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rheumatoid arthritis spontaneous remission

J Bauhammer, C Fiehn
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease. Synovitis is the main pathology and can lead to a progressive destruction of the joints. It is often said that RA "burns out", implying that the inflammation decreases spontaneously in the long term, mostly severe course of RA and reaches a stage with a stable absence of joint inflammation, even without treatment. To test this concept we analyzed the published evidence. Data of historic long-term inception cohorts of patients who have never been treated with antirheumatic drugs and patients who received conventional disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARD), show that the disease stays active with sustained radiological progression in the majority of patients...
April 30, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Rheumatologie
Hovik J Ashchyan, Caroline A Nelson, Sasha Stephen, William D James, Robert G Micheletti, Misha Rosenbach
Neutrophilic dermatoses are a heterogeneous group of inflammatory skin disorders that present with unique clinical features, but are unified by the presence of a sterile, predominantly neutrophilic infiltrate on histopathology. The morphology of cutaneous lesions associated with these disorders is heterogeneous, which renders diagnosis challenging. Moreover, a thorough evaluation is required to exclude diseases that mimic these disorders and to diagnose potential associated infectious, inflammatory, and neoplastic processes...
April 10, 2018: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Mario Rotondi, Martina Molteni, Paola Leporati, Valentina Capelli, Michele Marinò, Luca Chiovato
Alemtuzumab, a humanized anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody, is approved for the treatment of active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). Alemtuzumab induces a rapid and prolonged depletion of lymphocytes from the circulation, which results in a profound immuno-suppression status followed by an immune reconstitution phase. Secondary to reconstitution autoimmune diseases represent the most common side effect of Alemtuzumab treatment. Among them, Graves' disease (GD) is the most frequent one with an estimated prevalence ranging from 16...
2017: Frontiers in Endocrinology
Hermenio Lima, Melinda Gooderham, Jan Dutz, Charles Lynde, Hugo Chapdelaine, Anne Ellis, Martin Gilbert, Vincent Ho, Kim Papp, Yves Poulin, Gordon Sussman
BACKGROUND: Treat-to-target therapy approaches are established for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and more recently rheumatoid arthritis, resulting in improved patient outcomes. These approaches do not use patient reported outcomes (PRO) as targets of therapy. Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU), also called chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU), is defined as recurrent urticaria of known and unknown cause, lasting more than 6 weeks. Treatment of CSU can be challenging...
2017: Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology
Simon Rauber, Markus Luber, Stefanie Weber, Lisa Maul, Alina Soare, Thomas Wohlfahrt, Neng-Yu Lin, Katharina Dietel, Aline Bozec, Martin Herrmann, Mark H Kaplan, Benno Weigmann, Mario M Zaiss, Ursula Fearon, Douglas J Veale, Juan D Cañete, Oliver Distler, Felice Rivellese, Costantino Pitzalis, Markus F Neurath, Andrew N J McKenzie, Stefan Wirtz, Georg Schett, Jörg H W Distler, Andreas Ramming
Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis are chronic conditions that fail to resolve spontaneously. While the cytokine and cellular pathways triggering arthritis are well defined, those responsible for the resolution of inflammation are incompletely characterized. Here we identified interleukin (IL)-9-producing type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) as the mediators of a molecular and cellular pathway that orchestrates the resolution of chronic inflammation. In mice, the absence of IL-9 impaired ILC2 proliferation and activation of regulatory T (Treg ) cells, and resulted in chronic arthritis with excessive cartilage destruction and bone loss...
August 2017: Nature Medicine
Yuka Gion, Noriko Iwaki, Katsuyoshi Takata, Mai Takeuchi, Keiichiro Nishida, Yorihisa Orita, Tomoyasu Tachibana, Tadashi Yoshino, Yasuharu Sato
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis often develop methotrexate-associated lymphoproliferative disorders (MTX-LPD) during MTX treatment. MTX-LPD occasionally regresses spontaneously after simply discontinuing MTX treatment. In patients without spontaneous regression, additional chemotherapy is required to avoid disease progression. However, the differences between spontaneous and non-spontaneous regression have yet to be elucidated. To clarify the factors important for spontaneous regression, we analyzed the clinicopathological features of 51 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who developed MTX-LPD (diffuse large B-cell lymphoma [DLBCL]-type [n = 34] and classical Hodgkin lymphoma [CHL]-type [n = 17])...
June 2017: Cancer Science
Adam J Pelzek, Caroline Grönwall, Pamela Rosenthal, Jeffrey D Greenberg, Mandy McGeachy, Larry Moreland, William F C Rigby, Gregg J Silverman
OBJECTIVE: In rheumatoid arthritis (RA), autoreactive B cells are pathogenic drivers and sources of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs) that are a diagnostic biomarker and predictor of worse long-term prognosis. Yet, the immunobiologic significance of persistent ACPA production at the cellular level is poorly understood. This study was undertaken to investigate the representation of ACPA-expressing switched-memory B cells in RA. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study of RA patients, we investigated the presence of continued defects in immune homeostasis as a function of disease activity...
June 2017: Arthritis & Rheumatology
Alexandr Sidorov, Liubov Beduleva, Igor Menshikov, Alexey Terentiev, Elena Stolyarova, Nadezhda Abisheva
We recently identified rheumatoid factor, the production of which neither predicts nor exacerbates experimental autoimmune disease, but the opposite, namely it is associated with autoimmune disease resistance and remission. We have named it regulatory rheumatoid factor (regRF). The aim of this study was to determine whether rat Fc fragments and human Fc fragments are an antigen for regRF, and to determine the conditions for obtaining them. The presence of an antigenic determinant for regRF on IgG fragments was inferred from the fragments' ability to inhibit the agglutination caused by regRF and to induce regRF production in vivo...
February 2017: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Mariana Lagrutta, Gelsomina Alle, Roberto Leandro Parodi, Alcides Alejandro Greca
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease occasionally associated with severe extra-articular manifestations, mostly in cases of longstanding highly active disease. We report the case of a 56 year-old woman diagnosed with active RA at the age of 40. After 5 years of high activity, her arthritis subsides spontaneously during pregnancy despite the lack of treatment with disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. She remains without articular symptoms for 7 years, and then she develops a Felty's syndrome requiring steroid treatment and splenectomy...
July 2016: Reumatología Clinica
Hideki Yasui, Yutaro Nakamura, Hirotsugu Hasegawa, Tomoyuki Fujisawa, Noriyuki Enomoto, Naoki Inui, Junya Fukuoka, Takafumi Suda
A 72-year-old man who had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Sjögren's syndrome (Sjs) since he was 66 years of age had been treated with methotrexate (MTX) for six years. He presented with a cough, sputum and dyspnea on exertion, and computed tomography findings showed multiple ground-glass opacities in both of his lungs. A biopsy of the lungs revealed low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) type B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Spontaneous complete remission of the lymphoma was achieved six months after withdrawing immune suppression with MTX...
2015: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
Sarah E Herlihy, Monica L Brown, Darrell Pilling, Brad R Weeks, Linda K Myers, Richard H Gomer
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether an intraarticular injection of the neutrophil chemorepellent dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV; CD26) can attenuate inflammation and decrease the severity of arthritis in a murine model. METHODS: DBA/1 mice were immunized with type II collagen/Freund's complete adjuvant to produce collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). On day 25 postimmunization, recombinant human DPPIV (rhDPPIV) or phosphate buffered saline was injected intraarticularly, and arthritis severity scores were recorded 3 times per week...
October 2015: Arthritis & Rheumatology
Jonas Kure Buer
The article outlines a history of the concept of "disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs" or DMARDs--from the emergence in the 1970s of the idea of drugs with decisive long-term effects on bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), through the consolidation and popularisation in the term DMARD in 1980s and 1990s. It then examines the usage of the terms "remission-inducing drugs" (RIDs) and "slow-acting anti-rheumatic drugs" (SAARDs), which for some years offered competition to the term DMARDs, thus underscoring the contingency of the establishment of DMARD as a word...
August 2015: Inflammopharmacology
Yu Funakubo Asanuma
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects mainly women during their childbearing years. As aging of childbirth advances in Japan, women who plan pregnancy would increase after they developed RA. Recent findings showed that high disease activity of RA might impair fertility. Planning pregnancy is preferable after female patients achive and maintain low disease activity or remission of RA. Women on methotrexate, which is the anchor drug for RA, need to discontinue the medication with a high risk of causing birth defects during conception and pregnancy...
2015: Nihon Rinshō Men'eki Gakkai Kaishi, Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology
Christopher Banse, Ygal Benhamou, Thierry Lequerré, Véronique Le Cam-Duchez, Hervé Lévesque, Olivier Vittecoq
A 47-year-old woman with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treated successively with infliximab, abatacept, and etanercept spontaneously developed subcutaneous bruises and a noncompressive hematoma 11 months after starting etanercept therapy (50mg/week). Her prothrombin time was normal but her activated partial thromboplastin time was increased to 2.48 (normal range, 0.85-1.17). She had a circulating anticoagulant (Rosner index, 45; normal,<13) due to an anti-factor VIII antibody in a titer of 45 Bethesda units...
May 2015: Joint, Bone, Spine: Revue du Rhumatisme
Carolyn Riester O'Connor
OBJECTIVES: To provide a comprehensive review regarding the clinical presentation of acquired factor VIII (FVIII) inhibitors, also known as "acquired hemophilia," in patients with rheumatic diseases. METHODS: A systematic MEDLINE search was conducted to identify English-language articles published from 1993 through January 10, 2012, providing details regarding the clinical presentation, laboratory evaluation, and management of a patient(s) with newly or previously diagnosed autoimmune disease coexistent with an acquired FVIII inhibitor...
June 2015: Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism
Abraham Tsur, Grant C Hughes, Yehuda Shoenfeld, Howard Carp
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the role of immune, alloimmune and autoimmune processes in the pathogenesis of spontaneous preterm birth and recurrent pregnancy loss. The association between an inflammatory response and preterm labor has been established. Indeed, many women suffering from preterm labor have elevated inflammatory markers such as tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 6 and matrix metaloproeinase 8. The role of immune processes in the pathogenesis of recurrent pregnancy loss has also been widely researched...
February 2015: Immunologic Research
Yuki Tsukazaki, Tsutomu Shinohara, Kumiko Tanaka, Keishi Naruse, Yoshihito Iwahara, Shuji Inoue
Lymphoproliferative disorders (LPDs) occur more frequently in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients treated with immunosuppressive agents than in the non-RA population. However, the various forms of disease progression have not yet been elucidated in detail. We encountered a case of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-positive atypical polymorphous LPD in the cervical and intraabdominal lymph nodes with hepatosplenomegaly in an 88-year-old female with RA who had taken infliximab and methotrexate (MTX) for six years. Although spontaneous remission occurred following the withdrawal of infliximab and MTX, reversible LPD evolved into hepatosplenic Hodgkin lymphoma without lymphadenopathy presenting as a cholestatic febrile illness...
March 2017: Modern Rheumatology
K G Goh, S G Ong
Patients with autoimmune connective tissue disease may manifest as overlap syndrome with features of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), systemic sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and myositis. Those presenting with active SLE can present with immune thrombocytopenia (IT) and may be complicated with subdural hematoma which, though rare, is potentially life-threatening. We report here a patient with overlap syndrome who had recurrent spontaneous subdural hematoma due to severe thrombocytopenia which did not respond to corticosteroids and azathioprine...
January 2015: Lupus
Yael A de Man, Radboud J E M Dolhain, Johanna M W Hazes
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can ameliorate spontaneously during pregnancy; however, adequate measurement of disease activity during pregnancy is a challenge, as is quantifying disease improvement during pregnancy and disease flare postpartum. Adverse pregnancy outcomes may be related to high disease activity during pregnancy, the full extent of which remains to be fully defined. RECENT FINDINGS: Disease activity might best be measured during pregnancy with DAS28-CRP without visual analogue scale (VAS) general health...
May 2014: Current Opinion in Rheumatology
Amir Sternheim, Ofir Chechik, Yehuda Freedman, Ely L Steinberg
BACKGROUND: The sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) is a true diarthrodial synovial joint and therefore vulnerable to the same disease processes as in other synovial joints. We identified a group of patients with monarticular arthritis of the SCJ that had a benign process and a self-limited disease course. METHODS: This retrospective study included 25 female patients who presented with pain or swelling of the SCJ between January 2000 and December 2010. Their mean age was 59 years, and the average follow-up was 44 months...
April 2014: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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