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Vertical rescue

Masataka Enomoto, Patricia D Kigin, David Bledsoe, Robyn Slone, Jonathan Hash, Charles E Smith, B Duncan X Lascelles
BACKGROUND: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), transdermal fentanyl patches, and transmucosal buprenorphine are probably the most commonly used options for providing post-operative analgesia in the early at-home period. However, these require daily administration or are associated with abuse concerns. One of the significant unmet needs in veterinary surgery and pain management is for longer acting opioids for cats to effectively bridge the gap between the in-hospital and at-home recovery periods...
January 24, 2017: BMC Veterinary Research
Yoon Jeong Choi, Jong-Ki Huh, Chooryung J Chung, Kyung-Ho Kim
This case report describes the successful treatment of severely impacted mandibular second molars with severe apical root resorption of the mandibular first molars. The vertically impacted second molars were orthodontically moved (using orthodontic mini-implants) without additional root resorption of the first molars. The orthodontic treatment provided a satisfactory and stable outcome by improving the periodontium surrounding the first and second molars. The treatment also eliminated the need for prosthetic treatment by preserving the first and second molars...
August 2016: American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Hamid Meziane, Malik Khelfaoui, Noemi Morello, Bassem Hiba, Eleonora Calcagno, Sophie Reibel-Foisset, Mohammed Selloum, Jamel Chelly, Yann Humeau, Fabrice Riet, Ginevra Zanni, Yann Herault, Thierry Bienvenu, Maurizio Giustetto, Pierre Billuart
Loss of function mutations in human Oligophrenin1 (OPHN1) gene are responsible for syndromic intellectual disability (ID) associated with cerebellar hypoplasia and cerebral ventricles enlargement. Functional studies in rodent models suggest that OPHN1 linked ID is a consequence of abnormal synaptic transmission and shares common pathophysiological mechanisms with other cognitive disorders. Variants of this gene have been also identified in autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. The advanced understanding of the mechanisms underlying Oligophrenin1-related ID, allowed us to develop a therapeutic approach targeting the RHOA/ROCK signalling pathway and repurpose Fasudil- a well-tolerated ROCK and PKA inhibitor- as a treatment of ID...
May 4, 2016: Human Molecular Genetics
S H Cannon, J K Levy, S K Kirk, P C Crawford, C M Leutenegger, J J Shuster, J Liu, R Chandrashekar
Dogs used for dogfighting often receive minimal preventive health care, and the potential for spread of infectious diseases is high. The purpose of this study was to describe the prevalence of infectious diseases in dogs rescued from fighting operations to guide medical protocols for their immediate and long-term care. A total of 269 pit bull-type dogs were seized in a multi-state investigation. Fleas were present on most dogs, but few ticks were observed. Testing performed at intake included packed cell volume (PCV), serology and PCR for vector-borne pathogens, and fecal analysis...
May 2016: Veterinary Journal
Adriana Sicuto de Oliveira, César Augusto Sangaletti Terçariol, Gelson Genaro
The increase of domestic animals kept in shelters highlights the need to ensure animal welfare. Environmental enrichment can improve animal welfare in many ways, such as encouraging captive animals to use all the space available to them. The effects of physical environmental enrichment on the spatial distribution and behavioral repertoire of 35 neutered domestic cats housed communally were analyzed. The provision of boxes in the environment increases the use of available space by the cats. We suggest this improves the cats' welfare while in communally-housed rescue shelters...
2015: Animals: An Open Access Journal From MDPI
M J Roberts, W E Field, D E Maier, R L Stroshine
The forces required to extricate a test mannequin from a grain mass when buried at different depths with and without a grain restraint system were determined. When there was no grain restraint system in place, the vertical force required to pull the mannequin from the grain when it was buried waist deep and to the underarms was 1259 and 1766 N (283 and 397 lb(f)), respectively. It increased to 1584 N (356 lb(f)) (+26%) and 2153 N (484 lb(f)) (+22%), respectively, with the restraint in place due to the changes in grain properties brought about by the insertion of the rescue tube...
April 2015: Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
Håkon B Abrahamsen
BACKGROUND: Major incidents are complex, dynamic and bewildering task environments characterised by simultaneous, rapidly changing events, uncertainty and ill-structured problems. Efficient management, communication, decision-making and allocation of scarce medical resources at the chaotic scene of a major incident is challenging and often relies on sparse information and data. Communication and information sharing is primarily voice-to-voice through phone or radio on specified radio frequencies...
2015: BMC Emergency Medicine
Yu-Hong Hu, Min Liu, Wei Yi, Yan-Jun Cao, Hao-Dong Cai
AIM: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of tenofovir monotherapy in pregnant females resistant to lamivudine or telbivudine. The effect of tenofovir on the fetus was also assessed. METHODS: The clinical data of 17 females were reviewed in this study. Adverse events and pregnancy outcomes from January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013 were evaluated in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Beijing Ditan Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China. These pregnant females developed lamivudine (LAM)- or telbivudine (LdT)-resistant chronic hepatitis B and received tenofovir (TDF) therapy (300 mg/d), and its curative effect, maternal and perinatal adverse events, fetal growth and development, and neonatal prognosis were evaluated...
February 28, 2015: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Denise L Smith, Jeannie M Haller, Ron Benedict, Lori Moore-Merrell
Although numerous studies have reported the physiological strain associated with firefighting, cardiac responses during a large-scale fire operation have not been reported and cardiac responses have not been compared based on crew assignment. The aims of this study were (1) to characterize cardiac strain during simulated high-rise firefighting, and (2) to compare the cardiac strain associated with different work assignments (fire suppression vs. search and rescue) and different modes of vertical ascent (stairs vs...
2015: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Yukako Oda, Tetsuhisa Otani, Junichi Ikenouchi, Mikio Furuse
When the surface view of each epithelial cell is compared with a polygon, its sides correspond to cell-cell junctions, whereas its vertices correspond to tricellular contacts, whose roles in epithelial cell morphogenesis have not been well studied. Here, we show that tricellulin (also known as MARVELD2), which is localized at tricellular contacts, regulates F-actin organization through Cdc42. Tricellulin-knockdown epithelial cells exhibit irregular polygonal shapes with curved cell borders and impaired organization of F-actin fibers around tricellular contacts during cell-cell junction formation...
October 1, 2014: Journal of Cell Science
Paulo César Simamoto-Júnior, Alfredo Júlio Fernandes-Neto, Flávio Domingues Neves, Talita Souza Dantas, Lucas Zago Naves
In the event of the loss of an implant and to take advantage of the preexisting structures, a rescue procedure that allows continuous use of the original fixed restoration during the restoration of the tripod support at the implant level can be used. When nonphysiological occlusion forces are avoided, the success rate of this rescue procedure is very similar to any other rehabilitation made following a conventional protocol. Furthermore, the fact that the patient has already adapted to the prosthesis position and its vertical dimension results in easier functional adaptation in the postoperative period and, consequently, greater comfort...
February 2015: Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists
Tanja Kühnlenz, Holger Schmidt, Shimpei Uraguchi, Stephan Clemens
Phytochelatins play a key role in the detoxification of metals in plants and many other eukaryotes. Their formation is catalysed by phytochelatin synthases (PCS) in the presence of metal excess. It appears to be common among higher plants to possess two PCS genes, even though in Arabidopsis thaliana only AtPCS1 has been demonstrated to confer metal tolerance. Employing a highly sensitive quantification method based on ultraperformance electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry, we detected AtPCS2-dependent phytochelatin formation...
August 2014: Journal of Experimental Botany
Annette L Litster
Conflicting accounts have been published in the veterinary literature regarding transmission of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) between cohabiting cats in mixed households, and the mechanics of possible casual transmission, if it occurs, are poorly understood. Similarly, there are conflicting reports of vertical transmission of FIV. The aim of the present study was to document the FIV serological status of cats taken into two rescue shelters. At rescue shelter 1 (Rescue 1), cats cohabited in a multi-cat household of FIV-negative and naturally-infected, FIV-positive cats...
August 2014: Veterinary Journal
H M Heikkilä, A K Hielm-Björkman, M Morelius, S Larsen, J Honkavaara, J F Innes, O M Laitinen-Vapaavuori
The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of intra-articular (IA) botulinum toxin A (IA BoNT A) for the treatment of osteoarthritic joint pain in dogs. The study was a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded clinical trial with parallel group design and 12-week follow-up. Thirty-six dogs with chronic lameness due to stifle, hip or elbow osteoarthritis were randomized to receive an IA injection of 30IU of BoNT A or placebo. The main outcome variables were vertical impulse (VI) and peak vertical force (PVF) measured with a force platform, and Helsinki chronic pain index (HCPI)...
April 2014: Veterinary Journal
Rachel B Rodrigues, Gregorz Sabat, Benjamin B Minkoff, Heather L Burch, Thao T Nguyen, Michael R Sussman
The Arabidopsis thaliana plasma membrane proton ATPase genes, AHA1 and AHA2, are the two most highly expressed isoforms of an 11 gene family and are collectively essential for embryo development. We report the translational fusion of a tandem affinity-purification tag to the 5' end of the AHA1 open reading frame in a genomic clone. Stable expression of TAP-tagged AHA1 in Arabidopsis rescues the embryonic lethal phenotype of endogenous double aha1/aha2 knockdowns. Western blots of SDS-PAGE and Blue Native gels show enrichment of AHA1 in plasma membrane fractions and indicate a hexameric quaternary structure...
January 28, 2014: Biochemistry
Lindsey N Young, Alyson M Hockenberry, Bentley A Fane
The øX174 DNA pilot protein H forms an oligomeric DNA-translocating tube during penetration. However, monomers are incorporated into 12 pentameric assembly intermediates, which become the capsid's icosahedral vertices. The protein's N terminus, a predicted transmembrane helix, is not represented in the crystal structure. To investigate its functions, a series of absolute and conditional lethal mutations were generated. The absolute lethal proteins, a deletion and a triple substitution, were efficiently incorporated into virus-like particles lacking infectivity...
February 2014: Journal of Virology
Marta Anglada-Huguet, Xavier Xifró, Albert Giralt, Alfonsa Zamora-Moratalla, Eduardo D Martín, Jordi Alberch
In this study, we evaluated the potential beneficial effects of antagonizing prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) EP1 receptor on motor and memory deficits in Huntington's disease (HD). To this aim, we implanted an osmotic mini-pump system to chronically administrate an EP1 receptor antagonist (SC-51089) in the R6/1 mouse model of HD, from 13 to 18 weeks of age, and used different paradigms to assess motor and memory function. SC-51089 administration ameliorated motor coordination and balance dysfunction in R6/1 mice as analyzed by rotarod, balance beam, and vertical pole tasks...
April 2014: Molecular Neurobiology
Lasse Dam Rasmussen, Giovanni Savini, Alessio Lorusso, Anna Bellacicco, Massimo Palmarini, Marco Caporale, Thomas Bruun Rasmussen, Graham J Belsham, Anette Bøtner
Transplacental transmission of bluetongue virus has been shown previously for the North European strain of serotype 8 (BTV-8) and for tissue culture or chicken egg-adapted vaccine strains but not for field strains of other serotypes. In this study, pregnant ewes (6 per group) were inoculated with either field or rescued strains of BTV-2 and BTV-8 in order to determine the ability of these viruses to cross the placental barrier. The field BTV-2 and BTV-8 strains was passaged once in Culicoides KC cells and once in mammalian cells...
September 5, 2013: Veterinary Research
Yoshinori Sato, Masashi Akitsu, Yoshiko Amano, Kazunari Yamashita, Mariko Ide, Kyoko Shimada, Akio Yamashita, Hisashi Hirano, Noriaki Arakawa, Takahisa Maki, Ikuko Hayashi, Shigeo Ohno, Atsushi Suzuki
The establishment of epithelial polarity is tightly linked to the dramatic reorganization of microtubules (MTs) from a radial array to a vertical alignment of non-centrosomal MT bundles along the lateral membrane, and a meshwork under the apical and basal membranes. However, little is known about the underlying molecular mechanism of this polarity-dependent MT remodeling. The evolutionarily conserved cell polarity-regulating kinase PAR-1 (known as MARK in mammals), whose activity is essential for maintaining the dynamic state of MTs, has indispensable roles in promoting this process...
October 15, 2013: Journal of Cell Science
Suo Bai, Qi Xu, Yong Qin
Searching and detecting in some harsh environments such as collapsed buildings, pipes, small cracks are crucial for human rescue and industrial detection, military surveillance etc. However, the drawbacks of traditional moving modes of current vehicles make them difficult to perform such tasks. So developing some new vehicles is urgent. Here, we report a Setaria viridis spike's interesting behavior on a vibrating track, and inspired by that phenomena we develop a concept for cargo delivery, and give a detailed discussion about its working mechanism...
2013: Scientific Reports
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