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Exercise and emotion

John Roshan Jacob, Amal Paul, Anoop George Alex
A 15-year-old girl of Asian origin, hailing from a rural agrarian background, presented with history of multiple episodes of dizziness for 3 years. The episodes were precipitated mostly by emotional and/or physical stress and relieved on lying down, with a few episodes culminating in transient loss of consciousness. As preliminary cardiac and neurological evaluation were normal, she was being treated by the primary physician as a case of probable psychogenic syncope, supported by the consistent association of the episodes with emotional stress...
April 17, 2018: BMJ Case Reports
Tom Hildebrandt, Ashley Heywood, Daniel Wesley, Kurt Schulz
Synthetic androgens (i. e., anabolic-androgenic steroids) are the primary component to the majority of problematic appearance and performance enhancing drug (APED) use. Despite evidence that these substances are associated with increased risk for aggression, violence, body image disturbances, and polypharmacy and can develop a pattern of chronic use consistent with drug dependence, there are no formal definitions of androgen intoxication. Consequently, the purpose of this paper is to establish a testable theory of androgen intoxication...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Byeong-Jo Kim, Soo-Min Kim, Hae-Yeon Kwon
[Purpose] This study was carried out to examine the effect of the application of group exercise program composed to induce interests and assertive participation of adults with cerebral palsy on the self-efficacy and activities of daily living, as well as to provide basic clinical data that are effective and trustworthy in enhancing the physical and emotional interaction in the future. [Subjects and Methods] Those among the 23 adult with cerebral palsy who are the subjects of research and able to participate only in the evaluation of measurement tools prior to and after the experiment were allocated to the control group while only those who can participate in the group exercise program implemented over 12 sessions were allocated to the experimental group...
December 2017: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Wei Zhang, Ruixia Wang, Wei Liu, Xin Wang, Ping Li, Wen Zhang, Hui Wang, Bo Tang
Acute strenuous exercise and emotional changes are closely related to important aspects of human health. The superoxide anion (O2 ˙- ), as one of the primary reactive oxygen species (ROS), is intimately associated with major diseases. However, there is no relevant in vivo research for directly indicating the link between O2 ˙- level and acute physical exercise or emotional changes. Hence, we constructed three fluorescent probes for the detection of O2 ˙- , including a Te-containing molecular probe and Se- and Te-containing CDs, and evaluated their properties such as selectivity, sensitivity, instantaneity and dynamic response to O2 ˙- ...
January 21, 2018: Chemical Science
Nektarios A M Stavrou, Tadej Debevec, Ola Eiken, Igor B Mekjavic
Previous research, although limited, suggests that both hypoxia and bed rest influence psychological responses by exaggerating negative psychological responses and attenuating positive emotions. The present study investigated the effect of a 21-day prolonged exposure to normobaric hypoxia and bed rest on affective responses and fatigue. Eleven healthy participants underwent three 21-day interventions using a cross-over design: (1) normobaric hypoxic ambulatory confinement (HAMB), (2) normobaric hypoxic bed rest (HBR) and (3) normoxic bed rest (NBR)...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Sara Suarez-Manzano, Alberto Ruiz-Ariza, Manuel De La Torre-Cruz, Emilio J Martínez-López
BACKGROUND: Young people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have learning and behavioral control difficulties. AIM: The aim of this review is analyse the acute and chronic effect of physical activity (PA) on the cognition and behaviour of children and adolescents with ADHD. METHODS: Studies were identified in five databases (PubMed, SPORTDiscus, ProQuest, Web of Science, and SCOPUS), from January 2000 through to January 2017...
April 3, 2018: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Maura Boldrini, Camille A Fulmore, Alexandria N Tartt, Laika R Simeon, Ina Pavlova, Verica Poposka, Gorazd B Rosoklija, Aleksandar Stankov, Victoria Arango, Andrew J Dwork, René Hen, J John Mann
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis declines in aging rodents and primates. Aging humans are thought to exhibit waning neurogenesis and exercise-induced angiogenesis, with a resulting volumetric decrease in the neurogenic hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG) region, although concurrent changes in these parameters are not well studied. Here we assessed whole autopsy hippocampi from healthy human individuals ranging from 14 to 79 years of age. We found similar numbers of intermediate neural progenitors and thousands of immature neurons in the DG, comparable numbers of glia and mature granule neurons, and equivalent DG volume across ages...
April 5, 2018: Cell Stem Cell
Christopher M Celano, Ariana M Albanese, Rachel A Millstein, Carol A Mastromauro, Wei-Jean Chung, Kirsti A Campbell, Sean R Legler, Elyse R Park, Brian C Healy, Linda M Collins, James L Januzzi, Jeff C Huffman
OBJECTIVE: Despite the clear benefits of physical activity and related behaviors on prognosis, most patients suffering an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) remain nonadherent to these behaviors. Deficits in positive psychological constructs (e.g., optimism) are linked to reduced participation in health behaviors, supporting the potential utility of a positive psychology (PP)-based intervention in post-ACS patients. Accordingly, we aimed to identify optimal components of a PP-based intervention to promote post-ACS physical activity...
April 5, 2018: Psychosomatic Medicine
Christina D Fuller, John J Galvin, Bert Maat, Deniz Başkent, Rolien H Free
In normal-hearing (NH) adults, long-term music training may benefit music and speech perception, even when listening to spectro-temporally degraded signals as experienced by cochlear implant (CI) users. In this study, we compared two different music training approaches in CI users and their effects on speech and music perception, as it remains unclear which approach to music training might be best. The approaches differed in terms of music exercises and social interaction. For the pitch/timbre group, melodic contour identification (MCI) training was performed using computer software...
January 2018: Trends in Hearing
John Spencer Ingels, Sam Zizzi
OBJECTIVE: To explore participant perspectives of the impact emotions have on weight loss. DESIGN: A qualitative design gathered data through semi-structured interviews with participants in a weight management programme. The interview addresses the following research questions: (1) how do individuals working to lose weight perceive the impact emotions have on their long-term success, and (2) what strategies do more or less successful participants use to regulate their emotions? Researchers conducted and transcribed the interviews then completed content analysis to create and organise themes...
April 4, 2018: Psychology & Health
Anke Versluis, Bart Verkuil, Philip Spinhoven, Jos F Brosschot
OBJECTIVE: Perseverative cognition (e.g. worry) and unconscious stress are suggested to be important mediators in the relation between stressors and physiological health. We examined whether a smartphone-based worry-reduction training improved a physiological marker of stress (i.e. increased heart rate variability [HRV]) and unconscious stress. DESIGN: Randomised-controlled trial was conducted with individuals reporting work stress (n = 136). Participants were randomised to the experimental, control or waitlist condition (resp...
April 3, 2018: Psychology & Health
Zohreh Kalani, Zahra Pourmovahed, Tahmineh Farajkhoda, Imane Bagheri
Background: It is believed that women of all ages do less physical activities compared to men. The development of interventional projects for increasing the women's participation in physical activity needs the recognition of resources and exploration of women's perspectives on exercise in their lives in the Iranian culture and context. Methods: This qualitative study was conducted in an urban area of Iran on 46 women attending healthcare centers, volunteer health care providers, university students, sportswomen and one of the officials of the provincial women's sports...
April 2018: International Journal of Community Based Nursing and Midwifery
Sally A Rose, David Sheffield, Martyn Harling
Didactic teaching about stress is part of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum. The content and methods of integrating conceptual teaching within the experiential pedagogy are rarely explored. Workable range is a model of stress and emotion regulation that illustrates patterns of physical, emotional and cognitive reactivity in relation to mindful presence. This is a qualitative case study of the inclusion of the workable range model into an MBSR course as a refinement of the didactic teaching about stress...
2018: Mindfulness
Blathin Casey, Susan Coote, Molly Byrne
Increasing physical activity (PA) through exercise is associated with improvements in many of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) such as fatigue, strength, balance, and mobility. Despite this, people with MS remain largely inactive. Interventions that are grounded in theory and that aim to change PA behavior need to be developed. The purpose of this study was to describe the development process of a web-based resource, namely, "Activity Matters," to enable people with MS to become more active...
March 27, 2018: Translational Behavioral Medicine
Serge Brand, Flora Colledge, Sebastian Ludyga, Raphael Emmenegger, Nadeem Kalak, Dena Sadeghi Bahmani, Edith Holsboer-Trachsler, Uwe Pühse, Markus Gerber
Background: Studies at the macro level (such as longer-term interventions) showed that physical activity impacts positively on cognitive-emotional processes of patients with mental disorders. However, research focusing on the immediate impact of acute bouts of exercise (micro level) are missing. The aim of the present study was therefore to investigate whether and to what extent single bouts of moderately intense exercise can influence dimensions of psychological functioning in inpatients with mental disorders...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Tatsuya Hirase, Hideki Kataoka, Jiro Nakano, Shigeru Inokuchi, Junya Sakamoto, Minoru Okita
AIM: The present cross-sectional study investigated the relationship between frailty and chronic pain, activities of daily living (ADL), and physical activity in community-dwelling older adults. METHODS: Participants were 379 older adults who attended community-based exercise classes. Outcome measures were frailty as determined by the Kihon Checklist, full pain assessment (including the sensory, emotional and cognitive aspects of pain), ADL and physical activity...
March 26, 2018: Geriatrics & Gerontology International
Sophie Scharner, Tiemo Friedrich, Miriam Goebel-Stengel, Peter Kobelt, Matthias Rose, Andreas Stengel
Activity-based anorexia (ABA) is a well-established animal model mimicking the eating disorder anorexia nervosa (AN). Since the pathophysiology of AN is yet poorly understood and specific drug treatments are lacking so far, animal models might be useful to further understand this disease. ABA consists of time-restricted access to food for 1.5 h/day and the possibility to exercise in a running wheel for 24 h/day. This combination leads to robust body weight loss as observed in AN. Here, we investigated the activation of brain corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) neurons, a transmitter involved in the response to stress, emotional processes and also food intake...
March 21, 2018: Neuroscience Letters
Jantine J L M Boselie, Linda M G Vancleef, Madelon L Peters
BACKGROUND: Chronic pain is associated with emotional problems as well as difficulties in cognitive functioning. Prior experimental studies have shown that optimism, the tendency to expect that good things happen in the future, and positive emotions can counteract pain-induced task performance deficits in healthy participants. More specifically, induced optimism was found to buffer against the negative effects of experimental pain on executive functioning. This clinical experiment examined whether this beneficial effect can be extended to a chronic pain population...
March 24, 2018: European Journal of Pain: EJP
Jennifer Jane Hardes
The positive relationship between exercise and mental health is often taken for granted in today's society, despite the lack of academic literature evidencing this symbiosis. Gender is considered a significant determinant in a number of mental health diagnoses. Indeed, women are considered twice as likely as men to experience the most pervasive mental health condition, depression. Exercise for women's mental health is promoted through various macrolevel charity, as well as microlevel, campaigns that influence government healthcare policy and National Health Service guidelines...
March 21, 2018: Medical Humanities
Ozge Selin Cevik, Leyla Sahin, Lulufer Tamer
AIM: The type and duration of exposure to stress is an important influence on emotional and cognitive functions. Learning is the adaptive response of the central nervous system that occurs in hippocampus which affects from environmental factors like exercise. In this study, we investigated effects of long term treadmill exercise on learning and behavior on chronic social isolated rat. MAIN METHODS: Male Wistar rats (n = 32) randomly assigned into four groups: control, exercised, social isolation, social isolation + exercise during postnatal days (PNDs) 21-34...
March 17, 2018: Life Sciences
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