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Mottling sign

Wolfgang G Philipp-Dormston
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a well-established, non-invasive treatment for a variety of dermatologic disorders, including actinic keratosis. Furthermore, PDT results in marked improvements in the signs of skin aging, although currently there are no standardized guidelines for PDT in skin rejuvenation. Two types of PDT are available: conventional-PDT (c-PDT) and the newly introduced daylight-PDT (DL-PDT). Both require a topical photosensitizer, a light source and oxygen, and both are comparable regarding safety and efficacy for treatment of photo-induced skin aging...
March 29, 2018: Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia: Organo Ufficiale, Società Italiana di Dermatologia e Sifilografia
H M M T B Herath, B S D P Keragala, S P Pahalagamage, G H C C Janappriya, Aruna Kulatunga, C N Gunasekera
BACKGROUND: Dermatomyositis is a humoral-mediated inflammatory myopathy with symmetrical proximal muscle weakness and dermatological manifestations such as Gottron's papules, heliotrope rash, periungual abnormalities, and flagellate erythema. Erythroderma is a severe and potentially life-threatening dermatological condition with diffuse erythema and scaling involving more than 90% of the skin surface area. Poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans refers to mottled hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation of the skin with in-between telangiectases and areas of atrophy and is considered a variant of mycosis fungoides...
March 24, 2018: Journal of Medical Case Reports
Shu-Ling Chong, Gene Yong-Kwang Ong, Wendy Yi Wen Chin, John Mingzhou Chua, Praseetha Nair, Alicia Shu Zhen Ong, Kee Chong Ng, Ian Maconochie
OBJECTIVES: Febrile infants younger than 3 months old present a diagnostic dilemma to the emergency physician. We aim to describe a large population of febrile infants less than 3 months old presenting to a pediatric emergency department (ED) and to assess the performance of current heart rate guidelines in the prediction of serious infections (SI). MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective review of febrile infants younger than 3 months old, between March 2015 and Feb 2016, in a large tertiary pediatric ED...
2018: PloS One
Bart Hiemstra, Ruben J Eck, Frederik Keus, Iwan C C van der Horst
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: In the acute setting of circulatory shock, physicians largely depend on clinical examination and basic laboratory values. The daily use of clinical examination for diagnostic purposes contrasts sharp with the limited number of studies. We aim to provide an overview of the diagnostic accuracy of clinical examination in estimating circulatory shock reflected by an inadequate cardiac output (CO). RECENT FINDINGS: Recent studies showed poor correlations between CO and mottling, capillary refill time or central-to-peripheral temperature gradients in univariable analyses...
August 2017: Current Opinion in Critical Care
Juan B Yepez, Felipe A Murati, Michele Pettito, Carlos F Peñaranda, Jazmin de Yepez, Gladys Maestre, J Fernando Arevalo
Importance: The ocular manifestations and sequelae of Zika virus infection are not well known. Recently, the World Health Organization changed the declaration of Zika as a public health emergency and designated the viral outbreak and related microcephaly clusters as a long-term program of work. This change indicates the urgent need to evaluate and document ophthalmic manifestations in patients for timely management of this disease. In addition, confirmation whether the public health problem in Brazil extends to other regions in South America is needed...
May 1, 2017: JAMA Ophthalmology
Rupesh Agrawal, Hnin Hnin Oo, Praveen Kumar Balne, Lisa Ng, Louis Tong, Yee Sin Leo
Zika virus (ZIKV), a mosquito-borne flavivirus, is the latest global health concern. Transmission is mainly via Aedes mosquitoes and the infection can be diagnosed on molecular or serologic testings. It typically causes a mild self-remitting illness of low-grade fever, maculopapular rash, and myalgia, but when severe, it is associated with neurological deficits and congenital structural defects. Ocular manifestations are usually mild like nonpurulent conjunctivitis in adults, though it may be linked to uveitis, maculopathy, and hypertensive iridocyclitis...
March 20, 2017: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
Cynthia X Qian, Angeline Wang, David L DeMill, Thiran Jayasundera, Kari Branham, Maria Fernanda Abalem, Naheed Khan, John R Heckenlively
PURPOSE: To perform a comprehensive review and to investigate the presence and role of autoimmune antibodies in 25 cases of acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR) identified using the classification originally proposed by J. Donald Gass. DESIGN: Observational case series. METHODS: Setting: Institutional. STUDY POPULATION: Twenty-five patients were identified by characteristic symptoms (abrupt onset of photopsias, followed by large scotomata at or connected to the blind spot), ocular findings (paucity of pigmentary changes with no sign of vitreous inflammation and abnormal electroretinogram in at least 1 eye), and a negative family history for retinitis pigmentosa...
April 2017: American Journal of Ophthalmology
Manpreet Randhawa, Steven Wang, James J Leyden, Gabriela O Cula, Alessandra Pagnoni, Michael D Southall
BACKGROUND: Sunscreens are known to protect from sun damage; however, their effects on the reversal of photodamage have been minimally investigated. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the prospective study was to evaluate the efficacy of a facial sun protection factor (SPF) 30 formulation for the improvement of photodamage during a 1-year use. METHODS: Thirty-two subjects applied a broad spectrum photostable sunscreen (SPF 30) for 52 weeks to the entire face...
December 2016: Dermatologic Surgery: Official Publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et Al.]
Caterina Longo
The aim of the current review is to provide an overview of the use of reflectance confocal microscopy to detect early skin aging signs. This new imaging tool holds the promise to morphologically explore the epidermis and upper dermis at nearly histologic resolution and over time. The main confocal findings of aged skin include the presence of irregular honeycombed pattern, linear skin furrows, mottled pigmentation, and distinct collagen types (coarse and huddled).
October 2016: Dermatologic Clinics
Kate E Hughes, Colin Seguin, Brent Felton, Mary J Hughes, David Castle
BACKGROUND: First described by Morgagni in 1761, aortic dissection (AD) is an acute life-threatening and time-sensitive disease process with an increasing mortality approaching 1% for every 1-hour delay in diagnosis within the first 48 hours. Despite continued surgical advancement, overall in-hospital mortality remains significant (27.4%). CASE REPORT: A 56-year-old woman presented to an outlying emergency department with a complaint of isolated lumbar pain associated with right lower extremity paresthesia and paralysis that progressed to the left...
October 2016: Journal of Emergency Medicine
Kwang Hee Won, Sang Hyung Lee, Mi Hye Lee, Do-Young Rhee, Un-Cheol Yeo, Sung Eun Chang
BACKGROUND: Laser toning using low-fluence 1064-nm Q-switched neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum laser (QSNY) has gained popularity in the treatment of photoaging-associated mottled pigmentation (PMP). However, hypopigmentation or lack of efficacy has been reported depending on the fluences used. OBJECTIVE: To compare a novel fractional 1064-nm QSNY with conventional 1064-nm QSNY for the treatment of photoaging-associated mottled pigmentary lesions except epidermal lesions of lentigines and freckles through a randomized, split-face, double-blind study...
November 2016: Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy: Official Publication of the European Society for Laser Dermatology
Hiroaki Matsumoto, Yasuhisa Yoshida, Yutaka Hirata
Type A acute aortic dissection (TAAAD) sometimes presents with acute stroke-like symptoms. When intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (IV-tPA) therapy is considered for acute ischemic stroke, TAAAD must be excluded. Painless TAAAD presenting with acute stroke may be easily missed. Two cases of painless TAAAD presenting with acute stroke in which IV-tPA therapy was considered are reported. In these cases, cervical magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) was useful for detecting TAAAD, and IV-tPA therapy was canceled...
September 2016: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Bruno de Paula Freitas, João Rafael de Oliveira Dias, Juliana Prazeres, Gielson Almeida Sacramento, Albert Icksang Ko, Maurício Maia, Rubens Belfort
Importance: The Zika virus (ZIKV) has rapidly reached epidemic proportions, especially in northeastern Brazil, and has rapidly spread to other parts of the Americas. A recent increase in the prevalence of microcephaly in newborn infants and vision-threatening findings in these infants is likely associated with the rapid spread of ZIKV. Objective: To evaluate the ocular findings in infants with microcephaly associated with presumed intrauterine ZIKV infection in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil...
February 9, 2016: JAMA Ophthalmology
Camila V Ventura, Mauricio Maia, Bruna V Ventura, Vanessa Van Der Linden, Eveline B Araújo, Regina C Ramos, Maria Angela W Rocha, Maria Durce C G Carvalho, Rubens Belfort, Liana O Ventura
PURPOSE: In 2015, a twenty-fold increase in the prevalence of microcephaly in Brazil was reported, and the Ministry of Health associated this abnormal prevalence with the maternal-fetal Zika virus (ZIKV) transmission. METHODS: We assessed the ophthalmological findings of ten mothers and their infants that had been clinically diagnosed with ZIKV-related microcephaly and presented ocular abnormalities, born from May to December 2015. RESULTS: Seven mothers (70...
February 2016: Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia
J C Lewejohann, H Braasch, M Hansen, C Zimmermann, E Muhl, T Keck
BACKGROUND: Appropriate fluid resuscitation is a fundamental aspect for the hemodynamic management of septic shock patients and should ideally be achieved before vasopressors and positive inotropic substances are administered. The development of hemodynamic monitoring has revealed that in some cases patients had been improperly treated with high-dose catecholamines for initially insufficient fluid resuscitation. The aim of this study was to show that in some cases it is possible to actively reduce catecholamines by a volume challenge adapted according to the individual patient needs...
September 2016: Medizinische Klinik, Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin
Samuel C Allred, Karen E Weck, Adil Gasim, Amy K Mottl
AIMS: X-linked Alport syndrome (AS) is a monogenic inherited disorder of type IV collagen, a structural protein in the kidney and cochlea. Males typically exhibit a severe phenotype with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and/or deafness by early adulthood. Because of the presence of two X chromosomes, females often have a less severe phenotype and hence the diagnosis of AS is often not considered. Herein, we present a case of an adolescent girl with proteinuria and hematuria in the setting of a strong family history of AL...
November 2015: Clinical Nephrology
Zartash Javaid, Shahzaib M Rehan, Ayad Al-Bermani, Gareth Payne
We write to report a rare case of unilateral cancer-associated retinopathy previously undocumented in the literature. Cancer-associated retinopathy is an uncommon paraneoplastic syndrome. It is characterised by retinal antigen autoantibodies causing rod and cone dysfunction and abnormal electroretinography findings with consequent progressive visual loss.Our patient, known to have a primary cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, presented with unilateral blurred vision as well as a disturbance in colour and night vision...
August 2016: Scottish Medical Journal
Hiroshi Iseki, Michihiro Takagi, Kenji Kawashima, Tomoyuki Shibahara, Yoshiko Kuroda, Hiroshi Tsunemitsu, Makoto Yamakawa
To clarify the pathogenicity of Japanese type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) isolate in experimentally infected pigs, we evaluated clinical signs and monitored viremia for 21 days post-inoculation (dpi). Lungs were mottled, tanned and reddish in appearance; had lesions predominantly in the cranial, middle and accessory lobes; and failed to collapse at 10 dpi. Although microscopic lesions of lungs were reproduced using the Japanese emerging type 1 PRRSV isolate under experimental conditions, no significant differences were noted between the challenge and control groups regarding mean rectal temperature and daily weight gain...
January 2016: Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Evelien Hilde Verstraete, Koen Blot, Ludo Mahieu, Dirk Vogelaers, Stijn Blot
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Blood culture is the gold standard to diagnose bloodstream infection but is usually time-consuming. Prediction models aim to facilitate early preliminary diagnosis and treatment. We systematically reviewed prediction models for health care-associated bloodstream infection (HABSI) in neonates, identified superior models, and pooled clinical predictors. DATA SOURCES: LibHub, PubMed, and Web of Science. METHODS: The studies included designed prediction models for laboratory-confirmed HABSI or sepsis...
April 2015: Pediatrics
S Kaur, M Kizoulis, J Fantasia, T Oddos, N Bigot, P Galera, S Tucker-Samaras, J J Leyden, M D Southall
BACKGROUND: The nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) pathway is a key mediator of inflammation; however, few studies have examined the direct effects of NF-κB inhibition on the skin. OBJECTIVES: To investigate NF-κB activity in cultured human fibroblasts and to investigate the effects of 4-hexyl-1,3-phenylenediol (an NF-κB inhibitor) on elastin and collagen gene expression in vitro and on the clinical appearance of photodamaged skin. METHODS: The amount and activity of NF-κB in human fibroblasts obtained from donors (17-78 years old) was measured after transfection with a NF-κB reporter and a luciferase promoter system...
July 2015: British Journal of Dermatology
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