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Chhabilal Regmi, Bhupendra Joshi, Schindra K Ray, Gobinda Gyawali, Ramesh P Pandey
Several photocatalytic nanoparticles are synthesized and studied for potential application for the degradation of organic and biological wastes. Although these materials degrade organic compounds by advance oxidation process, the exact mechanisms of microbial decontamination remains partially known. Understanding the real mechanisms of these materials for microbial cell death and growth inhibition helps to fabricate more efficient semiconductor photocatalyst for large-scale decontamination of environmental wastewater or industries and hospitals/biomedical labs generating highly pathogenic bacteria and toxic molecules containing liquid waste by designing a reactor...
2018: Frontiers in Chemistry
Sidney Júlio de Faria E Sousa, Stella Barretto de Faria E Sousa
Eye banks use sterile procedures to manipulate the eye, antiseptic measures for ocular surface decontamination, and rigorous criteria for donor selection to minimize the possibility of disease transmission due to corneal grafting. Donor selection focuses on analysis of medical records and specific post-mortem serological tests. To guide and standardize procedures, eye bank associations and government agencies provide lists of absolute and relative contraindications for use of the tissue based on donor health history...
January 2018: Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia
Khurram Muaz, Muhammad Riaz, Saeed Akhtar, Sungkwon Park, Amir Ismail
Poultry production is among the most rapidly growing industries around the globe, and poultry is one of the major sources of meat. Poultry farmers use disease preventive and growth promoter antibiotics for faster growth of chickens in the shortest possible time to increase the rate of feed assimilation and to lower the incidence of mortality caused by a pathogen attack. Antibiotics may result in dysfunctionality of beneficial gut microbiota and increase resistance among microbial pathogens in poultry. Residues of these antibiotics in poultry meat have been determined in many of the studies globally and are considered one of the possible causes of antibacterial resistance in human pathogens...
March 14, 2018: Journal of Food Protection
Prasan Kumar Panda, Annu Raj, Shiv Shankar Singh
Treatments of patient with amlodipine (a calcium channel blocker, CCB) overdose/poisoning remain challenging and death is certain if not intervened timely. Furthermore, for a society, the availability and common use of this drug make more vulnerable, especially by children, towards an accidental/suicidal poisoning. Here we describe an adolescent school girl who took 150 mg of amlodipine and was admitted in our hospital approximately 4 hours after ingestion with suicidal intention. She developed circulatory failure and tachypnea...
March 13, 2018: Current Drug Safety
Tareq M Osaili, Akram R Alaboudi, Heba N Al-Quran, Anas A Al-Nabulsi
Enterobacteriaceae family can contaminate fresh produce at any stage of production either at pre-harvest or post-harvest stages. The objectives of the current study were to i) identify Enterobacteriaceae species on iceberg lettuce, ii) compare the decontamination efficiency of water, sodium hypochlorite (free chlorine 200 ppm), peroxyacetic acid (PA 80 ppm; Kenocid 2100® ) or their combinations and ionizing radiation against Enterobacteriaceae on shredded iceberg lettuce and iii) determine the survival of Enterobacteriaceae post-treatment storage of shredded iceberg lettuce at 4, 10 and 25 °C, for up to 7 days...
August 2018: Food Microbiology
Ana Laura Calderón-Garcidueñas, Stefan M Waliszewski, Rubén Ruiz-Ramos, María Del Carmen Martinez-Valenzuela
The population that lives in areas where organochlorine pesticides were spread in the past is still exposed to them through contaminated food, particulate matter, and vapors. Due to their lipophilic properties and resistance to metabolic reactions, they accumulate in tissues and fluids rich in lipids. The aim of the study was to monitor the concentrations of organochlorine pesticides in forensic adipose tissue samples of adult inhabitants of Veracruz City, Mexico, and compare their time trend levels from 1988 to 2014...
March 10, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Ruiwei Xu, Zhen Zhang, Liping Wang, Ningning Yin, Xiaohui Zhan
This study evaluated the effects of two surfactants (i.e., Tween 80 and SDS) on biodegradation of crude oil by mixed bacterial consortium in soil-aqueous system. The mixed bacterial consortium was domesticated from the activated sludge of cooking plant through a progressive domestication process. High-throughput sequencing analysis revealed that Rhodanobacter sp. was the dominant bacteria. The higher CMCeff value for two surfactants was observed in soil-aqueous system compared with that in aqueous system, which was likely due to their adsorption onto soil particles...
March 10, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jie Luo, Jian Wu, Siyuan Huo, Shihua Qi, Xiaowen Sophie Gu
The combined utilization of direct or alternating electric fields and phytoremediation was designed to decontaminate multi-metal polluted soil at a field scale e-waste recycling impacted site. Eucalyptus globulus was chosen for metal purification for its resilient and unpalatable nature. Biomass production, metal concentration and water use efficiency of the species under direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) fields with various voltages were investigated. DC and AC fields stimulated the growth of the plant, except for DC field with high voltage (10 V)...
March 5, 2018: Chemosphere
Matthew J O'Hara, Nathaniel J Murray, Jennifer C Carter, Samuel S Morrison
Zirconium-89 (89 Zr), produced by the (p, n) reaction from naturally monoisotopic yttrium (nat Y), is a promising positron emitting isotope for immunoPET imaging. Its long half-life of 78.4 h is sufficient for evaluating slow physiological processes. A prototype automated fluidic system, coupled to on-line and in-line detectors, has been constructed to facilitate development of new89 Zr purification methodologies. The highly reproducible reagent delivery platform and near-real time monitoring of column effluents allows for efficient method optimization...
February 24, 2018: Journal of Chromatography. A
Rajendran Selvakumar, Govindarajan Ramadoss, Mridula P Menon, Karuppuli Rajendran, Palanisami Thavamani, Ravi Naidu, Mallavarapu Megharaj
Uranium contamination of soil has been a major concern with respect to its toxicity, accumulation in the food chain and persistence in the environment. Owing to these problems, remediation of uranium-contaminated soils has been investigated by various techniques. This review focuses on the challenges and complexities associated with the remediation of uranium-contaminated soil at field level. Therefore, laboratory studies have been excluded from this review. Challenges faced during remediation of uranium-contaminated soil using various techniques such as microbial/phyto/chemical/material based strategies have been discussed with suitable examples...
March 7, 2018: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Guoshuai Liu, Yanan Zhou, Jie Teng, Jinna Zhang, Shijie You
The advanced oxidation process (AOP) based on SO4 - radicals draws an increasing interest in water and wastewater treatment. Producing SO4 - radicals from the activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) by transition metal ions or oxides may be problematic due to high operational cost and potential secondary pollution caused by metal leaching. To address this challenge, the present study reports the efficient production of SO4 - radicals through visible-light-driven photocatalytic activation (VL-PCA) of PMS by using Cu2 (OH)PO4 single crystal for enhanced degradation of a typical recalcitrant organic pollutant, i...
March 2, 2018: Chemosphere
Abimbola Allison, Edward Daniels, Shahid Chowdhury, Aliyar Fouladkhah
With recent improvements in the commercial feasibility of high pressure pasteurization units, the technology is gaining rapid acceptability across various sectors of food manufacturing, thus requiring extensive validation studies for effective adoption. Various times (1 min to 10 min) and intensity levels (0 MPa to 380 MPa) of elevated hydrostatic pressure were investigated for decontamination of mesophilic background microflora and inoculated Salmonella in orange juice. Results were analyzed by GLM procedure of SAS using Tukey- and Dunnett-adjusted ANOVA, additionally the Kmax and D-values were calculated using best-fitted (maximum R²) model obtained by GInaFit software...
March 9, 2018: Microorganisms
Craig A Schuring, Daniel L Dodge, Tyler J Whitcomb, Geoffrey C Wall, Hayden L Smith, Greg A Hicklin
Toxic exposures with serious outcomes have increased over the last decade. Limited data exists on the pattern and outcomes of overdose-exposure patients requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission. The primary objective of this study was to characterize the causes, treatments, and outcomes of toxic exposures in a mid-sized Midwestern health system. The secondary objective was to report cumulative economic costs associated with these patients. Data were obtained from medical records of patients 18 years or older with a diagnosis code of overdose admitted to the ICU at 2 teaching hospitals between August 1, 2012, and July 31, 2014...
March 2018: Journal of Trauma Nursing: the Official Journal of the Society of Trauma Nurses
Giuseppe Patianna, Nicola Alberto Valente, Antonio D'Addona, Sebastiano Andreana
BACKGROUND: Peri-implant infections are associated with the establishment and maturation of a bacterial biofilm characterized by a predominance of Gram-negative fusiform anaerobic species. The decontamination of implant surfaces is then crucial for a successful peri-implant therapy. METHODS: Twenty-one smooth and 21 rough implants, divided into four groups according to surface and treatment modality, were contaminated with Streptococcus sanguinis and then placed in an incubator with the atmosphere of 5% CO2 at 37°C for 24 hours to allow the bacteria to grow...
March 2018: Journal of Periodontology
Claudio Stacchi, Federico Berton, Davide Porrelli, Teresa Lombardi
PURPOSE: To compare the efficacy of two systems in cleaning used healing abutments (HAs). MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 60 used HAs were randomized into two groups: one treated with an automatic cleaning system, and the other with conventional decontamination procedures. After sterilization and staining, the HAs were microscopically analyzed and underwent a cellular adhesion in vitro assay. RESULTS: Contaminated areas were observed with different frequencies in the two groups (3...
March 2018: International Journal of Prosthodontics
Ellen W Evans, Elizabeth C Redmond
The incidence of foodborne illness is higher in older adults because of their increased susceptibility; therefore, food safety practices are important. However, inadequate knowledge and negative attitudes toward food safety have been reported, which may increase use of unsafe food handling practices. Data on the actual food safety behaviors of older adults are lacking. In this study, food safety practices of older adults were observed and linked to microbiological analysis of kitchen surfaces to identify suspected routes of contamination...
March 8, 2018: Journal of Food Protection
Noëmi M C De Roo, Laurent A M Thierens, Liesbeth Temmerman, Guy A M De Pauw
Prior to cryopreservation, a tooth is transported from a contaminated oral environment to the tooth bank. Our objective was to identify all studies reporting or investigating a transport protocol prior to the cryopreservation of teeth, in terms of decontamination of the subjects. The systematic literature search (1970-2017) was based on MEDLINE via PubMed, Web of Science and the Cochrane Library. The reference lists of the included studies and the Science Citation Index were used for hand searching (snowballing)...
March 7, 2018: Cell and Tissue Banking
Yuanchun Ji, Yuan Ma, Yanjiao Ma, Jakob Asenbauer, Stefano Passerini, Carsten Streb
The design of organic-inorganic hybrid composites has revolutionized application-driven materials design. Here, we show how hierarchically structured, 3D-printed ABS polymers can be surface-functionalized with lacunary polyoxometalate anions ([α-PW9 O34 ]9- ) featuring heavy-metal binding sites. The resulting composite is highly porous and can be used for the removal of transition-metal pollutants from water. Thus, a facile blueprint for decentralized production of water filtration devices is reported.
March 7, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Silvia Valero, Eduardo López-Briz, Nieves Vila, Antonio Solana, Mar Melero, Jose Luis Poveda
Assuring healthcare workers security on Hazardous Drugs (HD) compounding is critical in healthcare settings. Our study aims to demonstrate that the use of a Close System drug Transfer Device (CSTD) PhaSeal™ added to a decontamination process reduces antiblastic surface contamination levels in the Compounding Area (CA) of our Pharmacy Department (PD). We selected cyclophosphamide, 5-fluorouracil and iphosphamide to be evaluated. Testing was carried out with a wipe kit and quantified by an independent laboratory...
March 3, 2018: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology: RTP
Pam Towery, J Stephen Guffey, Susan Motts, Kaleb Brown, Grafton Harrell, Todd Hobson, Chelsea Patton
Blue light delivered at wavelengths of 405 to 470 nm has been demonstrated to inhibit growth of bacteria on foodstuffs. This study investigated the effect of a narrow band of visible light on the color, texture, and flavor (organoleptic) properties of cucumbers. Previous research in this area has focused on either broad-spectrum light or specifically the UV bands of energy. Two experiments were performed, a sensory evaluation and a discriminative test. in both experiments, half of the cucumbers were irradiated with 464 nm at 18 J/cm2 and half were left untreated...
2018: Journal of Allied Health
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