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Tim A D Smith, Su M Phyu, Kholoud S Alzyoud, Chih-Chung Tseng
Androgen receptor (AR) activation is the primary driving factor in prostate cancer which is initially responsive to castration but then becomes resistant (castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)). CRPC cells still retain the functioning AR which can be targeted by other therapies. A recent promising development is the use of inhibitors (Epi-1) of protein-protein interaction to inhibit AR-activated signalling. Translating novel therapies into the clinic requires sensitive early response indicators. Here potential response markers are explored...
2017: BioMed Research International
Alexandra G Pershina, Vladimir V Ivanov, Lina V Efimova, Oleg B Shevelev, Sergey V Vtorushin, Tatjana V Perevozchikova, Alexey E Sazonov, Ludmila M Ogorodova
BACKGROUND: European liver fluke Opisthorchis felineus, causing opisthorchiasis disease, is widespread in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and sporadically detected in the EU countries. O. felineus infection leads to hepatobiliary pathological changes, cholangitis, fibrosis and, in severe cases, malignant transformation of bile ducts. Due to absence of specific symptoms, the infection is frequently neglected for a long period. The association of opisthorchiasis with almost incurable bile duct cancer and rising international migration of people that increases the risk of the parasitic etiology of liver fibrosis in non-endemic regions determine high demand for development of approaches to opisthorchiasis detection...
July 14, 2017: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Nicole Harmouche, Christopher Aisenbrey, Fernando Porcelli, Youlin Xia, Sarah E D Nelson, Xi Chen, Jesus Raya, Louic S Vermeer, Conrado Aparicio, Gianluigi Veglia, Sven-Ulrik Gorr, Burkhard Bechinger
The antimicrobial peptide GL13K encompasses 13 amino acid residues and has been designed and optimized from the salivary protein BPIFA2 to exhibit potent bacteriocidal and anti-biofilm activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as anti-lipopolysaccharide activity in vitro and in vivo. Here, the peptide was analyzed in a variety of membrane environments by CD spectroscopy and by high resolution multidimensional solution NMR spectroscopy. Whereas in the absence of membranes a random coil conformation predominates, the peptide adopts a helical structure from residues 5 to 11 in the presence of DPC micelles...
July 12, 2017: Biochemistry
Tatjana N Parac-Vogt, Hong GiangHong Giang Thi Ly
Our recent study (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 7391-7394) has shown that Horse heart myoglobin (HHM) was selectively hydrolyzed by a range of Zr(IV)-substituted polyoxometalates (POMs) under mild conditions. In this study the molecular interactions between the Zr-POM catalysts and HHM were investigated by using a range of complementary techniques that include circular dichroism (CD), UV-Vis spectroscopy, tryptophan fluorescence spectroscopy, 1H NMR and 31P NMR spectroscopy. Trp fluorescence quenching study revealed that among all examined Zr-POMs, the most reactive POM, 2:2 Zr(IV)-Keggin, exhibited the strongest interaction with HHM...
July 4, 2017: Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
Herbert W Roesky, Sudipta Roy, Kartik Chandra Mondal, Bin Li, Subrata Kundu, Christian J Schürmann, Sayan Dutta, Debasis Koley, Dietmar Stalke, Regine Herbst-Irmer
The cyclic alkyl(amino) carbene (cAAC) bonded chlorophosphinidene (cAAC)P-Cl (2/2´) was isolated from the direct reaction between cAAC and phosphorus trichloride (PCl3). Compound 2/2´ has been characterized by NMR and mass spectrometry. 31P NMR investigations [~160 ppm (major) and ~130 ppm (minor)] structural determination reveal that there are two different P environments of P-Cl unit. X-ray single crystal determination suggests a co-crystallization of two conformational isomers of (cAAC)P-Cl (2/2´); the major compound possessing a cAAC-PCl unit with CcAAC-P 1...
June 26, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Zhenqin Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang, Cheng Luo, Chengcheng Zhu, Kun Wang, Changli Zhang, Zijian Guo
Osteosarcoma is the most common malignant bone tumor primarily affecting adolescents. Targeted platinum(II) complexes are promising candidates for overcoming the general toxicity of conventional platinum anticancer drugs. In this study four dinuclear platinum(II) complexes, {[cis-Pt(NH3 )2 Cl]2 (PD)} (NO3 )2 (1), {[cis-Pt(NH3 )2 Cl]2 (PDBP)} (NO3 )2 (2), {[cis-Pt(DACH)Cl]2 (PD)} (NO3 )2 (3), and {[cis-Pt(DACH)Cl]2 (PDBP)} (NO3 )2 (4) [PD=5,5'-carbonylbis(2-(2-(pyridin-2-yl)ethyl)isoindoline-1,3-dione), PDBP=tetraethyl (((bis(1,3-dioxo-2-(2-(pyridin-2-yl)ethyl)isoindolin-5-yl)methylene)amino) methylene)bis(phosphonate), DACH=1,2-diaminocyclohexane)], were designed and synthesized...
May 29, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Eva-Maria Bertschler, Robin Niklaus, Wolfgang Schnick
Li12 P3 N9 was synthesized by solid-state reaction of Li3 N and P3 N5 at 790 °C. It is made up of non-condensed [P3 N9 ](12-) dreier-rings of PN4 -tetrahedra. The corresponding high-pressure polymorph, Li4 PN3 , was synthesized under high-pressure/high-temperature conditions from Li12 P3 N9 or LiPN2 and Li7 PN4 at 6 or 7 GPa, respectively, using the multianvil technique. Li4 PN3 is the first lithium catena-nitridophosphate and contains PN3 zweier-chains of corner sharing PN4 -tetrahedra. To confirm the structure elucidated from single-crystal X-ray data, Rietveld refinement, (6) Li, (7) Li, and (31) P solid-state NMR spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy and EDX measurements were carried out...
May 23, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Andrea Němcová, Michal Dubský, Alexandra Jirkovská, Petr Šedivý, Miloslav Drobný, Milan Hájek, Monika Dezortová, Robert Bém, Vladimíra Fejfarová, Anna Pyšná
AIM: The standard method for assessment of effect of revascularization in patients with diabetic foot (DF) and critical limb ischemia (CLI) is transcutaneous oxygen pressure (TcPO2). Phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS) enables to evaluate oxidative muscle metabolism that could be impaired in patients with diabetes and its complications. The aim of our study was to compare MRS of calf muscle between patients with DF and CLI and healthy controls and to evaluate the contribution of MRS in the assessment of the effect of revascularization...
2017: Vnitr̆ní Lékar̆ství
Song-Jiao Li, Chun-Yan Li, Yong-Fei Li, Junjie Fei, Ping Wu, Bin Yang, Juan Ou-Yang, Shi-Xin Nie
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is an essential enzyme and widely distributes in a variety of tissues. To date, various nanomaterial and small-molecule fluorescent probes for ALP have been constructed successfully, but the emission wavelengths of these probes are in the ultraviolet or visible range, which is not beneficial for bioimaging. Herein, a hemicyanine-based near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent probe named CyP is first synthesized and used to detect ALP activity. The characteristics of probe CyP are as follows: (1) The probe possesses a facile structure, which can be obtained by easy synthetic steps...
May 30, 2017: Analytical Chemistry
Jehill D Parikh, Kieren G Hollingsworth, Dorothy Wallace, Andrew M Blamire, Guy A MacGowan
OBJECTIVES: Both aging and hypertension are significant risk factors for heart failure in the elderly. The purpose of this study was to determine how aging, with and without hypertension, affects left ventricular function. METHODS: Cross-sectional study of magnetic resonance imaging and 31P spectroscopy-based measurements of left ventricular structure, global function, strains, pulse wave velocity, high energy phosphate metabolism in 48 normal subjects and 40 treated hypertensive patients (though no other cardiovascular disease or diabetes) stratified into 3 age deciles from 50-79 years...
2017: PloS One
Rong-Rong Zhao, Zhenchao Zhao, Shikun Li, Weiping Zhang
Here we utilized 27Al MAS/MQMAS, 31P MAS NMR of quantitative adsorption of trimethylphosphine oxide (TMPO) and DFT calculations to elucidate the relationship between Al distribution and Brönsted acidity of series H-Beta zeolites derived from dealumination of Al-rich H-Beta zeolite. Three types of Brönsted acid strengths corresponding to different specific Al T-sites were demonstrated. Removal of one framework Al in 5MR2-2Al and 6MR-2Al sites led to increasing the Brönsted acid strength of dealuminated H-Beta...
May 10, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Paul Kauv, Samar S Ayache, Alain Créange, Moussa A Chalah, Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur, Jérôme Hodel, Pierre Brugières
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P-MRS) has previously shown abnormal changes in energy metabolites in the brain of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. However, the relationship between these energy metabolites - particularly adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - and the disease severity remains unclear. The objective of this study was to determine whether measuring ATP metabolites can help to predict disease severity in MS patients. METHODS: 31P-MRS at 3 tesla was performed in 9 relapsing remitting (RRMS), 9 secondary progressive MS patients (SPMS), and 10 age-matched healthy controls...
2017: European Neurology
Hester Rijkje Berger, Eva Brekke, Marius Widerøe, Tora Sund Morken
Perinatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury is a major health problem. Adjuvant treatments that improve the neuroprotective effect of the current treatment, therapeutic hypothermia, are urgently needed. The growing knowledge about the complex pathophysiology of hypoxia-ischemia (HI) has led to the discovery of several important targets for neuroprotection. Early interventions should focus on the preservation of energy metabolism, the reduction of glutamate excitotoxicity and oxidative stress, the maintenance of calcium homeostasis, and the prevention of apoptosis...
April 28, 2017: Developmental Neuroscience
Jéssica B R Lino, Eduardo P Rocha, Teodorico C Ramalho
Quantum computing is the field of science that uses quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. The fundamental information unit used in quantum computing is the quantum bit or qubit. It is well-known that quantum computers could theoretically be able to solve problems much more quickly than any classical computers. Currently, the first and still the most successful implementations of quantum information processing (QIP) have been based on nuclear spins in liquids...
June 15, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
Norman Hardt, Birhanu M Kinfu, Jennifer Chow, Wolfgang R Streit, Bernhard Schoenenberger, Markus Obkircher, Roland Wohlgemuth
The efficient synthesis of pure D-glycerate-2-phosphate is of much interest due to its importance as enzyme substrate and metabolite. A straightforward one-step biocatalytic phosphorylation of glyceric acid has been investigated. Glycerate 2-kinase from Thermotoga maritima has been expressed in Escherichia coli allowing easy purification. The selective glycerate 2-kinase-catalyzed phosphorylation has been followed by 31P-NMR and showed excellent enantioselectivity towards the phosphorylation of the D-enantiomer of glyceric acid...
April 18, 2017: Chembiochem: a European Journal of Chemical Biology
Carlo Alberto Gaggioli, Giovanni Bistoni, Gianluca Ciancaleoni, Francesco Tarantelli, Leonardo Belpassi, Paola Belanzoni
In view of their intensive use as ligands in many reactions catalyzed by transition-metal complexes, modulation of the bonding properties of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) on a rational basis is highly desirable, which should enable optimization of current applications or even promote new functions. In this paper, we provide a quantitative analysis of the chemical bond between a metal fragment AuCl and a series of 29 different NHCs in [(NHC)AuCl] complexes. NHCs electronic properties are modified through: i) variation of the groups attached to the NHC nitrogen atoms or backbone; ii) change of unsaturation/size of the NHC ring; iii) inclusion of paracyclophane moieties; or iv) heteroatom substitution on the NHC ring...
April 3, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Maria Nelander, Jan Weis, Lina Bergman, Anders Larsson, Anna-Karin Wikström, Johan Wikström
BACKGROUND: Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) is used as a prophylaxis for eclamptic seizures. The exact mechanism of action is not fully established. We used phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P-MRS) to investigate if cerebral magnesium (Mg2+) levels differ between women with preeclampsia, normal pregnant, and nonpregnant women. METHODS: This cross-sectional study comprised 28 women with preeclampsia, 30 women with normal pregnancies in corresponding gestational week (range: 23-41 weeks) and 11 nonpregnant healthy controls...
July 1, 2017: American Journal of Hypertension
Lauren N Grant, Balazs Pinter, Brian C Manor, Riccardo Suter, Hansjörg Grützmacher, Daniel J Mindiola
The complex [(nacnac)Ti(OAr)]2 (μ2 :η(2) ,η(2) -P2 ) (1) is formed via reductive decarbonylation of the phosphaethynolate ion (-) [OCP], which serves as a P atom source. Complex 1 is the first structurally characterized Group 4 transition metal P2 complex and its structure reveals the rhombic Ti2 P2 core is essentially planar with short bond lengths suggesting some degree of multiple bonding character between the Ti-P and P-P sites. Computational studies of 1 provide an understanding of the Ti2 P2 core as well as the origin of the highly downfield (31) P NMR spectroscopic signal...
March 15, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Xia Zhao, Hee Kwon Song, Alan C Seifert, Cheng Li, Felix W Wehrli
PURPOSE: To develop and evaluate an integrated imaging protocol for bone water and phosphorus quantification in vivo by solid-state 1H and 31P MRI. MATERIALS AND METHODS: All studies were HIPAA-compliant and were performed with institutional review board approval and written informed consent. Proton (1H) ultra-short echo-time (UTE) and phosphorus (31P) zero echo-time (ZTE) sequences were designed and implemented on a 3 T clinical MR scanner to quantify bone water and mineral in vivo...
2017: PloS One
Antonio Pereira, Ingrid C Hoeger, Ana Ferrer, Jorge Rencoret, José C Del Rio, Kristiina Kruus, Jenni Rahikainen, Miriam Kellock, Ana Gutiérrez, Orlando J Rojas
Lignins were isolated from spruce, wheat straw, and eucalyptus by using the milled wood lignin (MWL) method. Functional groups and compositional analyses were assessed via 2D NMR and (31)P NMR to realize their effect on enzyme binding. Films of the lignins were fabricated and ellipsometry, atomic force microscopy, and water contact angle measurements were used for their characterization and to reveal the changes upon enzyme adsorption. Moreover, lignin thin films were deposited on quartz crystal microgravimetry (QCM) and surface plasmon (SPR) resonance sensors and used to gain further insights into the lignin-cellulase interactions...
March 23, 2017: Biomacromolecules
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