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Michelle Brault, Tayla M Olsen, Jennifer Martinez, Daniel B Stetson, Andrew Oberst
The sensing of viral nucleic acids within the cytosol is essential for the induction of innate immune responses following infection. However, this sensing occurs within cells that have already been infected. The death of infected cells can be beneficial to the host by eliminating the virus's replicative niche and facilitating the release of inflammatory mediators. In this study, we show that sensing of intracellular DNA or RNA by cGAS-STING or RIG-I-MAVS, respectively, leads to activation of RIPK3 and necroptosis in bone marrow-derived macrophages...
March 14, 2018: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Sjoerd Tijmons, Matěj Karásek, G C H E de Croon
Robust attitude control is an essential aspect of research on autonomous flight of flapping wing Micro Air Vehicles. The mechanical solutions by which the necessary control moments are realised come at the price of extra weight and possible loss of aerodynamic efficiency. Stable flight of these vehicles has been shown by several designs using a conventional tail, but also by tailless designs that use active control of the wings. In this study a control mechanism is proposed that provides active control over the wings...
March 14, 2018: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
Xuewu Zhang, Chengliang Zhu, Tianci Wang, Hui Jiang, Yahui Ren, Qi Zhang, Kailang Wu, Fang Liu, Yingle Liu, Jianguo Wu
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006321.].
March 2018: PLoS Pathogens
Laura Rindi, Nicoletta Lari, Carlo Garzelli
Background: Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis (MAH) is an environmental opportunistic pathogen for humans and swine worldwide; in humans, the vast majority of MAH infections is due to strains belonging to specific genotypes, such as the internal transcribed spacer (ITS)-sequevars Mav-A and Mav-B that mostly cause pulmonary infections in elderly patients and severe disseminated infections in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients, respectively. To test whether the different types of infections in distinct patients' populations might reflect a different virulence of the infecting genotypes, MAH human isolates, genotyped by ITS sequencing and MIRU-VNTR minisatellite analysis, were studied for the capacity to infect and replicate in human macrophages in vitro...
January 2018: International Journal of Mycobacteriology
Marwa Khammassi, Nejmeddine Ouerghi, Sameh Hadj-Taieb, Moncef Feki, David Thivel, Anissa Bouassida
Although High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has shown its effectiveness in improving body composition, cardio-respiratory fitness and lipid profile in obese adults, evidences remain limited in overweight/obese youth. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of a 12-week HIIT program without caloric restriction on body composition and lipid profile among young overweight/obese men. Twenty healthy obese youth were randomly allocated into two groups; experimental group (HIIT) and control group. The HIIT program consisted in 3 exercises sessions per week (30 sec of work at 100% maximal aerobic velocity [MAV]) interspersed by 30 sec of active recovery at 50% MAV, starting by 15 repetitions to reach 27 by the end of the program...
February 2018: Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
Rahul Krishnan, Jeena K, Zahoor Mushtaq, K U Shyam, Pani Prasad Kurcheti
The innate immune signaling adapter, Mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein (MAVS) coordinates the signals received from two independent RLRs (RIG-1 and MDA5) to induce IFN & interferon stimulatory genes (ISGs). In the present study, we report identification of an orthologue of MAVS from Lates calcarifer (LcMAVS) and its functional role in piscine RLR signaling. The LcMAVS-cDNA was cloned into pcDNA and transfected into SISS cells. LcMAVS was detected to be a 61KDa protein in western blot. Confocal microscopy demonstrated the mitochondrial localization of LcMAVS...
March 3, 2018: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Pooja Tajpara, Christopher Schuster, Elisabeth Schön, Philip Kienzl, Martin Vierhapper, Michael Mildner, Adelheid Elbe-Bürger
Together with keratinocytes (KCs) and the dense network of Langerhans cells (LCs), the epidermis is an ideal portal for vaccine delivery. Pattern recognition receptor agonists, in particular polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid [p(I:C)], are promising adjuvant candidates for therapeutic vaccination to generate protective T-cell immunity. Here we established an ex vivo skin explant model to study the expression and activation of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-sensing pattern recognition receptors in LCs and KCs in human skin...
March 6, 2018: FASEB Journal: Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Yinghao Xin, Dang Wang, Meijin Huang, Jinjin Yu, Liurong Fang, Shaobo Xiao
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), an acute infectious disease agent in swine, causes enormous economic losses to the global swine industry. PRRSV nonstructural protein 1β (nsp1β) plays a critical role in viral subgenomic mRNA synthesis and host immune regulation. However, the global changes of cellular gene expression in natural target cells regulated by the nsp1β have not yet been identified. Here, isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification (iTRAQ) labeling coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry were used to quantitatively identify cellular proteins in porcine alveolar macrophage (PAM) 3D4/21 cells transduced with recombinant lentivirus expressing PRRSV nsp1β that are differentially expressed compared with PAM 3D4/21 cells transduced with recombinant lentivirus expressing GFP...
March 5, 2018: Virus Genes
Hoang Vu Phan, Hoon Cheol Park
Studies on wing kinematics indicate that flapping insect wings operate at higher angles of attack (AoAs) than conventional rotary wings. Thus, effectively flying an insect-like flapping-wing micro air vehicle (FW-MAV) requires appropriate wing design for achieving low power consumption and high force generation. Even though theoretical studies can be performed to identify appropriate geometric AoAs for a wing for achieving efficient hovering flight, designing an actual wing by implementing these angles into a real flying robot is challenging...
March 1, 2018: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
Mark Chapman, Eneko Larumbe-Zabala, Mark Gosss-Sampson, N Travis Triplett, Fernando Naclerio
The present study analyzed the effectiveness of the OMNI-RES (0-10) and the electromyographic signal for monitoring changes in the movement velocity during a set to muscular failure performed with different relative loads in the bench press exercise (BP). Ten males (30.8 ± 5.7 years) were evaluated on eight separate days with 48 hours of rest between sessions. After determining the 1RM value, participants performed seven sets to failure with the following relative loads ranges: 30<40%; 40<50%, 50<60%, 60%<70%, 70<80%, 80<90% and >90%...
February 22, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Nejmeddine Ouerghi, Mohamed Kacem Ben Fradj, Ikram Bezrati, Marwa Khammassi, Moncef Feki, Naziha Kaabachi, Anissa Bouassida
To examine the effects of short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on body composition, physical performance and plasma lipids in overweight/obese compared to normal-weight young men. Nine overweight/obese and nine normal-weight men (control group) aged 17 to 20 years underwent a HIIT programme three times per week for eight weeks. Body composition, indices of aerobic [maximal aerobic velocity (MAV) and maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max )] and anaerobic [squat jump (SJ), counter-movement jump (CMJ), five-jump test (FJT), 10-m and 30-m sprint] performances, as well as fasting plasma lipids, were assessed in the two groups at PRE and POST HIIT...
December 2017: Biology of Sport
Sumito Yoshida, Hiroaki Shime, Yohei Takeda, Jin-Min Nam, Ken Takashima, Misako Matsumoto, Hiroki Shirato, Masanori Kasahara, Tsukasa Seya
Radiotherapy induces anti-tumor immunity by induction of tumor antigens and damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). DNA, a representative DAMP in radiotherapy, activates the STING pathway which enhances the immune response. However, the immune response does not always parallel the inflammation associated with radiotherapy. This lack of correspondence may in part explain the radiation-resistance of tumors. Additive immunotherapy is expected to revive tumor-specific CTLs facilitating radiation-resistant tumor shrinkage...
February 21, 2018: Cancer Science
Deepak Mav, Ruchir R Shah, Brian E Howard, Scott S Auerbach, Pierre R Bushel, Jennifer B Collins, David L Gerhold, Richard S Judson, Agnes L Karmaus, Elizabeth A Maull, Donna L Mendrick, B Alex Merrick, Nisha S Sipes, Daniel Svoboda, Richard S Paules
Changes in gene expression can help reveal the mechanisms of disease processes and the mode of action for toxicities and adverse effects on cellular responses induced by exposures to chemicals, drugs and environment agents. The U.S. Tox21 Federal collaboration, which currently quantifies the biological effects of nearly 10,000 chemicals via quantitative high-throughput screening(qHTS) in in vitro model systems, is now making an effort to incorporate gene expression profiling into the existing battery of assays...
2018: PloS One
Aleksandra Anchim, Najat Raddi, Lena Zig, Patrick Perrieau, Ronan Le Goffic, Bernhard Ryffel, Karim Benihoud
The use of serotype 5 adenovirus (Ad)-derived vectors in vaccination is confronted to preexisting anti-Ad immunity. Epitope display on Ad capsid is currently being investigated as an alternative approach of vaccination. The present study seeks to better understand virus- and host-related factors controlling the efficacy of this new vaccination approach. In contrast to an Ad vector expressing ovalbumin as a transgene, Ad displaying an ovalbumin-derived B-cell epitope inserted into the fiber protein was able to elicit antibody responses in both Ad-naive and Ad-immune mice...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Kate M Franz, William J Neidermyer, Yee-Joo Tan, Sean P J Whelan, Jonathan C Kagan
In mammalian cells, IFN responses that occur during RNA and DNA virus infections are activated by distinct signaling pathways. The RIG-I-like-receptors (RLRs) bind viral RNA and engage the adaptor MAVS (mitochondrial antiviral signaling) to promote IFN expression, whereas cGAS (cGMP-AMP synthase) binds viral DNA and activates an analogous pathway via the protein STING (stimulator of IFN genes). In this study, we confirm that STING is not necessary to induce IFN expression during RNA virus infection but also find that STING is required to restrict the replication of diverse RNA viruses...
February 27, 2018: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Qiao Xue, Huisheng Liu, Zixiang Zhu, Fan Yang, Linna Ma, Xuepeng Cai, Qinghong Xue, Haixue Zheng
Seneca Valley Virus (SVV) is a newly emerged virus belonging to the family Picornaviridae. Basic knowledge of the immunological response to SVV is limited. To date, one study has demonstrated that SVV 3Cpro mediates the cleavage of host MAVS, TRIF, and TANK at specific sites and consequently escapes the host's antiviral innate immunity. In this study, we show that SVV 3Cpro reduces IRF3 and IRF7 protein expression level and phosphorylation. SVV infection also reduces expression of IRF3 and IRF7 protein. The degradation of IRF3 and IRF7 is dependent on the 3Cpro protease activity...
February 7, 2018: Virology
Jie Liu, Ling-Yun Tang, Yan-Gui Wang, Shun-Yuan Lu, En-Ning Zhang, Zhu-Gang Wang, Hong-Xin Zhang
Evidence indicated that inflammatory response and some pattern-recognition receptors play important roles in the occurrence and progression of osteoarthritis. This study is conducted to evaluate the role of RIG-I and its adaptor protein MAVS in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. Four SNPs in RIG-I gene and four in MAVS gene were genotyped in 1056 Chinese Han population. We also overexpressed MAVS in murine chondrogenic ATDC5 cells and analyzed the cell viability and apoptosis. Rs11795343 (P-allele: 0.063394) in RIG-I, rs17857295 (P-allele: 0...
February 2018: Aging and Disease
Natalia Zamorano Cuervo, Quentin Osseman, Nathalie Grandvaux
The mitochondrial antiviral signaling (MAVS) adaptor protein is a central signaling hub required for cells to mount an antiviral response following virus sensing by retinoic acid-inducible gene I (RIG-I)-like receptors. MAVS localizes in the membrane of mitochondria and peroxisomes and in mitochondrial-associated endoplasmic reticulum membranes. Structural and functional studies have revealed that MAVS activity relies on the formation of functional high molecular weight prion-like aggregates. The formation of protein aggregates typically relies on a dynamic transition between oligomerization and aggregation states...
January 30, 2018: Viruses
Logan Myers, Hiran Perera, Michael G Alvarado, Thomas Kidd
The RET receptor tyrosine kinase is critical for the development of the enteric nervous system (ENS), acting as a receptor for Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) via GFR co-receptors. Drosophila has a well-conserved RET homologue (Ret) that has been proposed to function independently of the Gfr-like co-receptor (Gfrl). We find that Ret is required for development of the stomatogastric (enteric) nervous system (SNS) in both embryos and larvae, and its loss results in feeding defects. Live imaging analysis suggests that peristaltic waves are initiated but not propagated in mutant midguts...
December 28, 2017: Development
Ruifang Li, Sara A Grimm, Deepak Mav, Haiwei Gu, Danijel Djukovic, Ruchir Shah, B Alex Merrick, Daniel Raftery, Paul A Wade
Colorectal cancer (CRC) tends to occur at older age; however, CRC incidence rates have been rising sharply among young age groups. The increasing prevalence of obesity is recognized as a major risk, yet the mechanistic underpinnings remain poorly understood. Using a diet-induced obesity mouse model, we identified obesity-associated molecular changes in the colonic epithelium of young and aged mice, and we further investigated whether the changes were reversed after weight loss. Transcriptome analysis indicated that obesity-related colonic cellular metabolic switch favoring long-chain fatty acid oxidation happened in young mice, while obesity-associated downregulation of negative feedback regulators of pro-proliferative signaling pathways occurred in older mice...
January 16, 2018: Cell Reports
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