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Inmaculada Lupiañez-Pérez, Juan Carlos Morilla-Herrera, Shakira Kaknani-Uttumchanchandani, Yolanda Lupiañez-Perez, Magdalena Cuevas-Fernandez-Gallego, Francisco Martin-Santos, Jorge Caro-Bautista, Jose Miguel Morales-Asencio
Pressure ulcers represent a major current health problem and cause an important economic impact on the health care system. Most studies on the prevention of pressure ulcers have been carried out in hospital contexts, with respect to the use of hyperoxygenated fatty acids, and to date no studies have specifically examined the use of olive oil-based treatments. AIM: To evaluate the cost of using extra virgin olive oil, rather than hyperoxygenated fatty acids, in the prevention of pressure ulcers among persons with impaired mobility and receiving home care...
September 18, 2017: Wound Repair and Regeneration
A Kuzuhara
OBJECTIVE: The objective of our research was to investigate the reduction mechanism of thioglycerol (TG) on hair keratin fibres. METHODS: The structure of cross-sections at various depths of virgin white human hair resulting from the permanent waving process with TG was directly analyzed at the molecular level using Raman spectroscopy. Also, the penetration of TG for the cross-sectional samples dyed with methylene blue was observed by optical microscopy. RESULTS: The gauche-gauche-gauche (GGG) and gauche-gauche-trans (GGT) conformations of disulfide (-SS-) groups remarkably decreased, while the trans-gauche-trans (TGT) conformation increased by performing the reduction process with TG...
September 18, 2017: International Journal of Cosmetic Science
Sang Soo Lee, Yike Ding, Natalie Karapetians, Crisalejandra Rivera-Perez, Fernando Gabriel Noriega, Michael E Adams
Formation and expression of memories are critical for context-dependent decision making. In Drosophila, a courting male rejected by a mated female subsequently courts less avidly when paired with a virgin female, a behavioral modification attributed to "courtship memory." Here we show the critical role of hormonal state for maintenance of courtship memory. Ecdysis-triggering hormone (ETH) is essential for courtship memory through regulation of juvenile hormone (JH) levels in adult males. Reduction of JH levels via silencing of ETH signaling genes impairs short-term courtship memory, a phenotype rescuable by the JH analog methoprene...
September 7, 2017: Current Biology: CB
Kaimei Lihuang, Zhilin Zhang, Kilnam Kim, Qiuying Huang, Chaoliang Lei
The oriental armyworm, Mythimna separata, is distributed widely in eastern Asia and Australia. The response of M.separata to 27 compounds identified from plant volatiles was determined from electroantennography (EAG) and wind tunnel results, which allowed an evaluation of the possible plant volatile compounds. The highest EAG values of males were elicited by trans-2,cis-6-nonadienal, and virgin females by benzyl alcohol. The amplitude in EAG dose-response was in the range of 0.24 to 2.87 mV. In the wind tunnel bioassays, significantly more females showed behavioral responses to wilting leaves and headspace collection of Pterocarya stenoptera rather than control...
September 16, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Ana C A Veloso, Lucas M Silva, Nuno Rodrigues, Ligia P G Rebello, Luís G Dias, José A Pereira, António M Peres
The capability of perceiving olive oils sensory defects and intensities plays a key role on olive oils quality grade classification since olive oils can only be classified as extra-virgin if no defect can be perceived by a human trained sensory panel. Otherwise, olive oils may be classified as virgin or lampante depending on the median intensity of the defect predominantly perceived and on the physicochemical levels. However, sensory analysis is time-consuming and requires an official sensory panel, which can only evaluate a low number of samples per day...
January 1, 2018: Talanta
Fayaz Ali, Sher Bahadar Khan, Tahseen Kamal, Yasir Anwar, Khalid A Alamry, Abdullah M Asiri
Nanoparticles were synthesized on the surface of green nanocomposite based on carbon black dispersed in chitosan (CB-CS) fibres. The nanoparticles were monometallic Co, Ag and Cu and bimetallic Co + Cu and Co + Ag. The CB-CS fibres were prepared and introduced into separate metal salt solutions containing Co(2+), Ag(+) and Cu(2+) and mixed Co(2+)+Cu(2+) and Co(2+)+Ag(+) ions. The metal ions immobilized on the surface of CB-CS were reduced using sodium borohydride (NaBH4) as reducing agent to synthesize the corresponding zero-valent metal nanoparticles-loaded CB-CS fibres...
August 28, 2017: Chemosphere
Anita Padmanabhanunni, Labeeqah Jaffer, Jeanette Steenkamp
A growing body of research has emphasised the salience of cultural beliefs and traditional practices to women's experiences of menstruation. Relatively less research has, however, been undertaken in South Africa. This study explored the experience of menstruation among women from the ama-Xhosa ethnic group, one of the largest ethnic groups in the country. Among the ama-Xhosa, there are distinct cultural practices associated with menstruation, including the female rite of passage (intonjane) and virginity testing (inkciyo)...
September 15, 2017: Culture, Health & Sexuality
Ilaria Peluso, Nagendra Sastry Yarla, Roberto Ambra, Gianni Pastore, George Perry
The mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) are fundamental in inflammation and cancer control, through the crosstalk between the redox regulated nuclear factor E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) and nuclear factor-kB (NFκB) gene expression. MAPKs regulate various cellular activities involved in cancer progression, including proliferation, apoptosis and immune escape and blockade of upstream kinases is a current therapeutic strategy. However, these therapies are associated with some adverse effects and with the paradoxical activation of the MAPKs pathway...
September 11, 2017: Seminars in Cancer Biology
Germán Prieto, Konstantinos D Bakoglidis, Walter R Tuckart, Esteban Broitman
Cryogenic treatments are increasingly used to improve the wear resistance of various steel alloys by means of transformation of retained austenite, deformation of virgin martensite and carbide refinement. In this work the nanotribological behavior and mechanical properties at the nano-scale of cryogenically and conventionally treated AISI 420 martensitic stainless steel were evaluated. Conventionally treated specimens were subjected to quenching and annealing, while the deep cryogenically treated samples were quenched, soaked in liquid nitrogen for 2 h and annealed...
2017: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
Luigi Gentile, Nicola A Uccella, Ganapathy Sivakumar
Olive oil and table olive biophenols have been shown to significantly enrich the hedonic-sensory and nutritional quality of the Mediterranean diet. Oleuropein is one of the predominate biophenols in green olives and leaves, which not only has noteworthy free-radical quenching activity but also putatively reduces the incidence of various cancers. Clinical trials suggest that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of several degenerative diseases. The oleuropein-based bioactives in olive oil could reduce tumor necrosis factor α, interleukin-1β and nitric oxide...
September 11, 2017: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Tao Ma, Zhitao Liu, Cai Wang, Shengnan Zhang, Xianhui Shi, Zhaohui Sun, Xiaoyang Chen, Caijuan Jia, Changlu Wang, Yurong He, Xiujun Wen
Insect sex pheromones play a crucial role in the mate finding and calling behavior of Lepidoptera pests. Currently, little is known about the chemical ecology of Diaphania angustalis Snellen (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), a severe and important defoliator attacking the medicinal plant, Alstonia scholaris. In the present study, the pheromone components of D. angustalis females were investigated using electrophysiological and behavioral methods. Distilled hexane extracts of female pheromone glands were analyzed through electroantennogram (EAG) and gas chromatography-electroantennogram detector (GC-EAD), and the active compounds were identified through gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)...
September 12, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Nicolas M Peleato, Raymond L Legge, Robert C Andrews
Fluorescence spectroscopy was used as a characterization method to examine organic fouling of single ultrafiltration (UF) fibres at bench-scale. Low doses of coagulant were applied to modify organic properties, without significant formation of precipitates. This approach compliments previous studies investigating coagulation as a pre-treatment method for UF fouling control, which have principally focused on reduction of foulant concentrations. Using a continuous system, short time-scale fluorescence results demonstrated significant adsorption of humic components to virgin membrane fibres...
August 30, 2017: Water Research
Gemma Chiva-Blanch, Lina Badimon
Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors which severely increases the risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Several epidemiological studies have observed a negative association between polyphenol intake and MetS rates. Nevertheless, there are relatively small numbers of interventional studies evidencing this association. This review is focused on human interventional trials with polyphenols as polyphenol-rich foods and dietary patterns rich in polyphenols in patients with MetS...
2017: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
Huseyin Kiyak, Tolga Karacan, Lale Susan Wetherilt, Kerem Doga Seckin, Eser Sefik Ozyurek
Study Objective To demonstrate that laparoscopic excision of the endometrial tissue of a blind endometrial cavity in a patient with a Robert's uterus who did not consent to hysteroscopic surgery due to her virgin state and religious beliefs was an effective alternative treatment option for progressive dismenorrhea and pelvic pain. Design To describe a rare müllerian anomaly and the step by step laparoscopic excision technique of the endometrium of a blind uterine cavity. Setting Robert's uterus is a rare müllerian anomaly characterized by the presence of a blind endometrial cavity and an asymmetric septum...
September 8, 2017: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Rodrigo Alejandro Romo-Muñoz, Juan Hernán Cabas-Monje, Héctor Manuel Garrido-Henrríquez, José María Gil
In relatively unknown products, consumers use prices as a quality reference. Under such circumstances, the utility function can be non-negative for a specific price range and generate an inverted U-shaped function. The extra virgin olive oil market in Chile is a good example. Although domestic production and consumption have increased significantly in the last few years, consumer knowledge of this product is still limited. The objective of this study was to analyze Chilean consumer preferences and willingness to pay for extra virgin olive oil attributes...
2017: PloS One
Vladimir V Matichenkov, Elena A Bocharnikova, Ekaterina P Pakhnenko, Dmitry M Khomiakov
The poor adsorption capacity of sandy soils is one of the primary reasons of a high level of phosphorus (P) leaching. Silicon (Si)-rich soil amendments have the potential to improve the low absorption capacity of sandy soils for P. The objective of this study was to evaluate the ability of different Si-rich materials to regulate P adsorption and retention by sandy soils. Amorphous fine silica (FSS), calcium silicate (CaSiO3), chemically pure CaCO3, and two types of Ca-silicate slags from metal industry (Pro-Sil) and chemical industry (TS) were used in laboratory experiments being conducted with pure quartz sand and cultivated and virgin Entisols and Spodosols collected in the South Florida...
September 9, 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Sara Fernández-Castillejo, Laura Rubió, Álvaro Hernáez, Úrsula Catalán, Anna Pedret, Rosa-M Valls, Juana I Mosele, Maria-Isabel Covas, Alan T Remaley, Olga Castañer, Maria-José Motilva, Rosa Solá
SCOPE: Cholesterol efflux capacity of HDL (CEC) is inversely associated with cardiovascular risk. HDL composition, fluidity, oxidation, and size are related with CEC. We aimed to assess which HDL parameters were CEC determinants after virgin olive oil (VOO) ingestion. METHODS AND RESULTS: Post-hoc analyses from the VOHF study, a crossover intervention with three types of VOO. We assessed the relationship of 3-week changes in HDL-related variables after intervention periods with independence of the type of VOO...
September 8, 2017: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Z A Grieb, S M Tierney, J S Lonstein
The rapid peripartum onset of maternal caregiving involves progesterone synergizing with estradiol, but prolonging progesterone exposure past this time can prevent the emergence of mothering. Interestingly, there is a 7-10day-long rise in progesterone during mid-lactation, but its effects on mothering are unknown. Given progesterone's potential to inhibit mothering onset, this mid-lactational rise may contribute to the normal attenuation of caregiving behaviors across lactation. To evaluate this, recently-parturient rats were ovariectomized and caregiving observed from postpartum days (PPD) 7-18...
September 16, 2017: Hormones and Behavior
Ying Han, Xing-Yu Li, Shao-Ran Wang, Yi-Chao Wei, Xiao-Hong Xu
Despite recent progress on neural pathways underlying individual behaviors, how an animal balances and prioritizes behavioral outputs remains poorly understood. While studying the relationship between hunger-induced feeding and pup-induced maternal behaviors in virgin female mice, we made the unexpected discovery that presence of pups strongly delayed and decreased food consumption. Strikingly, presence of pups also suppressed feeding induced by optogenetic activation of Agrp neurons. Such a suppressive effect inversely correlated with the extents of maternal behaviors, but did not rely on the display of these behaviors, and was also present in virgin males...
September 4, 2017: Neuroscience
Dieudonné D Soma, Hamidou Maïga, Wadaka Mamai, Nanwintoun S Bimbile-Somda, Nelius Venter, Adel B Ali, Hanano Yamada, Abdoulaye Diabaté, Florence Fournet, Georges A Ouédraogo, Rosemary S Lees, Roch K Dabiré, Jeremie R L Gilles
BACKGROUND: The success of the sterile insect technique depends, among other things, on continuous releases of sexually competitive sterile males within the target area. Several factors (including high rearing density and physical manipulation, such as larvae and pupae separation) can influence the quality of males produced in mass-rearing facilities. The different steps in mass production in the laboratory may modify the behaviour of mosquitoes, directly or through loss of natural characters as a result of adaptation to lab rearing, and lead to the competitiveness of sterile male being reduced...
September 7, 2017: Malaria Journal
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