón-Borja, J L Monrós Lliso, J V Ricós Torrent, A Collado Serra, E Solsona Narbón
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate erectile disfunction (ED) after radical prostatectomy in a non selected group of patients and their response to sildenafil. METHODS: We included our patients who were operated on between 1998 and 2001. The patients filled in a modification of IIEF (mIIEF) before the RP operation. We tried sildenafil with doses of 100 mg in 3 different periods: 3-6, 12 and 18-24 months after the RP operation. In the event of a complete response they filled in the mIIEF again...
September 2004: Actas Urologicas Españolas
Eduardo A Serrano-Brambila, Juan Carlos Camacho-Carvajal, Jorge Moreno-Aranda, Raul Martínez-Sánchez
This device consists of a woven in a form of a tubular mesh, made up for the use in the urethra. We report the clinical and uroflujometric results in 10 patients with urethral stricture and 4 with obstructive prostatic hyperplasia. The study includes a 7 year period since October of 1993 up until June 2000. All patients were evaluated pre and post stent insertion with periodic follow ups to assess the prostatic symptoms score, quality of life assessment, peak urinary flow rate, mean flow rate and post-void residual urine volume...
September 2003: Gaceta Médica de México
V Gazzaniga, P Frati
Surgical and forensic medical texts of modern age classifies male impotence according to two different patterns. If both psychological and functional causes can be admitted as responsible of male disfunctions, physical deficiencies only can be regarded as legal reason to obtain divorce.
2001: Medicina Nei Secoli
I V Karpukhin, A A Li
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2002: Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, i Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury
F Mantovani, E Patelli, F Colombo, F Pozzoni, S Confalonieri, E Pisani
BACKGROUND: The patients who undergo radical pelvic surgery often found that sexual function is impaired. In this research hypothesis, we evaluated the efficacy of alternative therapy to conventional PGE 1 injections, such as the association of Sildenafil and L-Arginine. This association in based on the principle that L-Arginine, the precursor of nitric oxide, improves the effect of Sildenafil, which is effective in the presence of nitric oxide. METHODS: The experimental plan was to make a comparative study of 2 random groups of patients selected from those undergoing radical cystectomies and prostatectomies over the past three years...
September 2001: Minerva Urologica e Nefrologica, the Italian Journal of Urology and Nephrology
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