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argon plasma

Kyung Hee Kim, Chan Gyoo Kim, Young-Woo Kim, Hae Moon, Jee Eun Choi, Soo-Jeong Cho, Jong Yeul Lee, Il Ju Choi
Phlegmonous gastritis is a rare and rapidly progressive bacterial infection of the stomach wall, with a high mortality rate. Antibiotics with or without surgical treatment are required for treatment. We present a case in which phlegmonous gastritis occurred during the diagnostic evaluation of early gastric cancer. The patient showed improvement after antibiotic treatment, but attempted endoscopic submucosal dissection failed because of submucosal pus. We immediately applied argon plasma coagulation since surgical resection was also considered a high-risk procedure because of the submucosal pus and multiple comorbidities...
September 2016: Journal of Gastric Cancer
Amr Shaaban Hanafy, Amr Talaat El Hawary
Objectives: Evaluation of the outcome and experience in 2 years of management of portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) by argon plasma coagulation (APC) in a cohort of Egyptian cirrhotic patients. Methods: This study was conducted over a 2-year period from January 2011 to February 2013. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed to evaluate the degree and site of PHG. APC was applied to areas with mucosal vascular lesions. Results: In total, 200 cirrhotic patients were enrolled; 12 patients were excluded due to death (n = 6) caused by hepatic encephalopathy (n = 3), hepatorenal syndrome (n = 2), or chronic lymphatic leukemia (n = 1), or did not complete the treatment sessions (n = 6), so 188 patients completed the study...
October 2016: Endoscopy International Open
Ari Garber, Sunguk Jang
Non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding, the most common etiology of which is peptic ulcer disease, remains a persistent challenge despite a reduction in both its incidence and mortality. Both pharmacologic and endoscopic techniques have been developed to achieve hemostasis, with varying degrees of success. Among the pharmacologic therapies, proton pump inhibitors remain the mainstay of treatment, as they reduce the risk of rebleeding and requirement for recurrent endoscopic evaluation. Tranexamic acid, a derivative of the amino acid lysine, is an antifibrinolytic agent whose role requires further investigation before application...
September 2016: Clinical Endoscopy
Felix Vüllers, Guillaume Gomard, Jan B Preinfalk, Efthymios Klampaftis, Matthias Worgull, Bryce Richards, Hendrik Hölscher, Maryna N Kavalenka
Inspired by the transparent hair layer on water plants Salvinia and Pistia, superhydrophobic flexible thin films, applicable as transparent coatings for optoelectronic devices, are introduced. Thin polymeric nanofur films are fabricated using a highly scalable hot pulling technique, in which heated sandblasted steel plates are used to create a dense layer of nano- and microhairs surrounding microcavities on a polymer surface. The superhydrophobic nanofur surface exhibits water contact angles of 166 ± 6°, sliding angles below 6°, and is self-cleaning against various contaminants...
September 26, 2016: Small
Behnam Akhavan, Steven G Wise, Marcela M M Bilek
Although plasma polymerization is traditionally considered as a substrate-independent process, we present evidence that the propensity of a substrate to form carbide bonds regulates the growth mechanisms of plasma polymer (PP) films. The manner by which the first layers of PP films grow determines the adhesion and robustness of the film. Zirconium, titanium, and silicon substrates were used to study the early stages of PP film formation from a mixture of acetylene, nitrogen, and argon precursor gases. The correlation of initial growth mechanisms with the robustness of the films was evaluated through incubation of coated substrates in simulated body fluid (SBF) at 37° for 2 months...
October 11, 2016: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Denis Butscher, Hanne Van Loon, Alexandra Waskow, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr, Markus Schuppler
Fresh produce is frequently contaminated by microorganisms, which may lead to spoilage or even pose a threat to human health. In particular sprouts are considered to be among the most risky foods sold at retail since they are grown in an environment practically ideal for growth of bacteria and usually consumed raw. Because heat treatment has a detrimental effect on the germination abilities of sprout seeds, alternative treatment technologies need to be developed for microbial inactivation purposes. In this study, non-thermal plasma decontamination of sprout seeds is evaluated as a promising option to enhance food safety while maintaining the seed germination capabilities...
September 13, 2016: International Journal of Food Microbiology
Joseph Weiner, David Schwartz, Manuel Martinez, Joseph Safdieh, Ayse Aytaman, David Schreiber
PURPOSE: This study was designed to assess the efficacy and outcomes of argon plasma coagulation (APC) in the management of chronic radiation proctitis after conventionally fractionated, dose-escalated radiation therapy (≥7560 cGy). METHODS AND MATERIALS: We retrospectively reviewed the charts on all patients treated with external beam radiation therapy (minimum dose, 7560 cGy) for histologically confirmed prostate cancer at our institution from 2003 to 2011. Five hundred patients met these criteria; of these, 35 patients (7...
August 1, 2016: Practical Radiation Oncology
Li Yang, Caiyi Jiang, Shenghui Guo, Libo Zhang, Jiyun Gao, Jinhui Peng, Tu Hu, Liang Wang
Diamond thin films are grown on silicon substrates by only using methanol and argon mixtures in microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) reactor. It is worth mentioning that the novel strategy makes the synthesis reaction works smoothly without hydrogen atmosphere, and the substrates temperature is only 500 °C. The evidence of surface morphology and thickness under different time is obtained by characterizing the samples using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). X-ray diffractometer (XRD) spectrum reveals that the preferential orientation of (111) plane sample is obtained...
December 2016: Nanoscale Research Letters
Anne Lührmann, Rutger Matthes, Axel Kramer
AIM: The antimicrobial activity of cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP), also called tissue tolerable plasma (TTP), could be a promising option to eradicate methicillin-sensitive as well as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains, which often colonize chronic wounds. Currently, the influence of CAP on the susceptibility of S. aureus to antibiotics is scarcely known, but could be important for treatment of wounds. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate whether CAP has an impact on the susceptibility of different S...
2016: GMS Hygiene and Infection Control
Joseph Paul Weiner, Andrew Thomas Wong, David Schwartz, Manuel Martinez, Ayse Aytaman, David Schreiber
Pelvic radiation is a commonly utilized treatment for malignancy of the genitourinary and lower gastrointestinal tract. Radiation proctitis and the resultant clinical picture varies from asymptomatic to potentially life threatening. Similarly, treatment options also vary greatly, from medical therapy to surgical intervention. Commonly utilized medical therapy includes sucralfate enemas, antibiotics, 5-aminosalicylic acid derivatives, probiotics, antioxidants, short-chain fatty acids, formalin instillation and fractionated hyperbaric oxygen...
August 21, 2016: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Massimiliano Mutignani, Lorenzo Dioscoridi, Stefanos Dokas, Paolo Aseni, Pietro Carnevali, Edoardo Forti, Raffaele Manta, Mariano Sica, Alberto Tringali, Francesco Pugliese
Between April 2013 and October 2015, 6 patients developed periampullary duodenal or jejunal/biliary leaks after major abdominal surgery. In all patients, percutaneous drainage of the collection or re-operation with primary surgical repair was attempted at first but failed. A fully covered enteral metal stent was placed in all patients to seal the leak. Subsequently, we cannulated the common bile duct and, in some cases, and the main pancreatic duct inserting hydrophilic guidewires through the stent after dilating the stent mesh with a dilatation balloon or breaking the meshes with Argon Plasma Beam...
August 10, 2016: World Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Kaci E Christian, Karan Kapoor, Eric M Goldberg
AIM: To evaluate the technical success, diagnostic yield (DY) and therapeutic potential of retrograde single balloon enteroscopy (rSBE). METHODS: A retrospective review of 136 rSBE procedures performed at a tertiary academic referral center from January 2006 and September 2013 was completed. Patient characteristics including age, gender and inpatient status were collected. The indication for the procedure was categorized into one of three groups: Obscure gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB), evaluation for Crohn's disease and abnormal imaging...
August 10, 2016: World Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Zhitong Chen, Li Lin, Xiaoqian Cheng, Eda Gjika, Michael Keidar
Nonthermal atmospheric plasma (NTAP) can be applied to living tissues and cells as a novel technology for cancer therapy. The authors report on a NTAP argon solution generated in deionized (DI) water for treating human gastric cancer cells (NCI-N87). Our findings show that the plasma generated in DI water with 30-min duration has the strongest effect on apoptosis in precultured human gastric cancer cells. This result can be attributed to the presence of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) produced in water during treatment...
2016: Biointerphases
Elif Tanrıverdi, Mehmet Akif Özgül, Oğuz Uzun, Şule Gül, Mustafa Çörtük, Zehra Yaşar, Murat Acat, Naciye Arda, Erdoğan Çetinkaya
Tracheobronchial amyloidosis is a rare presentation and accounts for about 1% of benign tumors in this area. The diagnosis of disease is delayed due to nonspecific pulmonary symptoms. Therapeutic approaches are required to control progressive pulmonary symptoms for most of the patients. Herein, we report a case of a 68-year-old man admitted with progressive dyspnea to our institution for further evaluation and management. He was initially diagnosed with and underwent management for bronchial asthma for two years but had persistent symptoms despite optimal medical therapy...
2016: Case Reports in Medicine
Chunwei Li, Xiubo Tian
The high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) technique is a novel highly ionized physical vapor deposition method with a high application potential. However, the electron utilization efficiency during sputtering is rather low and the metal particle ionization rate needs to be considerably improved to allow for a large-scale industrial application. Therefore, we enhanced the HIPIMS technique by simultaneously applying an electric field (EF-HIPIMS). The effect of the electric field on the discharge process was studied using a current sensor and an optical emission spectrometer...
August 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
Ruilin Gao, Chengxun Yuan, Hui Li, Jieshu Jia, Zhong-Xiang Zhou, Ying Wang, Xiaoou Wang, Jian Wu
The interaction between microwave and large area plasma is crucially important for space communication. Gas pressure, input power, and plasma volume are critical to both the microwave electromagnetic wave phase shift and electron density. This paper presents a novel type of large coaxial gridded hollow cathode plasma having a 50 cm diameter and a 40 cm thickness. Microwave characteristics are studied using a microwave measurement system that includes two broadband antennae in the range from 2 GHz to 18 GHz...
August 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
S Namba, T Endo, S Fujino, C Suzuki, N Tamura
To realize a novel vacuum-atmosphere interface that does not require a large differential pumping system, a robust cascade arc discharge source called a plasma window is constructed and tested for long-term operation. By modifying a test plasma with a direct current discharge, a vacuum interface with a high gas pressure ratio of 1/407 between the discharge and expansion sections is demonstrated for currents as high as 20 A. No significant damage to the electrodes is observed during the operation. Analysis of the visible emission spectra reveals that a stationary, stable argon plasma having a temperature of 1 eV and a density of 1...
August 2016: Review of Scientific Instruments
Susanne Kluge, Sander Bekeschus, Claudia Bender, Hicham Benkhai, Axel Sckell, Harald Below, Matthias B Stope, Axel Kramer
OBJECTIVE: So-called cold physical plasmas for biomedical applications generate reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and the latter can trigger DNA damage at high concentrations. Therefore, the mutagenic risks of a certified atmospheric pressure argon plasma jet (kINPen MED) and its predecessor model (kINPen 09) were assessed. METHODS: Inner egg membranes of fertilized chicken eggs received a single treatment with either the kINPen 09 (1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 min) or the kINPen MED (3, 4, 5, or 10 min)...
2016: PloS One
N L Aleksandrov, S B Bodrov, M V Tsarev, A A Murzanev, Yu A Sergeev, Yu A Malkov, A N Stepanov
The temporal evolution of a plasma channel at the trail of a self-guided femtosecond laser pulse was studied experimentally and theoretically in air, nitrogen (with an admixture of ∼3% O_{2}), and argon in a wide range of gas pressures (from 2 to 760 Torr). Measurements by means of transverse optical interferometry and pulsed terahertz scattering techniques showed that plasma density in air and nitrogen at atmospheric pressure reduces by an order of magnitude within 3-4 ns and that the decay rate decreases with decreasing pressure...
July 2016: Physical Review. E
M Veysman, G Röpke, M Winkel, H Reinholz
Fundamental properties of warm dense matter are described by the dielectric function, which gives access to the frequency-dependent electrical conductivity; absorption, emission, and scattering of radiation; charged particles stopping; and further macroscopic properties. Different approaches to the dielectric function and the related dynamical collision frequency are compared in a wide frequency range. The high-frequency limit describing inverse bremsstrahlung and the low-frequency limit of the dc conductivity are considered...
July 2016: Physical Review. E
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