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Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a 3D spinal deformity in frontal, sagittal and axial planes, with high relevance in the pediatric population especially in adolescents and females between 10 years of age and the end of growth spurt and skeletal maturity. The radiographic manifestation is a curve greater than 10° measured by Cobb method associated with vertebral rotation. "Idiopathic" diagnosis has to be done after neuroanatomical anomalies of the posterior cerebral fosa and spinal canal have been ruled out...
December 1, 2016: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
Ángel Jesús Ojeda-Reyes, Rodolfo Gregorio Barragán-Hervella, Hernán Vallecillo-Velázquez, Iván Alvarado-Ortega, María Socorro Romero-Figueroa, Álvaro José Montiel-Jarquín
BACKGROUND: Functional and radiographic evaluation at midshaft clavicle fractures is better with surgical than conservative management. The aim of this paper is to describe the functional and radiological evaluation of patients with midshaft clavicle fracture surgery at the Hospital de Traumatología y Ortopedia of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. METHODS: Descriptive studies, conducted during the period June 2014 to June 2015, patients undergoing surgical treatment for midshaft clavicle fracture were included...
2016: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
María Francisca Vázquez-Alonso, Alberto Viñas-Silva
Scapholunate advance collapse (SLAC) and Scaphoid nonunion advance collapse (SNAC), are the two most common patterns of postraumatic wrist arthritis. SLAC wrist develops after attenuation, either traumatically or atraumatically, of the scapholunate ligament. Atraumatic causes of SLAC wrist include calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate deposition disease, reumathoid arthritis, neuropathic diseases, and b2-microglobulin asociated amyloid deposition diseases. On the other hand, SNAC wrist develops following a scahpoid fracture that has progressed to a nonunion...
2016: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Cid Manso de Mello Vianna, Marcelo Kropf Santos Fermam, Marcus Paulo da Silva Rodrigues, Gabriela Bittencourt Gonzalez Mosegui
This article has two parts. The first discusses the relationship between industry and health interests based on three different but non-mutually exclusive "logics": (a) independent; (b) divergent; and (c) convergent. The second part describes the experience at the Brazilian National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (INTO) with a technology management model. The accumulated expertise in orthopedics at INTO can favor Brazil's domestic medical equipment industry without jeopardizing the country's social health needs...
November 3, 2016: Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Lilian Machado Torres, Ruth Natália Teresa Turrini, Miriam Aparecida Barbosa Merighi, Arménio Guardado Cruz
OBJECTIVE: Characterizing readmissions from orthopedic surgical site infections. METHOD: An integrative review of literature in the LILACS, IBECS, MEDLINE, Cochrane, SciELO and PUBMED databases, using the descriptors Patient readmission, Wound infection, Cross infection, Orthopedic procedures, Orthopedics. RESULTS: 78 studies were identified and 10 publications were selected. Surgical site infections are the most common cause of unplanned orthopedic readmissions, representing long periods of hospitalization, new surgical procedures and high costs, and greater possibility of subsequent hospitalizations...
December 2015: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
André Mathias Baptista, Sylvio Cesar Sargentini, Juan Pablo Zumárraga, André Ferrari De França Camargo, Olavo Pires De Camargo
OBJECTIVE: To obtain epidemiological data from the tumors of the patella diagnosed and treated at the Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia do Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo (IOT-HC-FMUSP) between 1998 and 2015. METHODS: Series of cases with retrospective evaluation of patients diagnosed with tumors located in the patella. The data was obtained from the records and patients' charts at the Department of Pathology of IOT-HC-FMUSP. RESULTS: A total of 2220 medical records from patients with anatomopathological reports were included in the study...
May 2016: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
Priscila Rosalba Oliveira, Cassia da Silva Felix, Vladimir Cordeiro de Carvalho, Arlete Mazzini Giovani, Rosangela Suarti Dos Reis, Marisa Beraldo, Edmir Peralta Albuquerque, Walter Cintra Ferreira, Jorge Dos Santos Silva, Ana Lucia Lei Lima
Treatment of orthopedic infections usually requires prolonged antimicrobial therapy, ranging from 14 days up to 6 months. Nowadays, rising levels of antimicrobial resistance demands parenteral therapy for many patients. Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) is a modality that allows treatment out of hospital in these situations. In Brazil, where a public universal healthcare system allows full coverage for all citizens, implantation and dissemination of OPAT programs would be beneficial for patients and for the system, because it would allow a better allocation of health resources...
May 2016: Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Gilberto Luis Camanho
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2015: Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia
Pablo Rosselli, Sergio Nossa, Elina Huérfano, Germán Betancur, Yuli Guzmán, Cristal Castellanos, Jose Morcuende
INTRODUCTION: Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) or clubfoot is one of the most common congenital abnormalities(1,2). Early diagnosis by means of ultrasonography allows an opportune intervention and improves the deformity's correction prognosis. GOAL: To describe patients diagnosed with CTEV by means of prenatal sonographies between 2003 and 2012 in Bogotá (Colombia) at both the Institute de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt (IOIR) and one of the authors' private office...
2015: Iowa Orthopaedic Journal
Renan Kleber Costa Teixeira, Vitor Nagai Yamaki, Rita de Cássia Rodrigues Rosa, Rui Sergio Monteiro de Barros, Nara Macedo Botelho
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether there is any preference for citing journals from other countries to the detriment of Brazilian journals, in three Brazilian orthopedics journals. METHODS: All the references of articles published in 2011 by the journals Acta Ortopédica Brasileira, Coluna/Columna and Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia were evaluated to as certain how many of these came from Brazilian journals and how many from foreign journals. RESULTS: 3813 references distributed among 187 articles were analyzed...
November 2014: Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia
J Saavedra-Lozano, C Calvo, R Huguet Carol, C Rodrigo, E Núñez, I Obando, P Rojo, R Merino, C Pérez, F J Downey, E Colino, J J García, M J Cilleruelo, F Torner, L García
This is a Consensus Document of the Spanish Society of Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Sociedad Española de Infectología Pediatrica), Spanish Society of Paediatric Rheumatology (Sociedad Española de Reumatología Pediátrica) and the Spanish Society of Paediatric Orthopaedics (Sociedad Española de Ortopedia Pediátrica), on the treatment of uncomplicated acute osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. A review is presented on the medical and surgical treatment of acute osteoarticular infection, defined as a process with less than 14 days of symptomatology, uncomplicated and community-acquired...
April 2015: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
André Mathias Baptista, André Ferrari De França Camargo, Renée Zon Filippi, Cláudia Regina Gomes Cardim Mendes De Oliveira, Raymundo Soares De Azevedo Neto, Olavo Pires De Camargo
OBJECTIVE: To present a series of 50 consecutive patients with non-metastatic extremity osteosarcoma, and attempt to correlate expression of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) protein in biopsy tissue to their prognosis regarding overall survival, disease-free survival and local recurrence. METHODS: Fifty cases of non-metastatic osteosarcoma of the extremities treated between 1986 and 2006 at Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil, were evaluated regarding expression of the VEGF protein...
2014: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
J Saavedra-Lozano, C Calvo, R Huguet Carol, C Rodrigo, E Núñez, C Pérez, R Merino, P Rojo, I Obando, F J Downey, E Colino, J J García, M J Cilleruelo, F Torner, L García
This is a Consensus Document of the Sociedad Española de Infectología Pediátrica, Sociedad Española de Reumatología Pediátrica and Sociedad Española de Ortopedia Pediátrica on the aetiology and diagnosis of uncomplicated acute osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. A review is presented of the aetiopathogenesis and pathophysiology of acute osteoarticular infection defined as a process with less than 14 days of symptomatology, uncomplicated, and community-acquired. The diagnostic approach to these conditions is summarised based on the best available scientific knowledge...
September 2015: Anales de Pediatría: Publicación Oficial de la Asociación Española de Pediatría (A.E.P.)
Marcos Hideyo Sakaki, Bruno Akio Rodrigues Matsumura, Thiago De Angelis Guerra Dotta, Pedro Augusto Pontin, Alexandre Leme Godoy Dos Santos, Tulio Diniz Fernandes
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the epidemiology of ankle fractures surgically treated at the Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia do Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo. METHODS: Medical records of patients admitted with foot and ankle fractures between 2006 and 2011 were revised. Seventy three ankle fractures that underwent surgical treatment were identified. The parameters analyzed included age, gender, injured side, AO and Gustilo & Anderson classification, associated injuries, exposure, need to urgent treatment, time to definitive treatment and early post-operative complications...
2014: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2013: Acta Ortopédica Mexicana
Leandro Ejnisman, Guilherme Sevá Gomes, Rafael Garcia de Oliveira, Eduardo Angeli Malavolta, Riccardo Gomes Gobbi, Olavo Pires de Camargo
OBJECTIVE: To quantify the publication rates of the papers presented at the 2007 Brazilian Orthopedics Meeting (Congresso Brasileiro de Ortopedia - CBOT). METHODS: Evaluation of the proportion of abstracts submitted by the various orthopedic subspecialties and according to the Brazilian states. Then, a Lilacs and PubMed search was performed in order to determine which presentations generated national or international published papers. RESULTS: São Paulo and the Southeast region were responsible for the greatest number of presentations at the congress (54...
2013: Acta Ortopedica Brasileira
Gilberto Eduardo Meza Reyes, Ricardo Esquivel Gómez, Antonio Martínez del Campo Sánchez, Francisco Espinosa-Larrañaga, Miguel Ángel Enrique Martínez Guzmán, Rubén Torres González, Juan Carlos de la Fuente Zuno, Juan Vicente Méndez Huerta, Enrique Villalobos Garduño, José Cymet Ramírez, Efrén Ibarra Hirales, Efraín Díaz Borjón, José Manuel Aguilera Zepeda, Juan Francisco Valles Figueroa, Abraham Majluf-Cruz
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a worldwide public health problem, with an annual incidence of 1-2 cases/1,000 individuals in the general population and a 1-5% associated mortality. Orthopedic surgery is a major surgical risk factor for VTE, but the problem is more important for patients with hip and knee joint replacement, multiple traumatisms, severe damage to the spine, or large fractures. Thromboprophylaxis is defined as the strategy and actions necessary to diminish the risk of VTE in high-risk orthopedic surgery...
March 2012: Gaceta Médica de México
G E Meza-Reyes, J Cymet-Ramírez, R Esquivel-Gómez, Martínez A del Campo-Sánchez, M A E Martínez-Guzmán, F Espinosa-Larrañaga, A Majluf-Cruz, R Torres-González, J C De la Fuente-Zuno, E Villalobos-Garduño, J V Méndez-Huerta, E Ibarra-Hirales, J F Valles-Figueroa, J M Aguilera-Zepeda, E Díaz-Borjón
Venous thromboembolic disease (VTED) is a public health problem worldwide. In the United States it causes 2 million annual cases. Its annual incidence is 1-2 cases per 1,000 individuals in the general population. It is a disease frequently associated with life threatening complications and its mortality rate is 1-5% of cases. Due to its high complication rate, its slow recovery, and the need for prolonged disability, it is considered as a high-cost disease. VTED may occur in both surgical and medical patients; the known associated risk factors include prolonged rest, active cancer, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and stroke, among the major medical conditions...
July 2011: Acta Ortopédica Mexicana
Vinícius Ynoe de Moraes, João Carlos Belloti, Fábio Ynoe de Moraes, José Antonio Galbiatti, Evandro Pereira Palácio, João Baptista Gomes Dos Santos, Flávio Faloppa
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: There is no systematic assessment of the quality of scientific production in the specialty of hand surgery in our setting. This study aimed to systematically assess the status of evidence generation relating to hand surgery and to evaluate the reproducibility of the classification method based on an evidence pyramid. DESIGN AND SETTING: Secondary study conducted at Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Unifesp) and Faculdade Estadual de Medicina de Marília (Famema)...
March 2011: São Paulo Medical Journal, Revista Paulista de Medicina
Ronald Villafán-Quiroga, Ricardo Cienfuegos-Monroy, Eduardo Sierra-Martínez
BACKGROUND: treatment of frontal sinus fractures remains controversial. If the posterior wall is fractured and there is cerebrospinal fluid leak, treatment seeks to restore the integrity of the dura and isolate the intracranial contents through the obliteration of the nasofrontal duct and cranialization. Another group supports nonoperative management CSF leakage is produced. The purpose is to avoid complications of meningitis, fistula and late sequelae. The difficulty lies in predicting which patients will develop complications...
September 2010: Cirugia y Cirujanos
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