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David Ullman, David Dorn, Soroush Rais-Bahrami, Jennifer Gordetsky
Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog (PTEN) and ETS-related Gene (ERG) mutations are commonly found in prostate cancer. Although mouse studies have demonstrated PTEN and ERG cooperatively interact during tumorigenesis, human studies examining these genes have been inconclusive. A systematic Pubmed search including original articles assessing the pathogenesis of PTEN and ERG in prostate cancer was performed. Studies examining ERG's prognostic significance have conflicting results. Studies examining PTEN and ERG simultaneously found these genes are likely to occur together but cooperative tumorigenesis functions have not been conclusively established...
December 7, 2017: Urology
F Liu, L Cao, Y Niu
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 8, 2017: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
Marcelo Fernando Devecchi, William Wayt Thomas, Gregory M Plunkett, José Rubens Pirani
Generic circumscriptions in the mostly pantropical family Simaroubaceae are somewhat controversial. Simaba is the largest genus, currently defined as exclusively neotropical, with around 25 species of trees and shrubs, but both its limits and infrageneric classification have been a matter of discussion and divergence. Traditionally, species of the genus have been treated in three sections: Simaba sect. Tenuiflorae, S. sect. Floribundae and S. sect. Grandiflorae, but a phylogenetic analysis suggested that the latter two may not be monophyletic...
December 5, 2017: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Wansheng Gao, Xiangfei He, Yunlong Li, Jianguo Wen
Background: Immunophilin ligands are neuroregenerative agents binding to FK506 binding proteins, by which stimulate recovery of neurons in a variety of injury nerves. FK1706 is a novel immunophilin ligand which has neuroprotective and neuroregenerative effects but without immunosuppressive activity. At present, most reports about FK1706 in ameliorating nerve injury and functional recovery are limited to cavernous nerve injury and erectile function recovery. This study aimed to demonstrate the effects of FK1706 on nerve regeneration and bladder function recovery following an end-to-side neurorrhaphy in rat models...
November 7, 2017: Oncotarget
Masataka Sunohara, Iwao Sato, Shigeru Morikawa
Thrombopoietin (TPO) and its receptor, c-Mpl, are the central regulators of megakaryocyte development and platelet production and are also crucial to regulate megakaryocytopoiesis. TPO remarkably elevated c-mpl promoter activity, while the protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitors, GF109203, H7 and Calphostin C, clearly reduced the steady level of its promoter activity.  In the present study, motifs crucial for c-mpl promoter activity induced by TPO treatment has been analyzed using a human megakaryoblastic cell line, CMK...
November 30, 2017: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Xiang Jin, Yinghui Guan, Hui Sheng, Yang Liu
We investigated the transcriptional mechanism underlying lung cancer development. RNA sequencing analysis was performed on blood samples from lung cancer cases and healthy controls. Differentially expressed microRNAs (miRNAs), circular RNAs (circRNAs), mRNAs (genes), and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA) were identified, followed by pathway enrichment analysis. Based on miRNA target interactions, a competing endogenous network was established and significant nodes were screened. Differentially expressed transcriptional factors were retrieved from the TRRUST database and the transcriptional factor regulatory network was constructed...
October 31, 2017: Oncotarget
Wang-Chuan Juang, Sin-Jhih Huang, Fong-Dee Huang, Pei-Wen Cheng, Shue-Ren Wann
OBJECTIVE: Emergency department (ED) overcrowding is acknowledged as an increasingly important issue worldwide. Hospital managers are increasingly paying attention to ED crowding in order to provide higher quality medical services to patients. One of the crucial elements for a good management strategy is demand forecasting. Our study sought to construct an adequate model and to forecast monthly ED visits. METHODS: We retrospectively gathered monthly ED visits from January 2009 to December 2016 to carry out a time series autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) analysis...
December 1, 2017: BMJ Open
A R Gilman, G Younes, S Tannus, W Y Son, P Chan, W Buckett
The objective of this study was to assess whether testicular-retrieved spermatozoa improve reproductive outcomes compared to fresh ejaculate in women with poor ovarian response and a history of previous ART failure. The study was performed as a retrospective case-control study at a university-based reproductive center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Eighteen poor-responder patients were matched 3 : 1 with 54 controls. Poor responders were defined as those with ≤3 oocytes retrieved at oocyte pickup. Cases were identified as poor responders, and only those with previous IVF failure(s) as an indication for testicular-retrieved spermatozoa were included...
December 1, 2017: Andrology
Alexandra Le Bras, Baoqi Yu, Shirin Issa Bhaloo, Xuechong Hong, Zhongyi Zhang, Yanhua Hu, Qingbo Xu
OBJECTIVE: Vascular adventitial Sca1+ (stem cell antigen-1) progenitor cells preferentially differentiate into smooth muscle cells, which contribute to vascular remodeling and neointima formation in vessel grafts. Therefore, directing the differentiation of Sca1+ cells toward the endothelial lineage could represent a new therapeutic strategy against vascular disease. APPROACH AND RESULTS: We thus developed a fast, reproducible protocol based on the single-gene transfer of ETV2 (ETS variant 2) to differentiate Sca1+ cells toward the endothelial fate and studied the effect of cell conversion on vascular hyperplasia in a model of endothelial injury...
November 30, 2017: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Yurie Obata, Pavel Ruzankin, Dan E Berkowitz, Jochen Steppan, Viachaslau Barodka
Pulse wave velocity (PWV) has been recommended as an arterial damage assessment tool and a surrogate of arterial stiffness. However, the current technology does not allow to measure PWV both continuously and in real-time. We reported previously that peripherally measured ejection time (ET) overestimates ET measured centrally. This difference in ET is associated with the inherent vascular properties of the vessel. In the current study we examined ETs derived from plethysmography simultaneously at different peripheral locations and examined the influence of the underlying arterial properties on ET prolongation by changing the subject's position...
2017: PloS One
Rafik Menacer, Abdelghani May, Lotfi Belkhiri, Abdelhamid Mousser
The nature of the chemical metal-metal bond in M2(CO)10 (M = Mn, Re, Tc) dinuclear decacarbonyls complexes was investigated for the first time using the natural orbital chemical valence (NOCV) approach combined with the extended transition state (ETS) for energy decomposition analysis (EDA). The optimized geometries carried out at different levels of theory BP86, BLYP, BLYPD and BP86D, showed that the latter method, i.e., BP86D, led to the best agreement with X-ray experimental measurements. The BP86D/TZP results revealed that the computed covalent contribution to the metal-metal bond are 60...
November 28, 2017: Journal of Molecular Modeling
Na Zhao, Hongjin Zou, Jing Qin, Chenling Fan, Yongping Liu, Shuo Wang, Zhongyan Shan, Weiping Teng, Yushu Li
PURPOSE: MicroRNA-326 (miR-326), as a member of the microRNA (miRNA) family, which includes endogenous single-stranded, conserved, noncoding small RNAs, has been reported to play important roles in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus. However, few studies of the role of miR-326 in autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) have been published. Here, we explored the roles of miR-326 and the involved pathway in iodine-induced AIT. METHODS: NOD...
November 27, 2017: Endocrine
Javier Elias Florentín, Andrea Alejandra Cabaña Fader, Roberto Manuel Salas, Steven Janssens, Steven Dessein, Elsa Leonor Cabral
Galianthe (Rubiaceae) is a neotropical genus comprising 50 species divided into two subgenera, Galianthe subgen. Galianthe, with 39 species and Galianthe subgen. Ebelia, with 11 species. The diagnostic features of the genus are: usually erect habit with xylopodium, distylous flowers arranged in lax thyrsoid inflorescences, bifid stigmas, 2-carpellate and longitudinally dehiscent fruits, with dehiscent valves or indehiscent mericarps, plump seeds or complanate with a wing-like strophiole, and pollen with double reticulum, rarely with a simple reticulum...
2017: PeerJ
Shintaro Matsuba, Toshiki Yabe-Wada, Kazuya Takeda, Tetsuya Sato, Mikita Suyama, Toshiyuki Takai, Toshiaki Kikuchi, Toshihiro Nukiwa, Akira Nakamura
Mast cells, basophils, and eosinophils are central effectors in allergic inflammatory disorders. These cells secrete abundant serine proteases as well as chemical mediators and cytokines; however, the expression profiles and functions of their endogenous inhibitors remain elusive. We found that murine secretory leukoprotease inhibitor (SLPI) is expressed in basophils and eosinophils but in not in mast cells. SLPI-deficient (Slpi-/-) basophils produce more cytokines than wild-type mice after IgE stimulation...
2017: Frontiers in Immunology
Zohreh Sahebi, Ashraf Kazemi, Marzieh Loripour, Nafiseh Shams
OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of education based on health belief model (HBM) on the level of their pregnant wives' environmental tobacco smoke exposure (ETSE). METHOD: This interventional randomized study was conducted on 60 cigarette smoking men who have exposed their pregnant wives to smoke during of their pregnancy. The HBM constructs and weekly ETSE were evaluated by using questionnaire. The intervention group received education with emphasis on the risks of cigarette's smoke on the pregnancy...
November 27, 2017: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Kentaro Sakamaki, Yosuke Kito, Kentaro Yamazaki, Naoki Izawa, Takashi Tsuda, Satoshi Morita, Narikazu Boku
Background: Several studies reported that early tumour shrinkage (ETS) was associated with overall survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) treated with first-line chemotherapy. However, appropriate time point and cut-off value for ETS remain unclear because these varied in previous studies. Patients and methods: We investigated patients with mCRC who received FOLFOX or FOLFIRI with/without molecular-targeted agents as first-line treatment between 2005 and 2014...
2017: ESMO Open
Xiaoqing Liu, Zhiqiang Nie, Jimei Chen, Xiaoling Guo, Yanqiu Ou, Guanchun Chen, Jinzhuang Mai, Wei Gong, Yong Wu, Xiangmin Gao, Yanji Qu, Erin M Bell, Shao Lin, Jian Zhuang
Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are a major cause of death in infancy and childhood. Major risk factors for most CHDs, particularly those resulting from the combination of environmental exposures with social determinants and behaviors, are still unknown. This study evaluated the main effect of maternal environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), and its interaction with social-demographics and environmental factors on CHDs in China. A population-based, matched case-control study of 9452 live-born infants and stillborn fetuses was conducted using the Guangdong Registry of Congenital Heart Disease data (2004-2014)...
November 23, 2017: Environmental Pollution
Ashwini Kumar Ray, Sarah Naiyer, Shashi Shekhar Singh, Alok Bhattacharya, Sudha Bhattacharya
Selective 2'-hydroxyl acylation analyzed by primer extension (SHAPE) is a versatile sequence independent method to probe RNA structure in vivo and in vitro. It has so far been tried mainly with model organisms. We show that cells of Entamoeba histolytica, a protozoan parasite of humans are hyper-sensitive to the in vivo SHAPE reagent, NAI, and show rapid loss of viability and RNA integrity. We optimized treatment conditions with 5.8S rRNA and Eh_U3 snoRNA to obtain NAI-modification while retaining RNA integrity...
November 22, 2017: Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology
Sunil Tomar, Joshua P Plotnik, James Haley, Joshua Scantland, Subramanyam Dasari, Zahir Sheikh, Robert Emerson, Dean Lenz, Peter C Hollenhorst, Anirban K Mitra
Metastatic colonization involves paracrine/juxtacrine interactions with the microenvironment inducing an adaptive response through transcriptional regulation. However, the identities of transcription factors (TFs) induced by the metastatic microenvironment in ovarian cancer (OC) and their mechanism of action is poorly understood. Using an organotypic 3D culture model recapitulating the early events of metastasis, we identified ETS1 as the most upregulated member of the ETS family of TFs in metastasizing OC cells as they interacted with the microenvironment...
November 21, 2017: Cancer Letters
S M Hermelijn, I H Boersma, M H Dekker, S van Duin, J M Schnater
BACKGROUND: Palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis are defined as perspiration exceeding the body's 'normal' physiological need for thermal regulation. This condition affects about 1% of adolescents and children and may lead to psychosocial problems and poor school performance. CASE DESCRIPTION: We carried out an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) with clips in a 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl who suffered from debilitating palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis...
2017: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde
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