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Luca Ivan Ardolino, Marisa Meloni, Giuseppe Brugali, Emanuela Corsini, Corrado Lodovico Galli
BACKGROUND: Polybactum (Effik International, Brussels, Belgium) is a vaginal mucoadhesive product (medical device) designed to form a film that acts as a mechanical barrier with the aim of inhibiting colonization by specific pathogens. It contains polycarbophil, a bioadhesive agent, and lauryl glucoside (LG), a nonionic surfactant that reinforces the barrier effect through its tensioactive properties. OBJECTIVE: To assess the local safety profile, tolerability, and efficacy of Polybactum formulations...
2016: Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental
Paulo Henrique Santos Gonçalves, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Patrícia Muniz de Medeiros
An increasing number of studies have aimed to clarify the factors leading human groups to prioritize the use of some woody plant species compared to others. Some of these studies have tested the apparency hypothesis in aiming to understand this phenomenon. According to the apparency hypothesis, the most commonly available local plant species on a forest path are the most useful to that local human population. However, the sparse and diverse nature of the results from studies investigating the factors that influence human exploitation of plant resources motivated us to perform a meta-analysis on the apparency hypothesis...
October 2016: Ecological Applications: a Publication of the Ecological Society of America
Shannon Jordan, Justin Karcher, Rebecca Rogers, Kathleen Kennedy, Anne Lawrence, Jenny Adams
PURPOSE: Updated cardiac rehabilitation (CR) and return-to-work guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) now include specificity of training for industrial athletes (exercise training that involves the muscle groups, movements, and energy systems that these patients use during occupational tasks). However, many CR facilities do not apply this principle, relying instead on the traditional protocol that consists primarily of aerobic exercise. This study was conducted to measure the metabolic cost of typical farming tasks and to compare 2 methods of calculating training intensities...
October 14, 2016: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention
Jorge Bernardino de la Serna, Gerhard J Schütz, Christian Eggeling, Marek Cebecauer
Ever since technologies enabled the characterization of eukaryotic plasma membranes, heterogeneities in the distributions of its constituents were observed. Over the years this led to the proposal of various models describing the plasma membrane organization such as lipid shells, picket-and-fences, lipid rafts, or protein islands, as addressed in numerous publications and reviews. Instead of emphasizing on one model we in this review give a brief overview over current models and highlight how current experimental work in one or the other way do not support the existence of a single overarching model...
2016: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Patricia A Fleming, Shannon J Dundas, Yvonne Y W Lau, John R Pluske
Outdoor pig operations are an alternative to intensive systems of raising pigs; however for the majority of outdoor pork producers, issues of biosecurity and predation control require significant management and (or) capital investment. Identifying and quantifying predation risk in outdoor pork operations has rarely been done, but such data would be informative for these producers as part of their financial and logistical planning. We quantified potential impact of fox predation on piglets bred on an outdoor pork operation in south-western Australia...
October 8, 2016: Animals: An Open Access Journal From MDPI
Rolfe M Radcliffe, Yasmine Messiaen, Nita L Irby, Thomas J Divers, Curtis W Dewey, Katharyn J Mitchell, Lauren V Schnabel, Abraham J Bezuidenhout, Peter V Scrivani, Norm G Ducharme
OBJECTIVE: To report a transnasal, endoscopically guided ventral surgical approach for accessing the cranial and caudal segments of the sphenopalatine sinus for mass removal in a horse. STUDY DESIGN: Case report. ANIMAL: Adult horse with acute onset blindness referable to a soft tissue mass within the sphenopalatine sinus. CLINICAL REPORT: A 7-year-old Warmblood gelding presented with a history of running into a fence and falling...
October 12, 2016: Veterinary Surgery: VS
Julia Giriboni, Lorena Lacuesta, Rodolfo Ungerfeld
The "female effect" consists in the stimulation of males' reproductive activity by different signals emitted by females. This stimulation leads to endocrine and behavioral changes that may modify the seasonal pattern of male ruminants. The aims of this experiment were (1) to describe the local reproductive seasonal pattern of Gabon bucks and (2) to determine if continuous chemical, auditory, and visual contact with does in estrus enhances bucks' testicular activity and improves seminal traits throughout the year and modify their seasonal pattern...
September 13, 2016: Theriogenology
Prasenjit Kabi, Swetaprovo Chaudhuri, Saptarshi Basu
Surface patterning with functional colloids is an important research area due to its widespread applicability in domains ranging from nano-electronics, pharmaceutics, semi-conductors, photovoltaics among others. To this endeavour, we propose a low-cost patterning technique that aspires to eliminate the more expensive methodologies presently in practise. Using a simple document stamp on which patterns of any geometry can be embossed, we are able to print two-dimensional mm-scale "wall-less confinement" using ink based hydrophobic fence on any plasma treated superhydrophilic surface...
October 4, 2016: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Yu-Mei Huang, Matthew N Rasband
What prevents the movement of membrane molecules between axonal and somatodendritic domains is unclear. In this issue, Albrecht et. al. (2016. J. Cell Biol. demonstrate via high-speed single-particle tracking and superresolution microscopy that lipid-anchored molecules in the axon initial segment are confined to membrane domains separated by periodically spaced actin rings.
October 10, 2016: Journal of Cell Biology
R López-Vizcaíno, C Risco, J Isidro, S Rodrigo, C Saez, P Cañizares, V Navarro, M A Rodrigo
This work describes the application electrokinetic fence technology to a soil polluted with herbicides in a large prototype containing 32 m(3) of soil. It compares performance in this large facility with results previously obtained in a pilot-scale mockup (175 L) and with results obtained in a lab-scale soil column (1 L), all of them operated under the same driving force: an electric field of 1.0 V cm(-1). Within this wide context, this work focuses on the effect on inorganic species contained in soil and describes the main processes occurring in the prototype facility, as well as the differences observed respect to the lower scale plants...
January 2017: Chemosphere
R López-Vizcaíno, C Risco, J Isidro, S Rodrigo, C Saez, P Cañizares, V Navarro, M A Rodrigo
This work reports results of the application of electrokinetic fence technology in a 32 m(3) -prototype which contains soil polluted with 2,4-D and oxyfluorfen, focusing on the evaluation of the mechanisms that describe the removal of these two herbicides and comparing results to those obtained in smaller plants: a pilot-scale mockup (175 L) and a lab-scale soil column (1 L). Results show that electric heating of soil (coupled with the increase in the volatility) is the key to explain the removal of pollutants in the largest scale facility while electrokinetic transport processes are the primary mechanisms that explain the removal of herbicides in the lab-scale plant...
January 2017: Chemosphere
Reshma Roshania, Michaela Mallow, Nelson Dunbar, David Mansary, Pranav Shetty, Taralyn Lyon, Kacey Pham, Matthew Abad, Erin Shedd, Anh-Minh A Tran, Sarah Cundy, Adam C Levine
BACKGROUND: The 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa was the largest ever recorded. Starting in September 2014, International Medical Corps (IMC) managed 5 Ebola treatment units (ETUs) in Liberia and Sierra Leone, which cumulatively cared for about 2,500 patients. We conducted a retrospective cohort study of patient data collected at the 5 ETUs over 1 year of operations. METHODS: To collect clinical and epidemiological data from the patient care areas, each chart was either manually copied across the fence between the high-risk zone and low-risk zone, imaged across the fence, or imaged in the high-risk zone...
September 28, 2016: Global Health, Science and Practice
Samer Angelone-Alasaad, Michael J Jowers, Rosario Panadero, Ana Pérez-Creo, Gerardo Pajares, Pablo Díez-Baños, Ramón C Soriguer, Patrocinio Morrondo
BACKGROUND: Filarioid nematode parasites are major health hazards with important medical, veterinary and economic implications. Recently, they have been considered as indicators of climate change. FINDINGS: In this paper, we report the first record of Setaria tundra in roe deer from the Iberian Peninsula. Adult S. tundra were collected from the peritoneal cavity during the post-mortem examination of a 2 year-old male roe deer, which belonged to a private fenced estate in La Alcarria (Guadalajara, Spain)...
September 29, 2016: Parasites & Vectors
Lu Zhang, Jiazi Liu, Dajun Wang, Hao Wang, Yonglin Wu, Zhi Lü
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 20, 2016: Science China. Life Sciences
Pradnya Meshram, Rachna Dave, Hiren Joshi, Gopal Dharani, Ramalingam Kirubagaran, Vayalam P Venugopalan
Polysaccharide fouling poses a significant challenge in the widespread application of membrane filtration for water purification. In order to mitigate the problem, a polysaccharide-degrading enzyme alginate lyase (Alg L; EC was successfully immobilized on cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membrane using a dead-end filtration unit. Attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared microscopy confirmed covalent linkage of the Alg L to the membrane. HPLC and Alg L activity studies confirmed that Alg L in immobilized form was enzymatically active...
December 2016: Chemosphere
Xiang Yao, Yubing Fan, Qing Chai, Richard D Johnson, Zhibiao Nan, Chunjie Li
Recent research shows that continuous overgrazing not only causes grassland biodiversity to decline, but also causes light fungal disease. Achnatherum inebrians is susceptible to fungal diseases and increases in prevalence during over grazing due its toxicity to livestock. This study aimed to examine the effects of A. inebrians on biological control organisms and levels of plant diseases in overgrazed grasslands in northwestern China. The results showed that A. inebrians plants were seriously infected by fungal diseases and that this led to a high incidence of the mycoparasitic species Ampelomyces quisqualis and Sphaerellopsis filum...
2016: Scientific Reports
Sarah Mansfield, Philippa J Gerard, Mark R H Hurst, Richard J Townsend, Derrick J Wilson, Chikako van Koten
African black beetle, Heteronychus arator (Scarabaeidae), is an exotic pest of pastures in northern New Zealand. Both adults and larvae feed on pasture grasses. Adults disperse by walking (short range) or flying (long range). Dispersal flights are triggered by warm night temperatures in spring and autumn. Short range adult dispersal in search of mates, food or oviposition sites is poorly understood. This study investigated walking activity of H. arator adults over three seasons in New Zealand pastures. Adult walking activity was monitored using pitfall traps along fence lines and in pasture plots on a dairy farm in Waikato, New Zealand, in spring 2013, spring 2014, and autumn 2015...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Hedong Lu, Shiquan Qian, Umair Muhammad, Xingyi Jiang, Jinzhi Han, Zhaoxin Lu
AIMS: To explore the influence of carbohydrates on the production of fengycin by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens fmb-60. METHODS AND RESULTS: Fermentation and gene expression levels were examined following culture supplementation with fructose, arabinose and sorbitol. Compared with other carbohydrates, fructose most efficiently increased the concentration of the essential component amino acids for fengycin synthesis in the cell. The maximum production of fengycin was found to be 392...
September 9, 2016: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Corie Gray, Renee N Carey, Alison Reid
BACKGROUND: Australia mined asbestos for more than 100 years and manufactured and imported asbestos products. There is a legacy of in situ asbestos throughout the built environment. METHODS: The aim of this study was to identify the possible sources of current and future asbestos exposure from the built environment. Telephone interviews with environmental health officers, asbestos removalists, and asbestos assessors in Australia sought information about common asbestos scenarios encountered...
September 9, 2016: International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health
Gareth F Bath, Mary-Louise Penrith, Rhoda Leask
A questionnaire of 15 questions was completed by four categories of respondents with the aim of establishing the experience and opinions of these groups on the constraints including animal health problems for communal, small-scale sheep and goat farming in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The questionnaires were completed independently and categories were representative of the areas investigated. Analysis of responses was done by means, ranges, votes and clusters of responses. Comparisons between the responses of the four categories were made to identify similarities or contrasts...
2016: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association
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