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fractures by gun

Karin Hirsch, Marco Heinz, Bernd Wullich
Trauma refers to the destruction of tissues or organs by external forces and it is the most common cause of mortality and morbidity in children (1, 2). Injuries of the genitourinary tract may be the result of blunt (falls, sport injuries, motor vehicle accidents and sexual abuse) or penetrating (stab wounds, gun shots, falling onto sharp objects) injuries. The genitourinary tract is significantly injured in 2.9% of paediatric trauma patients 4.In the paediatric population, the kidney is the most affected organ in the genitourinary tract (>60% of all genitourinary tract injuries) 4...
February 2017: Aktuelle Urologie
Doohoon Sun, Byeong-Seop Park, Gun-Il Jang, Bongjoo Lee
PURPOSE: We conducted a study on patients who underwent hip joint arthroplasty because of unstable femur intertrochanteric fractures with greater trochanter bony fragments. After dividing patients into three groups depending on their fracture patterns, we evaluated the clinical and radiological outcomes of different operation methods applied to each of these groups. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Using Evan's classification, we defined an unstable intertrochanteric fracture as those characterized as stage 4 or 5...
March 2017: Hip & Pelvis
Ravi Prasad Kattimani, Sanath Shetty, Humayun Mirza
INTRODUCTION: Bolt gun or slaughterer's guns are used in meat industry for "humane killing" of animals. Injuries caused by bolt gun are rare, reported exclusively from central European countries. We report a case of 28 year old male, who accidentally shot himself with a bolt gun to his right thigh. CASE REPORT: A 28 years old male presented to our Accident and Emergency department after accidental injury to his right thigh with bolt gun. He had an entry wound measuring 2 cm in length and 1 cm in breadth over anterior aspect of lower one third of thigh at lower and sustained Grade II compound fracture of right femur shaft at distal one third...
September 2016: Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports
Bong-Gun Lee, Yoon-Kyoung Sung, Dam Kim, Yun Young Choi, Hunchul Kim, Yeesuk Kim
PURPOSE: The purpose was to evaluate the prevalence and location of simultaneous fracture using bone scans in patients with hip fracture and to determine the risk factors associated with simultaneous fracture. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred eighty two patients with hip fracture were reviewed for this study. Clinical parameters and bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar vertebra and femoral neck were investigated. To identify acute simultaneous fracture, a bone scan was performed at 15...
February 2017: Injury
Ahmad Sahraravand, Anna-Kaisa Haavisto, Juha M Holopainen, Tiina Leivo
PURPOSE: To describe epidemiology, causes, treatments and outcomes of ocular injuries in adults aged 17 to 60 in southern Finland. METHODS: All new ocular trauma patients admitted to the Helsinki University Eye Hospital (HUEH), during 1 year in 2011-2012. The data were from hospital records and prospectively from patient questionnaires. The follow-up time was 3 months. RESULTS: The incidence for ocular injury was 88/100 000/year. From 831 trauma patients, 80% were men, 34% were work-related injuries, and 11% were assaults...
December 9, 2016: Acta Ophthalmologica
Abhishek S Mahajan, Young Gun Kim, Jae Hwa Kim, Prashanth D'sa, Azhar Lakhani, Hyun Soo Ok
BACKGROUND: To assess the functional and radiological outcomes of minimally invasive anterior bridge plating (ABP) for mid-shaft humerus fractures in patients predominantly involved in overhead activities (athletes and manual laborers). METHODS: Forty-eight patients fulfilling inclusion criteria were treated with ABP at a level-I trauma center using a 4.5-mm dynamic/locking compression plate and followed for a period of 1 year. Functional outcome was assessed using the Constant, Mayo elbow, and Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) scores...
December 2016: Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery
Gun-Woo Lee, Kyung-Soon Park, Taek-Rim Yoon, Eshnazarov Kamolhuja Eshnazarovich
A femoral neck stress fracture in child is rare, particularly in bilateral case. It is easy to miss initially or may be misdiagnosed. The authors experienced a case of bilateral femoral neck stress fracture in a 10-year-old boy with bilateral hip. The patient was successfully healed by conservative treatment. We report this rare case with a review of the literature. A femoral neck stress fracture should be included in the differential diagnosis in children who present with sustained hip or groin pain.
September 2016: Hip & Pelvis
S Könneker, N Krezdorn, P M Vogt, M A Altintas, M T Hiller, R Ipaktchi, C Radtke
Booby traps and gun-like devices for vole control can lead to complex trauma requiring emergency medical care. We present a case series of patients who suffered severe hand and facial trauma through detonation of booby traps and paraphernalia (n = 9, Ø 60 years of age). All patients were admitted to the emergency department of Hannover Medical School for primary care. Between 2011 and 2015 we treated six patients with hand trauma due to gun-like devices, two patients with hand trauma due to booby traps, and one patient with injury to the face including eyes due to a gas cartridge explosion...
October 2016: Der Unfallchirurg
Jae-Sang Oh, Jae-Won Doh, Jai-Joon Shim, Kyeong-Seok Lee, Seok-Mann Yoon, Hack-Gun Bae
OBJECTIVE: Preinjection gelfoam embolization during percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) has been thought alternative technique to prevent the leakage of bone cement. The goal of this study was to evaluate whether the gelfoam techniques are useful to reduce bone cement leakage. METHODS: Total 100 PVPs of osteoporotic spine compression fractures were performed by 1 spine surgeon who experienced more than 500 PVP cases under prospective control study. Operation was done in T-L junction (T10-L2) fractures with bi-transpedicular approach...
June 2016: Korean Journal of Spine
D Fan, J W Huang, X L Zeng, Y Li, J C E, J Y Huang, T Sun, K Fezzaa, Z Wang, S N Luo
We develop a mini gas gun system for simultaneous, single-pulse, x-ray diffraction and imaging under high strain-rate loading at the beamline 32-ID of the Advanced Photon Source. In order to increase the reciprocal space covered by a small-area detector, a conventional target chamber is split into two chambers: a narrowed measurement chamber and a relief chamber. The gas gun impact is synchronized with synchrotron x-ray pulses and high-speed cameras. Depending on a camera's capability, multiframe imaging and diffraction can be achieved...
May 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
G Alexandridis, A C Gunning, L P H Leenen
BACKGROUND: Calcaneal fractures are known to cause a considerable long-term disability; disability influences the public health negatively in terms of personal suffering and monetary losses. Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in general is influenced by various patient-specific factors, and possibly trauma and fracture characteristics. Previous studies might have underestimated the impact of this injury because of several injury and patient specific exclusion criteria. In this study we provide an overview of the patient characteristics and outcome of patients with a calcaneal fracture in a Dutch level I trauma population...
July 2016: Injury
Jowan G Penn-Barwell, Ian D Sargeant
INTRODUCTION: Surgical treatment of high-energy gun-shot wounds (GSWs) to the extremities is challenging. Recent surgical doctrine states that wound tracts from high-energy GSWs should be laid open, however the experience from previous conflicts suggests that some of these injuries can be managed more conservatively. The aim of this study is to firstly characterise the GSW injuries sustained by UK forces, and secondly test the hypothesis that the likely severity of GSWs can be predicted by features of the wound...
May 2016: Injury
Irene Y T Chang, Derk Joester
Cryo-SEM is a high throughput technique for imaging biological ultrastructure in its most pristine state, i.e. without chemical fixation, embedding, or drying. Freeze fracture is routinely used to prepare internal surfaces for cryo-SEM imaging. However, the propagation of the fracture plane is highly dependent on sample properties, and the resulting surface frequently shows substantial topography, which can complicate image analysis and interpretation. We have developed a broad ion beam milling technique, called cryogenic triple ion gun milling (CryoTIGM™ ['krī-ə-,tīm]), for cryo-planing frozen-hydrated biological specimens...
December 2015: Journal of Structural Biology
D Geisenberger, S Vogt, R Pircher, L Kramer, S Pollak, M Grosse Perdekamp
Pistols, revolvers and blank guns are not only used to discharge cartridges, but also for hits to the victim. In such cases, the blows preferably affect the head and/or the interposed hands protecting the body. The impact is mostly exerted either by the grip of a pistol or the butt of a revolver. In vigorous thrusts inflicted with the muzzle end of the weapon, the edge of the barrel may produce circular punch lesions with central skin flaps roughly corresponding to the bore. As in other kinds of pistol-whipping, the scalp wounds may be associated with fractures of the skull and even with brain contusions...
December 2015: Forensic Science International
Michelle Abghari, Alexa Monroy, Sebastian Schubl, Roy Davidovitch, Kenneth Egol
BACKGROUND: Lower extremity injuries secondary to low-energy gunshot wounds are frequently seen in the civilian populations of urban areas. Although these wounds have fewer complications than high-energy gunshot injuries, the functional and psychological damage is still significant making appropriate timely orthopaedic treatment and follow-up imperative. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to present our outcomes in the treatment of low-energy gunshot wounds in a civilian population at an urban, level one trauma center in patients treated by a standard protocol...
2015: Iowa Orthopaedic Journal
David R Jones, David J Chapman, Daniel E Eakins
The dynamic fracture of a body is a late-stage phenomenon typically studied under simplified conditions, in which a sample is deformed under uniform stress and strain rate. This can be produced by evenly loading the inner surface of a cylinder. Due to the axial symmetry, as the cylinder expands the wall is placed into a tensile hoop stress that is uniform around the circumference. While there are various techniques to generate this expansion such as explosives, electromagnetic drive, and existing gas gun techniques they are all limited in the fact that the sample cylinder must be at room temperature...
2015: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
A Kholeif, W Elnahal, M Gobba
BACKGROUND: 25 January 2011 marks the onset of the Egyptian revolution. Causalities were estimated to be at least 846 moralities and 6000 injuries. The purpose of this study is to document the orthopaedic injuries coming to the tertiary center of Cairo University Hospitals (Kasr Al Ainy) during the climax of the Egyptian revolution and the lessons learnt. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed all hospital admissions in the period of 28 January 2011 till 4th February 2011 due to injuries related to the revolution...
February 2016: European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery: Official Publication of the European Trauma Society
Sabri T Shuker
Interrami intraoral Kirschner wire fixation (IRIF) technique is presented as new conservative successful indirect rigid fixation utilized for the reduction and fixation of edentulous/atrophic mandible fractures. This technique is carried out under local anesthesia without the need for open reduction internal fixation, which can lead to a compromise in the blood supply of fracture region. It is also quicker, easier, requires fewer postoperative visits, and cheaper than small or large bone plate fixations.Five edentulous mandibular fractures, 2 of them atrophic, 2 non-atrophic, and 1 partial edentulous, were successfully treated...
May 2015: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Søren Rytter, Morten Homilius
Penetrating injuries caused by cartridge casing are rarely described in the literature. This case report presents a 21-year-old male soldier with a lower extremity injury caused by a heavy machine gun cartridge casing. Physical examination revealed an entrance wound proximal and anterior of his right thigh and there were no exit wound identified. A radiograph of the femur showed the cartridge casing to have travelled caudally into the posterior aspect of the knee. There were no associated fractures or neurovascular injuries...
January 26, 2015: Ugeskrift for Laeger
Takkan Morishima, Godwin G H Choy, Ross W Crawford, Lance J Wilson
PURPOSE: To compare pressures generated by 2 different cement pressurisers at various locations in the proximal femur. METHODS: Two groups of 5 synthetic femurs were used, and 6 pressure sensors were placed in the femur at 20-mm intervals proximally to distally. Cement was filled into the femoral canal retrogradely using a cement gun with either the half-moon pressuriser or the femoral canal pressuriser. Maximum pressures and pressure time integrals (cumulative pressure over time) of the 2 pressurisers were compared...
August 2014: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery
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