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endo vascular

Jian Shi, Francesc Miralles, Lutz Birnbaumer, William A Large, Anthony P Albert
In vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs), stimulation of TRPC1-based SOCs mediate Ca(2+) entry pathways which regulate contractility, proliferation and migration. It is therefore important to understand how these channels are activated. Studies have shown that stimulation of TRPC1-based SOCs requires Gαq/PLCβ1 activities and PKC phosphorylation, but it is unclear how store depletion stimulates this gating pathway. The present work examines this issue by focusing on the role of STIM1, an endo/sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) sensor...
October 18, 2016: Journal of Physiology
Kailash Prasad, Shuchita Tiwari
Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are heterogeneous group of molecules formed from non-enzymatic reaction of reducing sugars with amino group of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acid. Interaction of AGEs with its cell-bound receptor (RAGE) results in generation of oxygen radicals, nuclear factor kappa-β, pro-inflammatory cytokines and cell adhesion molecules, and is involved in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Circulating soluble forms of RAGE (sRAGE) and endo-secretory RAGE (esRAGE) compete with RAGE for ligand binding and function as a decoy...
October 6, 2016: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Hiroaki Kimura, Tadayoshi Karasawa, Fumitake Usui, Akira Kawashima, Yuka Endo, Motoi Kobayashi, Ai Sadatomo, Jun Nakamura, Yusaku Iwasaki, Toshihiko Yada, Hiroko Tsutsui, Tadashi Kasahara, Masafumi Takahashi
Caspase-1 is a cysteine protease responsible for the processing of the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-1β and activated by the formation of inflammasome complexes. Although several investigations have found a link between diet-induced obesity and caspase-1, the relationship of remains controversial. Here, we found that mice deficient in caspase-1 were susceptible to high-fat diet-induced obesity with increased adiposity as well as normal lipid and glucose metabolism. Caspase-1 deficiency clearly promoted the infiltration of inflammatory macrophages and increased the production of C-C motif chemokine ligand 2 (CCL2) in the adipose tissue...
October 4, 2016: American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism
Hyeonso Ji, Sung-Ryul Kim, Yul-Ho Kim, Jung-Pil Suh, Hyang-Mi Park, Nese Sreenivasulu, Gopal Misra, Suk-Man Kim, Sherry Lou Hechanova, Hakbum Kim, Gang-Seob Lee, Ung-Han Yoon, Tae-Ho Kim, Hyemin Lim, Suk-Chul Suh, Jungil Yang, Gynheung An, Kshirod K Jena
Brown planthopper (BPH) is a phloem sap-sucking insect pest of rice which causes severe yield loss. We cloned the BPH18 gene from the BPH-resistant introgression line derived from the wild rice species Oryza australiensis. Map-based cloning and complementation test revealed that the BPH18 encodes CC-NBS-NBS-LRR protein. BPH18 has two NBS domains, unlike the typical NBS-LRR proteins. The BPH18 promoter::GUS transgenic plants exhibited strong GUS expression in the vascular bundles of the leaf sheath, especially in phloem cells where the BPH attacks...
September 29, 2016: Scientific Reports
Shogo Ogita, Toshiki Endo, Tomoo Inoue, Kenichi Sato, Hidenori Endo, Teiji Tominaga
BACKGROUND: In the literature, perimedullary arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is an uncommon spinal vascular malformation that is generally regarded as a congenital lesion. To our knowledge, only a few cases of traumatic perimedullary AVF have been reported in the literature so far. CASE DESCRIPTION: A 58-year-old man presented with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) resulting from a secondary perimedullary arteriovenous fistula (AVF) induced by a glass stab injury to his right posterior neck...
September 16, 2016: World Neurosurgery
Shin-Ichiro Sugiyama, Kuniyasu Niizuma, Kenichi Sato, Sherif Rashad, Misaki Kohama, Hidenori Endo, Toshiki Endo, Yasushi Matsumoto, Makoto Ohta, Teiji Tominaga
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Hemodynamic forces may play a role in the recanalization of coiled aneurysms. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of presurgical hemodynamics on the efficacy of coil embolization for basilar tip aneurysms. METHODS: We identified 82 patients who underwent endovascular coil embolization for basilar tip aneurysms with a follow-up of >1 year. Presurgical hemodynamics were investigated using computational fluid dynamics with 3-dimensional data derived from rotational angiography...
October 2016: Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
Mitsuharu Aga, Satoru Kondo, Naohiro Wakisaka, Makiko Moriyama-Kita, Kazuhira Endo, Yosuke Nakanishi, Shigeyuki Murono, Hisashi Sugimoto, Takayoshi Ueno, Tomokazu Yoshizaki
OBJECTIVE: Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) is a heterodimeric basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor composed of the HIF-1α and HIF-1β subunits. HIF-1 is a central regulator of responses to hypoxia; it enhances metastasis-related factors such as matrix metalloproteinases and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). We have reported critical roles for HIF-1α in tumor microenvironments, and oncogenic properties of HIF-1α have been suggested in malignancies. Seven in absentia homologue (Siah) appeared to upregulate HIF-1 production, which prompted us to investigate the Siah association with HIF-1α expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC)...
September 8, 2016: Auris, Nasus, Larynx
S-H Wang, J S Chang, J-R Hsiao, Y-C Yen, S S Jiang, S-H Liu, Y-L Chen, Y-Y Shen, J-Y Chang, Y-W Chen
Metastasis of the cervical lymph nodes frequently leads to poor survival of patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). The underlying mechanisms of lymph node metastasis are unclear. Wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 5B (WNT5B), one component of the WNT signal pathway, was markedly up-regulated in OSCC sublines with high potential of lymphatic metastasis compared to that in OSCC cells with low nodal metastasis. Increased WNT5B mRNA was demonstrated in human OSCC tissues in comparison with adjacent non-tumorous tissues...
September 5, 2016: Oncogene
F Gentile, G Lundberg, R Hultgren
OBJECTIVE/BACKGROUND: To describe the risk factor distribution and outcome for patients with critical limb ischemia (CLI) due to infrapopliteal arterial lesions treated by endovascular or open procedures, with special consideration of diabetic patients. METHODS: Data were collected from the Swedish Vascular Registry, Swedvasc, covering all procedures performed on 549 consecutive patients between May 2008 and January 2014 at the Karolinska University Hospital. Diagnosis of ischemic rest pain and/or tissue loss and treatment of infrapopliteal arterial occlusive disease were considered...
September 1, 2016: European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Yukitomo Ishi, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Hiroaki Motegi, Shogo Endo, Shigeru Yamaguchi, Shunsuke Terasaka, Kiyohiro Houkin
BACKGROUND: Compared with surgical resection, endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery (TSS) for cholesterol granuloma (CG) in the petrous apex (PA) is associated with local recurrence due to obstruction of the drainage route. We present a detailed procedure of an endoscopic TSS using pedicle vascularized nasoseptal flap (PVNF). METHODS: A 40-year-old woman with a history of repeated surgery for left tympanitis was referred to our institution. Neurological examination revealed severe hearing loss in the left ear...
August 20, 2016: Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska
Sandra Cristina Raimundo, Sivakumar Pattathil, Stefan Eberhard, Michael G Hahn, Zoë A Popper
LAMP is a cell wall-directed monoclonal antibody (mAb) that recognizes a β-(1,3)-glucan epitope. It has primarily been used in the immunolocalization of callose in vascular plant cell wall research. It was generated against a brown seaweed storage polysaccharide, laminarin, although it has not often been applied in algal research. We conducted in vitro (glycome profiling of cell wall extracts) and in situ (immunolabeling of sections) studies on the brown seaweeds Fucus vesiculosus (Fucales) and Laminaria digitata (Laminariales)...
August 25, 2016: Protoplasma
Jin-Bae Kim, Hyun Jun Joung, Jung Myung Lee, Jong Shin Woo, Woo-Shik Kim, Kwon Sam Kim, Kyung Hye Lee, Weon Kim
BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is known to be associated with several pathophysiological mechanisms including endothelial dysfunction of the heart and arterial vessels. Recent evidence suggests that new oral anticoagulant (NOAC) treatment may improve endothelial function and the inflammatory process involved in atherosclerosis in AF patients. This study is designed to determine the efficacy of NOAC therapy in the prevention of endothelial dysfunction and the progression of atherosclerosis of AF subjects...
2016: Trials
Hiroyuki Sakata, Miki Fujimura, Kenichi Sato, Kuniyasu Niizuma, Hidenori Endo, Teiji Tominaga
Cerebral proliferative angiopathy (CPA), which is characterized by diffuse vascular abnormalities with intermingled normal brain parenchyma, is a rare clinical entity distinct from classical cerebral arteriovenous malformations. Its pathology at initial state and subsequent course of progression has totally been undetermined. We herein presented a case of a child who was initially diagnosed with deep-seated arteriovenous fistula (AVF), and ultimately developed symptomatic CPA-like vascular lesion over a long period of clinical follow-up...
October 2016: Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases: the Official Journal of National Stroke Association
H H Yin, M Wang, Z L Li, C Yao, Z J Hu, J S Wang, G Q Chang, S M Wang
OBJECTIVE: To summarize our experience in the management of stent-graft infection after endo-vascular aortic repair (EVAR) of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). METHODS: Data of patients who were diagnosed as endo-graft infection following EVAR and admitted in our center between January 2000 and December 2015 were reviewed. Clinical records including causes of infection, medical history, re-operative procedures, and prognostic data were analysed. RESULTS: A total of 10 male patients, aged 45-72 years (averaged 62...
August 9, 2016: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Ying Wang, Aimin Sang, Manhui Zhu, Guowei Zhang, Huaijin Guan, Min Ji, Hui Chen
PURPOSE: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the potential signal mechanism of tissue factor (TF) in the regulation of the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in human retinal pigment epithelial (ARPE-19) cells. METHODS: An in vitro RPE cell chemical hypoxia model was established by adding cobalt chloride (CoCl2) in the culture medium. The irritative concentration of CoCl2 was determined with a 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyl tetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay kit...
2016: Molecular Vision
Yousof Al Zahrani, Sultan R AlHarbi, Daniele Wiseman
INTRODUCTION: Inadvertent placement of a nephrostomy tube into the inferior vena cava (IVC) is an extremely rare complication with few reported cases in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a lady with obstructive uropathy in a solitary kidney in whom an attempt by the community radiologist to place a nephrostomy tube was complicated by wrong insertion into the IVC. This report illustrates how a safe non- surgical removal of this tube using an intravenous balloon tamponade technique was successfully applied...
2016: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Surya P Lamichhane, Neha Arya, Esther Kohler, Shengnan Xiang, Jon Christensen, V Prasad Shastri
BACKGROUND: Three-dimensional (3-D) cultures of cancer cells can potentially bridge the gap between 2-D drug screening and in vivo xenografts. The objective of this study was to characterize the cellular and extracellular matrix characteristics of spheroids composed of human lung epithelial cells (epi), pulmonary vascular endothelial (endo) cells, and human marrow-derived mesenchymal stems cells (MSCs). METHODS: Spheroids composed of epi/endo/MSCs, termed herein as synthetic tumor microenvironment mimics (STEMs), were prepared by the hanging drop method...
2016: BMC Cancer
Anna Sina P Meyer, Sisse R Ostrowski, Jesper Kjaergaard, Pär I Johansson, Christian Hassager
BACKGROUND: Morbidity and mortality following initial survival of cardiac arrest remain high despite great efforts to improve resuscitation techniques and post-resuscitation care, in part due to the ischemia-reperfusion injury secondary to the restoration of the blood circulation. Patients resuscitated from cardiac arrest display evidence of endothelial injury and coagulopathy (hypocoagulability, hyperfibrinolysis), which in associated with poor outcome. Recent randomized controlled trials have revealed that treatment with infusion of prostacyclin reduces endothelial damage after major surgery and AMI...
2016: Trials
Shigeharu Numao, Hiroshi Kawano, Naoya Endo, Yuka Yamada, Masaki Takahashi, Masayuki Konishi, Shizuo Sakamoto
Short-term intake of a high-fat diet aggravates postprandial glucose metabolism; however, the dose-response relationship has not been investigated. We hypothesized that short-term intake of a eucaloric low-carbohydrate/high-fat diet (LCHF) would aggravate postprandial glucose metabolism and circulating adhesion molecules in healthy males. Seven healthy young males (mean ± SE; age: 26 ± 1 years) consumed either a eucaloric control diet (C, approximately 25% fats), a eucaloric intermediate-carbohydrate/intermediate-fat diet (ICIF, approximately 50% fats), or an LCHF (approximately 70% fats) for 3 days...
August 2016: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Physiologie Appliquée, Nutrition et Métabolisme
Masahiro Horiuchi, Junko Endo, Shohei Dobashi, Masataka Kiuchi, Katsuhiro Koyama, Andrew W Subudhi
What is the central question of this study? Acute hypoxia reduces dynamic cerebral autoregulation (dCA); however, it is unclear what level of hypoxia is necessary to exert this effect. We sought to investigate whether dCA would be reduced during progressive periods of normobaric hypoxia using a duplex Doppler ultrasound technique to evaluate the volumetric blood flow. What is the main finding and its importance? We showed that dCA decreased linearly as inspired O2 decreased from 21 to 12%. Additionally, symptoms of acute mountain sickness were related to changes in dCA...
October 1, 2016: Experimental Physiology
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