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Soo-Jin Kim, Kota Toshimoto, Yoshiaki Yao, Takashi Yoshikado, Yuichi Sugiyama
Quantitative analysis of transporter- and enzyme-mediated complex drug-drug interactions (DDIs) is challenging. Repaglinide (RPG) is transported into the liver by OATP1B1 and then is metabolized by CYP2C8 and CYP3A4. The purpose of this study is to describe the complex DDIs of RPG quantitatively based on unified physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models using in vitro Ki values for OATP1B1, CYP3A4, and/or CYP2C8. Cyclosporin A (CsA) or gemfibrozil (GEM) increased the blood concentrations of RPG. The time profiles of RPG and the inhibitors were analyzed by PBPK models, considering the inhibition of OATP1B1 and CYP3A4 by CsA, or OATP1B1 inhibition by GEM and its glucuronide and the mechanism-based inhibition of CYP2C8 by GEM glucuronide...
May 4, 2017: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Degu Jerene, Nebiyu Hiruy, Ilili Jemal, Wondimu Gebrekiros, Tadesse Anteneh, Dereje Habte, Muluken Melese, Pedro Suarez, Gloria Sangiwa
Background: Our objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of integrated care for TB, HIV and diabetes mellitus (DM) in a pilot project in Ethiopia. Methods: Healthcare workers in four hospitals screened patients with TB for HIV and DM; patients with HIV for DM and TB; and patients with DM for TB. Fasting and random plasma glucose (RPG) tests were used to confirm the diagnosis of DM. We used screening checklists for TB and DM, and additional risk scoring criteria to identify patients at risk of DM...
March 1, 2017: International Health
Vikas Pandey, Ritu M Gilhotra, Seema Kohli
The current research work was executed with an aim to explore and promote the potential of self-microemusifying drug delivery systems (SMEDDS) in the form of tablets, in order to enhance solubility and oral bioavailability of poorly aqueous soluble drug Repaglinide (RPG). RPG-loaded liquid SMEDDS were developed consisting Labrafil M 1944CS, Kolliphor EL and Propylene glycol, which were then characterized on various parameters. After characterization and optimization, liquid SMEDDS were converted into solid form by adsorbing on Aeroperl® 300 pharma and polyplasdone(TM) XL...
June 2017: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Ram Ajore, David Raiser, Marie McConkey, Magnus Jöud, Bernd Boidol, Brenton Mar, Gordon Saksena, David M Weinstock, Scott Armstrong, Steven R Ellis, Benjamin L Ebert, Björn Nilsson
Heterozygous inactivating mutations in ribosomal protein genes (RPGs) are associated with hematopoietic and developmental abnormalities, activation of p53, and altered risk of cancer in humans and model organisms. Here we performed a large-scale analysis of cancer genome data to examine the frequency and selective pressure of RPG lesions across human cancers. We found that hemizygous RPG deletions are common, occurring in about 43% of 10,744 cancer specimens and cell lines. Consistent with p53-dependent negative selection, such lesions are underrepresented in TP53-intact tumors (P ≪ 10(-10)), and shRNA-mediated knockdown of RPGs activated p53 in TP53-wild-type cells...
April 2017: EMBO Molecular Medicine
Yuanjie Pang, Christiana Kartsonaki, Yu Guo, Fiona Bragg, Ling Yang, Zheng Bian, Yiping Chen, Andri Iona, Iona Y Millwood, Jun Lv, Canqing Yu, Junshi Chen, Liming Li, Michael V Holmes, Zhengming Chen
Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer (PC) in Western populations. Uncertainty remains, however, about the relevance of plasma glucose for PC among people without diabetes and about the associations of diabetes and high blood glucose with PC in China where the increase in diabetes prevalence has been very recent. The prospective China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) study recruited 512,000 adults aged 30-79 years from 10 diverse areas of China during 2004-2008, recording 595 PC cases during 8 years of follow-up...
April 15, 2017: International Journal of Cancer. Journal International du Cancer
Matías Montes, Sandra Moreira-Ramos, Diego A Rojas, Fabiola Urbina, Norbert F Käufer, Edio Maldonado
In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, ribosomal protein gene (RPG) promoters contain a TATA box analog, the HomolD box, which is bound by the Rrn7 protein. Despite the importance of ribosome biogenesis for cell survival, the mechanisms underlying RPG transcription remain unknown. In this study, we found that components of the RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) system, consisting of the initiation or general transcription factors (GTFs) TFIIA, IIB, IIE, TATA-binding protein (TBP) and the RNAPII holoenzyme, interacted directly with Rrn7 in vitro, and were able to form a preinitiation complex (PIC) on the HomolD box...
January 6, 2017: FEBS Journal
Cong Xiao, Jie Hu, Yi-Ting Ao, Ming-Xing Cheng, Guan-Jun Gao, Qing-Lu Zhang, Guang-Cun He, Yu-Qing He
Brown planthopper (BPH) is the most destructive pest of rice in Asia. To date 29 BPH resistance genes have been identified, but only a few genes are being used in breeding due to inefficient markers for marker-assisted selection (MAS) and little knowledge of the real effects of the genes. In this study we individually transferred 13 genes or QTLs (Bph14, QBph3, QBph4, Bph17, Bph15, Bph20, Bph24, Bph6, Bph3, Bph9, Bph10, Bph18 and Bph21) into cultivar 9311 by marker assisted backcross breeding (MABB). Through positive and negative selection we narrowed the segments from donors containing Bph14, Bph15, Bph6 and Bph9 to 100-400 kb...
November 30, 2016: Scientific Reports
Vicente Javier Clemente-Suárez, Athanasios Dalamitros, João Ribeiro, Ana Sousa, Ricardo J Fernandes, J Paulo Vilas-Boas
This study analysed the effects of two different periodization strategies on physiological parameters at various exercise intensities in competitive swimmers. Seventeen athletes of both sexes were divided to two groups, the traditional periodization (TPG, n = 7) and the reverse periodization group (RPG, n = 10). Each group followed a 10-week training period based on the two different periodization strategies. Before and after training, swimming velocity (SV), energy expenditure (EE), energy cost (EC) and percentage of aerobic (%Aer) and anaerobic (%An) energy contribution to the swimming intensities corresponding to the aerobic threshold (AerT), the anaerobic threshold (AnT) and the velocity at maximal oxygen uptake (vVO2max) were measured...
November 21, 2016: European Journal of Sport Science
Krishna Kumar, K Manigundan, Natarajan Amaresan
In the present study, a total of 70 Trichoderma spp. were isolated from the rhizosphere soils of vegetable and spice crops that were grown in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Initial screening of Trichoderma spp. for salt tolerant properties showed 32 isolates were able to tolerate 10% NaCl. Furthermore, these isolates were screened for their potential plant growth-promoting characteristics such as IAA production, phosphate solubilization, and siderophore production. Among 32 isolates, nine isolates were able to produce IAA, siderophore, and solubilize phosphate...
February 2017: Journal of Basic Microbiology
Benjamin Albert, Britta Knight, Jason Merwin, Victoria Martin, Diana Ottoz, Yvonne Gloor, Maria Jessica Bruzzone, Adam Rudner, David Shore
Cell growth potential is determined by the rate of ribosome biogenesis, a complex process that requires massive and coordinated transcriptional output. In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, ribosome biogenesis is highly regulated at the transcriptional level. Although evidence for a system that coordinates ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and ribosomal protein gene (RPG) transcription has been described, the molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. Here we show that an interaction between the RPG transcriptional activator Ifh1 and the rRNA processing factor Utp22 serves to coordinate RPG transcription with that of rRNA...
November 17, 2016: Molecular Cell
Gous Miah, Mohd Y Rafii, Mohd R Ismail, Adam B Puteh, Harun A Rahim, Mohammad A Latif
BACKGROUND: The rice cultivar MR219 is famous for its better yield and long and fine grain quality; however, it is susceptible to blast disease. The main objective of this study was to introgress blast resistance genes into MR219 through marker-assisted selection (MAS). The rice cultivar MR219 was used as the recurrent parent, and Pongsu Seribu 1 was used as the donor. RESULTS: Marker-assisted foreground selection was performed using RM6836 and RM8225 to identify plants possessing blast resistance genes...
October 24, 2016: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Hongbo Wang, Shengtuo Ye, Tongmin Mou
BACKGROUND: The development of hybrid rice is a practical approach for increasing rice production. However, the brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens Stål, causes severe yield loss of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and can threaten food security. Therefore, breeding hybrid rice resistant to BPH is the most effective and economical strategy to maintain high and stable production. Fortunately, numerous BPH resistance genes have been identified, and abundant linkage markers are available for molecular marker-assisted selection (MAS) in breeding programs...
December 2016: Rice
V Abhilash Kumar, C H Balachiranjeevi, S Bhaskar Naik, R Rambabu, G Rekha, G Harika, S K Hajira, K Pranathi, M Anila, M Kousik, S Vijay Kumar, A Yugander, J Aruna, T Dilip Kumar, K Vijaya Sudhakara Rao, A S Hari Prasad, M S Madhav, G S Laha, S M Balachandran, M S Prasad, B C Viraktamath, V Ravindra Babu, R M Sundaram
RPHR-1005, the stable restorer line of the popular medium slender (MS) grain type rice hybrid, DRRH-3 was improved in this study for resistance against bacterial blight (BB) and blast diseases through marker-assisted backcross breeding (MABB). In this study, four major resistance genes (i.e., Xa21 and Xa33 for BB resistance and Pi2 and Pi54 for blast resistance) have been transferred to RPHR-1005 using RPBio Patho-1 (possessing Xa21 + Pi2), RPBio Patho-2 (possessing Xa21 + Pi54) and FBR1-15EM (possessing Xa33) as the donors...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Mohamed H Al-Thani, Heba S Nasser, Suzan Sayegh, Alexandra Haddad, Eman Sadoun
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a major global health problem. The present study examines the relationship between the metabolic, anthropometric and Finnish risk score (FINDRISC) among normal and pre-diabetic adults. Subjects (n = 1319, aged above 18 years) from the Qatari population were classified into two groups based on their hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) measurements (non-diabetic A1c<5.6% and pre-diabetic 5.6% ≤ A1c ≤ 6.4%) were examined for their anthropometric (height, weight and waist circumference), metabolic [fat, fat free mass (FFM), muscle mass (MM), total body water (TBW), bone mass, degree of obesity, basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI), metabolic age, visceral fat rating, systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), total cholesterol (Total-C), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), triglycerides (TG), fasting / random plasma glucose (FPG / RPG), HbA1c and vitamin D (VitD)] and FINDRISC...
2016: Global Journal of Health Science
Fiona Bragg, Liming Li, Derrick Bennett, Yu Guo, Sarah Lewington, Zheng Bian, Ling Yang, Junshi Chen, Yiping Chen, Rory Collins, Richard Peto, Baoyu Zhu, Jiyuan Yin, Ximin Hu, Liyuan Zhou, Yaxing Pan, Zhengming Chen
Importance: Diabetes is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Substantial uncertainty remains, however, about the relevance to CVD risk for blood glucose levels below the diabetes threshold. Objective: To examine the association of random plasma glucose (RPG) levels with the risk for major CVD in Chinese adults without known diabetes. Design, Setting, and Participants: This prospective cohort study included 467 508 men and women aged 30 to 79 years with no history of diabetes, ischemic heart disease (IHD), stroke, or transient ischemic attack...
October 1, 2016: JAMA Cardiology
Shivakumar Maranna, Khushbu Verma, Akshay Talukdar, Sanjay Kumar Lal, Anil Kumar, Keya Mukherjee
BACKGROUND: Presence of Kunitz trypsin inhibitor (KTI) in soybean seeds necessitates pre-heat treatment of the soy-flour for its inactivation before using it in food and feed products. The heat treatment not only enhances processing costs of the soy-based foods and feeds but also affects seed-protein quality and solubility. Genetic elimination of KTI is an important and effective approach. Therefore, molecular marker-assisted backcross breeding (MABB) approach was adopted for genetic elimination of KTI from two popular soybean genotypes, DS9712 and DS9814...
2016: BMC Genetics
Xin Li, Yiyu Zheng, Haiyan Hu, Xiaoman Li
Ribosomal protein genes (RPGs) are important house-keeping genes that are well-known for their coordinated expression. Previous studies on RPGs are largely limited to their promoter regions. Recent high-throughput studies provide an unprecedented opportunity to study how human RPGs are transcriptionally modulated and how such transcriptional regulation may contribute to the coordinate gene expression in various tissues and cell types. By analyzing the DNase I hypersensitive sites under 349 experimental conditions, we predicted 217 RPG regulatory regions in the human genome...
2016: Scientific Reports
Beatrice Fermi, Maria Cristina Bosio, Giorgio Dieci
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the large majority of the genes coding for cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins (RPs) depend on the general regulatory factor Rap1 for their transcription, but a small cohort of them relies on Abf1 regulatory activity. A recent study showed that unlike Rap1, whose association with RP gene promoters is not affected by environmental changes causing RP gene repression/reactivation, Abf1 association with both RP gene and ribosome biogenesis (Ribi) gene promoters dynamically responds to changes in growth conditions...
February 2017: Current Genetics
Asmaa A El-Zaher, Ehab F Elkady, Hanan M Elwy, Mahmoud A Saleh
A rapid, simple, and precise RPLC method was developed for the simultaneous determination of the widely used oral antidiabetic, metformin hydrochloride (MTF), with some commonly coadministered oral antidiabetics from different pharmacological classes-glipizide (GPZ), pioglitazone hydrochloride (PGZ), glimepiride (GLM), and repaglinide (RPG)-in bulk, laboratory-prepared mixtures and pharmaceutical formulations in the presence of metformin-reported impurity [1-cyanoguanidine (CNG)]. Chromatographic separation was achieved using isocratic elution mode with a mobile phase of acetonitrile: 0...
July 2016: Journal of AOAC International
Chikara Kunisaki, Hirochika Makino, Naotaka Yamaguchi, Yusuke Izumisawa, Hiroshi Miyamato, Kei Sato, Tsutomu Hayashi, Nobuhiro Sugano, Yoshihiro Suzuki, Mitsuyoshi Ota, Akira Tsuburaya, Jun Kimura, Ryo Takagawa, Takashi Kosaka, Hidetaka Andrew Ono, Hirotoshi Akiyama, Itaru Endo
BACKGROUND: Although a few studies have reported the use of reduced-port laparoscopic gastrectomy (RPG) in gastric cancer patients, the feasibility of routinely using this technique remains unclear. It is therefore important to evaluate the surgical advantages of this technique in this patient group. METHODS: Between August 2010 and July 2015, 165 patients underwent RPGs at our hospital, performed by a single surgeon. Of these patients, 88 underwent reduced-port laparoscopic distal gastrectomy (RPLDG) and 77 underwent reduced-port laparoscopic total gastrectomy (RPLTG)...
December 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
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