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Arial J Shogren, Jennifer L Tank, Elizabeth Andruszkiewicz, Brett Olds, Andrew R Mahon, Christopher L Jerde, Diogo Bolster
Advances in detection of genetic material from species in aquatic ecosystems, including environmental DNA (eDNA), have improved species monitoring and management. eDNA from target species can readily move in streams and rivers and the goal is to measure it, and with that infer where and how abundant species are, adding great value to delimiting species invasions, monitoring and protecting rare species, and estimating biodiversity. To date, we lack an integrated framework that identifies environmental factors that control eDNA movement in realistic, complex, and heterogeneous flowing waters...
July 11, 2017: Scientific Reports
Carl T Gustafson, Tewodros Mamo, Kristen L Shogren, Avudaiappan Maran, Michael J Yaszemski
Osteosarcoma (OS) is an aggressive primary bone tumor which exhibits aberrantly activated Wnt signaling. The canonical Wnt signaling cascade has been shown to drive cancer progression and metastasis through the activation of β-catenin. Hence, small molecule inhibitors of Wnt targets are being explored as primary or adjuvant chemotherapy. In this study, we have investigated the ability of FH535, an antagonist of Wnt signaling, to inhibit the growth of OS cells. We found that FH535 was cytotoxic in all OS cell lines which were tested (143b, U2OS, SaOS-2, HOS, K7M2) but well tolerated by normal human osteoblast cells...
2017: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Melissa J Blacketer, Margaret K Gannon, Isaac A Young, Michael A Shogren-Knaak
DNA templates for assembling chromatin model systems typically consist of numerous repeats of nucleosome positioning sequences, making their synthesis challenging. Here we describe a solid-phase strategy for generating such templates using sequential enzymatic ligation of DNA monomers. Using single nucleosome site monomers, we can either generate a twelve-nucleosome site target, or systematically access intermediate-sized templates. Using twelve nucleosome positioning site monomers, longer templates can be generated...
August 15, 2017: Analytical Biochemistry
Natalie A Griffiths, Jennifer L Tank, Todd V Royer, Emma J Rosi, Arial J Shogren, Therese C Frauendorf, Matt R Whiles
The insecticidal Cry1Ab protein expressed by transgenic (Bt) maize can enter adjacent water bodies via multiple pathways, but its fate in stream ecosystems is not as well studied as in terrestrial systems. In this study, we used a combination of field sampling and laboratory experiments to examine the occurrence, leaching, and degradation of soluble Cry1Ab protein derived from Bt maize in agricultural streams. We surveyed 11 agricultural streams in northwestern Indiana, USA, on 6 dates that encompassed the growing season, crop harvest, and snowmelt/spring flooding, and detected Cry1Ab protein in the water column and in flowing subsurface tile drains at concentrations of 3-60ng/L...
March 14, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Tewodros Mamo, Ann C Mladek, Kris L Shogren, Carl Gustafson, Shiv K Gupta, Scott M Riester, Avudaiappan Maran, Mario Galindo, Andre J van Wijnen, Jann N Sarkaria, Michael J Yaszemski
Osteosarcoma survival rate has not improved over the past three decades, and the debilitating side effects of the surgical treatment suggest the need for alternative local control approaches. Radiotherapy is largely ineffective in osteosarcoma, indicating a potential role for radiosensitizers. Blocking DNA repair, particularly by inhibiting the catalytic subunit of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PKCS), is an attractive option for the radiosensitization of osteosarcoma. In this study, the expression of DNA-PKCS in osteosarcoma tissue specimens and cell lines was examined...
April 29, 2017: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Hyojeong Seo, Karrie A Shogren, Michael L Wehmeyer, Todd D Little, Susan B Palmer
As adolescents with intellectual disability (ID) transition to adulthood, there is a need to plan for effective community-based supports that address the post-school life. There is also a need to plan for the impact of factors (e.g., medical/behavioral support needs) on supports needed for community participation. Data from the Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version (SIS-A) was used to examine relations between medical/behavior support needs and support needs assessed in the standardized portion of the SIS-A...
March 2017: American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Karrie A Shogren, Leslie A Shaw, Michael L Wehmeyer, James R Thompson, Kyle M Lang, Marc J Tassé, Robert L Schalock
The Supports Intensity Scale-Children's version (SIS-C) was developed to provide a standardized measure of support needs of children with intellectual disability. Over half of the norming sample had a secondary diagnosis of autism. Using this subset of the sample, we engaged in exploratory analysis to examine the degree to which latent clusters were present in the data, and after identifying these clusters, the degree to which they mapped on the SIS-C standard scores. A four latent class solution provided the best fit to the data...
January 9, 2017: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Evan E Dean, Kim W Fisher, Karrie A Shogren, Michael L Wehmeyer
Participation is a central aspect of human functioning and a key focus of research and practice in the intellectual disability field. However, there is not an accepted definition of participation that guides research and practice. To inform the development of a definition, a scoping review of the intellectual disability literature from 2001-2015 was conducted. Findings suggest that existing research rarely uses definitions of participation, but does examine participation across multiple domains and addresses issues of access and inclusion...
December 2016: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Dalibel Bravo, Kristen L Shogren, Dongqing Zuo, Eric R Wagner, Gobinda Sarkar, Michael J Yaszemski, Avudaiappan Maran
Osteosarcoma is a bone tumor that mainly affects children and adolescents. Although its pathogenesis is still not fully understood, activation of Wnt signaling has been implicated in the development and metastasis of osteosarcoma. In this report, we have investigated the effect of the anti-tumor compound, 2-methoxyestradiol (2-ME) on Wnt antagonist frizzled-related protein b (Frzb), also known as secreted frizzled-related protein (sFRP)3 in human osteosarcoma (MG63) cells. Our results show that 2-ME treatment induces Frzb gene promoter activity, and increases Frzb mRNA and protein levels in osteosarcoma cells...
June 2017: Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
Stephen T Jackson, Clifford S Duke, Stephanie E Hampton, Katharine L Jacobs, Lucas N Joppa, Karim-Aly S Kassam, Harold A Mooney, Laura A Ogden, Mary Ruckelshaus, Jason F Shogren
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 18, 2016: Science
Hyojeong Seo, Karrie A Shogren, Todd D Little, James R Thompson, Michael L Wehmeyer
This study examined the convergent validity of the Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version (SIS-A; Thompson et al., 2015a ) and Supports Intensity Scale - Children's Version (SIS-C; Thompson et al., 2016a ). Data from SISOnline (n = 129,864) for the SIS-A and from the SIS-C standardization sample (n = 4,015) were used for analyses. Using a pseudo multitrait-multimethod model, we estimated observed support needs scores as shared trait (support needs concept) and method (type, frequency, and daily support time) variances...
November 2016: American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Christopher L Jerde, Brett P Olds, Arial J Shogren, Elizabeth A Andruszkiewicz, Andrew R Mahon, Diogo Bolster, Jennifer L Tank
While environmental DNA (eDNA) is now being regularly used to detect rare and elusive species, detection in lotic environments comes with a caveat: The species being detected is likely some distance upstream from the point of sampling. Here, we conduct a series of seminatural stream experiments to test the sensitivity of new digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) to detect low concentrations of eDNA in a lotic system, measure the residence time of eDNA compared to a conservative tracer, and we model the transport of eDNA in this system...
August 16, 2016: Environmental Science & Technology
Anthony J Plotner, Karrie A Shogren, Leslie A Shaw, Chelsea VanHorn Stinnett, Hyojeong Seo
INTRODUCTION: Research involving secondary transition practices indicates a growing implementation of interagency collaboration to maximize service delivery to support students transitioning from school to adult life. Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are often excluded from collaborative partnerships and denied the opportunity to contribute as a valued stakeholder in the transition process. METHOD: A total of 189 CIL professionals representing represented 38 states completed the online survey to (a) identify to what degree does the factor structure of Thompson's Collaboration Survey holds for CIL professionals and (b) explore what specific CIL professional and agency characteristics predict greater collaboration between CILs and local education agencies (LEAs)...
June 25, 2016: Disability and Rehabilitation
James R Thompson, Karrie A Shogren, Hyojeong Seo, Michael L Wehmeyer, Kyle M Lang
The Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version (SIS-A) has been widely adopted throughout North America and the world since its publication a little over a decade ago. Many organizations and jurisdictions operate under regulations that require an annual assessment of people who receive services and supports that are financed through public funds. The time and energy devoted to an annual SIS-A reassessment has become a concern in cases where the resulting information is largely redundant with information from a prior assessment...
June 2016: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Arial J Shogren, Jennifer L Tank, Elizabeth A Andruszkiewicz, Brett Olds, Christopher Jerde, Diogo Bolster
Detecting environmental DNA (eDNA) in water samples is a powerful tool in determining the presence of rare aquatic species. However, many open questions remain as to how biological and physical conditions in flowing waters influence eDNA. Motivated by what one might find in a stream/river benthos we conducted experiments in continuous flow columns packed with porous substrates to explore eDNA transport and ask whether substrate type and the presence of colonized biofilms plays an important role for eDNA retention...
June 2016: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Susan J Harkema, Carrie Shogren, Elizabeth Ardolino, Douglas J Lorenz
The Neuromuscular Recovery Scale (NRS) is a tool for measuring functional recovery in spinal cord injured (SCI) persons based on tasks that test pre-injury functional capability. The NRS has been shown to be a valid, reliable, and responsive instrument for measuring functional recovery. The NRS has been updated to include three items measuring upper extremity function, and a new scoring mechanism has been defined. The purpose of this prospective, observational study was to explore the properties of the expanded NRS, introduce and evaluate the new scoring method, and to examine the score's relationship with other SCI outcome measures...
December 15, 2016: Journal of Neurotrauma
Suzanne E U Kerns, Michael D Pullmann, Andrea Negrete, Jacqueline A Uomoto, Lucy Berliner, Dae Shogren, Ellen Silverman, Barbara Putnam
Effective strategies that increase the extent to which child welfare professionals engage in trauma-informed case planning are needed. This study evaluated two approaches to increase trauma symptom identification and use of screening results to inform case planning. The first study evaluated the impact of training on trauma-informed screening tools for 44 child welfare professionals who screen all children upon placement into foster care. The second study evaluated a two-stage approach to training child welfare workers on case planning for children's mental health...
May 2016: Child Maltreatment
Karrie A Shogren, Hyojeong Seo, Michael L Wehmeyer, James R Thompson, Todd D Little
The Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version is a standardized assessment of support needs. This study examined the factorial validity of the standardized portion of the scale, finding that the six-factor model (Home Living, Community Living, Lifelong Learning, Employment, Health and Safety, Social Activities) demonstrated good fit, and that the inclusion of the Protection and Advocacy Scale did not affect fit and contributed unique information. Age and gender impacted intensity of support needs, with those of transition age and in late adulthood having the highest intensities...
January 2016: American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
C Shogren, T D Paine
The Cuban laurel thrips, Gynaikothrips ficorum Marchal (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae), is a critical insect pest of Ficus microcarpa in California urban landscapes and production nurseries. Female thrips feed and oviposit on young Ficus leaves, causing the expanding leaves to fold or curl into a discolored leaf gall. There have been attempts to establish specialist predator natural enemies of the thrips, but no success has been reported. We resampled the same areas in 2013-2014 where we had released Montandoniola confusa (= morguesi) Streito and Matocq (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) in southern California in 1995 but had been unable to recover individuals in 1997-1998...
February 2016: Journal of Economic Entomology
Karrie A Shogren, Ruth Luckasson, Robert L Schalock
This article discusses how context can be used as an integrative framework to align and promote the seamless integration of disability policies, systems of supports, and personal outcomes in the field of intellectual disability. We describe how disability policy goals serve as inputs to an integrative approach to context, and personal outcomes serve as the intended outputs. We then consider contextual factors that research suggests act as independent or intervening variables and that can be targeted through support strategies to enhance personal outcomes...
October 2015: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
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