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Anti Hib

Timo Vesikari, Luis Rivera, Tiina Korhonen, Anitta Ahonen, Brigitte Cheuvart, Marjan Hezareh, Winnie Janssens, Narcisa Mesaros
Safety and immunogenicity of 2 investigational formulations of diphtheria, tetanus and Haemophilus influenzae type b antigens of the combined diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-hepatitis B-inactivated poliomyelitis-Hib vaccine (DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib) were evaluated in a Primary (NCT01248884) and a Booster vaccination (NCT01453998) study. In the Primary study, 721 healthy infants (randomized 1:1:1) received 3 doses of DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib formulation A (DATAPa-HBV-IPV/Hib), or B (DBTBPa-HBV-IPV/Hib) or the licensed DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib vaccine (Infanrix hexa, GSK; control group) at 2, 3, 4 months of age...
March 24, 2017: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics
Yu-Xiao Wang, Hong Tao, Jian-Li Hu, Jing-Xin Li, Wei-Ming Dai, Jin-Fang Sun, Pei Liu, Jie Tang, Wen-Yu Liu, Feng-Cai Zhu
BACKGROUND: The objective of this study was to evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of the novel combined Haemophilus influenzae type b-Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A and C-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (Hib-MenAC). METHODS: We conducted a non-inferiority, randomized, observer-blind, positive control clinical trial in 900 healthy infants aged between 3-5 months in Funing County, Jiangsu Province, China. Participants were randomly allocated, in a ratio of 2:1 (block = 6), to receive experimental combined Hib-MenAC vaccines co-administrated with placebo or the co-administration of licensed Hib vaccine and MenAC vaccine, according to a three-dose immunization schedule...
March 31, 2017: Expert Review of Vaccines
Timo Vesikari, Ray Borrow, Xavier Da Costa, Patrick Richard, Cécile Eymin, Florence Boisnard, Stephen Lockhart
DTaP-IPV-HB-PRP-T or hexavalent vaccines are indicated for primary and booster vaccination of infants and toddlers against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliomyelitis and invasive diseases caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). The present study evaluates the safety and immunogenicity of a ready-to-use hexavalent vaccine when co-administered with a meningococcal serogroup C conjugate (MenC) vaccine in infants. This was a phase III, open-label, randomised, multicentre study conducted in Finland...
January 11, 2017: Vaccine
Mandana Pahlavani, Fitia Razafimanjato, Latha Ramalingam, Nishan S Kalupahana, Hanna Moussa, Shane Scoggin, Naima Moustaid-Moussa
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) plays a key role in energy expenditure through its specialized thermogenic function. Therefore, BAT activation may help prevent and/or treat obesity. Interestingly, subcutaneous white adipose tissue (WAT) also has the ability to differentiate into brown-like adipocytes and may potentially contribute to increased thermogenesis. We have previously reported that eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) reduces high-fat (HF)-diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice. Whether BAT mediates some of these beneficial effects of EPA has not been determined...
January 2017: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Yanping Li, Rong Cheng Li, Qiang Ye, Changgui Li, You Ping Liu, Xiao Ma, Yanan Li, Hong Zhao, Xiaoling Chen, Deepak Assudani, Naveen Karkada, Htay Htay Han, Olivier Van Der Meeren, Narcisa Mesaros
We conducted 3 phase III, randomized, open-label, clinical trials assessing the safety, reactogenicity (all studies), immunogenicity (Primary vaccination study) and persistence of immune responses (Booster study) to the combined diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (DTPa-IPV/Hib) in Chinese infants and toddlers. In the Pilot study (NCT00964028), 50 infants (randomized 1:1) received 3 doses of DTPa-IPV/Hib at 2-3-4 (Group A) or 3-4-5 months of age (Group B)...
March 4, 2017: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics
K Evdokimov, K Sayasinh, P Nouanthong, K Vilivong, B Samountry, D Phonekeo, M Strobel, F Haegeman, P Heimann, C P Muller, A P Black
OBJECTIVE: In Lao People's Democratic Republic, the high burden of vaccine-preventable diseases is thought to be mainly due to low vaccine coverage. We investigated the seroprotective response against diphtheria-tetanus-whole cell pertussis-hepatitis B-Haemophilus influenzae type b (DTPw-HepB-Hib) vaccine in children. METHODS: Serum was collected from 1131 children aged 9 to 50 months and their mothers in a cross-sectional study between December 2013 and July 2014...
March 2017: Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Zeyu Chen, Rong Guo, Jianghong Xu, Chuangjun Qiu
This study evaluated the immunogenicity and protective immunity of a Hemophilus influenzae b (Hib) polysaccharide conjugate vaccine with the pneumococcal surface adhesin A (PsaA) protein carrier in young mice. The Hib polysaccharide was conjugated with the rPsaA protein carrier, which was produced using recombinant DNA technology. A total of 15 young mice aged 3 weeks to 5 weeks were immunized with the conjugate vaccine, and another 15 young mice of the same age were immunized with the licensed Hib-tetanus toxoid (TT) vaccine...
September 20, 2016: Frontiers of Medicine
Han Wool Kim, Kyung-Hyo Kim, JiHye Kim, Moon H Nahm
BACKGROUND: The protective capacities of antibodies induced with Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccines can be directly assessed in vitro with a Hib-specific serum bactericidal assay (SBA). However, the conventional SBA requires several tedious steps including manual counting of bacterial colonies, and therefore, it is seldom used. METHODS: To overcome these limitations, we have improved the conventional SBA by using frozen target bacteria and by developing an automated colony counting method based on agar plates with the chromogenic dye 2, 3, 5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TTC)...
2016: BMC Infectious Diseases
Oana Falup-Pecurariu, Sorin C Man, Mihai L Neamtu, Gratiana Chicin, Ginel Baciu, Carmen Pitic, Alexandra C Cara, Andrea E Neculau, Marin Burlea, Ileana L Brinza, Cristina N Schnell, Valentina Sas, Valeriu V Lupu, Nancy François, Kristien Swinnen, Dorota Borys
Prophylactic paracetamol administration impacts vaccine immune response; this study ( : NCT01235949) is the first to assess PHiD-CV immunogenicity following prophylactic ibuprofen administration. In this phase IV, multicenter, open-label, randomized, controlled, non-inferiority study in Romania (November 2010-December 2012), healthy infants were randomized 3:3:3:1:1:1 to prophylactically receive immediate, delayed or no ibuprofen (IIBU, DIBU, NIBU) or paracetamol (IPARA, DPARA, NPARA) after each of 3 primary doses (PHiD-CV at age 3/4/5 months co-administered with DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib at 3/5 and DTPa-IPV/Hib at 4 months) or booster dose (PHiD-CV and DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib; 12-15 months)...
March 4, 2017: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics
Seyed Fazlolah Mousavi, Sara Fatemi, Seyed Davar Siadat, Seyed Mohsen Zahraei, Elnaz Nikanpour, Mohamad Ali Malekan, Ali Reza Khabiri, Ali Reza Janani
BACKGROUND: Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) infection has high morbidity and mortality rate, especially in children under 5 years of age. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technique is the most used method to detect antibodies against H. influenzae. Available commercial ELISA kits are expensive and not always readily available, particularly for epidemiological studies. OBJECTIVES: This study was performed to develop and optimize a homemade ELISA kit for the detection of Hib anti-polyribosylribitol phosphate (PRP) antibodies in children...
May 2016: Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology
Jin Han Kang, Hoan Jong Lee, Kyung Hyo Kim, Sung Hee Oh, Sung Ho Cha, Jin Lee, Nam Hee Kim, Byung Wook Eun, Chang Hwi Kim, Young Jin Hong, Hyun Hee Kim, Kyung Yil Lee, Yae Jean Kim, Eun Young Cho, Hee Soo Kim, Fabrice Guitton, Esteban Ortiz
Recommended infant vaccination in Korea includes DTaP-IPV and Hib vaccines administered as separate injections. In this randomized, open, controlled study we assessed the non-inferiority of immunogenicity of DTaP-IPV//Hib pentavalent combination vaccine (Pentaxim™) compared with licensed DTaP-IPV and Hib (PRP~T) vaccines. We enrolled 418 healthy Korean infants to receive either separate DTaP-IPV and Hib vaccines (n = 206) or the pentavalent DTaP-IPV//Hib (n = 208) vaccine at 2, 4, 6 months of age. Antibodies to all components were measured before the first vaccination and one month after the third, and safety was assessed after each vaccination including recording of reactions by parents...
September 2016: Journal of Korean Medical Science
Angjelina Konini, Mingsong Kang, Seyed M Moghadas
Objective. We sought to evaluate the immune responses to a bivalent Haemophilus influenzae glycoconjugate vaccine against serotypes "a" (Hia) and "b" (Hib) in the presence of the preexisting immunity to Hib. Methods. We developed a stochastic simulation model of humoral immune response to investigate the antigenic challenge of a bivalent combined glycoconjugate vaccine and a bivalent unimolecular glycoconjugate vaccine. We compared simulation outcomes in the absence of any preexisting immunity with an already primed immune response having specific memory B cells and/or anti-Hib antibodies...
2016: Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology
Kelly Townsend-Payne, Shamez N Ladhani, Helen Findlow, Mary Slack, Ray Borrow
Children who develop invasive Haemophilus influenzae serotype b (Hib) disease after immunisation with a highly-effective conjugate vaccine are more likely to have been infected with Hib strains possessing multiple copies of the capsulation locus. Using a recently-validated serum bactericidal antibody (SBA) assay, we tested convalescent sera from 127 Hib vaccine failure cases against clinical Hib strains expressing 1-5 copies of the capsulation locus. SBA titres correlated weakly with anti-capsular IgG antibody concentrations and there was no association between SBA geometric mean titres and number of capsulation locus copies...
July 25, 2016: Vaccine
Takehiro Togashi, Nodoka Mitsuya, Osamu Kogawara, Shuji Sumino, Yohei Takanami, Kayoko Sugizaki
BACKGROUND: Broad use of monovalent Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) conjugate vaccines based on the capsular polysaccharide polyribosyl-ribitol phosphate (PRP), has significantly reduced invasive Hib disease burden in children worldwide, particularly in children aged <1year. In Japan, PRP conjugated to tetanus toxoid (PRP-T) vaccine has been widely used since the initiation of public funding programs followed by a routine vaccination designation in 2013. METHODS: We compared the immunogenicity and safety of PRP conjugated to a non-toxic diphtheria toxin mutant (PRP-CRM197) vaccine with the PRP-T vaccine when administered subcutaneously to healthy Japanese children in a phase III study...
August 31, 2016: Vaccine
Tamar A Smith-Norowitz, Tehila A Saadia, Natalie Banniettis, Yitzchok M Norowitz, Rauno Joks, Margaret R Hammerschlag, Helen G Durkin, Stephan Kohlhoff
BACKGROUND: Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) bacterium causes severe illness in infants and children, but has largely been eliminated by introducing a universal Hib conjugate vaccine. While effects of certain vaccinations on atopic disease have been studied, little is known about the relationship between Hib vaccination and diseases of altered IgE regulation (asthma or atopy). As such, it is necessary to provide more evidence concerning Hib vaccination as a possible risk factor for atopic disease...
May 17, 2016: Minerva Pediatrica
Juan Carlos Tejedor, Jerzy Brzostek, Ryszard Konior, Detlef Grunert, Devayani Kolhe, Yaela Baine, Marie Van Der Wielen
We evaluated antibody persistence in children up to 5 years after administration of a combined Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)-Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C (MenC)-tetanus toxoid (TT) conjugate vaccine coadministered with a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. This is the follow-up study of a randomized trial ( registration no. NCT00334334/00463437) in which healthy children were vaccinated (primary vaccinations at 2, 4, and 6 months of age and booster vaccination at 11 to 18 months of age) with Hib-MenC-TT or a control MenC conjugate vaccine, coadministered with diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTPa)-based combination vaccines (DTPa/Hib for control groups) and a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (10-valent pneumococcal nontypeable H...
July 2016: Clinical and Vaccine Immunology: CVI
Menno R van den Bergh, Judith Spijkerman, Nancy François, Kristien Swinnen, Dorota Borys, Lode Schuerman, Reinier H Veenhoven, Elisabeth A M Sanders
BACKGROUND: Immune responses and safety profiles may be affected when vaccines are coadministered. We evaluated the immunogenicity, safety and reactogenicity of a booster dose of the 10-valent pneumococcal nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae protein D-conjugate (PHiD-CV; Synflorix GSK Vaccines) and DTPa-IPV-Hib (Pediacel Sanofi Pasteur MSD) when coadministered. METHODS: We performed booster assessment in a randomized controlled trial in the Netherlands. Of 780 enrolled healthy infants, 774 toddlers participated in the booster phase and received (1:1:1) (1) PHiD-CV + DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib (Infanrix hexa, GSK Vaccines), (2) PHiD-CV + DTPa-IPV-Hib, or (3) 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (7vCRM, Prevenar/Prevnar, Pfizer, Inc...
July 2016: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
Matt S Conover, Maria Hadjifrangiskou, Joseph J Palermo, Michael E Hibbing, Karen W Dodson, Scott J Hultgren
UNLABELLED: Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) is the primary etiological agent of over 85% of community-acquired urinary tract infections (UTIs). Mouse models of infection have shown that UPEC can invade bladder epithelial cells in a type 1 pilus-dependent mechanism, avoid a TLR4-mediated exocytic process, and escape into the host cell cytoplasm. The internalized UPEC can clonally replicate into biofilm-like intracellular bacterial communities (IBCs) of thousands of bacteria while avoiding many host clearance mechanisms...
April 12, 2016: MBio
Bikas K Arya, Sangeeta Das Bhattacharya, Catherine G Sutcliffe, Malay K Saha, Subhasish Bhattacharyya, Swapan Kumar Niyogi, William J Moss, Samiran Panda, Ranjan Saurav Das, Mausom Mallick, Sutapa Mandal
BACKGROUND: Children living with HIV are at increased risk of disease from Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). Data are limited on the immunogenicity of a two-dose, catch-up schedule for Hib conjugate vaccine (HibCV) among HIV-infected children accessing antiretroviral therapy (ART) late. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the study were to: (1) evaluate baseline immunity to Hib and the immunogenicity and safety of two doses of HibCV among HIV-infected Indian children; and (2) document the threshold antibody level required to prevent Hib colonization among HIV-infected children following immunization...
April 27, 2016: Vaccine
Mark A Travassos, Berhane Beyene, Zenaw Adam, James D Campbell, Nigisti Mulholland, Seydou S Diarra, Tassew Kassa, Lisa Oot, Jenny Sequeira, Mardi Reymann, William C Blackwelder, Yukun Wu, Inna Ruslanova, Jaya Goswami, Samba O Sow, Marcela F Pasetti, Robert Steinglass, Amha Kebede, Myron M Levine
OBJECTIVE: Demographic and health surveys, immunization coverage surveys and administrative data often divergently estimate vaccination coverage, which hinders pinpointing districts where immunization services require strengthening. We assayed vaccination coverage in three regions in Ethiopia by coverage surveys and linked serosurveys. METHODS: Households with children aged 12-23 (N = 300) or 6-8 months (N = 100) in each of three districts (woredas) were randomly selected for immunization coverage surveys (inspection of vaccination cards and immunization clinic records and maternal recall) and linked serosurveys...
2016: PloS One
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