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Yan Wang, Ziyu Lv, Qiufan Liao, Haiquan Shan, Jinrui Chen, Ye Zhou, Li Zhou, Xiaoli Chen, Vellaisamy A L Roy, Zhanpeng Wang, Zongxiang Xu, Yu-Jia Zeng, Su-Ting Han
The in-depth understanding of ions' generation and movement inside all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots (CsPbBr3 QDs), which may lead to a paradigm to break through the conventional von Neumann bottleneck, is strictly limited. Here, it is shown that formation and annihilation of metal conductive filaments and Br- ion vacancy filaments driven by an external electric field and light irradiation can lead to pronounced resistive-switching effects. Verified by field-emission scanning electron microscopy as well as energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis, the resistive switching behavior of CsPbBr3 QD-based photonic resistive random-access memory (RRAM) is initiated by the electrochemical metallization and valance change...
May 21, 2018: Advanced Materials
Hwey-Fang Liang, Chun-Chih Lin, Kuang-Ming Wu
BACKGROUND: Newly graduated nurses (NGNs) often encounter unique work challenges. PURPOSE: To discover Taiwanese NGNs' experiences of work challenges. METHOD: An interpretive qualitative design was chosen. In-depth interviews were completed with 25 NGNs working in clinical settings in Taiwan. Data were analyzed using content analysis. RESULTS: The essential structure of NGNs' experiences of work challenges was described as struggling and breaking through the dilemma of deciding whether to continue nursing or quit...
May 4, 2018: Nurse Education Today
Hege S Haugdahl, Regina Eide, Ingeborg Alexandersen, Tove Engan Paulsby, Berit Stjern, Stine Borgen Lund, Gørill Haugan
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To explore family members' experiences of long-term intensive care unit (ICU) patients' pathways towards survival and to highlight family members' efforts to promote the patient's health during the ICU stay. BACKGROUND: Although considerable research has been devoted to the substantial burden of long-term ICU patients, less attention has been paid to health promoting factors that facilitate patients' health and survival during ICU stays. Support from family members can improve patient outcome...
May 18, 2018: Journal of Clinical Nursing
Zhanhai Tu, Zebin Xiao, Yingyan Zheng, Hongjie Huang, Libin Yang, Dairong Cao
Background Little is known about the value of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) combined with diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) in distinguishing malignant from benign skull-involved lesions. Purpose To evaluate the discriminative value of DWI combined with conventional CT and MRI for differentiating between benign and malignant skull-involved lesions. Material and Methods CT and MRI findings of 58 patients with pathologically proven skull-involved lesions (43 benign and 15 malignant) were retrospectively reviewed...
January 1, 2018: Acta Radiologica
Asuman Nur Karhan, Ersin Gümüş, Hülya Demir, İnci Nur Saltik Temizel, Aysel Yüce, Hasan Özen
Entamoeba histolytica is a protozoan parasite that affects a large proportion of the world's population and causes amoebic dysentery and extra-intestinal disease. Many individuals remain asymptomatic during colonisation; in 10% of individuals, the parasite breaks through the mucosal barrier and leads to invasive disease. An eight-month-old girl who was evaluated for hypo-albuminaemia and was diagnosed with amoebic colitis is reported. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of hypo-albuminaemia owing to amoebic colitis in any age group...
May 8, 2018: Paediatrics and International Child Health
Johannes Kulenkampff, Madeleine Stoll, Marion Gründig, Alexander Mansel, Johanna Lippmann-Pipke, Michael Kersten
Phenoxyalkanoic acids like the 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) are the second highest used xenobiotic herbicides worldwide after glyphosate because of their apparently favorable environmental properties. Experimental batch equilibration data suggested a reduced Cu adsorption efficiency with the soil mineral goethite below pH 6 in presence of MCPA. This has been verified by advanced surface complexation adsorption modelling involving dissolved Cu-MCPA complexation constants. Positron emission tomography is a non-invasive molecular imaging method for time-resolved three-dimensional information commonly applied on non-retarded tracers in soil core scale experiments...
May 4, 2018: Scientific Reports
Indu Raj, Miran Mozetic, Jayachandran V Prabhu, Jiya Jose, Sabu Thomas, Nandakumar Kalarikkal
Antimicrobial, antibiofilm adherent, fracture resistant nano Zinc Oxide (ZnO NP) formulations based on poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) matrix were developed by ex situ compression moulding technique in a facile manner. These formulations demonstrated potent, long-term biofilm-resisting effects against Candida Albicans (9000 CFU to 1000CFU) and Streptococcal Mutans. Proposed mechanism of biofilm resistance was the release of metallic ions/metal oxide by 'particle-corrosion'. MTT and cellular proliferation assays confirmed both qualitatively and quantitatively equal human skin fibroblast cell line proliferations (approximately 75%) on both PMMA/ZnO formulation and on neat PMMA...
May 4, 2018: Nanotechnology
Zhangqiang He, Junning Cui, Jiubin Tan, Xingyuan Bian, Wenxue Jiang
A discrete fringe phase unwrapping algorithm (DFPUA) based on Kalman motion estimation is proposed to accurately demodulate the phases of I/Q-interferometers with deeply under-sampled quadrature signals, thus to break through the limitations of the Nyquist frequency for high-speed measurement. The basic concept of DFPUA is to estimate the current displacement according to the former motion state, then confirm the actual phase integer number by comparing the estimated phase decimal with the actual phase decimal; in this way, peak acceleration/jerk instead of peak velocity becomes the factor that determines the sampling rate...
April 2, 2018: Optics Express
Jiawei Zhou, Hangtian Zhu, Te-Huan Liu, Qichen Song, Ran He, Jun Mao, Zihang Liu, Wuyang Ren, Bolin Liao, David J Singh, Zhifeng Ren, Gang Chen
Modern society relies on high charge mobility for efficient energy production and fast information technologies. The power factor of a material-the combination of electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient-measures its ability to extract electrical power from temperature differences. Recent advancements in thermoelectric materials have achieved enhanced Seebeck coefficient by manipulating the electronic band structure. However, this approach generally applies at relatively low conductivities, preventing the realization of exceptionally high-power factors...
April 30, 2018: Nature Communications
Fengjuan Cao, Lie Wu, Yudi Ruan, Jing Bai, Xiue Jiang
Mid-infrared plasmons in patterned graphene could advance the development of surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectrosco-py (SEIRAS). However, limitation in measuring the extinction spectra with transmission and external reflection configurations greatly restricts the analyses of aqueous samples. In addition, complicated, time- and cost-consuming preparation of patterned graphene also limits its progress. Here we demonstrate a facile-prepared large-scale reduced graphene oxide island film on a total internal reflection silicon prism, which not only shows a prominent enhancement effect in mid-infrared region, but also effectively eliminates the contribution of bulk solution by optical near-field effect...
April 30, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Xiaofei Lu, Haidong Wang, Fang Ma, Guang Zhao, Shiwei Wang
Improvement of the acidification phase is an attractive alternative to break through the rate-limiting step in the two-phase anaerobic digestion of complex organic wastes. An additive named iron oxide-zeolite was introduced into the acidification phase at mesophilic and room temperature. By virtue of the additive supplemented, significantly improved hydrolysis/fermentation in regard to higher soluble chemical oxygen demand (sCOD) concentration (21.53-27.30%) and better lignocellulosic degradation at both temperatures has been obtained...
April 21, 2018: Bioresource Technology
Guotong Qin, Jing Ma, Wei Wei, Jaja Li, Fangqing Yue
Herein, we report an efficient separation and enrichment method for chlorogenic acid from crude extracts of Eucommia ulmoides leaves using carbon adsorbents. The effects of the pore structure of the carbon adsorbents on the adsorption capacity were studied. Of the four adsorbents investigated, mesoporous carbon (MC3) showed the highest adsorption capacity (294 mg/g of carbon) for chlorogenic acid due to its high mesopore volume. The static adsorption of CGA on carbon can be accurately described using the Freundlich equation...
April 22, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Franco Pestilli
Understanding how knowledge is represented in the human brain is a fundamental challenge in neuroscience. To date, most of the work on this topic has focused on knowledge representation in cortical areas and debated whether knowledge is represented in a distributed or localized fashion. Fang and colleagues provide evidence that brain connections and the white matter supporting such connections might play a significant role. The work opens new avenues of investigation, breaking through disciplinary boundaries across network neuroscience, computational neuroscience, cognitive science, and classical lesion studies...
April 26, 2018: PLoS Biology
Konstantin Huhn, Antonios Bayas, Sebastian Doerck, Benedikt Frank, Kathrin Gerbershagen, Kerstin Hellwig, Boris Kallmann, Christoph Kleinschnitz, Ingo Kleiter, De-Hyung Lee, Volker Limmroth, Mathias Mäurer, Sven Meuth, Peter Rieckmann, Tobias Ruck, Ralf Gold, Ralf A Linker
BACKGROUND: Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) requires efficient immunomodulatory treatment to reach "no evidence of disease activity" status at best. Alemtuzumab and fingolimod have proved to be efficient options in RRMS with active disease course. Yet, side effects and break-through disease may limit long-time treatment and necessitate switch of medication. Data on efficacy and safety of alemtuzumab following fingolimod treatment are limited, but useful for clinical practice...
April 25, 2018: Journal of Neurology
Murugesan Velayutham, Arturo J Cardounel, Zhenguo Liu, Govindasamy Ilangovan
Heat-shock factor-1 (HSF-1) is an important transcription factor that regulates pathogenesis of many human diseases through its extensive transcriptional regulation. Especially, it shows pleiotropic effects in human cancer, and hence it has recently received increased attention of cancer researchers. After myriad investigations on HSF-1, the field has advanced to the phase where there is consensus that finding a potent and selective pharmacological inhibitor for this transcription factor will be a major break-through in the treatment of various human cancers...
2018: Frontiers in Oncology
Tamzin A Blewett, Perrine L M Delompré, Chris N Glover, Greg G Goss
The process of extracting hydrocarbon resources by hydraulic fracturing is an increasingly utilised technique worldwide, resulting in an effluent called flowback and produced water (FPW). This effluent is a complex mixture of salts, metals and organic compounds, and has been shown to be highly toxic to aquatic biota, an effect attributed mainly to its salt and organic components. However, in the current study we show that the water flea, Daphnia magna, is physically impaired by, and rendered immobile at the surface of, test waters containing FPW...
April 18, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Jean E Vance
This article provides a historical account of the discovery, chemistry and biochemistry of two ubiquitous phosphoglycerolipids - phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) including the ether lipids. In addition, the article describes the biosynthetic pathways for these phospholipids and how these pathways were elucidated. Several unique functions of PS and PE in mammalian cells, in addition to their ability to define physical properties of membranes are discussed. For example, the translocation of PS from the inner to the other leaflet of the plasma membrane of cells occurs during apoptosis and during some other specific physiological processes, and this translocation is responsible for profound life-or-death events...
April 16, 2018: Journal of Lipid Research
Enrico Fiore, Francesca Arfuso, Matteo Gianesella, Domenico Vecchio, Massimo Morgante, Elisa Mazzotta, Tamara Badon, Pasquale Rossi, Silvia Bedin, Giuseppe Piccione
Pregnancy and lactation are physiological periods that result in an increased metabolic demand that, if not satisfied, could provoke a threat to homeostasis. In this study changes in the values of Non-Esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) and β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), glucose, insulin, thyroid hormones, milk composition and yield were investigated in buffaloes during the late pregnancy and early lactation. From a total of 50 buffaloes, blood samples were collected -7±5 days before expected calving; +7±5; +30±5 and +50±5 days post-partum; milk samples were collected at the same post-partum time points...
2018: PloS One
Fang Wang, Li Zheng, Yuyao Yi, Zhuang Yang, Qiang Qiu, Xiaoyan Wang, Wei Yan, Peng Bai, Jianhong Yang, Dan Li, Heying Pei, Ting Niu, Haoyu Ye, Chunlai Nie, Yiguo Hu, Shengyong Yang, Yuquan Wei, Lijuan Chen
Our previous study reported that SKLB-23bb, an orally bioavailable HDAC6-selective inhibitor, exhibited superior antitumor efficiency both in vitro and in vivo in comparison with ACY1215, a HDAC6-selective inhibitor recently in phase II clinical trial. This study focused on the mechanism related to the activity of SKLB-23bb. We discovered that despite having HDAC6-selective inhibition equal to ACY1215, SKLB-23bb showed cytotoxic effects against a panel of solid and hematologic tumor cell lines at the low submicromolar level...
April 2018: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Heng Zhang, Yan Chen, Shi-Jin Ding, Jianlu Wang, Wen-Zhong Bao, David Wei Zhang, Peng Zhou
In the past fifty years, the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor(CMOS) integrated circuits have got great development, but Moore's law will soon come to an end. In order to break through the physical limit of Moore's law, two-dimensional materials have been widely used in many electronic devices because of its high mobility and large quantum capacitances. And the emergence of negative capacitance field-effect transistor(FET) could not only break the thermal limit of conventional devices, but also reduce operating voltage and power consumption...
March 27, 2018: Nanotechnology
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