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Didier Rémond, Danit R Shahar, Doreen Gille, Paula Pinto, Josefa Kachal, Marie-Agnès Peyron, Claudia Nunes Dos Santos, Barbara Walther, Alessandra Bordoni, Didier Dupont, Lidia Tomás-Cobos, Guy Vergères
Although the prevalence of malnutrition in the old age is increasing worldwide a synthetic understanding of the impact of aging on the intake, digestion, and absorption of nutrients is still lacking. This review article aims at filling the gap in knowledge between the functional decline of the aging gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and the consequences of malnutrition on the health status of elderly. Changes in the aging GIT include the mechanical disintegration of food, gastrointestinal motor function, food transit, chemical food digestion, and functionality of the intestinal wall...
June 10, 2015: Oncotarget
Atul R Chopade, Fahim J Sayyad, Nilofar S Naikwade
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have shown that unilateral injection of carrageenan into the gastrocnemius muscle produces chronic thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia. AIM: In the present study, we have characterized this model of muscoskeletal inflammatory pain, by evaluating the antihyperalgesic effects of selective and non-selective COX-2 inhibitors after systemic administration. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Rats were injected with 3% carrageenan in the left gastrocnemius muscle and hyperalgesia to heat stimuli (measured as decreased withdrawal latency) to paws was assessed before and at varying times after injection, till end of 2nd week...
June 2014: Pharmacological Reports: PR
N Murgia, M Dell'Omo, A Gambelunghe, I Folletti, G Muzi, G Abbritti
The road and rail transport sector, since the several work tipology and risk factors for workers safety and health, is an area where assessing exposure effects is very difficult. Muscoskeletal cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases are the disorders more frequently associated to professional drivers. The role of professional driving is rather well-defined in low back pain occurence, correlated to whole body vibration exposure. Professional drivers are at higher risk of ischemic cardiovascular diseases, but it is not clear whether the risk is attributable just to the occupational exposures or also to their life-style risk factors...
July 2012: Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro Ed Ergonomia
Emilia Solomon, Hui Li, Sara Duhachek Muggy, Emilia Syta, Anna Zolkiewska
Increased expression of metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM12 is a hallmark of several pathological conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and certain inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system or the muscoskeletal system. We show that transforming growth factor beta1 (TGFbeta1) is a potent inducer of ADAM12 mRNA and protein in mouse fibroblasts and in mouse and human mammary epithelial cells. Induction of ADAM12 is detected within 2 h of treatment with TGFbeta1, is Smad2/Smad3-dependent, and is a result of derepression of the Adam12 gene...
July 16, 2010: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Gianluigi Fabbriciani, Matteo Pirro, Christian Leli, Andrea Cecchetti, Laura Callarelli, Giuseppe Rinonapoli, Anna Maria Scarponi, Elmo Mannarino
A 20-year-old vegetarian man was admitted to our hospital complaining of muscle weakness and gait disturbances of 4 years duration. For the past 5 years, he had major depression and had confined himself at home. He exhibited tenderness upon palpation of the chest, sternum and proximal muscles. Hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, vitamin D deficiency, increased levels of alkaline phosphatase, and intact parathyroid hormone were noted. An x-ray skeletal survey revealed generalized osteopenia, multiple vertebral and costal fractures, and a pelvis deformed into the shape of a triangle...
January 2010: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology: Practical Reports on Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Diseases
Frank N M Twisk, Michael Maes
Benign Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disease which, despite numerous biological abnormalities has remained highly controversial. Notwithstanding the medical pathogenesis of ME/CFS, the (bio)psychosocial model is adopted by many governmental organizations and medical profes-sio-nals to legitimize the combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) for ME/CFS. Justified by this model CBT and GET aim at eliminating presumed psychogenic and socially induced maintaining factors and reversing deconditioning, respectively...
2009: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Soo Yong Chua, Haw-Chong Chang
Unilateral rupture of the quadriceps tendon is not uncommon, but bilateral spontaneous quadriceps tendon rupture is a rare occurrence and is usually associated with some underlying predisposing condition. We describe a case of a previously healthy patient who presents with bilateral spontaneous rupture of both quadriceps tendon. Investigations revealed that he had underlying alkaptonuria which was previously undiagnosed. Alkaptonuria is a rare inborn metabolic disease, which results in the derangement of homogentisic acid metabolism...
October 2006: Knee
Alexander Norup Nielsen, Claus Mathiesen, Gordon Blackburn-Munro
Previous studies have shown that repeated injections of acidic saline, given into the lateral gastrocnemius muscle of rats, results in a bilateral reduction in withdrawal threshold to tactile stimulation of the hindpaws. We have now characterised this model of muscoskeletal pain pharmacologically, by evaluating the antinociceptive effects of various analgesics after systemic administration. The micro-opioid receptor agonist morphine (3 and 6 mg/kg) produced a particularly prolonged antiallodynic effect. The glutamate receptor antagonists ([8-methyl-5-(4-(N,N-dimethylsulfamoyl)phenyl)-6,7,8,9,-tetrahydro-1H-pyrrolo[3,2-h]-iso-quinoline-2,3-dione-3-O-(4-hydroxybutyric acid-2-yl)oxime] NS1209 and ketamine (6 and 15 mg/kg, respectively), the KCNQ K(+) channel openers retigabine and flupirtine (10 and 20 mg/kg, respectively) and the Na(+) channel blocker mexiletine (37...
March 8, 2004: European Journal of Pharmacology
B D Goldfine, M V Nahas
This investigation ascertained effects of exposing high school students to classroom health-related fitness instruction involving a curriculum focused on the relationship of exercise to cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, flexibility, strength (particularly as it relates to abdominal and lower-back muscoskeletal function), and muscular endurance. The curriculum included lectures, labs, and readings as part of the physical education course work. Ninety ninth and 10th grade students were assigned randomly to one of three physical education classes, which met daily for one, 12-week semester...
March 1993: Journal of School Health
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