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Silvija Kasić, Marita Knezović, Nataša Beader, Dragana Gabrić, Ana Ivanišević Malčić, Anja Baraba
OBJECTIVE: The objective was to compare the efficacy of three different lasers in disinfection of root canals inoculated with Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans biofilms. BACKGROUND: Endodontic space disinfection depends on the type of root canal irrigant used and the way it is delivered and agitated because irrigants have limited ability to reach all parts of root canal system. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty single-rooted human teeth were selected...
April 20, 2017: Photomedicine and Laser Surgery
Jonas Häusler, Saskia Schimmel, Peter Wellmann, Wolfgang Schnick
In this contribution, first synthesis of semiconducting ZnSiN2 and ZnGeN2 from solution is presented with supercritical ammonia as solvent and KNH2 as ammonobasic mineralizer. The reactions were conducted in custom-built high-pressure autoclaves made of nickel-based superalloy. The nitrides were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction and their crystal structures were refined by the Rietveld method. ZnSiN2 (a = 5.24637(4), b = 6.28025(5), c = 5.02228(4) Å, Z = 4, Rwp = 0.0556) and isotypic ZnGeN2 (a = 5...
April 20, 2017: Chemistry: a European Journal
Hyong Seok Park, Jungwoo Yang, Hee Jung Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim
Microwave sterilization was performed to inactivate the spores of biofilms of Bacillus cereus involved in foodborne illness. The sterilization conditions, such as the amount of water biofilms were immersed in, temperature, and treatment time, were optimized after 15 runs based on the Box-Behnken design. The sterilization conditions, such as the amount of water and the operating temperature and treatment time were optimized using statistical analysis based on 15 runs experimental results designed by the Box- Behnken method...
April 20, 2017: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Katherine A Keeley
Many oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures are done in an office-based setting, with many oral and maxillofacial surgeons involved in oversight of equipment maintenance. Goals in equipment management are to prevent harm to patients and staff, stay compliant with current regulations, and increase equipment longevity. This article covers the safety, maintenance, and inspection related to electrical equipment used in the treatment of patients, autoclaves, radiograph machines, nitrous oxide and oxygen medical gases, and required back-up power and lighting...
May 2017: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America
Xiaolu Li, Yiyong Zhou, Guanglong Liu, Hongjun Lei, Duanwei Zhu
In previous studies, resuspended sediments that were exposed to simulated solar irradiation could release dissolved phosphate (PO4(3-)). However, the mechanisms of phosphate release remain unclear. In this research, a battery of experiments was performed to reveal the mechanisms of the photochemical release of phosphate from resuspended sediments of a shallow eutrophic lake under solar irradiation. The results show that the PO4(3-) released in resuspended sediments was significantly higher than that in the dark control or in water alone after treatment with solar irradiation for 6h...
April 11, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
N E Gasz, M L Harvey
Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) refers to the use of blowfly larvae to clean or debride an infected wound. Most commonly, larvae of Lucilia sericata (Meigen) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) are used, and are sterilized prior to use to ensure no further bacterial infections are introduced during treatment. Current methods sterilize eggs from laboratory-reared blowfly colonies, after which sterile early second instar maggots can be provided to hospitals for use in treatment. Maggots not required for treatment are used for colony regeneration, in which sterility is not maintained...
April 12, 2017: Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Peggy Cebe, Benjamin P Partlow, David L Kaplan, Andreas Wurm, Evgeny Zhuravlev, Christoph Schick
Using fast scanning calorimetry (FSC), we investigated the glass transition and crystal melting of samples of B. mori silk fibroin containing Silk I and/or Silk II crystals. Due to the very short residence times at high temperatures during such measurements, thermal decomposition of silk protein can be significantly suppressed. FSC was performed at 2000 K/s using the Mettler Flash DSC1 on fibroin films with masses around 130-270 ng. Films were prepared with different crystalline fractions (ranging from 0.26 to 0...
April 4, 2017: Acta Biomaterialia
Priyanka Jain, Neha Arora, Juhi Mehtani, Vikas Pruthi, C B Majumder
In the present investigation, toxic algal bloom, a copious and low-cost nutrient source was deployed for cultivating Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Various pre-treatment methods using combinations of acid/alkali and autoclave/microwave were tested for preparing hydrolysates and compared with minimal media (BG-11). Acid autoclave treatment resulted in maximum carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous content which substantially boosted the growth of the microalgal cells (4.36g/L) as compared to rest of the media. The microalga grown in this media also showed enhanced lipid content (43...
March 28, 2017: Bioresource Technology
Eliane von Klitzing, Fulya Öz, Ira Ekmekciu, Ulrike Escher, Stefan Bereswill, Markus M Heimesaat
Secondary abiotic mice generated by broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment provide a valuable tool for association studies with microbiota derived from different vertebrate hosts. We here generated human microbiota-associated (hma) mice by human fecal microbiota transplantation of secondary abiotic mice and performed a comprehensive survey of the intestinal microbiota dynamics in offspring of hma mice over 18 weeks following weaning as compared to their mothers applying both cultural and molecular methods. Mice were maintained under standard hygienic conditions with open cages, handled under aseptic conditions, and fed autoclaved chow and water...
March 2017: European Journal of Microbiology & Immunology
Youngwoo Kim, Yoshiaki Katsura, Nina Kasahara, Takashi Kasahara, Masashi Kanamura, Keiichi Kawanabe
INTRODUCTION: Infected periprosthetic femoral fractures are among the most complex and significant complications of total hip arthroplasty (THA). We report the novel use of a temporary THA-like spacer for treating an infected periprosthetic femoral fracture after revision surgery using a long stem. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a 72-year-old woman sustained a left infected periprosthetic femoral fracture after revi - streptococci in the culture sample. On suspicion of a periprosthetic joint infection, we planned a two-stage procedure...
March 22, 2017: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Tutku Cakir-Omur, Rifat Gozneli, Yasemin Ozkan
PURPOSE: To examine the application of physical vapor deposition (PVD) silica coating as an approach to retard low temperature degradation (LTD) for dental applications. Accelerated aging characteristics of heat- and surface-treated zirconia material were also investigated by exposing specimens to hydrothermal treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The specimens (90 disc-shaped specimens [15 mm ×1.2 mm]) were divided into 9 groups (n = 10) according to the test protocol: Ctrl, control (no surface treatment); Ag, autoclave aging; GrAg, grinding + aging; SiAg, silica coating + aging; GrSiAg, grinding + silica coating + aging; 3FAg, 3-time firing + aging; Gr3FAg, grinding + 3-time firing + aging; 5FAg, 5-time firing + aging; Gr5FAg, grinding + 5-time firing + aging...
April 6, 2017: Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists
C Kaewtapee, M Eklund, M Wiltafsky, H-P Piepho, R Mosenthin, P Rosenfelder
One batch each of eight full-fat soybeans (FFSB) was used to determine the effect of different heat treatments including wet heating (WH) and autoclaving (AC) on chemical composition and standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of CP and AA in growing pigs. The raw FFSB (K0) were either treated by WH at 80°C for 1 min (K1), at 100°C for 6 min (K2), or at 100°C for 16 min (K3). Thereafter, these batches were expanded at 125°C for 15 s. A further heat treatment included AC at 110°C for 15 (Z1), 30 (Z2), 45 (Z3), or 60 (Z4) min of FFSB that were subjected to the same WH treatment as K3...
February 2017: Journal of Animal Science
Mason D King, Ray B Bryant, Louis S Saporito, Anthony R Buda, Arthur L Allen, Lindsey A Hughes, Fawzy M Hashem, Peter J A Kleinman, Eric B May
Urea-N is linked to harmful algal blooms in lakes and estuaries, and urea-N-based fertilizers have been implicated as a source. However, the export of urea-N-based fertilizers appears unlikely, as high concentrations of urea-N are most commonly found in surface waters outside periods of fertilization. To evaluate possible autochthonous production of urea-N, we monitored urea-N released from drainage ditch sediments using mesocosms. Sediments from a cleaned (recently dredged) drainage ditch, uncleaned ditch, forested ditch, riparian wetland, and an autoclaved sand control were isolated in mesocosms and flooded for 72 h to quantify urea-N, NH-N, and NO-N in the floodwater...
March 2017: Journal of Environmental Quality
Hao Yu, Ghislaine Cauchois, Nicolas Louvet, Yun Chen, Rachid Rahouadj, Céline Huselstein
Once articular cartilage is damaged, it has poor ability to heal. At present, alginate-based hydrogels have 3D-dimensional physical structures with great potential for applications in carilage tissue engineering. For osteochondral defect, it will be necessary to use stratified scaffold to mimic zonal organization of cartilage. This study aims to compare the characteristics of alginate (Alg)/hyaluronic acid (HA) hydrogels which will mimic cartilage with alginate (Alg)/hydroxyapatite (Hap) hydrogels which will mimic subchondral bone...
2017: Bio-medical Materials and Engineering
Victoria McCreanor, Nicholas Graves
BACKGROUND: Hydrogen peroxide-based, low-temperature sterilization has been shown to do less damage to medical instruments than steam autoclaves. However, low-temperature systems are more expensive to run. Higher costs need to be balanced against savings from reduced repair costs to determine value for money when choosing how to sterilize certain instruments, which are able to be reprocessed in either system. METHODS: This analysis examines the economic effects of using low-temperature sterilization systems to reprocess rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes, which are sensitive to heat and moisture, but still able to be sterilized using steam...
March 29, 2017: American Journal of Infection Control
L N S Santos, P D S Cabral, G A R Neves, F R Alves, M B Teixeira, F N Cunha, N F Silva
The availability of common bean cultivars tolerant to Meloidogyne javanica is limited in Brazil. Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the reactions of 33 common bean genotypes (23 landrace, 8 commercial, 1 susceptible standard and 1 resistant standard) to M. javanica, employing multivariate statistics to discriminate the reaction of the genotypes. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse using a completely randomized design with seven replicates. The seeds were sown in 1-L pots containing autoclaved soil and sand in a 1:1 ratio (v:v)...
March 16, 2017: Genetics and Molecular Research: GMR
Po Ying Poon, Patrick Ying Kit Yue, Ricky Ngok Shun Wong
The cell migration/wounding assay is a commonly used method to study cell migration and other biological processes, such as angiogenesis and tumor metastasis. In this assay, cells are grown to form a confluent monolayer and a mechanical wound is created by scratching with a device. Then the migration rate of the cells towards the denuded area can be monitored by imaging. Our 8-channel mechanical wounder is designed to tackle most of the problems associated with the cell migration assay. Firstly, our wounder can be easily sterilized by autoclaving or with common disinfectants...
March 7, 2017: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Brittany E Harlow, Laurie M Lawrence, Patricia A Harris, Glen E Aiken, Michael D Flythe
Cereal grains are often included in equine diets. When starch intake exceeds foregut digestion starch will reach the hindgut, impacting microbial ecology. Probiotics (e.g., lactobacilli) are reported to mitigate GI dysbioses in other species. This study was conducted to determine the effect of exogenous lactobacilli on pH and the growth of amylolytic and lactate-utilizing bacteria. Feces were collected from 3 mature geldings fed grass hay with access to pasture. Fecal microbes were harvested by differential centrifugation, washed, and re-suspended in anaerobic media containing ground corn, wheat, or oats at 1...
2017: PloS One
Kazuyuki Maeda, Yuichi Nakajima, Yoshikazu Tanahashi, Yoshiyuki Kitou, Akihiro Miwa, Kyoko Kanamaru, Tetsuo Kobayashi, Takumi Nishiuchi, Makoto Kimura
Fusarium graminearum produces trichothecene mycotoxins under certain nutritional conditions. When L-Thr and its analogue L-allo-threonine were added to brown rice flour solid medium before inoculation, trichothecene production after 4 days of incubation was suppressed. A time-course analysis of gene expression demonstrated that L-Thr suppressed transcription of Tri6, a trichothecene master regulator gene, and a terpene cyclase Tri5 gene. Regulation of trichothecene biosynthesis by altering major primary metabolic processes may open up the possibility to develop safe chemicals for the reduction of mycotoxin contamination might be developed...
March 29, 2017: Archives of Microbiology
Gregory M Olson, Heng Gao, Buffy M Meyer, M Scott Miles, Edward B Overton
During the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil well blowout in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (GoM), the application of 6.97 million litres of chemical dispersants was used at the well-head and on the sea surface to promote oil degradation and weathering of the Mississippi Canyon 252 (MC252) crude oil. Chemical dispersants encourage microbial degradation by increasing the surface area of the spilled oil, which also increases its bioavailability. However, the net beneficial effects of using chemical dispersants on spilled oil and their effects on weathering are not completely elucidated in contemporary literature...
March 2017: Heliyon
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