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"Durham, NC"

Brian C Gulack, Ehsan Benrashid, Robert D B Jaquiss, Andrew J Lodge
BACKGROUND: Outcomes after surgical pulmonary valve replacement (PVR) in patients with congenital cardiac disease are limited by long-term valve deterioration, which may be hastened by turbulent flow. The use of the Trifecta valve (St. Jude Medical, Little Canada, MN) at our institution (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC) appears to result in low postimplantation transvalvular gradients. This study was performed to compare the early transvalvular gradient associated with the Trifecta valve with that associated with two other valves commonly used for PVR...
August 25, 2016: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Preeya K Gupta, Gargi K Vora, Cynthia Matossian, Michelle Kim, Sandra Stinnett
OBJECTIVE: To determine the clinical outcomes of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy for the treatment of evaporative dry eye disease (DED). DESIGN: Multicentre cohort study. PARTICIPANTS: Patients with a diagnosis of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and dry eye presenting to the ophthalmology clinic at either the Duke Eye Center, Durham, NC, or Matossian Eye Associates' private practice in Pennington, NJ, and Doylestown, PA. METHODS: Clinical data were reviewed from 100 patients with diagnosis of MGD and DED who underwent IPL therapy from September 2012 through December 2014 at 1 of 2 centres (Duke Eye Center or Matossian Eye Associates)...
August 2016: Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. Journal Canadien D'ophtalmologie
Regina Hampel, Susanne Breitner, William E Kraus, Elizabeth Hauser, Svati Shah, Cavin K Ward-Caviness, Robert Devlin, David Diaz-Sanchez, Lucas Neas, Wayne Cascio, Annette Peters, Alexandra Schneider
BACKGROUND: Epidemiological studies have shown associations between air temperature and cardiovascular health outcomes. Metabolic dysregulation might also play a role in the development of cardiovascular disease. OBJECTIVES: To investigate short-term temperature effects on metabolites related to cardiovascular disease. METHODS: Concentrations of 45 acylcarnitines, 15 amino acids, ketone bodies and total free fatty acids were available in 2869 participants from the CATHeterization GENetics cohort recruited at the Duke University Cardiac Catheterization Clinic (Durham, NC) between 2001 and 2007...
August 5, 2016: Environmental Research
Louise H Loiselle, Michael F Dorman, William A Yost, Sarah J Cook, Rene H Gifford
PURPOSE: To assess the role of interaural time differences and interaural level differences in (a) sound-source localization, and (b) speech understanding in a cocktail party listening environment for listeners with bilateral cochlear implants (CIs) and for listeners with hearing-preservation CIs. METHODS: Eleven bilateral listeners with MED-EL (Durham, NC) CIs and 8 listeners with hearing-preservation CIs with symmetrical low frequency, acoustic hearing using the MED-EL or Cochlear device were evaluated using 2 tests designed to task binaural hearing, localization, and a simulated cocktail party...
August 1, 2016: Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research: JSLHR
Riad Khatib, Leonard B Johnson, Mohamad G Fakih, Kathleen Riederer, Laurence Briski
Candidemia rate and species distribution vary according to the type of patients, country of origin and antifungal prophylaxis use. To present current candidemia epidemiological trends. A retrospective examination of candidemia in adults (≥18 years-old) hospitalised from 2007 to 2015. Cases were identified through the microbiology laboratory. Candida species were distinguished based on colony morphology and VITEK-2 YBC cards, (bioMerieux, Durham, NC, USA). Patient characteristics, species distribution, source and outcome were assessed...
July 12, 2016: Mycoses
Karina Butler, Jamie Inshaw, Deborah Ford, Sarah Bernays, Karen Scott, Julia Kenny, Nigel Klein, Anna Turkova, Lynda Harper, Eleni Nastouli, Sara Paparini, Rahela Choudhury, Tim Rhodes, Abdel Babiker, Diana Gibb
BACKGROUND: For human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected adolescents facing lifelong antiretroviral therapy (ART), short-cycle therapy (SCT) with long-acting agents offers the potential for drug-free weekends, less toxicity, better adherence and cost savings. OBJECTIVES: To determine whether or not efavirenz (EFV)-based ART in short cycles of 5 days on and 2 days off is as efficacious (in maintaining virological suppression) as continuous EFV-based ART (continuous therapy; CT)...
June 2016: Health Technology Assessment: HTA
James B McCLAIN, Wenda C Carlyle, Dennis J Donohoe, John A Ormiston
Drug-eluting stents (DES) have dramatically improved the long-term efficacy of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Over the last decade there have been numerous advances in DES platforms, however, all but one currently approved DES in the United States and many of the approved DES worldwide still have 3 common features: a metal stent platform, an anti-proliferative drug, and a permanent polymer. In this context, the polymer is critical to control drug release, but the polymer serves no purpose after the drug is eluted...
October 2016: Minerva Cardioangiologica
Julie Strominger, Rebecca Anthopolos, Marie Lynn Miranda
BACKGROUND: Research surrounding the built environment (BE) and health has resulted in inconsistent findings. Experts have identified the need to examine methodological choices, such as development and testing of BE indices at varying spatial scales. We sought to examine the impact of construction method and spatial scale on seven measures of the BE using data collected at two time points. METHODS: The Children's Environmental Health Initiative conducted parcel-level assessments of 57 BE variables in Durham, NC (parcel N = 30,319)...
2016: International Journal of Health Geographics
Jay M Hyman, John D Walsh, Christopher Ronsick, Mark Wilson, Kevin C Hazen, Larisa Borzhemskaya, John Link, Bradford Clay, Michael Ullery, Mirta Sanchez-Illan, Steven Rothenberg, Ron Robinson, Alex van Belkum, W Michael Dunne
UNLABELLED: A clinical laboratory evaluation of an intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy (IFS)-based identification system paired to a BacT/Alert Virtuo microbial detection system (bioMérieux, Inc., Durham, NC) was performed to assess the potential for fully automated identification of positive blood cultures. The prototype IFS system incorporates a novel method combining a simple microbial purification procedure with rapid in situ identification via spectroscopy. Results were available within 15 min of a bottle signaling positive and required no manual intervention...
2016: MBio
Maik J Grundeken, Hector M Garcia-Garcia, Indulis Kumsars, Maciej Lesiak, Peter Kayaert, Jo Dens, Pieter R Stella, Robbert J de Winter, Linda L Laak, Philippe Généreux, Aaron V Kaplan, Martin B Leon, Joanna J Wykrzykowska, Yoshinobu Onuma, Patrick W Serruys
OBJECTIVE: Randomized comparison between the Tryton Side Branch Stent (Tryton Medical, Durham, NC), used in combination with a main branch drug-eluting stent (DES), and side branch balloon angioplasty (SBBA, in combination with a main branch DES) using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), and three-dimensional quantitative coronary angiography (3D-QCA). BACKGROUND: The Tryton stent has been developed to improve clinical outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of bifurcation lesions...
April 16, 2016: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Carey E Baxley
Inpatients with solid tumors at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC, are cared for in a dynamic integrated care model that incorporates medical oncology and palliative care. This has profound implications for patients, their loved ones, medical and surgical staff, and oncology nurses. As a nurse with less than three years of experience, my participation in a setting that uses the Dual Rounding Model has accelerated my professional and personal development. During a typical shift, I am an oncology nurse, a palliative care nurse, and a hospice nurse...
April 2016: Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing
Kelly R Evenson, Elizabeth Shay, Stephanie Williamson, Deborah A Cohen
PURPOSE: This study described the use of dog parks in several diverse locations and explored the contribution dog parks made to physical activity of the dog owners. METHOD: The Systematic Observation of Play and Recreation in Communities (SOPARC) tool was used to count the number and characteristics of people using parks. Observations were conducted 4 times per day, 4 days per week during for 1 week in 6 urban/suburban parks during different seasons. Collection sites included 3 dog parks in Chapel Hill/Durham, NC; 2 dog parks in Los Angeles, CA; and 1 dog park in Philadelphia, PA...
June 2016: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Craig M Butt, Marie Lynn Miranda, Heather M Stapleton
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) flame retardants (FRs) were phased-out in the mid-2000s (penta- and octaBDE) and 2013 (decaBDE); however, their hydroxylated metabolites (OH-BDEs) are still commonly detected in human serum. Today, novel FRs such as Firemaster® 550, a mixture that contains two brominated compounds, EH-TBB and BEH-TEBP are used as replacements for PBDEs in some applications, and there is a need to develop a comprehensive analytical method to assess exposure to both legacy PBDEs and novel FRs...
April 2016: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Nasser Simforoosh, Ali Tabibi, Mohammad Hossein Soltani, Samad Zare, Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh, Behrang Abadpoor
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to investigate the long-term outcomes of inverted kidney transplant, an alternative easy and safe technique to overcome difficulties associated with short right renal vein anastomosis after laparoscopic donor nephrectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Seventy-nine laparoscopic donor nephrectomies and intentionally inverted renal transplants were performed between 2004 and 2009. For these transplants, the renal artery was ligated by Hem-o-lok (Weck Surgical Instruments, Teleflex Medical, Durham, NC, USA) and titanium clips, and the vein was closed with 2 Hem-o-lok clips, resulting in a short renal vein...
February 2016: Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
Christine Greene, Gayathri Vadlamudi, Duane Newton, Betsy Foxman, Chuanwu Xi
BACKGROUND: Acinetobacter baumannii is a gram-negative, opportunistic pathogen. Its ability to form biofilm and increasing resistance to antibiotic agents present challenges for infection control. A better understanding of the influence of biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance on environmental persistence of A baumannii in hospital settings is needed for more effective infection control. METHODS: A baumannii strains isolated from patients and the hospital environment were identified via Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (Bruker Daltonics, Bellerica, MA), repetitive extragenic palindromic polymerase chain reaction genotyped, and antibiotic resistance was determined using Vitek 2 (bioMérieux, Inc, Durham NC)...
May 1, 2016: American Journal of Infection Control
Chenoa A Flippen, Emilio A Parrado
This paper draws on original survey data to assess the prevalence of perceived discrimination among Latin American immigrants to Durham, NC, a "new immigrant destinations" in the Southeastern United States. Even though discrimination has a wide-ranging impact on social groups, from blocked opportunities, to adverse health outcomes, to highlighting and reifying inter-group boundaries, research among immigrant Latinos is rare, especially in new destinations. Our theoretical framework and empirical analysis expand social constructivist approaches that view ethnic discrimination as emerging from processes of competition and incorporation...
December 2015: Sociological Perspectives: SP: Official Publication of the Pacific Sociological Association
Nuntra Suwantarat, Chelsea Weik, Mark Romagnoli, Brandon C Ellis, Nicole Kwiatkowski, Karen C Carroll
BACKGROUND: Corynebacterium species and gram-positive coryneform-like bacteria (coryneforms) are increasingly reported causes of opportunistic infections in immunocompromised patients. Biochemical identification methods for these bacteria are often inaccurate. We evaluated matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) for routine Corynebacterium and coryneform identification. METHODS: A total of 286 Corynebacterium species and coryneforms recovered from patients were identified by MALDI-TOF MS analysis using the Bruker Microflex instrument, Biotyper software version 3...
January 2016: American Journal of Clinical Pathology
Kelli D Allen, Dennis Bongiorni, Hayden B Bosworth, Cynthia J Coffman, Santanu K Datta, David Edelman, Katherine S Hall, Jennifer H Lindquist, Eugene Z Oddone, Helen Hoenig
BACKGROUND: Efficient approaches are needed for delivering nonpharmacological interventions for management of knee osteoarthritis (OA). OBJECTIVE: This trial compared group-based versus individual physical therapy interventions for management of knee OA. DESIGN AND METHODS: Three hundred twenty patients with knee OA at the VA Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, (mean age=60 years, 88% male, 58% nonwhite) were randomly assigned to receive either the group intervention (group physical therapy; six 1-hour sessions, typically 8 participants per group) or the individual intervention (individual physical therapy; two 1-hour sessions)...
May 2016: Physical Therapy
David C Nieman, Nicholas D Gillitt, Wei Sha, Mary Pat Meaney, Casey John, Kirk L Pappan, Jason M Kinchen
Bananas and pears vary in sugar and phenolic profiles, and metabolomics was utilized to measure their influence on exercise performance and recovery. Male athletes (N = 20) cycled for 75 km while consuming water (WATER), bananas (BAN), or pears (PEAR) (0.6 g carbohydrate/kg each hour) in randomized order. UPLC-MS/MS and the library of purified standards maintained by Metabolon (Durham, NC) were used to analyze metabolite shifts in pre- and postexercise (0-h, 1.5-h, 21-h) blood samples. Performance times were 5...
December 4, 2015: Journal of Proteome Research
Roni M Shtein, Paula A Newman-Casey, Leon Herndon, Anne L Coleman, Paul P Lee
PURPOSE: To investigate the role of the family/friends support system for patients with glaucoma and their perspective on barriers to effective glaucoma management. METHODS: Six focus groups were conducted in 3 geographically and ethnically diverse areas of the United States (Los Angeles, CA; Rochester, MN; Durham, NC) that included 31 participants; 68% (21/31) were family members and friends of glaucoma patients with poor vision and 32% (10/31) were support system individuals of patients with good vision...
July 2016: Journal of Glaucoma
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