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P F Kravtsov, S E Katorkin, M A Melnicov
The urgency of the problem. The incidence of various thromboembolic complications in patients with oncopathology reaches 5-12%. When treating VTE in patients with oncology it is necessary to choose between two generally recognized alternatives. The recommended two-component scheme of the initiating phase of anticoagulant therapy with subsequent long-term admission of VKA is fraught with the development of clinically significant bleeding during the initial selection of the dose of warfarin and an increased risk of recurrence of VTE...
2018: Khirurgiia
S I Polinyk, L A Rybchenko, B T Klimyk
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this work was to identify and compare the polymorphism of the rs3803662 polymorphism of the TOX3/LOC643714 gene in breast cancer patients who have undergone ionizing radiation due to the Chornobyl accident and in patients without ionizing radiation (IR) in the history. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The determination of the rs3803662 polymorphism of the TOX3/LOC643714 gene was per formed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in 83 patients with breast cancer: 42 subjects who were exposed to ion izing radiation due to the Chornobyl accident, 41 people without ionizing radiation in history and 17 controls in Ukraine without cancer pathology...
December 2017: Problemy Radiat︠s︡iĭnoï Medyt︠s︡yny Ta Radiobiolohiï
B K Komyakov, A V Sergeev, V A Fadeev, K I Ismailov, A Yu Ulyanov, A Yu Shmelev, M V Onoshko
AIM: To determine the incidence of spreading bladder transitional cell carcinoma and primary adenocarcinoma to the prostate in patients with bladder cancer undergoing radical cystectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From 1995 to 2016, 283 men underwent radical cystectomy with removal of the bladder, perivesical tissue, prostate, seminal vesicles and pelvic lymph nodes. Prostate sparing cystectomy was performed in 45 (13.7%) patients. The whole prostate and the apex of the prostate were preserved in 21 (6...
September 2017: Urologii︠a︡
S V Ponkratov, V Kh Kheyfets, O F Kagan
Data on epidemiology of a prostate cancer are presented in article, high prevalence and body height of a case rate cause relevance of researches on this oncopathology. It is shown that the number augmentation for the first time of the taped cases is bound including to the program of a screening of inspection of men by determination of level of prostates-specific antigen (PSA). Modern diagnostic methods of identification of modifications of PSA, possessing larger sensitivity and specificity concerning a prostate cancer are lit...
2017: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
M A Pilinska, G M Shemetun, O V Shemetun, S S Dybsky, O B Dybska, O O Talan, L R Pedan, D А Kurinnyi
In the lecture we have generalized and analyzed the data of cytogenetic laboratory of National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine on 30-year selective cytogenetic monitoring among the priority contingents of different ages exposed to radiation after Chornobyl accident in Ukraine. It is highlighted that not only targeted but also untargeted radiation-induced cytogenetic effects should be explored, especially in delayed terms following radiation exposure...
December 2016: Experimental Oncology
Marina Yu Matveeva, Elena V Kashina, Vasily V Reshetnikov, Leonid O Bryzgalov, Elena V Antontseva, Natalia P Bondar, Tatiana I Merkulova
BACKGROUND: Germline mutations in the coding sequence of the tumour suppressor APC gene give rise to familial adenomatous polyposis (which leads to colorectal cancer) and are associated with many other oncopathologies. The loss of APC function because of deletion of putative promoter 1A or 1B also results in the development of colorectal cancer. Since the regions of promoters 1A and 1B contain many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the aim of this study was to perform functional analysis of some of these SNPs by means of an electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) and a luciferase reporter assay...
December 22, 2016: BMC Genetics
Petr Škapa, Pavel Dundr
Ovarian carcinoma represents a heterogeneous group of malignant epithelial tumors which could be divided into two fundamental groups: Type I (endometrioid carcinoma, clear cell carcinoma, low grade serous carcinoma, mucinous carcinoma and more rare seromucinous carcinoma and malignant Brenner tumor) and type II (high grade serous carcinoma - HGSC). HGSC is the most frequent ovarian carcinoma which may be etiologically linked to inactivation of tumor suppressor genes BRCA1/2 and TP53 and differs from type I carcinomas by higher aggressiveness, tendency to peritoneal spread and worse prognosis...
2016: Ceskoslovenská Patologie
Alexander Poltorak, Olga Kurmyshkina, Tatyana Volkova
Thanks to the numerous studies that have been carried out recently in the field of cytosolic DNA sensing, STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) is now recognized as a key mediator of innate immune signaling. A substantial body of evidence derived from in vivo mouse models demonstrates that STING-regulated pathways underlie the pathogenesis of many diseases including infectious diseases and cancers. It has also become evident from these studies that STING is a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of cancer...
June 2016: Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews
Laura Pak, Yoshihiro Noso, Nailya Chaizhunusova, Zukhra Anambaeva, Tasbolat Adylkhanov, Nobuo Takeichi, Sayakhat Lzhaev, Daniyar Aldyngurov, Raikhan Tuleutayeva, Ainur Argynbekova, Gulyash Tanysheva, Lashyn Zhazykbayeva, Ainur Baissalbayeva, Tolebay Rakhypbekov
The aim of this research is to determine the characteristics of endothelial factors and the hemostatic system conditions with malignant neoplasms patients, which were exposed to ionizing radiation. Total number of examined people is 223, 153 of them are patients with gastrointestinal tract oncopathology. The article presents the results of the analysis of numerical indicators of endothelial condition and platelet hemostasis of patients, who had cancer. They lived in the regions of Kazakhstan, subjected to contamination of radionuclides as a result of nuclear weapons tests, which took place in this region from 1949 to 1989...
2016: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
Ekaterina A Ivanova, Alexander N Orekhov
Several highly prevalent human diseases are associated with immunopathology. Alterations in the immune system are found in such life-threatening disorders as cancer and atherosclerosis. Monocyte activation followed by macrophage polarization is an important step in normal immune response to pathogens and other relevant stimuli. Depending on the nature of the activation signal, macrophages can acquire pro- or anti-inflammatory phenotypes that are characterized by the expression of distinct patterns of secreted cytokines and surface antigens...
2016: Journal of Immunology Research
E G Gorozhanskaya, S P Sviridova, V N Baykova, G N Zubrikhina, M M Dobrovolskaya, A V Sitov
To determine the biochemical disorders in the blood coagulation mechanism associated with oxidative stress parameters of the antioxidant status were examined in platelets of 57 colorectal cancer patients, (including 21 patients before and after surgery), and 40 healthy individuals. We determined the total content of nitric oxide (NOx), levels of superoxide dismutase (Cu/ZnSOD), glutathione and malondialdehyde (MDA). Before treatment, we observed the changes in the antioxidant defense system of platelets, which did not depend on the prevalence of malignancy: elevated levels of SOD by 16% (p<0...
July 2015: Biomedit︠s︡inskai︠a︡ Khimii︠a︡
Olga V Kurmyshkina, Pavel I Kovchur, Tatyana O Volkova
In this review we summarize the results of studies employing high-throughput methods of profiling of HPV-associated cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and squamous cell cervical cancers at key intracellular regulatory levels to demonstrate the unique identity of the landscape of molecular changes underlying this oncopathology, and to show how these changes are related to the 'natural history' of cervical cancer progression and the formation of clinically significant properties of tumors. A step-wise character of cervical cancer progression is a morphologically well-described fact and, as evidenced by genome-wide screenings, it is indeed the consistent change of the molecular profiles of HPV-infected epithelial cells through which they progressively acquire the phenotypic hallmarks of cancerous cells...
2015: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
Daoud Sie, Peter J F Snijders, Gerrit A Meijer, Marije W Doeleman, Marinda I H van Moorsel, Hendrik F van Essen, Paul P Eijk, Katrien Grünberg, Nicole C T van Grieken, Erik Thunnissen, Henk M Verheul, Egbert F Smit, Bauke Ylstra, Daniëlle A M Heideman
PURPOSE: Next generation DNA sequencing (NGS) holds promise for diagnostic applications, yet implementation in routine molecular pathology practice requires performance evaluation on DNA derived from routine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimens. The current study presents a comprehensive analysis of TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel-based NGS using a MiSeq Personal sequencer (TSACP-MiSeq-NGS) for somatic mutation profiling. METHODS: TSACP-MiSeq-NGS (testing 212 hotspot mutation amplicons of 48 genes) and a data analysis pipeline were evaluated in a retrospective learning/test set approach (n = 58/n = 45 FFPE-tumor DNA samples) against 'gold standard' high-resolution-melting (HRM)-sequencing for the genes KRAS, EGFR, BRAF and PIK3CA...
October 2014: Cellular Oncology (Dordrecht)
N F Izmerov, I V Bukhtiiarov, L V Prokopenko, L P Kuz'mina, N S Sorkina, T B Burmistrova, G N Lagutina
The exposure of the combined occupational hazards on the workers of aluminum plants results in the development of the occupational chronic diseases of bronchopulmonary and bone systems and oncopathology. Pathogenetic mechanisms of the toxic exposure of fluorides on the body as well as molecular and cellular structures are presented.
2012: Meditsina Truda i Promyshlennaia Ekologiia
M A Pilinskaia, S S Dybskiĭ, E B Dybskaia, L I Shvaĭko
By using modified "G2-bleomycin sensitivity assay" above background level of cytogenetic effect considered as a marker of hidden chromosome instability (HCI) has been investigated in 3 groups--liquidators of Chernobyl accident (occupational group 1), patients with lung cancer who denied conscious contact--with ionizing radiation (group of comparison), liquidators with lung cancer (occupational group 2). Significant interindividual variations of cytogenetic effects induced with bleomycin and the lack of positive correlation between background and above background frequencies of chromosome aberrations have been shown in all observed groups...
November 2012: T︠S︡itologii︠a︡ i Genetika
Tejpal Gupta, Vimoj Nair, Sridhar Epari, Torsten Pietsch, Rakesh Jalali
BACKGROUND: There is significant inter-observer variation amongst the neuro-pathologists in the typing, subtyping, and grading of glial neoplasms for diagnosis. Centralized pathology review has been proposed to minimize this inter-observer variation and is now almost mandatory for accrual into multicentric trials. We sought to assess the concordance between neuro-pathologists on histopathological diagnosis of glioblastoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Comparison of local, institutional, and central neuro-oncopathology reporting in a cohort of 34 patients with newly diagnosed supratentorial glioblastoma accrued consecutively at a tertiary-care institution on a prospective trial testing the addition of a new agent to standard chemo-radiation regimen...
January 2012: Neurology India
H Brízová, I Hilská, M Mrhalová, R Kodet
A molecular analysis has three major roles in modern oncopathology--as an aid in the differential diagnosis, in molecular monitoring of diseases, and in estimation of the potential prognosis. In this report we review the application of the molecular analysis in a group of patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). We demonstrate that detection of the cyclin D1 mRNA level is a molecular marker in 98% of patients with MCL. Cyclin D1 quantitative monitoring is specific and sensitive for the differential diagnosis and for the molecular monitoring of the disease in the bone marrow...
July 2011: Ceskoslovenská Patologie
A V Knizhnik, O B Kovaleva, K K Laktionov, V V Mochal'nikova, A V Komel'kov, E M Chevkina, I B Zborovskaia
Evaluation of tumor markers expression pattern which determines individual progression parameters is one of the major topics in molecular oncopathology research. This work presents research on expression analysis of several Ras-Ral associated signal transduction pathway proteins (Arf6, RalA and BIRC5) in accordance with clinical criteria in non small cell lung cancer patients. Using Western-blot analysis and RT-PCR Arf6, RalA and BIRC5 expression has been analyzed in parallel in 53 non small cell lung cancer samples of different origin...
March 2011: Molekuliarnaia Biologiia
V A Iamshanov
Between age diseases two are standing out: oncological and cardiovascular ones. They give a main contribution to mortality of the population. Those who avoid these diseases have a chance to live longer. The author suggests a hypothesis of one common factor, which deviation leads to oncology or cardiovascular illness. Such factor is a production of nitric oxide in the organism, which depends on the geomagnetic activity (GMA). At excess production of nitric oxide the risk of oncopathology (breast cancer, bladder and lung cancer and others) is increased...
2010: Advances in Gerontology, Uspekhi Gerontologii
V A Iamshanov
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2010: Voprosy Onkologii
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