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Gilly Hartal, Orna Sasson-Levy
In this paper we stress the need for specifically located understandings of the concept of homonationalism, by introducing an analysis of spatial and political power relations dissecting disparate constructions of LGBT arenas. The paper explores three spaces: Tel-Aviv - an urban space of LGBT belonging, Jerusalem - the Israeli capital where being an LGBT individual is problematic both in public and in private spaces and Kiryat-Shmona - a conservative and peripheral underprivileged town in the north of Israel...
September 13, 2017: Journal of Homosexuality
Matthew J Wylie, Alvin N Setiawan, Glen W Irvine, Jane E Symonds, Abigail Elizur, P Mark Lokman
The ability to advance puberty in broodstock that have a long generation interval and mature at large size is a highly valuable tool in contemporary aquaculture enterprise. Juvenile male and female wreckfish 'hāpuku' (Polyprion oxygeneios), a candidate for commercialization in aquaculture, were subjected to treatment for 8weeks with two implants, one containing steroid (blank; estradiol-17β, E2; 11-ketotestosterone, KT; 17 α-methyltestosterone, MT), the other peptide (blank; gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog, GnRHa; kisspeptin, Kiss2-12)...
February 1, 2018: General and Comparative Endocrinology
Dasha Serykh
This essay focuses on representations of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe in U.S. homophile periodicals from 1953 to 1964. Extending the application of Jasbir Puar's concept of homonationalism to the Cold War period, the essay examines 128 articles and other items that were published in ONE, Mattachine Review, and The Ladder and demonstrates that these periodicals often engaged in homonationalist discourses when constructing the Russian, Soviet, and Eastern European "other." Negative constructions of these regions were sometimes used to affirm the political alignment of the homophile authors with the American nation...
2017: Journal of Homosexuality
Sarah Ribeiro Milograna, Márcia Regina Ribeiro, Fernanda Tinti Bell, John Campbell McNamara
Pigment aggregation in shrimp chromatophores is triggered by red pigment concentrating hormone (RPCH), a neurosecretory peptide whose plasma membrane receptor may be a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR). While RPCH binding activates the Ca(2+) /cGMP signaling cascades, a role for cyclic AMP (cAMP) in pigment aggregation is obscure, as are the steps governing Ca(2+) release from the smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER). A role for the antagonistic neuropeptide, pigment dispersing homone (α-PDH) is also unclear...
November 2016: Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part A, Ecological Genetics and Physiology
Ramanathan K Kasimanickam, William D Whittier, John B Hall, John P Kastelic
Three experiments comparing four estrous synchronization protocols were conducted to determine estrous expression rate and artificial insemination pregnancy rate (AI-PR) in heifers with a range (1-5) of reproductive tract scores (RTSs). At enrollment (Day 0), 1783 Angus cross beef heifers from six locations were given body condition score and RTS. The four protocols were: (1) HRTS-DPGF group-heifers with RTS 5 received prostaglandin F2α (PGF; Dinoprost 25 mg; im) on Days 0 and 14; (2) HRTS-CIDR-PGF group-heifers with RTS 5 received a CIDR (1...
August 2016: Theriogenology
C Orlandini, C Regini, F L Vellucci, F Petraglia, S Luisi
Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is defined by the presence of primary or secondary amenorrhea, for at least 4 months, before the age of 40 years associated with follicle stimulating homone levels in menopausal range, exciding 40 UI/L. The diagnosis is confirmed by two blood sample at least 1 month to measure the level of FSH (over 40 UI/L) and level of estradiol (below 50 pmol/L). Ovarian follicular dysfunction and/or depletion of functional primordial follicles characterized this pathology. Abnormal bleeding patterns also include oligomenrrhea and polimenorrhea; because of these irregular menstrual cycles during adolescence, diagnosis could be difficult in young women...
October 2015: Minerva Ginecologica
M L Homon
Anesthesiological support of 47 patients, while performing reconstructive operations on the lower extremities arteries in presence of the third level of operative risk (according to ASA), was analyzed; of them in 24 - a spinal anesthesia was applied, in 23 - a reduced spino-epidural anesthesia. Application of a spino-epidural anesthesia/analgesia with reduction of the dose of a spinal component and usage of analgesia instead of anesthesia secures lesser intraoperative oscillations of hemodynamic indices in comparison with such while performing spinal anesthesia, as well as better antinociceptive protection, is also characterized by small toxic impact on the patient, demands application of a sedative and the infusion therapy of lesser volume...
September 2014: Klinichna Khirurhiia
Jane Bennett
This paper explores arguments for and against same-sex marriage as 'movement advocacy' in the USA as a backdrop to the proposition that, despite the influence of US discourses on South African debates about same-sex marriage, US discussions are less important to understanding South African responses than controversies about marriage itself in the country. The paper works in two sections. First it sketches legal and critical tensions within the USA around the implications of same-sex marriage activism, drawing on work from Franke, Brandzel, Grossman, Puar and others...
2015: Culture, Health & Sexuality
M S Zahriĭchuk, I I Bulyk, Iu I Masiuk, A V Homon, V A Kondratiuk, V V Prysiazhniuk
Experience of surgical treatment was summarized and its results were analyzed in patients, suffering biliary calculous disease, coexistent with other surgical diseases of abdominal organs. Main aspects of diagnosis and prognosis for efficacy of simultant operations were presented, and there were also adduced the method of prognosis of the operative treatment results in such patients, the proposed principle of determination of indications and contraindications for performance of simultant laparoscopic operations, a scale of the risk estimation for performance of such operative interventions...
February 2014: Klinichna Khirurhiia
Inga Griskova-Bulanova, Ramune Griksiene, Milena Korostenskaja, Osvaldas Ruksenas
Auditory steady-state responses (ASSRs) are widely applied to test brain's ability to follow external stimulation in neuropsychiatric disorders. It is known that ASSRs are related to GABAergic transmission. Female sex steroid homones - both estrogens and progesterone - affect functioning of GABAergic system. However, it is not known how these hormones affect brain's ability to entrain. This study was designed to test the ability to synchronize to 40 Hz stimulation during different phases of the menstrual cycle...
2014: Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis
Marius Kraenzlin, Christian Meier
Bone is a dynamic tissue that undergoes renewal and repair throughout life through the process of bone remodelling. Skeletal homeostasis is achieved through coupled and balanced bone resorption and bone formation. Several local and systemic factors regulate these processes, including sex hormones. Estrogenes and androgens influence growth, maturation and maintenance of bone mass. Sex homones act on bone through multiple mechansims. Sex hormones influence synthesis and secretion of many growth factors and cytokines, and play therefore a central role in the regulation of bone metabolism...
April 2014: Therapeutische Umschau. Revue Thérapeutique
J A Mattison, C Wright, R T Bronson, G S Roth, D K Ingram, A Bartke
Ames dwarf mice, which are small and deficient in growth homone (GH), prolactin (PRL), and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) live much longer (1-1.25 years) than their normal siblings. It was of interest to examine the response of these animals to caloric restriction (CR) because of the possibility that dwarf mice are voluntarily caloric restricted. We are testing the hypothesis that this possible natural caloric restriction will negate any benefits of an imposed CR on lifespan. Male and female Ames dwarf mice and their normal counterparts have been fed ad libitum (AL) or a 30% CR diet for 25-29 months...
January 2000: Journal of the American Aging Association
In most large scale trials the prognosis of ischemic heart failure is worse than in patients with non-ischemic etiology. The therapeutic effect of essential drugs such as ACE-inhibitors, betablockers and diuretics is similar, but response to some other drugs (amiodarone, amlodipine, digoxin, growth homone) is better in non-ischemic heart failure. Of great practical importance is the recognition of hibernating myocardium in coronary artery disease, since revascularisation may significantly improve left ventricular function...
May 1, 2000: Therapeutische Umschau. Revue Thérapeutique
Family and personal history as well as clinical examination are the basic data to be known before laboratory examinations should be started. To obtain results that can be correctly interpreted, the blood sampling has to be done in the early morning hours between day 1 and 5 of the cycle, and for some homones on an empty stomach. Depending on the clinical data, the hormonal screening can be selective and well directed, or it has to be broader. The presence or absence of galactorrhea, of hot flushes and of androgenization or virilization play an important role for the decision about the hormones to be determined...
January 1, 2000: Therapeutische Umschau. Revue Thérapeutique
Lili Ma, Guiyuan Ji, Zhuoqin Jiang
OBJECTIVE: To explore the effects of soy protein on the expression of SREBP-1,2 in rats feeding normal and high-fat diet. METHODS: Forty eight Sprague-Dawley SPF class rats were randomly divided into 4 groups matched by body weight, soy protein group, casein group, soy protein-high fat group, casein-high fat group. The experiment diets were fed for 28 d. Then the rats were sacrificed off cervical, determined serum levels of homone and the level of gene expression...
November 2012: Wei Sheng Yan Jiu, Journal of Hygiene Research
P V Rao, K V Dakshinamurty, K S Saibaba, P V Murty, G Venkataramana, V Sreekrishna
Chronic renal failure, characterised by two factors acting in opposite directions with respect to the serum thyroid homone levels was chosen for the study. Healthy controls, donors undergoing nephrectomy and renal transplant recipients were studied. In transplant recipients, presurgical levels of total thyroxine(TT4), free triiodothyronine(FT3) and free thyroxine(FT4) were lower than controls, and immediately after the release of arterial clamps, there was an upsurge of total triiodothyronine (TT3), TT4, FT3 and FT4 due to administered and/or endogeneously secreted catecholamines...
July 1999: Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry: IJCB
Jens Juul Holst
The glucagon gene is expressed not only in the alpha cells of the pancreatic islets but also in the endocrine cells of the intestinal epithelium (so-called L-cells), and in certain neurons of the brain stem. Whereas in the pancreas, glucagon, the hyperglycaemic hormone, is cleaved out of the 160 amino acid precursor, proglucagon, leaving behind proglucagon fragments (PG 1-30 and PG 72-158, the so-called major proglucagon fragment (MPGF)) that are probably inactive, the intestinal processing leads to the formation of glicentin (PG 1-69; action uncertain) and glucagon-like peptides 1 (PG 78-107amide, a potent incretin homone, regulating insulin secretion, glucagon secretion, gastrointestinal motility and appetite) and 2 (PG 126-158, a regulator of gut mucosal growth and integrity)...
2010: Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation
William J McKinstry, Galina Polekhina, Hannelore Diefenbach-Jagger, Koh Sato, Etsuro Onuma, Matthew T Gillespie, Thomas J Martin, Michael W Parker
Parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) plays an important role in regulating embryonic skeletal development and is abnormally regulated in the pathogenesis of skeletal complications observed with many cancers and osteoporosis. It exerts its action through binding to a G-protein-coupled seven-transmembrane cell-surface receptor (GPCR). Structurally, GPCRs are very difficult to study by X-ray crystallography. In this study, a monoclonal antibody Fab fragment which recognizes the same region of PTHrP as its receptor, PTH1R, was used to aid in the crystallization of PTHrP...
April 1, 2009: Acta Crystallographica. Section F, Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications
Kevin Qian, Lian Wang, Charles L Cywin, Bennett T Farmer, Eugene Hickey, Carol Homon, Scott Jakes, Mohammed A Kashem, George Lee, Scott Leonard, Jun Li, Ronald Magboo, Wang Mao, Edward Pack, Charlene Peng, Anthony Prokopowicz, Morgan Welzel, John Wolak, Tina Morwick
A series of inhibitors of Pim-2 kinase identified by high-throughput screening is described. Details of the hit validation and lead generation process and structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies are presented. Disclosure of an unconventional binding mode for 1, as revealed by X-ray crystallography using the highly homologous Pim-1 protein, is also presented, and observed binding features are shown to correlate with the Pim-2 SAR. While highly selective within the kinase family, the series shows similar potency for both Pim-1 and Pim-2, which was expected on the basis of homology, but unusual in light of reports in the literature documenting a bias for Pim-1...
April 9, 2009: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Robert S Danziger
Aminopeptidase N (APN) or CD13 is a conserved type II integral membrane zinc-dependent metalloprotease in the M1 family of ectoenzymes. APN is abundant in the kidneys and central nervous system. Identified substrates include Angiotensin III (Ang III); neuropeptides, including enkephalins and endorphins; and homones, including kallidan and somatostatin. It is developmentally expressed, a myelomonocytic marker for leukemias, and a receptor for coronovirus. There is evolving support for APN in the regulation of arterial blood pressure and the pathogenesis of hypertension...
September 2008: Heart Failure Reviews
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