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Juliana Aparecida Morini Altafin, Cintia Magalhães Carvalho Grion, Marcos Toshyiuki Tanita, Josiane Festti, Lucienne Tibery Queiroz Cardoso, Caio Fabrício Fonseca Veiga, Danielle Kamiji, Álan Roger Gomes Barbosa, Caio Cesar Takeshi Matsubara, Aline Bobato Lara, Cesar Castello Branco Lopes, Djavani Blum, Tiemi Matsuo
OBJECTIVE: The nursing workload consists of the time spent by the nursing staff to perform the activities for which they are responsible, whether directly or indirectly related to patient care. The aim of this study was to evaluate the nursing workload in an adult intensive care unit at a university hospital using the Nursing Activities Score (NAS) instrument. METHODS: A longitudinal, prospective study that involved the patients admitted to the intensive care unit of a university hospital between March and December 2008...
July 2014: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
Shigeko Kimura, Takashi Yoshida, Naohiko Hosoda, Takashi Honda, Sotaro Kuno, Rikae Kamiji, Ryoya Hashimoto, Yoshihiko Sako
Viruses play important roles in regulating the abundance, clonal diversity, and composition of their host populations. To assess their impact on the host populations, it is essential to understand the dynamics of virus infections in the natural environment. Cyanophages often carry host-like genes, including photosynthesis genes, which maintain host photosynthesis. This implies a diurnal pattern of cyanophage infection depending on photosynthesis. Here we investigated the infection pattern of Microcystis cyanophage by following the abundances of the Ma-LMM01-type phage tail sheath gene g91 and its transcript in a natural population...
August 2012: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
P O Riley, C Arregui-Dalmases, S Purtserov, D Parent, D J Lessley, G Shaw, J Crandall, Shinichi Takayama, Koshiro Ono, Koichi Kamiji, Tsuyoshi Yasuki
A test series involving direct right-side impact of a moving wall on unsupported, unrestrained cadavers with no arms was undertaken to better understand human kinematics and injury mechanisms during side impact at realistic speeds. The tests conducted provided a unique opportunity for a detailed analysis of the kinematics resulting from side impact. Specifically, this study evaluated the 3-dimensional (3D) kinematics of 3 unrestrained male cadavers subjected to lateral impact by a multi-element load wall carried by a pneumatically propelled rail-mounted sled reproducing a conceptual side crash impact...
2012: Traffic Injury Prevention
Nilton L Kamiji, Kazunori Yamamoto, Hajime Hirasawa, Masahiro Yamada, Shiro Usui, Makoto Kurokawa
It has been postulated that horizontal cells (HCs) send feedback signals onto cones via a proton feedback mechanism, which generates the center-surround receptive field of bipolar cells, and color-opponent signals in many non-mammalian vertebrates. Here we used a strong pH buffer, HEPES, to reduce extracellular proton concentration changes and so determine whether protons mediate color-opponent signals in goldfish H3 (triphasic) HCs. Superfusion with 10mM HEPES-fortified saline elicited depolarization of H3 HCs' dark membrane potential and enhanced hyperpolarizing responses to blue stimuli, but suppressed both depolarization by yellow and orange and hyperpolarization by red stimuli...
April 2012: Neuroscience Research
K Ishihara, R Takahashi, M Andoh, K Makita, S Kamiji, H Ueno, Y Muramatsu, Y Tamura
Japanese weather data for areas that produced Campylobacter spp.-positive chicken products were compared with those for areas producing negative samples. Regarding samples produced during the period of rising temperature (spring and summer), the mean weekly air temperatures for Campylobacter-positive samples were higher than those for negative samples for the period of the week in which the samples were purchased (18.7 °C vs. 13.1 °C, P = 0.006) to a 12-week lag (12 weeks before purchasing samples; 7.9 °C vs...
June 2012: Epidemiology and Infection
Takayuki Kannon, Keiichiro Inagaki, Nilton L Kamiji, Kouji Makimura, Shiro Usui
The brain is a complex information processing system, which can be divided into sub-systems, such as the sensory organs, functional areas in the cortex, and motor control systems. In this sense, most of the mathematical models developed in the field of neuroscience have mainly targeted a specific sub-system. In order to understand the details of the brain as a whole, such sub-system models need to be integrated toward the development of a neurophysiologically plausible large-scale system model. In the present work, we propose a model integration library where models can be connected by means of a common data format...
November 2011: Neural Networks: the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
David Lessley, Greg Shaw, Daniel Parent, Carlos Arregui-Dalmases, Matthew Kindig, Patrick Riley, Sergey Purtsezov, Mark Sochor, Thomas Gochenour, James Bolton, Damien Subit, Jeff Crandall, Shinichi Takayama, Koshiro Ono, Koichi Kamiji, Tsuyoshi Yasuki
The objective of the current study was to provide a comprehensive characterization of human biomechanical response to whole-body, lateral impact. Three approximately 50th-percentile adult male PMHS were subjected to right-side pure lateral impacts at 4.3 ± 0.1 m/s using a rigid wall mounted to a rail-mounted sled. Each subject was positioned on a rigid seat and held stationary by a system of tethers until immediately prior to being impacted by the moving wall with 100 mm pelvic offset. Displacement data were obtained using an optoelectronic stereophotogrammetric system that was used to track the 3D motions of the impacting wall sled; seat sled, and reflective targets secured to the head, spine, extremities, ribcage, and shoulder complex of each subject...
November 2010: Stapp Car Crash Journal
M M Kamiji, L E A Troncon, J Antunes-Rodrigues, L L K Elias, M de Castro, R B Oliveira
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Reduced food intake, appetite loss and alteration of ghrelin and PYY(3-36) secretion have been suggested to have a function in the loss of body weight commonly observed after gastrectomy. The objective of this study was to investigate the circulating concentrations of ghrelin and PYY(3-36) and their relationships with food intake, appetite and resting energy expenditure (REE) after gastrectomy plus vagotomy. SUBJECTS/METHODS: Seven patients with total gastrectomy (TG), 14 with partial gastrectomy (PG) and 10 healthy controls were studied...
August 2010: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Keisuke Yonehara, Hiroshi Ishikane, Hiraki Sakuta, Takafumi Shintani, Kayo Nakamura-Yonehara, Nilton L Kamiji, Shiro Usui, Masaharu Noda
The direction of image motion is coded by direction-selective (DS) ganglion cells in the retina. Particularly, the ON DS ganglion cells project their axons specifically to terminal nuclei of the accessory optic system (AOS) responsible for optokinetic reflex (OKR). We recently generated a knock-in mouse in which SPIG1 (SPARC-related protein containing immunoglobulin domains 1)-expressing cells are visualized with GFP, and found that retinal ganglion cells projecting to the medial terminal nucleus (MTN), the principal nucleus of the AOS, are comprised of SPIG1+ and SPIG1(-) ganglion cells distributed in distinct mosaic patterns in the retina...
2009: PloS One
Mayra M Kamiji, Luiz E A Troncon, Vivian M M Suen, Ricardo B de Oliveira
BACKGROUND: Alterations in gastrointestinal tract physiology after gastrectomy may affect appetite and energy balance. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to examine energy balance, appetite, and gastrointestinal transit in subjects with gastrectomy. DESIGN: Seven subjects with total gastrectomy (TG) and 14 subjects with partial gastrectomy (PG), who were free from signs of recurrent disease, and 10 healthy control subjects were studied...
January 2009: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Gunter P Siegmund, Martin B Davis, Kyle P Quinn, Elizabeth Hines, Barry S Myers, Susumu Ejima, Kishiri Ono, Koichi Kamiji, Tsuyoshi Yasuki, Beth A Winkelstein
STUDY DESIGN: In vitro experiments using cadaveric cervical spine motion segments to quantify facet capsular ligament strain during whiplash-like loading. OBJECTIVE: To quantify facet capsule strains during whiplash-like loading with an axial intervertebral prerotation simulating an initial head-turned posture and to then compare these strains to previously-published strains for partial failure and gross failure of the facet capsule for these specimens. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Clinical data have shown that a head-turned posture at impact increases the severity and duration of whiplash-related symptoms...
July 1, 2008: Spine
Mayra M Kamiji, Akio Inui
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purpose of this review is to summarize recent studies that investigated the role of ghrelin and ghrelin analogs in wasting conditions. RECENT FINDINGS: Numerous studies have demonstrated potential beneficial effects exerted by ghrelin in a number of diseases associated with wasting. Besides ghrelin's orexigenic effect, anabolic as well as anti-inflammatory activity mediated by ghrelin have been investigated in wasting conditions such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, malabsorptive diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, anorexia nervosa, renal failure, liver failure, and chronic heart failure...
July 2008: Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care
Costin Untaroiu, Jason Kerrigan, Check Kam, Jeff Crandall, Kunio Yamazaki, Keisuke Fukuyama, Koichi Kamiji, Tsuyoshi Yasuki, James Funk
The purpose of this study is to determine the loads in the long bones of the lower extremities during vehicle-pedestrian impact tests, and to correlate load data with observed kinematics in an effort to understand how stature and vehicle shape influence pedestrian response. In tests with a large sedan and a small multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), four post mortem human surrogates (PMHS) in mid-stance gait were struck laterally at 40 km/h. Prior to the tests, each PMHSwas instrumented with four uniaxial strain gages around the mid-shaft cross section of the struck-side (right) tibia and the femora bilaterally...
October 2007: Stapp Car Crash Journal
M M Kamiji, A Inui
Neuropeptide Y (NPY), a potent orexigen peptide widely produced and distributed in arcuate neurons in the hypothalamus, is a promising candidate for the control of appetitive ingestive behavior. In mammals, the signaling is mediated via at least five different cell surface receptors, denoted as Y(1), Y(2), Y(4), Y(5) and Y(6). Obesity is an important public health problem in the world, particularly in developed societies, and has taken on pandemic proportions. The therapeutics of obesity, including appetite suppressants, has increased 453% over the past decade, although issues concerning safety, efficacy, and little knowledge of the pharmacological activity result in the still modest effects of the anti-obesity drugs presently used...
2007: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Toshihiro Nakahara, Toshiro Harada, Daisuke Yasuhara, Nobuhiro Shimada, Haruka Amitani, Takeo Sakoguchi, Mayra Mayumi Kamiji, Akihiro Asakawa, Akio Inui
BACKGROUND: Obestatin is a recently identified ghrelin gene product that was reported to inhibit appetite and gastric motility in contrast to ghrelin. We investigated fasting obestatin and ghrelin levels in patients with obesity and anorexia nervosa. METHODS: Fasting plasma obestatin, acyl-ghrelin, desacyl-ghrelin, leptin, glucose serum adiponectin, and insulin were measured in 10 obese subjects, 11 restricting-type anorexics, and 11 control subjects. RESULTS: Obese group had significantly lower levels of obestatin (p < ...
August 1, 2008: Biological Psychiatry
M M Kamiji, A Inui
Obesity is a serious public health problem throughout the world, affecting both developed societies and developing countries. The central nervous system has developed a meticulously interconnected circuitry in order to keep us fed and in an adequate nutritional state. One of these consequences is that an energy-dense environment favors the development of obesity. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is one of the most abundant and widely distributed peptides in the central nervous system of both rodents and humans and has been implicated in a variety of physiological actions...
October 2007: Endocrine Reviews
Mayra Mayumi Kamiji, Ricardo Brandt de Oliveira
BACKGROUND: The conventional treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection consists on antibiotics, to which a small but significant number of patients are non-responders. Alternative treatments to the infection have been suggested, including the use of antioxidants. There has been such increasing interest upon vitamin C since it was demonstrated vitamin C concentrations in the stomach of infected patients are significant lower compared to healthy subjects. Pharmacological doses of vitamin C have been investigated for eradication of H...
July 2005: Arquivos de Gastroenterologia
Mayra M Kamiji, Ricardo B de Oliveira
Despite years of experience with Helicobacter pylori treatment, the ideal regimen for treating the infection has not been found. The most effective eradication treatment is the combination of a proton pump inhibitor with antibiotics, but 10-20% of the patients fail to obtain eradication of the infection. Antibiotic resistance is a major factor affecting the outcome of treatment. Non-antibiotic therapies, including phytomedicines, probiotics, and antioxidants, have been increasingly investigated as potential alternatives for the treatment of H...
September 2005: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Mayra Mayumi Kamiji, Ricardo Brandt de Oliveira
In order to characterize the demographic and clinical profile of patients with digestive manifestations of Chagas' disease, the medical records were reviewed of patients (n = 377) currently attended at Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto with positive serologic reaction for Chagas' disease and admitted from January 2002 to March 2003. Median age was 67 years and 210 (56%) were women. Megaesophagus and/or megacolon were present in 135 patients, 59% of these had cardiopathy. For 49% of patients with digestive disease, at least two medical prescriptions of medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases were found...
July 2005: Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical
Noriyuki Kitai, Yoshitaka Iguchi, Mariko Takashima, Shumei Murakami, Sven Kreiborg, Takashi Kamiji, Kenji Takada
OBJECTIVE: To examine the three-dimensional morphology of internal structures of the craniofacial region and present the orthodontic problems in an unusual case with nasal aplasia. PATIENT: The patient was an 11.5-year-old boy with aplasia of the nose and nasal cavity with extremely constricted nasopharyngeal airway. He did not have mental or somatic retardation. The patient had dacryostenosis. The morphology of the craniofacial structures was characterized by absence of septal structures, including cribriform plate, perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone, vomer, and septal cartilage; bony hypotelorism; midface hypoplasia; short and retrognathic maxilla with Class III jaw relationship; average mandibular plane angle; high arched palate; severe anterior open bite with bilateral posterior crossbites; and dental anomalies (agenesis of four maxillary permanent teeth, microdontia, taurodontism, and short roots)...
March 2004: Cleft Palate-craniofacial Journal
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