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Tim Smeets, Florence van Hunsel
A 38-year-old male and a 36-year-old female experienced red-brown urine discolouration after 2 and 3 days, respectively, during the use of mesalamine for inflammatory bowel disease. Both patients mentioned that the urine discoloured after contact with sodium hypochlorite detergent in toilet water. Mesalamine and the inactive metabolite N-acetyl-5-aminosalicylic acid are primarily excreted in the urine. We hypothesised a possible reaction with sodium hypochlorite and/or light. Naranjo assessment scores of 9 and 6 were obtained for the reports, indicating a certain and probable relationship, respectively, between the red-brown urine discolouration and the use of the suspect drug mesalamine...
December 2016: Drug Saf Case Rep
B Barman, M Lyngdoh, K G Lynrah, S B Warjri
The purple urine bag syndrome (PUBS) i.e. purple discolouration of urine, is an uncommon and alarming condition in patients with long term urinary catheterisation. Though the condition is benign, it should draw immediate attention to the possibility of an underlying urinary tract infection. The postulated hypothesis for this unusual event is probably a chemical reaction involving tryptophan from food in the gut. We report a case with this unusual and interesting phenomenon in a 65 year old female.
June 2016: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Daniela Pinna, Monica Galeotti, Adriana Rizzo, Emma Cantisani, Giorgia Sciutto, Martina Zangheri, Silvia Prati, Rocco Mazzeo, Aldo Roda
The research complements the complex study carried out to understand the source of brown discolourations of ten marble statues in the Church of Orsanmichele in Florence, Italy. Originally located in exterior niches, the statues were restored to reverse the extensive alterations they had undergone throughout the centuries. One of the major alterations was the application of a dark brown patina that dated just after 1789. After the statues were placed indoors, brownish discolourations started to appear on their surfaces...
October 8, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Rajesh Pattebahadur, Shipra Singhi, Prafulla Kumar Maharana
A 7-year-old male child presented with a history of discolouration of right eye since birth. On examination visual acuity was 6/6 on Snellen's chart in both eyes; anterior segment was within normal limits except for the brilliant blue discolouration of the inferior quadrant and superior quadrant of right iris and left eye iris, respectively. Both eyes had a clear lens and fundus findings were within normal limits. A detailed history from parents revealed that the child had difficulty in hearing and slurring of speech...
September 30, 2016: BMJ Case Reports
Phoebe Star, Carolyn Choy, Kurosh Parsi
Minocycline-induced pigmentation (MIP) is an uncommon but well described adverse effect of oral minocycline treatment. MIP is clinically and histopathologically distinct from post-sclerotherapy pigmentation. We report a case of a patient presenting with blackened skin overlying veins recently treated with endovenous laser and foam sclerotherapy. The patient was a 44 year-old male with systemic sclerosis who commenced minocycline for the treatment of rosacea 5 months prior. Histological examination of the discoloured tissue and underlying vein revealed hemosiderin deposition in the dermis and pigmented macrophages within the subendothelial layer of the vein wall with a staining pattern consistent with MIP...
September 28, 2016: Journal of Cutaneous Pathology
Dennis Gonzalez, Grace Tjandraatmadja, Karen Barry, Joanne Vanderzalm, Anna H Kaksonen, Peter Dillon, Geoff J Puzon, Jatinder Sidhu, Jason Wylie, Nigel Goodman, Jason Low
The injection of stormwater into aquifers for storage and recovery during high water demand periods is a promising technology for augmenting conventional water reserves. Limited information exists regarding the potential impact of aquifer treated stormwater in distribution system infrastructure. This study describes a one year pilot distribution pipe network trial to determine the biofouling potential for cement, copper and polyvinyl chloride pipe materials exposed to stormwater stored in a limestone aquifer compared to an identical drinking water rig...
November 15, 2016: Water Research
Anna Schossig, Agnès Bloch-Zupan, Adrian Lussi, Nicole I Wolf, Salmo Raskin, Monika Cohen, Fabienne Giuliano, Julie Jurgens, Birgit Krabichler, David A Koolen, Nara Lygia de Macena Sobreira, Elisabeth Maurer, Michèle Muller-Bolla, Johann Penzien, Johannes Zschocke, Ines Kapferer-Seebacher
BACKGROUND: Kohlschütter-Tönz syndrome (KTZS) is a rare autosomal-recessive disease characterised by epileptic encephalopathy, intellectual disability and amelogenesis imperfecta (AI). It is frequently caused by biallelic mutations in ROGDI. Here, we report on individuals with ROGDI-negative KTZS carrying biallelic SLC13A5 mutations. METHODS: In the present cohort study, nine individuals from four families with the clinical diagnosis of KTZS and absence of ROGDI mutations as well as one patient with unexplained epileptic encephalopathy were investigated by clinical and dental evaluation, parametric linkage analysis (one family), and exome and/or Sanger sequencing...
September 6, 2016: Journal of Medical Genetics
Giselle D'Mello, Luke Moloney
Pulpal necrosis and infection in an immature anterior tooth subsequent to traumatic injury is a challenging situation. Regenerative endodontics, resulting in continued development of the tooth, provides a biological response to this clinical challenge. Regenerative endodontic procedures require disinfection of the infected root canal and sealing of the pulp canal space. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) provides a good seal, is biocompatible, and allows the formation of a hard tissue to occur within the root canal...
August 24, 2016: Australian Dental Journal
Andreea Manole, Viorica Chelban, Nourelhoda A Haridy, Sherifa A Hamed, Andrés Berardo, Mary M Reilly, Henry Houlden
Complex hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) is a clinically heterogeneous group of disorders usually inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. In the past, complex recessive spastic paraplegias have been frequently associated with SPG11 mutations but also with defects in SPG15, SPG7 and a handful of other rare genes. Pleiotropy exists in HSP genes, exemplified in the recent association of SPG11 mutations with CMT2. In this study, we performed whole exome sequence analysis and identified two siblings with novel compound heterozygous frameshift SPG11 mutations...
November 2016: Journal of Neurology
Chibundu N Ezekiel, Michael Sulyok, Yinka Somorin, Foluke I Odutayo, Stella U Nwabekee, Afeez T Balogun, Rudolf Krska
An examination of the mould and fungal metabolite pattern in melon and bush mango seeds locally produced in Nigeria was undertaken in order to understand the mycotoxicological risk posed to consumers of both of these important and commonly consumed soup thickeners. The variation in mycotoxin levels in graded categories of both foodstuffs were also determined. Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Mucorales and Trichoderma were the recovered fungi from the foodstuffs with Aspergillus species dominating (melon=97...
November 21, 2016: International Journal of Food Microbiology
G I Zardi, K R Nicastro, C D McQuaid, T P T Ng, J Lathlean, L Seuront
Positive and negative aspects of species interactions can be context dependant and strongly affected by environmental conditions. We tested the hypothesis that, during periods of intense heat stress, parasitic phototrophic endoliths that fatally degrade mollusc shells can benefit their mussel hosts. Endolithic infestation significantly reduced body temperatures of sun-exposed mussels and, during unusually extreme heat stress, parasitised individuals suffered lower mortality rates than non-parasitised hosts...
2016: Scientific Reports
James Richardson-May
Purple urine bag syndrome is an unusual condition that heralds an underlying urinary tract infection, in which certain bacteria produce a purple discolouration within the catheter bag of affected cases. It is most often seen in elderly women with constipation. While alarming, it can be resolved by treating the infection causing it. This report presents an elderly patient who developed the condition while an inpatient, and discusses the pathogenesis behind the condition.
2016: BMJ Case Reports
C O A Enyuma, M Offiong, A Adekanye, U Akpan, N Ezeanyagu, O Uffiah
Foreign body (FB) in the aerodigestive tracts has been commonly reported but findings of impacted foreign bodies in the nasopharynx following inhalation/ingestion are very rare. Most of the FB gets lodged as a result of forceful vomiting, coughing,and digital manoeuvres for removal of FB in the oropharynx. Several objects have been identified lodged in the nasopharynx. No age group is spared although most victims are children under 10 years of age. Foreign bodies in the nasopharynx can be uneventful or potentially dangerous depending on type, size and location as it may cause sudden airway obstruction, or local pressure necrosis of alimentary or respiratory tract or both...
October 2015: Nigerian Journal of Medicine: Journal of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria
Megan J Wyllie, Helen Turner, William Henderson
Tris(hydroxymethyl)phosphine [P(CH2OH)3, THP] is demonstrated to be an alternative fixative to glutaraldehyde for preparation of proteinaceous specimens for SEM analysis. THP is easily prepared from commercially-available [P(CH2OH)4]Cl, and unlike many other alkylphosphines, is reasonably air-stable [>7days at pH 7-8]. Experiments carried out with chicken breast muscle, cross-sectioned perpendicular to the muscle fibres and imaged using SEM, indicate that THP effectively fixes the muscle structure with minimal discolouration of the sample...
October 2016: Micron: the International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy
H J Schers, M M Kleinpenning
A 23-year-old man consulted his general practitioner with discoloured nails. The nails showed the typical pattern of half and half nails or Lindsay's nails. This condition sometimes accompanies renal failure or thyroid disease and must be differentiated from Terry's nails, psoriatic nails and onychomycosis. Blood tests showed no underlying condition in this patient.
2016: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde
James M Monaghan, Laura H Vickers, Ivan G Grove, Andrew M Beacham
BACKGROUND: Postharvest pinking is a serious issue affecting lettuce quality. Previous studies suggested the possibility of using deficit irrigation to control discolouration, however, this approach may also affect yield. This study investigated the effect of varying irrigation deficits on iceberg lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) to determine the relationship between irrigation deficit, pinking and fresh weight. RESULTS: The deficit imposed and head fresh weight obtained depended on both the duration and timing of withholding irrigation...
July 12, 2016: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
J L Ramírez-Bellver, C Bernárdez, E Macías, L Moya, A M Molina-Ruiz, P Cannata Ortiz, L Requena
Elastosis perforans serpiginosa (EPS) is a rare skin disorder characterized by transepidermal elimination of abnormal elastic fibres. We present a new case of D-penicillamine (DPA)-induced EPS, and describe the clinical, dermoscopic, histopathological and direct immunofluorescence (DIF) findings. A 33-year-old woman receiving treatment with DPA presented with annular skin lesions. Digital dermoscopy of the lesions showed a central area of pink and yellowish discolouration with keratotic papules in the periphery, surrounded by a white halo, disposed in a way that resembled the islands of an archipelago...
August 2016: Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
Muhammad Farooq Hanif, Beenish Iqbal, Nooman Gilani
A case of carbon monoxide poisoning is presented with unusual complications; some of which have not been reported previously. A 48-years-old Asian male presented to the emergency department with dyspnoea, altered state of consciousness and pale discolouration of skin after being locked inside a factory room with burning coal. Patient was in acute respiratory distress. Arterial blood gas analysis showed respiratory acidosis with hypoxaemia. On 3rd day, patient developed dark coloured urine and right upper limb ischaemia...
June 2016: JPMA. the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
Tine Martens, Adriaan J van Gammeren, Jan G M Huijmans, Stella A de Man
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
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