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RTI International

Chien-Hsing Wang, Wan-Hua Hsieh, Fu-Wen Liang, Tsung-Hsueh Lu
BACKGROUND: Although many epidemiological studies have presented road traffic injuries (RTIs) according to the victim's mode of transport, very few have mentioned the mode of transport of the victim's counterparts. We sought to use matrix frame to present the pattern of RTIs based on the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) codes. METHODS: Patients admitted to Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Taiwan, for RTIs from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2016 were included...
April 23, 2018: Injury Epidemiology
Randall T Loder, Alan P Yaacoub
BACKGROUND:  Both dogs and bicycles are common in our society and thus a dog-bicycle interaction resulting in an injury to a cyclist is possible. It was the purpose of this study to investigate such injuries. METHODS:  The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) data for the 10-year period from 2006 through 2015 associated with bicycles were accessed. Injuries involving dogs were identified and the mechanism of injury determined. Due to the stratified and weighted nature of the NEISS data, statistical analyses were performed with SUDAAN 10 software (RTI International, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States)...
April 21, 2018: Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology: V.C.O.T
Cullen M Dutmer, Allison M Schiltz, Kristy L Freeman, Matthew J Christie, Juana A Cerna, Seung-Hyun Cho, Ryan T Chartier, Jonathan W Thornburg, Katharine L Hamlington, James L Crooks, Tasha E Fingerlin, David A Schwartz, Andrew H Liu
RATIONALE: Home dampness and mold are associated with asthma severity and exacerbations, but little is known about the nature of these exposures in at-risk children. OBJECTIVES: To test the hypothesis that observed dampness, water damage, and mold in the home are associated with higher exposure to particulate matter less than 10 μm in diameter in a cohort of at-risk children with asthma. METHODS: We performed a pilot study in 8- to 16-year-old children with exacerbation-prone asthma (n = 29; Denver Asthma Panel Study)...
April 2018: Annals of the American Thoracic Society
C X Yu, C Xue, J Liu, X Y Hu, Y Y Liu, W H Ye, L F Wang, J F Wu, Z F Fan
In this article, multiple eigen-systems including linear growth rates and eigen-functions have been discovered for the Rayleigh-Taylor instability (RTI) by numerically solving the Sturm-Liouville eigen-value problem in the case of two-dimensional plane geometry. The system called the first mode has the maximal linear growth rate and is just extensively studied in literature. Higher modes have smaller eigen-values, but possess multi-peak eigen-functions which bring on multiple pairs of vortices in the vorticity field...
January 2018: Physical Review. E
Marcin Kurowski, Janusz Jurczyk, Sylwia Moskwa, Marzanna Jarzębska, Hubert Krysztofiak, Marek L Kowalski
Introduction: Regular training modulates airway inflammation and modifies susceptibility to respiratory infections. The impact of exercise and ambient conditions on airway hyperreactivity and innate immunity has not been well studied. We aimed to assess exercise-related symptoms, lung function, airway hyperresponsiveness and innate immunity proteins in relation to meteorological conditions and exercise load in competitive athletes. Material and methods: Thirty-six speed skaters were assessed during winter (WTP) and summer (STP) periods...
January 2018: Archives of Medical Science: AMS
Amber Gove, Tracy Brunette, Jennae Bulat, Bidemi Carrol, Catherine Henny, Wykia Macon, Evangeline Nderu, Yasmin Sitabkhan
We present results from early learning programs in six African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. In partnership with ministries of education, RTI International has worked within government systems to support the design and deployment of locally contextualized materials, training, and assessment tools, with the goal of improving outcomes for early learners in primary schools, and in Kenya and Tanzania preprimary as well. Here we report on the experience and evidence of impact from specific programs in each country, including summary assessment results when available...
December 2017: New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development
Geoffrey Kp Spurling, Chris B Del Mar, Liz Dooley, Ruth Foxlee, Rebecca Farley
BACKGROUND: Concerns exist regarding antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections (RTIs) owing to adverse reactions, cost, and antibacterial resistance. One proposed strategy to reduce antibiotic prescribing is to provide prescriptions, but to advise delay in antibiotic use with the expectation that symptoms will resolve first. This is an update of a Cochrane Review originally published in 2007, and updated in 2010 and 2013. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects on clinical outcomes, antibiotic use, antibiotic resistance, and patient satisfaction of advising a delayed prescription of antibiotics in respiratory tract infections...
September 7, 2017: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Nahara Anani Martínez-González, Samuel Coenen, Andreas Plate, Annelies Colliers, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn, Stefan Neuner-Jehle
INTRODUCTION: Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are the most common reason for primary care (PC) consultations and for antibiotic prescribing and use. The majority of RTIs have a viral aetiology however, and antibiotic consumption is ineffective and unnecessary. Inappropriate antibiotic use contributes greatly to antibiotic resistance (ABR) leading to complications, increased adverse events, reconsultations and costs. Improving antibiotic consumption is thus crucial to containing ABR, which has become an urgent priority worldwide...
June 13, 2017: BMJ Open
Terry Goldsworthy, Laura McGillivray
BACKGROUND: In 2013 the Queensland Government introduced criminal association and mandatory sentencing laws for members of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs). Forms of "criminal association" or "anti-bikie" laws have been introduced in several Australian jurisdictions, and recent High Court decisions upholding their constitutionality will ensure that they remain part of our justice landscape. Generally, the aims of these laws are to declare a specific organisation as "criminal" and impose various legal orders and offences that thwart the consorting of members and address organised crime, such as unexplained wealth regimes...
March 2017: International Journal on Drug Policy
Heli Siikamäki, Pia Kivelä, Mikael Fotopoulos, Anu Kantele
BACKGROUND: Although infections represent the most common health problem of travellers abroad, data on morbidity and incidences of various infections are scarce. METHOD: Data on infections of Finnish travellers during 2010-2012 were retrieved from the database of SOS International, an assistance organization covering 95% of Finns requiring aid abroad. The study included 30,086 cases. For incidence calculation, the data were linked to the numbers of Finns visiting these regions during the same period as recorded by the Official Statistics of Finland...
January 2017: Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
V R Badhwar, S Ganapathy, P P Prabhudesai, N K Tulara, A Y Varaiya, D Vyas
In community and family practice, infections are a common OPD presentation. In the management of common bacterial infections seen in community especially RTI, UTI, SSTI; cefuroxime a second generation cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of activity can be used for empirical treatment. To know current place of cefuroxime in the management of infections, physicians, surgeons, microbiologist, chest physician, gynecologist and pediatrician came together to discuss and debate their experience with cefuroxime and its place in today's world...
July 2016: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Habip Almis, Ibrahim Hakan Bucak, Muhammed Nebi Caliskan, Mehmet Turgut
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to investigate whether there is a relationship between 25-hydroxy vitamin D [25(OH)D 3] values and incidences of primary epistaxis among children. METHODS: A total of 42 cases and 55 matched controls were included in our study. The study group and control group were well matched for age and gender. Age, gender, activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) with reference to the international normalized ratio (INR), prothrombin time (PT), and 25(OH)D 3, parathormone (PTH), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and phosphorus (P) values were recorded for each participant...
October 2016: International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
Kate Russell, Sara E Oliver, Lillianne Lewis, Wanda D Barfield, Janet Cragan, Dana Meaney-Delman, J Erin Staples, Marc Fischer, Georgina Peacock, Titilope Oduyebo, Emily E Petersen, Sherif Zaki, Cynthia A Moore, Sonja A Rasmussen
CDC has updated its interim guidance for U.S. health care providers caring for infants born to mothers with possible Zika virus infection during pregnancy (1). Laboratory testing is recommended for 1) infants born to mothers with laboratory evidence of Zika virus infection during pregnancy and 2) infants who have abnormal clinical or neuroimaging findings suggestive of congenital Zika syndrome and a maternal epidemiologic link suggesting possible transmission, regardless of maternal Zika virus test results...
August 26, 2016: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Rachel McKay, Allison Mah, Michael R Law, Kimberlyn McGrail, David M Patrick
Antibiotic use is a modifiable driver of antibiotic resistance. In many circumstances, antibiotic use is overly broad or unnecessary. We systematically assessed factors associated with antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections (RTI). Studies were included if they used actual (not self-reported or intended) prescribing data, assessed factors associated with antibiotic prescribing for RTIs, and performed multivariable analysis of associations. We searched Medline, Embase, and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts using keyword and MeSH (medical subject headings) search terms...
July 2016: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Dominik Deyerling, Karl-Werner Schramm
A sensitive method is introduced to detect selected pharmaceutical residues and polar pesticides with UHPLC-MS in water samples of different origin. Active or passive water sampling was combined with a laboratory solid-phase extraction cleanup and stable isotope dilution analysis. Recovery experiments demonstrated that the internal standard correction performed well for the compensation of matrix effects. Besides, the original targeted analysis approach was expanded by non-target analysis of the samples with only one more consecutive injection run needed...
2015: MethodsX
Tenbroeck G Smith, Kathleen M Castro, Alyssa N Troeschel, Neeraj K Arora, Joseph Lipscomb, Shelton M Jones, Katherine A Treiman, Connie Hobbs, Ryan M McCabe, Steven B Clauser
Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) measure quality of life, symptoms, patient functioning, and patient perceptions of care; they are essential for gaining a full understanding of cancer care and the impact of cancer on people's lives. Repeatedly captured facility-level and/or population-level PROs (PRO surveillance) could play an important role in quality monitoring and improvement, benchmarking, advocacy, policy making, and research. This article describes the rationale for PRO surveillance and the methods of the Patient Reported Outcomes Symptoms and Side Effects Study (PROSSES), which is the first PRO study to use the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer's Rapid Quality Reporting System to identify patients and manage study data flow...
February 1, 2016: Cancer
Matthew W Foster, Geoff Gerhardt, Lynda Robitaille, Pier-Luc Plante, Guy Boivin, Jacques Corbeil, M Arthur Moseley
The rapid, sensitive, and specific identification of infectious pathogens from clinical isolates is a critical need in the hospital setting. Mass spectrometry (MS) has been widely adopted for identification of bacterial pathogens, although polymerase chain reaction remains the mainstay for the identification of viral pathogens. Here, we explored the capability of MS for the detection of human metapneumovirus (HMPV), a common cause of respiratory tract infections in children. Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) sequencing of a single HMPV reference strain (CAN97-83) was used to develop a multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assay that employed stable isotope-labeled peptide internal standards for quantitation of HMPV...
October 20, 2015: Analytical Chemistry
C Schröder, F Schwab, M Behnke, A-C Breier, F Maechler, B Piening, M Dettenkofer, C Geffers, P Gastmeier
OBJECTIVE: To describe the epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in hospitals participating in the German national nosocomial infections surveillance system (KISS). METHOD: The epidemiology of HAI was described for the surveillance components for intensive care units (ITS-KISS), non-ICUs (STATIONS-KISS), very low birth weight infants (NEO-KISS) and surgical site infections (OP-KISS) in the period from 2006 to 2013. In addition, risk factor analyses were performed for the most important infections of ICU-KISS, NEO-KISS and OP-KISS...
October 2015: International Journal of Medical Microbiology: IJMM
Francine M Ducharme, Megan E Jensen, Morton J Mendelson, Patricia C Parkin, Eve Desplats, Xun Zhang, Robert Platt
BACKGROUND: Few instruments exist to ascertain the severity of a preschool-aged child's asthma exacerbations managed at home. OBJECTIVE: We sought to develop and validate a functional status instrument to assess asthma exacerbation severity in preschoolers. METHODS: The parent-completed Asthma Flare-up Diary for Young Children (ADYC), which was developed systematically, comprises 17 items, each scored from 1 (best) to 7 (worst). The ADYC was completed daily from the onset of an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) until asthma symptom resolution; the cumulative daily score was reported...
March 2016: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Anna Marie Nathan, Rafdzah Zaki, Rachael Rozario, Nurul Dhania, Siti Nur Sabrina Mohd Hamirudin, Kah Peng Eg, Sze Ying Kee, Cindy Teh, Kartini Abdul Jabar, Caroline Westerhout, Surendran Thavagnanam, Jessie de Bruyne
BACKGROUND: The Canadian Acute Respiratory Illness and Flu Scale (CARIFS) is a parent-proxy questionnaire that assesses severity of acute respiratory infections in children. The aim was to (a) perform a cross-cultural adaptation and (b) prove that the Malay CARIFS is a reliable tool. FINDINGS: The CARIFS underwent forward and backward translations as recommended by international guidelines. A pilot study was performed on the harmonised version and the final version of the Malay version of CARIFS was produced...
2015: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes
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