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Gautier Koscielny, Peter An, Denise Carvalho-Silva, Jennifer A Cham, Luca Fumis, Rippa Gasparyan, Samiul Hasan, Nikiforos Karamanis, Michael Maguire, Eliseo Papa, Andrea Pierleoni, Miguel Pignatelli, Theo Platt, Francis Rowland, Priyanka Wankar, A Patrícia Bento, Tony Burdett, Antonio Fabregat, Simon Forbes, Anna Gaulton, Cristina Yenyxe Gonzalez, Henning Hermjakob, Anne Hersey, Steven Jupe, Şenay Kafkas, Maria Keays, Catherine Leroy, Francisco-Javier Lopez, Maria Paula Magarinos, James Malone, Johanna McEntyre, Alfonso Munoz-Pomer Fuentes, Claire O'Donovan, Irene Papatheodorou, Helen Parkinson, Barbara Palka, Justin Paschall, Robert Petryszak, Naruemon Pratanwanich, Sirarat Sarntivijal, Gary Saunders, Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, Thomas Smith, Zbyslaw Sondka, Oliver Stegle, Y Amy Tang, Edward Turner, Brendan Vaughan, Olga Vrousgou, Xavier Watkins, Maria-Jesus Martin, Philippe Sanseau, Jessica Vamathevan, Ewan Birney, Jeffrey Barrett, Ian Dunham
We have designed and developed a data integration and visualization platform that provides evidence about the association of known and potential drug targets with diseases. The platform is designed to support identification and prioritization of biological targets for follow-up. Each drug target is linked to a disease using integrated genome-wide data from a broad range of data sources. The platform provides either a target-centric workflow to identify diseases that may be associated with a specific target, or a disease-centric workflow to identify targets that may be associated with a specific disease...
November 29, 2016: Nucleic Acids Research
Alex Kafkas, Ellen M Migo, Robin G Morris, Michael D Kopelman, Daniela Montaldi, Andrew R Mayes
The specific role of the perirhinal (PRC), entorhinal (ERC) and parahippocampal cortices (PHC) in supporting familiarity-based recognition remains unknown. An fMRI study explored whether these medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures responded in the same way or differentially to familiarity as a function of stimulus type at recognition. A secondary aim was to explore whether the hippocampus responds in the same way to equally strong familiarity and recollection and whether this is influenced by the kind of stimulus involved...
November 16, 2016: Hippocampus
P Kafka, O Vajnerova, V Hampl
BACKGROUND: Chronic hypoxia elevates vascular resistance on the fetal side of the placenta. However, when a low-viscosity perfusate is used, the increase in resistance caused by chronic hypoxia is relatively small (12 mmHg). In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that perfusion with more viscous fluid (blood) will reveal more substantial effect of chronic hypoxia. METHODS: Using an isolated, dually perfused rat placenta perfused at a constant flow rate with homologous blood, perfusion pressure on the fetal side was measured...
2016: Bratislavské Lekárske Listy
Filip Křemen, Martin Gazvoda, Stanislav Kafka, Karel Proisl, Anna Srholcová, Antonin Klasek, Damijana Urankar, Janez Košmrlj
An unprecedented reactivity of 3-aminoquinoline-2,4-diones is reported. Under basic conditions these compounds undergo molecular rearrangement to furnish 1,4-benzodiazepine-2,5-diones. The transformations take place under mild reaction conditions by using 1,1,3,3-tetramethylguanidine (TMG), NaOEt, or benzyltrimethylammonium hydroxide (Triton B) as a base. A proposed mechanism of the rearrangement and the conformational equilibrium of 1,4-benzodiazepine-2,5-dione rings are discussed.
October 27, 2016: Journal of Organic Chemistry
P Adamson, F P An, I Anghel, A Aurisano, A B Balantekin, H R Band, G Barr, M Bishai, A Blake, S Blyth, G J Bock, D Bogert, D Cao, G F Cao, J Cao, S V Cao, T J Carroll, C M Castromonte, W R Cen, Y L Chan, J F Chang, L C Chang, Y Chang, H S Chen, Q Y Chen, R Chen, S M Chen, Y Chen, Y X Chen, J Cheng, J-H Cheng, Y P Cheng, Z K Cheng, J J Cherwinka, S Childress, M C Chu, A Chukanov, J A B Coelho, L Corwin, D Cronin-Hennessy, J P Cummings, J de Arcos, S De Rijck, Z Y Deng, A V Devan, N E Devenish, X F Ding, Y Y Ding, M V Diwan, M Dolgareva, J Dove, D A Dwyer, W R Edwards, C O Escobar, J J Evans, E Falk, G J Feldman, W Flanagan, M V Frohne, M Gabrielyan, H R Gallagher, S Germani, R Gill, R A Gomes, M Gonchar, G H Gong, H Gong, M C Goodman, P Gouffon, N Graf, R Gran, M Grassi, K Grzelak, W Q Gu, M Y Guan, L Guo, R P Guo, X H Guo, Z Guo, A Habig, R W Hackenburg, S R Hahn, R Han, S Hans, J Hartnell, R Hatcher, M He, K M Heeger, Y K Heng, A Higuera, A Holin, Y K Hor, Y B Hsiung, B Z Hu, T Hu, W Hu, E C Huang, H X Huang, J Huang, X T Huang, P Huber, W Huo, G Hussain, J Hylen, G M Irwin, Z Isvan, D E Jaffe, P Jaffke, C James, K L Jen, D Jensen, S Jetter, X L Ji, X P Ji, J B Jiao, R A Johnson, J K de Jong, J Joshi, T Kafka, L Kang, S M S Kasahara, S H Kettell, S Kohn, G Koizumi, M Kordosky, M Kramer, A Kreymer, K K Kwan, M W Kwok, T Kwok, K Lang, T J Langford, K Lau, L Lebanowski, J Lee, J H C Lee, R T Lei, R Leitner, J K C Leung, C Li, D J Li, F Li, G S Li, Q J Li, S Li, S C Li, W D Li, X N Li, Y F Li, Z B Li, H Liang, C J Lin, G L Lin, S Lin, S K Lin, Y-C Lin, J J Ling, J M Link, P J Litchfield, L Littenberg, B R Littlejohn, D W Liu, J C Liu, J L Liu, C W Loh, C Lu, H Q Lu, J S Lu, P Lucas, K B Luk, Z Lv, Q M Ma, X B Ma, X Y Ma, Y Q Ma, Y Malyshkin, W A Mann, M L Marshak, D A Martinez Caicedo, N Mayer, K T McDonald, C McGivern, R D McKeown, M M Medeiros, R Mehdiyev, J R Meier, M D Messier, W H Miller, S R Mishra, I Mitchell, M Mooney, C D Moore, L Mualem, J Musser, Y Nakajima, D Naples, J Napolitano, D Naumov, E Naumova, J K Nelson, H B Newman, H Y Ngai, R J Nichol, Z Ning, J A Nowak, J O'Connor, J P Ochoa-Ricoux, A Olshevskiy, M Orchanian, R B Pahlka, J Paley, H-R Pan, J Park, R B Patterson, S Patton, G Pawloski, V Pec, J C Peng, A Perch, M M Pfützner, D D Phan, S Phan-Budd, L Pinsky, R K Plunkett, N Poonthottathil, C S J Pun, F Z Qi, M Qi, X Qian, X Qiu, A Radovic, N Raper, B Rebel, J Ren, C Rosenfeld, R Rosero, B Roskovec, X C Ruan, H A Rubin, P Sail, M C Sanchez, J Schneps, A Schreckenberger, P Schreiner, R Sharma, S Moed Sher, A Sousa, H Steiner, G X Sun, J L Sun, N Tagg, R L Talaga, W Tang, D Taychenachev, J Thomas, M A Thomson, X Tian, A Timmons, J Todd, S C Tognini, R Toner, D Torretta, K Treskov, K V Tsang, C E Tull, G Tzanakos, J Urheim, P Vahle, N Viaux, B Viren, V Vorobel, C H Wang, M Wang, N Y Wang, R G Wang, W Wang, X Wang, Y F Wang, Z Wang, Z M Wang, R C Webb, A Weber, H Y Wei, L J Wen, K Whisnant, C White, L Whitehead, L H Whitehead, T Wise, S G Wojcicki, H L H Wong, S C F Wong, E Worcester, C-H Wu, Q Wu, W J Wu, D M Xia, J K Xia, Z Z Xing, J L Xu, J Y Xu, Y Xu, T Xue, C G Yang, H Yang, L Yang, M S Yang, M T Yang, M Ye, Z Ye, M Yeh, B L Young, Z Y Yu, S Zeng, L Zhan, C Zhang, H H Zhang, J W Zhang, Q M Zhang, X T Zhang, Y M Zhang, Y X Zhang, Z J Zhang, Z P Zhang, Z Y Zhang, J Zhao, Q W Zhao, Y B Zhao, W L Zhong, L Zhou, N Zhou, H L Zhuang, J H Zou
Searches for a light sterile neutrino have been performed independently by the MINOS and the Daya Bay experiments using the muon (anti)neutrino and electron antineutrino disappearance channels, respectively. In this Letter, results from both experiments are combined with those from the Bugey-3 reactor neutrino experiment to constrain oscillations into light sterile neutrinos. The three experiments are sensitive to complementary regions of parameter space, enabling the combined analysis to probe regions allowed by the Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector (LSND) and MiniBooNE experiments in a minimally extended four-neutrino flavor framework...
October 7, 2016: Physical Review Letters
P Adamson, I Anghel, A Aurisano, G Barr, M Bishai, A Blake, G J Bock, D Bogert, S V Cao, T J Carroll, C M Castromonte, R Chen, S Childress, J A B Coelho, L Corwin, D Cronin-Hennessy, J K de Jong, S De Rijck, A V Devan, N E Devenish, M V Diwan, C O Escobar, J J Evans, E Falk, G J Feldman, W Flanagan, M V Frohne, M Gabrielyan, H R Gallagher, S Germani, R A Gomes, M C Goodman, P Gouffon, N Graf, R Gran, K Grzelak, A Habig, S R Hahn, J Hartnell, R Hatcher, A Holin, J Huang, J Hylen, G M Irwin, Z Isvan, C James, D Jensen, T Kafka, S M S Kasahara, G Koizumi, M Kordosky, A Kreymer, K Lang, J Ling, P J Litchfield, P Lucas, W A Mann, M L Marshak, N Mayer, C McGivern, M M Medeiros, R Mehdiyev, J R Meier, M D Messier, W H Miller, S R Mishra, S Moed Sher, C D Moore, L Mualem, J Musser, D Naples, J K Nelson, H B Newman, R J Nichol, J A Nowak, J O'Connor, M Orchanian, R B Pahlka, J Paley, R B Patterson, G Pawloski, A Perch, M M Pfützner, D D Phan, S Phan-Budd, R K Plunkett, N Poonthottathil, X Qiu, A Radovic, B Rebel, C Rosenfeld, H A Rubin, P Sail, M C Sanchez, J Schneps, A Schreckenberger, P Schreiner, R Sharma, A Sousa, N Tagg, R L Talaga, J Thomas, M A Thomson, X Tian, A Timmons, J Todd, S C Tognini, R Toner, D Torretta, G Tzanakos, J Urheim, P Vahle, B Viren, A Weber, R C Webb, C White, L Whitehead, L H Whitehead, S G Wojcicki, R Zwaska
We report results of a search for oscillations involving a light sterile neutrino over distances of 1.04 and 735 km in a ν_{μ}-dominated beam with a peak energy of 3 GeV. The data, from an exposure of 10.56×10^{20} protons on target, are analyzed using a phenomenological model with one sterile neutrino. We constrain the mixing parameters θ_{24} and Δm_{41}^{2} and set limits on parameters of the four-dimensional Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix, |U_{μ4}|^{2} and |U_{τ4}|^{2}, under the assumption that mixing between ν_{e} and ν_{s} is negligible (|U_{e4}|^{2}=0)...
October 7, 2016: Physical Review Letters
Nives Pećina-Šlaus, Anja Kafka, Tomislav Vladušić, Hrvoje Ivan Pećina, Reno Hrašćan
BACKGROUND/AIM: Tumor suppressor gene AXIN1 is an inhibitor of Wnt signaling pathway. It down-regulates the pathway's main signaling effector molecule, beta-catenin, in an AXIN-based destruction complex. In the present study we investigated the involvement of AXIN1 in intracranial meningioma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite instability analyses were performed. The consequences of genetic changes on protein expression levels were studied in the same patients by immunohistochemistry...
September 2016: Anticancer Research
Antonio Perciaccante, Alessia Coralli
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Lancet Neurology
Adele Mott, Susan Kafka, Adam Sutherland
AIMS: To pilot a novel approach to providing pharmaceutical care to paediatric inpatients using structured referral and assessment tools. Using standardised referral criteria to ensure patients are assessed by appropriately skilled pharmacists. METHOD: Three wards of varying acuity and specialism were selected in a tertiary children's hospital in England - General Paediatric Ward (GPW), High Dependency Unit (HDU) and Haematology/Oncology Ward (HOW). The project ran for three months...
September 2016: Archives of Disease in Childhood
Massimo Sartelli, Dieter G Weber, Etienne Ruppé, Matteo Bassetti, Brian J Wright, Luca Ansaloni, Fausto Catena, Federico Coccolini, Fikri M Abu-Zidan, Raul Coimbra, Ernest E Moore, Frederick A Moore, Ronald V Maier, Jan J De Waele, Andrew W Kirkpatrick, Ewen A Griffiths, Christian Eckmann, Adrian J Brink, John E Mazuski, Addison K May, Rob G Sawyer, Dominik Mertz, Philippe Montravers, Anand Kumar, Jason A Roberts, Jean-Louis Vincent, Richard R Watkins, Warren Lowman, Brad Spellberg, Iain J Abbott, Abdulrashid Kayode Adesunkanmi, Sara Al-Dahir, Majdi N Al-Hasan, Ferdinando Agresta, Asma A Althani, Shamshul Ansari, Rashid Ansumana, Goran Augustin, Miklosh Bala, Zsolt J Balogh, Oussama Baraket, Aneel Bhangu, Marcelo A Beltrán, Michael Bernhard, Walter L Biffl, Marja A Boermeester, Stephen M Brecher, Jill R Cherry-Bukowiec, Otmar R Buyne, Miguel A Cainzos, Kelly A Cairns, Adrian Camacho-Ortiz, Sujith J Chandy, Asri Che Jusoh, Alain Chichom-Mefire, Caroline Colijn, Francesco Corcione, Yunfeng Cui, Daniel Curcio, Samir Delibegovic, Zaza Demetrashvili, Belinda De Simone, Sameer Dhingra, José J Diaz, Isidoro Di Carlo, Angel Dillip, Salomone Di Saverio, Michael P Doyle, Gereltuya Dorj, Agron Dogjani, Hervé Dupont, Soumitra R Eachempati, Mushira Abdulaziz Enani, Valery N Egiev, Mutasim M Elmangory, Paula Ferrada, Joseph R Fitchett, Gustavo P Fraga, Nathalie Guessennd, Helen Giamarellou, Wagih Ghnnam, George Gkiokas, Staphanie R Goldberg, Carlos Augusto Gomes, Harumi Gomi, Manuel Guzmán-Blanco, Mainul Haque, Sonja Hansen, Andreas Hecker, Wolfgang R Heizmann, Torsten Herzog, Adrien Montcho Hodonou, Suk-Kyung Hong, Reinhold Kafka-Ritsch, Lewis J Kaplan, Garima Kapoor, Aleksandar Karamarkovic, Martin G Kees, Jakub Kenig, Ronald Kiguba, Peter K Kim, Yoram Kluger, Vladimir Khokha, Kaoru Koike, Kenneth Y Y Kok, Victory Kong, Matthew C Knox, Kenji Inaba, Arda Isik, Katia Iskandar, Rao R Ivatury, Maurizio Labbate, Francesco M Labricciosa, Pierre-François Laterre, Rifat Latifi, Jae Gil Lee, Young Ran Lee, Marc Leone, Ari Leppaniemi, Yousheng Li, Stephen Y Liang, Tonny Loho, Marc Maegele, Sydney Malama, Hany E Marei, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Sanjay Marwah, Amos Massele, Michael McFarlane, Renato Bessa Melo, Ionut Negoi, David P Nicolau, Carl Erik Nord, Richard Ofori-Asenso, AbdelKarim H Omari, Carlos A Ordonez, Mouaqit Ouadii, Gerson Alves Pereira Júnior, Diego Piazza, Guntars Pupelis, Timothy Miles Rawson, Miran Rems, Sandro Rizoli, Claudio Rocha, Boris Sakakhushev, Miguel Sanchez-Garcia, Norio Sato, Helmut A Segovia Lohse, Gabriele Sganga, Boonying Siribumrungwong, Vishal G Shelat, Kjetil Soreide, Rodolfo Soto, Peep Talving, Jonathan V Tilsed, Jean-Francois Timsit, Gabriel Trueba, Ngo Tat Trung, Jan Ulrych, Harry van Goor, Andras Vereczkei, Ravinder S Vohra, Imtiaz Wani, Waldemar Uhl, Yonghong Xiao, Kuo-Ching Yuan, Sanoop K Zachariah, Jean-Ralph Zahar, Tanya L Zakrison, Antonio Corcione, Rita M Melotti, Claudio Viscoli, Perluigi Viale
Intra-abdominal infections (IAI) are an important cause of morbidity and are frequently associated with poor prognosis, particularly in high-risk patients. The cornerstones in the management of complicated IAIs are timely effective source control with appropriate antimicrobial therapy. Empiric antimicrobial therapy is important in the management of intra-abdominal infections and must be broad enough to cover all likely organisms because inappropriate initial antimicrobial therapy is associated with poor patient outcomes and the development of bacterial resistance...
2016: World Journal of Emergency Surgery: WJES
Nives Pećina-Šlaus, Anja Kafka, Mirna Lechpammer
Research over the last decade recognized the importance of novel molecular pathways in pathogenesis of intracranial meningiomas. In this review, we focus on human brain tumours meningiomas and the involvement of Wnt signalling pathway genes and proteins in this common brain tumour, describing their known functional effects. Meningiomas originate from the meningeal layers of the brain and the spinal cord. Most meningiomas have benign clinical behaviour and are classified as grade I by World Health Organization (WHO)...
2016: Cancers
Aziz Bora Karip, Kafkas Çelik, Timuçin Aydın, Hanife Yazıcılar, Yalın İşcan, Canan Ağalar, Kemal Memişoğlu
BACKGROUND: Pilonidal sinus disease was first described by Mayo in 1833 as "a cyst that contains hair." Although surgical treatment of the lesions can have successful outcomes, it also can be associated with relatively high rates of post-operative infectioins and recurrence. Many studies have demonstrated that triclosan-coated sutures (TCS) decrease surgical site infections. OBJECTIVE: The goal of this randomized parallel-arm double-blind clinical trial was to investigate the ability of antibiotic prophylaxis, and secondarily of antibiotic-coated sutures, to prevent post-operative infections in the surgical management of pilonidal sinus disease...
October 2016: Surgical Infections
Nives Pećina-Šlaus, Anja Kafka, Tomislav Vladušić, Davor Tomas, Monika Logara, Josip Skoko, Reno Hrašćan
Crosstalk between Wnt and p53 signalling pathways in cancer has long been suggested. Therefore in this study we have investigated the involvement of these pathways in meningiomas by analysing their main effector molecules, beta-catenin and p53. Cellular expression of p53 and beta-catenin proteins and genetic changes in TP53 were analysed by immunohistochemistry, PCR/RFLP and direct sequencing of TP53 exon 4. All the findings were analysed statistically. Our analysis showed that 47.5% of the 59 meningiomas demonstrated loss of expression of p53 protein...
April 2016: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Varun C Anipindi, Puja Bagri, Kristy Roth, Sara E Dizzell, Philip V Nguyen, Christopher R Shaler, Derek K Chu, Rodrigo Jiménez-Saiz, Hong Liang, Stephanie L Swift, Aisha Nazli, Jessica K Kafka, Jonathan Bramson, Zhou Xing, Manel Jordana, Yonghong Wan, Denis P Snider, Martin R Stampfli, Charu Kaushic
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005589.].
June 2016: PLoS Pathogens
Andreas Brandl, Theresa Kratzer, Reinhold Kafka-Ritsch, Eva Braunwarth, Christian Denecke, Sascha Weiss, Georgi Atanasov, Robert Sucher, Matthias Biebl, Felix Aigner, Johann Pratschke, Robert Öllinger
BACKGROUND: Diagnosis and treatment of diverticulitis in immunosuppressed patients are more challenging than in immunocompetent patients, as maintenance immunosuppressive therapies may mask symptoms or impair the patient's ability to counteract the local and systemic infective sequelae of diverticulitis. The purpose of this study was to compare the in-hospital mortality and morbidity due to diverticulitis in immunosuppressed and immunocompetent patients and identify risk factors for lethal outcomes...
August 2016: Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie
Alessia Coralli, Antonio Perciaccante
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2016: Sleep Science
Nikolaos Kafkas, Charalampos Liakos, Filitsa Zoubouloglou, Ourania Dagadaki, Stylianos Dragasis, Konstantinos Makris
BACKGROUND: Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) is an acute kidney injury (AKI) defined as serum creatinine (sCr) increase 48 to 72 hours after contrast administration. Because most subjects undergoing invasive cardiac procedures are discharged within 24 hours, sCr is unsuitable for CIN detection. HYPOTHESIS: In the present study we tested the hypothesis that neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) is superior compared with sCr and other established nephropathy markers in early CIN diagnosis after elective invasive cardiac procedures...
August 2016: Clinical Cardiology
A Brandl, S Czipin, R Mittermair, S Weiss, J Pratschke, R Kafka-Ritsch
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical usefulness of the placement of a transanal drainage tube to prevent anastomotic leakage in colorectal anastomoses. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This single-center retrospective trial included all patients treated with surgery for benign or malign colorectal disease between January 2009 and December 2012. The transanal drainage tube was immediately placed after colorectal anastomosis until day five and was routinely used since 2010...
March 2016: Annals of Medicine and Surgery
Varun C Anipindi, Puja Bagri, Kristy Roth, Sara E Dizzell, Philip V Nguyen, Christopher R Shaler, Derek K Chu, Rodrigo Jiménez-Saiz, Hong Liang, Stephanie Swift, Aisha Nazli, Jessica K Kafka, Jonathan Bramson, Zhou Xing, Manel Jordana, Yonghong Wan, Denis P Snider, Martin R Stampfli, Charu Kaushic
Clinical and experimental studies have shown that estradiol (E2) confers protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Here, we investigated the underlying mechanism. Better protection in E2-treated mice, immunized against genital HSV-2, coincided with earlier recruitment and higher proportions of Th1 and Th17 effector cells in the vagina post-challenge, compared to placebo-treated controls. Vaginal APCs isolated from E2-treated mice induced 10-fold higher Th17 and Th1 responses, compared to APCs from progesterone-treated, placebo-treated, and estradiol-receptor knockout mice in APC-T cell co-cultures...
May 2016: PLoS Pathogens
P Adamson, C Ader, M Andrews, N Anfimov, I Anghel, K Arms, E Arrieta-Diaz, A Aurisano, D S Ayres, C Backhouse, M Baird, B A Bambah, K Bays, R Bernstein, M Betancourt, V Bhatnagar, B Bhuyan, J Bian, K Biery, T Blackburn, V Bocean, D Bogert, A Bolshakova, M Bowden, C Bower, D Broemmelsiek, C Bromberg, G Brunetti, X Bu, A Butkevich, D Capista, E Catano-Mur, T R Chase, S Childress, B C Choudhary, B Chowdhury, T E Coan, J A B Coelho, M Colo, J Cooper, L Corwin, D Cronin-Hennessy, A Cunningham, G S Davies, J P Davies, M Del Tutto, P F Derwent, K N Deepthi, D Demuth, S Desai, G Deuerling, A Devan, J Dey, R Dharmapalan, P Ding, S Dixon, Z Djurcic, E C Dukes, H Duyang, R Ehrlich, G J Feldman, N Felt, E J Fenyves, E Flumerfelt, S Foulkes, M J Frank, W Freeman, M Gabrielyan, H R Gallagher, M Gebhard, T Ghosh, W Gilbert, A Giri, S Goadhouse, R A Gomes, L Goodenough, M C Goodman, V Grichine, N Grossman, R Group, J Grudzinski, V Guarino, B Guo, A Habig, T Handler, J Hartnell, R Hatcher, A Hatzikoutelis, K Heller, C Howcroft, J Huang, X Huang, J Hylen, M Ishitsuka, F Jediny, C Jensen, D Jensen, C Johnson, H Jostlein, G K Kafka, Y Kamyshkov, S M S Kasahara, S Kasetti, K Kephart, G Koizumi, S Kotelnikov, I Kourbanis, Z Krahn, V Kravtsov, A Kreymer, Ch Kulenberg, A Kumar, T Kutnink, R Kwarciancy, J Kwong, K Lang, A Lee, W M Lee, K Lee, S Lein, J Liu, M Lokajicek, J Lozier, Q Lu, P Lucas, S Luchuk, P Lukens, G Lukhanin, S Magill, K Maan, W A Mann, M L Marshak, M Martens, J Martincik, P Mason, K Matera, M Mathis, V Matveev, N Mayer, E McCluskey, R Mehdiyev, H Merritt, M D Messier, H Meyer, T Miao, D Michael, S P Mikheyev, W H Miller, S R Mishra, R Mohanta, A Moren, L Mualem, M Muether, S Mufson, J Musser, H B Newman, J K Nelson, E Niner, A Norman, J Nowak, Y Oksuzian, A Olshevskiy, J Oliver, T Olson, J Paley, P Pandey, A Para, R B Patterson, G Pawloski, N Pearson, D Perevalov, D Pershey, E Peterson, R Petti, S Phan-Budd, L Piccoli, A Pla-Dalmau, R K Plunkett, R Poling, B Potukuchi, F Psihas, D Pushka, X Qiu, N Raddatz, A Radovic, R A Rameika, R Ray, B Rebel, R Rechenmacher, B Reed, R Reilly, D Rocco, D Rodkin, K Ruddick, R Rusack, V Ryabov, K Sachdev, S Sahijpal, H Sahoo, O Samoylov, M C Sanchez, N Saoulidou, P Schlabach, J Schneps, R Schroeter, J Sepulveda-Quiroz, P Shanahan, B Sherwood, A Sheshukov, J Singh, V Singh, A Smith, D Smith, J Smolik, N Solomey, A Sotnikov, A Sousa, K Soustruznik, Y Stenkin, M Strait, L Suter, R L Talaga, M C Tamsett, S Tariq, P Tas, R J Tesarek, R B Thayyullathil, K Thomsen, X Tian, S C Tognini, R Toner, J Trevor, G Tzanakos, J Urheim, P Vahle, L Valerio, L Vinton, T Vrba, A V Waldron, B Wang, Z Wang, A Weber, A Wehmann, D Whittington, N Wilcer, R Wildberger, D Wildman, K Williams, S G Wojcicki, K Wood, M Xiao, T Xin, N Yadav, S Yang, S Zadorozhnyy, J Zalesak, B Zamorano, A Zhao, J Zirnstein, R Zwaska
We report results from the first search for ν_{μ}→ν_{e} transitions by the NOvA experiment. In an exposure equivalent to 2.74×10^{20} protons on target in the upgraded NuMI beam at Fermilab, we observe 6 events in the Far Detector, compared to a background expectation of 0.99±0.11(syst) events based on the Near Detector measurement. A secondary analysis observes 11 events with a background of 1.07±0.14(syst). The 3.3σ excess of events observed in the primary analysis disfavors 0.1π<δ_{CP}<0...
April 15, 2016: Physical Review Letters
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