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Cristhian Armenteros, Andrea Odzak, Florencia Arcondo, Marcela De Dios Soler, Tatiana Sinigier, Marcelo Zylberman
Connective tissue diseases associated with silicone breast implants have been widely discussed. In the last decade, siliconosis has been included in the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) next to Gulf War syndrome, macrophage myofascitis and postvaccination phenomena. The ASIA syndrome may appear as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or more rarely, as adult Still's disease. We discuss the case of a patient with prolonged fever and clinical criteria for ASIA and Still's disease. The prostheses were resected and pathology showed absence of breast implant associated anaplastic lymphoma ALK (-)...
2017: Medicina
Sonika Jha, Devinder Pal Singh
The present case report is of abdominal Necrotising Fascitis in a young Gatka player. The patient was clinically diagnosed to have peritonitis with plan for laparotomy but since ultrasound abdomen showed no free intra-abdominal fluid and any other pathology a Contrast Enhanced Computed tomography (CECT) abdomen was done. CECT showed fluid collections in rectus sheath and superficial fascia. Patient was thus, diagnosed as having abdominal myofascitis and treated accordingly. A review of literature showed that such a clinical presentation of this disease is quite rare and can lead to unnecessary laparotomy and delay in diagnosis leading to morbidity...
November 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Yong Zhao, Wei Fang, Wei-kai Qin
The authors investigated and discussed therapeutic mechanism of small knife needle in treating closed myofascitis on the basis of pathomechanism of modern medicine and acupuncture theory of TCM among numbers of clinical cases and experimental data. Therapeutic mechanism lies in 6 aspects: (1) Relieve the energy crisis of tenderness point on muscular fasciae; (2) Affect nervous system and reduce induction of harmful stimulating signal; (3) Inhibit aseptic inflammatory reaction on muscular fasciae; (4) Regulate dynamic equilibrium of soft tissue by cutting scar and releasing the conglutination; (5) Increase patients' regional threshold of feeling; (6) Reduce tension and pressure of soft tissue of tenderness point so as to relieve extrusion of nervus cutaneous...
September 2014: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Zhi-Ping Guo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2013: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Feng Wu, Ming-fei Kang, Peng Xiong, Jun Xiong
OBJECTIVE: To observe the therapeutic effect of acupuncture of Ashi points in combination with moxibustion of heat-sensitive points for neck-back myofascial pain syndrome, so as to find a better combined therapy. METHODS: A total of 62 eligible patients were randomly divided into treatment group (acupuncture of Ashi-points plus moxibustion of heat-sensitive points, n=32) and control group (acupuncture of Ashi-points plus TDP irradiation, n=30) by using single-blind method...
April 2011: Zhen Ci Yan Jiu, Acupuncture Research
Eitan Israeli, Asher Pardo
Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a term coined for a set of clinically recognizable symptoms and ailments without a clear cause reported by occupants of a building. In the 1990s the term "functional somatic syndromes" was applied to several syndromes, including SBS, multiple chemical sensitivity, repetition stress injury, the side effects of silicone breast implants, the Gulf War syndrome (GWS), chronic fatigue syndrome, the irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Recently, Shoenfeld and Agmon-Levin suggested that four conditions--siliconosis, macrophagic myofascitis, the GWS, and post-vaccination phenomena--which share clinical and pathogenic resemblances, may be included under a common syndrome entitled the "autoimmune (auto-inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants"...
June 2011: Modern Rheumatology
Yuan-Zheng Sun, De-Yan Li
OBJECTIVE: To compare the difference in the therapeutic effect on lower back myofascitis between the combined therapy of penetration needling on yang meridian of the back and electroacupuncture and the western medication of Ibuprofen capsules, and probe into a better method of treatment for lower back myofascitis. METHODS: Sixty cases of lower back myofascitis were randomly divided into two groups. 30 cases in observation group were treated with penetration needling combined with electroacupuncture on the back shu points on the first line of the Bladder Meridian and the points of the corresponding levels on the Governor Vessel...
October 2010: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Kiyoshi Migita, Ruka Ueda-Nakata, Tomoko Masuda, Taichiro Miyashita, Tomohiro Koga, Yasumori Izumi, Katsuhiro Ichinose, Hironori Ezaki, Masahiro Ito, Masakatsu Motomura, Katsumi Eguchi
Macrophagic myofascitis (MMF) is an unusual inflammatory myopathy characterized by muscle infiltration by macrophages and lymphocytes. Here, we describe a case of MMF which is associated with rheumatoid arthritis. A 53-year-old Japanese rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patient presented with focal tenderness of lower extremities. Magnetic resonance imaging showed evidence of myofascitis involving fascias of anterior tibialis muscle. Muscle biopsy showed a unique pathological pattern of MMF. MMF is known to be associated with vaccination containing aluminum...
May 2010: Rheumatology International
Shu-Yong Liang
OBJECTIVE: To observe clinical therapeutic effect of tendon-muscle picking therapy on myofascitis of back. METHODS: One hundred and twelve cases were randomly divided into a tendon-muscle picking therapy group and an electroacupuncture (EA) group, 56 cases in each group. The tendon-muscle picking therapy group were treated by picking pain tendon-muscle tubercles on the back, and the EA group by EA at Dazhu (BI. 11), Feishu (BL 13), Xinshu (BL 15), Tianzong (SI 11) and Jiaji (EX-B 2)...
August 2008: Zhongguo Zhen Jiu, Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion
K Spengos, A Vontzalidis, S Vassilopoulou, P Manta
A 39-year-old man presented pronounced asthenia and diffuse myalgias 8 months after a vaccination against the tetanus toxoid. Muscle biopsy disclosed infiltration of the perimysium and endomysium by densely packed, PAS-positive macrophages. Tropheryma whippelii detection in blood and faeces allowed the initial assumption of atypical Whipple's disease with isolated muscle involvement. However, the histological detection of aluminium-containing macrophages by means of Morin stain immunofluorescence established the diagnosis of macrophagic myofascitis in an obviously asymptomatic T...
December 2008: Der Nervenarzt
Shuliang Chen
The clustered needling, massage and cupping have been used together for treatment of myofascitis of the back with good therapeutic results through the joint effects of removing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation, dredging the channels, promoting themetabolism and the repair of the tissues, impairing and relaxing the affected muscles.
June 2007: Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chung i Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan
Nikolai Petrovsky, Julio César Aguilar
The problem with pure recombinant or synthetic antigens used in modern day vaccines is that they are generally far less immunogenic than older style live or killed whole organism vaccines. This has created a major need for improved and more powerful adjuvants for use in these vaccines. With few exceptions, alum remains the sole adjuvant approved for human use in the majority of countries worldwide. Although alum is able to induce a good antibody (Th2) response, it has little capacity to stimulate cellular (Th1) immune responses which are so important for protection against many pathogens...
October 2004: Immunology and Cell Biology
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1952: Journal of the International College of Surgeons
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1963: Iryo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 1961: Journal—Newark Beth Israel Hospital
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1954: Hahnemannian
Niksa Dulcić, Josip Pandurić, Sonja Kraljević, Tomislav Badel, Robert Celić
Although the literature reports that occlusal disorders can be associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMD), their direct scientific correlation is still mainly unproved. The aim of this study was to establish the incidence of symptoms and signs of TMD and tissue-specific diagnoses in a population of subjects with tooth loss in the supporting zones. The study was conducted on 196 partially edentulous subjects (Eichner's class II and III) at the average age of 51.2. Manual functional analysis was used as a diagnostic procedure...
2003: Collegium Antropologicum
J Goldberg, M Weinstein, M Fagan, M Nagy, P Nyirjesy
Persistent low back pain developed in a 51-year-old woman after she had undergone abdominal sacrocolpopexy. Four months postoperatively, necrotizing myofascitis developed in her gluteal muscles. The infected mesh, which had eroded into the vagina, was removed. Cultures of the infected mesh and abscesses grew common vaginal flora, including Gardnerella vaginalis and Actinomyces.
November 2001: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
K Yata, H Wada, H Nakanishi, Y Suetsugu, M Mikami, T Sugihara, O Yamada, Y Yawata
A 54-year-old male was admitted to Kawasaki Medical School Hospital with the complaint of fever. His diagnosis of hypoplastic leukemia had been made one year ago. After the admission, cecal mass with pain and high fever were noted. Four days later, he suddenly lost consciousness and died. Aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from blood cultures and also from the myofascitis specimen. Autopsy specimen of the iliopsoas muscle showed necrotizing myofascitis. The specimen obtained from the cecum showed submucosal hemorrhage with edema and these findings were compatible to ischemic colitis...
October 1999: Kansenshōgaku Zasshi. the Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases
A M Ries, L R Nycum, M E Reed
BACKGROUND: The original description of the Cherney incision includes bilateral ligation of the inferior epigastric vessels to increase incision width [1]. However, in patients with compromised abdominal wall vasculature, ligation may lead to healing complications. CASE: Our patient experienced necrosis of the right rectus muscle after undergoing pelvic surgery via a Cherney incision. During the procedure, attempts were made to retain both inferior epigastric arteries, but the right was transected and ligated...
January 1998: Gynecologic Oncology
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