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Rapid Response System

Usman Iqbal, Yu-Chuan Jack Li
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February 12, 2018: International Journal for Quality in Health Care
Myeong-Sub Song, Simranjeet Singh Sekhon, Woo-Ri Shin, Sung-Keun Rhee, Jung Ho Ko, Sang Yong Kim, Jiho Min, Ji-Young Ahn, Yang-Hoon Kim
Shigella sonnei isolate invasion plasmid antigen protein, IpaH, was successfully expressed in recombinant overexpression bacterial system. The soluble expression IpaH was enhanced with molecular chaperon co-expressed environment. Specific aptamer IpaH17 was isolated through the SELEX process and showed fM binding affinity. IpaH17-SPR biosensor platform was involved to verify the binding sensitivity and specificity. The IpaH concentration dependent IpaH17-SPR sensor response was highly linear with a linear regression constant of 99...
May 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
S Y Mukozhiwa, S M M Khamanga, R B Walker
A capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) method for the quantitation of captopril (CPT) using UV detection was developed. Influence of electrolyte concentration and system variables on electrophoretic separation was evaluated and a central composite design (CCD) was used to optimize the method. Variables investigated were pH, molarity, applied voltage and capillary length. The influence of sodium metabisulphite on the stability of test solutions was also investigated. The use of sodium metabisulphite prevented degradation of CPT over 24 hours...
September 1, 2017: Die Pharmazie
Samantha Brown, Lucas Rosa Fraga, Gary Cameron, Lynda Erskine, Neil Vargesson
Primodos was a hormone pregnancy test used between 1958-1978 that has been implicated with causing a range of birth defects ever since. Though Primodos is no longer used, it's components, Norethisterone acetate and Ethinyl estradiol, are used in other medications today including treatments for endometriosis and contraceptives. However, whether Primodos caused birth defects or not remains controversial, and has been little investigated. Here we used the developing zebrafish embryo, a human cell-line and mouse retinal explants to investigate the actions of the components of Primodos upon embryonic and tissue development...
February 13, 2018: Scientific Reports
Kensuke K Komatsu, Vladimir A Alexeev, Irina A Repina, Yoshihiro Tachibana
We carried out upper air measurements with radiosondes during the summer over the Arctic Ocean from an icebreaker moving poleward from an ice-free region, through the ice edge, and into a region of thick ice. Rapid warming of the Arctic is a significant environmental issue that occurs not only at the surface but also throughout the troposphere. In addition to the widely accepted mechanisms responsible for the increase of tropospheric warming during the summer over the Arctic, we showed a new potential contributing process to the increase, based on our direct observations and supporting numerical simulations and statistical analyses using a long-term reanalysis dataset...
February 13, 2018: Scientific Reports
Shahaduz Zaman, Alexander Whitelaw, Naomi Richards, Hamilton Inbadas, David Clark
Compassion is an emotional response to the suffering of others. Once felt, it entails subsequent action to ameliorate their suffering. Recently, 'compassion' has become the flagship concept to be fostered in the delivery of end-of-life care, and a rallying call for social action and public health intervention. In this paper, we examine the emerging rhetorics of compassion as they relate to end-of-life care and offer a critique of the expanding discourse around it. We argue that, even where individuals 'possess' compassion or are 'trained' in it, there are difficulties for compassion to flow freely, particularly within Western society...
February 10, 2018: Medical Humanities
Scott D Adams, Abbas Z Kouzani, Susannah J Tye, Kevin E Bennet, Michael Berk
Dynamic feedback based closed-loop medical devices offer a number of advantages for treatment of heterogeneous neurological conditions. Closed-loop devices integrate a level of neurobiological feedback, which allows for real-time adjustments to be made with the overarching aim of improving treatment efficacy and minimizing risks for adverse events. One target which has not been extensively explored as a potential feedback component in closed-loop therapies is mitochondrial function. Several neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders including Parkinson's disease, Major Depressive disorder and Bipolar disorder have been linked to perturbations in the mitochondrial respiratory chain...
February 13, 2018: Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation
E S Beck, P Sati, V Sethi, T Kober, B Dewey, P Bhargava, G Nair, I C Cortese, D S Reich
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cortical lesions are common and often extensive in multiple sclerosis but are difficult to visualize by MRI, leaving important questions about their clinical implications and response to therapy unanswered. Our aim was to determine whether cortical lesions are better visualized using magnetization prepared 2 rapid acquisition gradient echoes (MP2RAGE) than T2*-weighted imaging on 7T MR imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Brain MR imaging using T1-weighted MP2RAGE at 500-μm isotropic resolution, T2*-weighted gradient-echo, and T2*-weighted segmented echo-planar imaging sequences were collected for 13 patients with MS and 5 age-matched neurologically healthy controls on a 7T research system...
February 8, 2018: AJNR. American Journal of Neuroradiology
Wenqing Zhang, John Wood
Among all pathogens of public health concern, influenza virus is unique and somewhat notorious for its ability to constantly evolve and to rapidly spread; its potential for catastrophic impact and its ubiquitous presence in wild and domestic animals. The only way to address such a serious challenge is by timely and effective global collaboration. One such collaboration began 65 years ago: the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN), just 4 years after the WHO constitution had came into force [1]. This article is protected by copyright...
February 13, 2018: Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses
Francesco Facchinetti, Paola Bordi, Paola Bini, Livia Bidin, Roberta Camisa, Marcello Tiseo
INTRODUCTION: Several reports attest the feasibility and the favorable outcomes of kinase inhibitors administration through feeding tubes or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies (PEG), mainly in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients exposed to first-generation compounds. Here we present the case of an ALK-positive NSCLC patient who achieved cerebral and extra-cranial disease response with ceritinib (a novel ALK inhibitor) administered through a nasogastric tube (NGT). We moreover provide a review gathering clinical successes obtained with targeted agents intake through NGT or PEG...
February 12, 2018: Current Drug Targets
Helga Simon-Molas, Claudia Arnedo-Pac, Pere Fontova, Anna Vidal-Alabró, Esther Castaño, Ana Rodríguez-García, Àurea Navarro-Sabaté, Núria Lloberas, Anna Manzano, Ramon Bartrons
Lymphocyte activation is associated with rapid increase of both the glycolytic activator fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (Fru-2,6-P2) and the enzyme responsible for its synthesis, 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase (PFK-2/FBPase-2). PFKFB3 gene, which encodes for the most abundant PFK-2 isoenzyme in proliferating tissues, has been found overexpressed during cell activation in several models, including immune cells. However, there is limited knowledge on the pathways underlying PFKFB3 regulation in human T-lymphocytes, and the role of this gene in human immune response...
February 12, 2018: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Shengwei Jiang, Yuchun Lin, Huan Yao, Chuanli Yang, Liyin Zhang, Bing Luo, Zhao Lei, Liwei Cao, Naibo Lin, Xiangyang Liu, Zhongning Lin, Chengyong He
Unfolded protein response (UPR) and endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-phagy are essential for cell homeostasis. Quantum dots (QDs), which have been widely used for biomedical applications, can accumulate in the kidney tissues and may cause renal dysfunction. However, the molecular mechanism of QDs-induced nephrotoxicity is still obscure. The present study was aimed to elucidate the role and mechanism of UPR and ER-phagy in QDs-induced nephrotoxicity. Herein, human embyronic kidney (HEK) cells were exposed to 15, 30, 45, and 60 nM cadmium telluride (CdTe)-QDs for 12 and 24 h...
February 12, 2018: Archives of Toxicology
Luca Telesca, Kati Michalek, Trystan Sanders, Lloyd S Peck, Jakob Thyrring, Elizabeth M Harper
Shape variability represents an important direct response of organisms to selective environments. Here, we use a combination of geometric morphometrics and generalised additive mixed models (GAMMs) to identify spatial patterns of natural shell shape variation in the North Atlantic and Arctic blue mussels, Mytilus edulis and M. trossulus, with environmental gradients of temperature, salinity and food availability across 3980 km of coastlines. New statistical methods and multiple study systems at various geographical scales allowed the uncoupling of the developmental and genetic contributions to shell shape and made it possible to identify general relationships between blue mussel shape variation and environment that are independent of age and species influences...
February 12, 2018: Scientific Reports
Wei Shen, Wanguo Liu, Huailin Yang, Peng Zhang, Chunsheng Xiao, Xuesi Chen
Multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer remains a significant challenge for curing cancer by chemotherapy. In this work, a kind of glutathione (GSH)-responsive polymer prodrug of SO2 was designed and synthesized, which presented synergistic effect with doxorubicin (DOX) for combating MCF-7 ADR human breast cancer cell. Firstly, a small molecular prodrug of SO2, N-(3-azidopropyl)-2,4-dinitrobenzenesulfonamide (AP-DNs), was chemically conjugated onto the side chain of methoxy poly (ethylene glycol)-block-poly (γ-propargyl-l-glutamate) (mPEG-PPLG) block copolymer to generate an amphiphilic polymer prodrug of SO2, mPEG-PLG (DNs)...
February 3, 2018: Biomaterials
Hiroki Miura, Fumihiko Hattori, Hidetoshi Uchida, Tadayoshi Hata, Kazuko Kudo, Masatoki Sato, Tetsushi Yoshikawa
BACKGROUND: Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection is common and may be severe among patients with preexisting cardiac anomalies, but direct involvement of myocardial damage is not common in those patients. Additionally, myocardial involvement has been rarely described among immune compromised children. CASE PRESENTATION: A 4-year-old girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who received maintenance chemotherapy in an outpatient clinic developed systemic inflammatory response syndrome...
February 12, 2018: BMC Pediatrics
Shi-Fan Xue, Zi-Han Chen, Xin-Yue Han, Zi-Yang Lin, Qi-Xian Wang, Min Zhang, Guoyue Shi
Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of pattern-based sensors due to their potential to detect and differentiate a wealth of analytes with only few probes. However, no one has found or used the combination of DNA and terbium(III) (Tb) as a pattern recognition system for largescale mix-and-measure assays. Here we report for the first time that DNA-sensitized Tb (DNA/Tb), as a label-free and versatile "chemical nose/tongue", can be employed for widescale time-gated luminescent (TGL) monitoring metal ions covering nearly the entire periodic table in a cost-effective fashion...
February 13, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Lawton K Chung, Manuela Raffatellu
The gastrointestinal tract is a complex environment in which the host immune system interacts with a diverse array of microorganisms, both symbiotic and pathogenic. As such, mobilizing a rapid and appropriate antimicrobial response depending on the nature of each stimulus is crucial for maintaining the balance between homeostasis and inflammation in the gut. Here we focus on the mechanisms by which intestinal antimicrobial peptides regulate microbial communities during dysbiosis and infection. We also discuss classes of bacterial peptides that contribute to reducing enteric pathogen outgrowth...
February 9, 2018: Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
Wei Xu, Emily N Vebrosky, Mackenzie L Richards, Kevin L Armbrust
Dicloran is a commonly used fungicide throughout the Southern and Western United States. Runoff of dicloran from agriculture systems to nearby waterbodies can accumulate in the organisms that inhabit those areas. Although severe damage of dicloran to ecological systems has not been reported, its toxicity has been modified by photodegradation. The objective of this study is to assess the changes of dicloran toxicities during photo exposure using a reliable in vitro biological model. In the present investigation, the photodegradation of dicloran in vitro showed over 90% of dicloran was degraded within 24h of UV exposure in water...
February 9, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Kento Kuwahara, Kentaro Yamada, Koji Suzuki, Daniel Citterio
This paper presents the determination of complex binding stoichiometry for colorimetric metal indicators according to the Job plot method by means of an office inkjet printer in combination with digital colour analysis. In contrast to the conventional solution-based analysis involving manual preparation of many mixed solutions, the elaborated inkjet-based approach allows convenient automated mixing of metal salt and indicator solutions in various ratios on a paper substrate. Inkjet-deposited liquid volumes and mixing ratios were controlled by simple colour value setting on a PC...
February 12, 2018: Analyst
Frank A Redegeld, Yingxin Yu, Sangeeta Kumari, Nicolas Charles, Ulrich Blank
Mast cells (MCs) are innate immune cells that are scattered in tissues throughout the organism being particularly abundant at sites exposed to the environment such as the skin and mucosal surfaces. Generally known for their role in IgE-mediated allergies, they have also important functions in the maintenance of tissue integrity by constantly sensing their microenvironment for signals by inflammatory triggers that can comprise infectious agents, toxins, hormones, alarmins, metabolic states, etc. When triggered their main function is to release a whole set of inflammatory mediators, cytokines, chemokines, and lipid products...
March 2018: Immunological Reviews
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