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laser cane

Chunjing Tao, Qingyang Yan, Yitong Li
A hierarchical shared-control method of the walking-aid robot for both human motion intention recognition and the obstacle emergency-avoidance method based on artificial potential field (APF) is proposed in this paper. The human motion intention is obtained from the interaction force measurements of the sensory system composed of 4 force-sensing registers (FSR) and a torque sensor. Meanwhile, a laser-range finder (LRF) forward is applied to detect the obstacles and try to guide the operator based on the repulsion force calculated by artificial potential field...
2017: Journal of Healthcare Engineering
Naxieli Santiago-De la Rosa, Violeta Mugica-Álvarez, Francisco Cereceda-Balic, Fabián Guerrero, Karen Yáñez, Magin Lapuerta
Open-air burning of agricultural wastes from crops like corn, rice, sorghum, sugar cane, and wheat is common practice in Mexico, which in spite limiting regulations, is the method to eliminate such wastes, to clear the land for further harvesting, to control grasses, weeds, insects, and pests, and to facilitate nutrient absorption. However, this practice generates air pollution and contributes to the greenhouse effect. Burning of straws derived from the said crops was emulated in a controlled combustion chamber, hence determining emission factors for particles, black carbon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitric oxide throughout the process, which comprised three apparent stages: pre-ignition, flaming, and smoldering...
November 2017: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Ann-Charlotte Grahn Kronhed, Helena Salminen
The aim of the study was to explore long-term effects seven years after the completion of a ten-year community-based osteoporosis intervention program in Vadstena, Sweden. The association between calcaneal bone mineral density and several life style factors, and the impact of risk factors for sustaining a fracture after the age of 50 were also studied. Previous participants in the intervention group, and matched subjects were invited to calcaneal bone mass measurement by a portable device including the dual X-ray and laser (DXL) technology by Calscan, and to complete a questionnaire in 2006...
March 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Daniel B Thomas, Jessica D Hiscox, Blair J Dixon, Johan Potgieter
Detailed anatomical models can be produced with consumer-level 3D scanning and printing systems. 3D replication techniques are significant advances for anatomical education as they allow practitioners to more easily introduce diverse or numerous specimens into classrooms. Here we present a methodology for producing anatomical models in-house, with the chondrocranium cartilage from a spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) and the skeleton of a cane toad (Rhinella marina) as case studies. 3D digital replicas were produced using two consumer-level scanners and specimens were 3D-printed with selective laser sintering...
September 2016: Journal of Anatomy
Paula J McCandless, Brenda J Evans, Jessie Janssen, James Selfe, Andrew Churchill, Jim Richards
BACKGROUND: Freezing of gait (FOG) remains one of the most common debilitating aspects of Parkinson's disease and has been linked to injuries, falls and reduced quality of life. Although commercially available portable cueing devices exist claiming to assist with overcoming freezing; their immediate effectiveness in overcoming gait initiation failure is currently unknown. This study investigated the effects of three different types of cueing device in people with Parkinson's disease who experience freezing...
February 2016: Gait & Posture
Elisabetta Canè, Mattia Villa, Filippo Tamassia, Luciano Fusina, Hans Bürger, Marion Litz
The ν2 (A1)/ν5 (E)/ν3+ν6 (E) band system of H3(28)SiI was investigated using Fourier transform infrared spectra recorded from 820 to 1100 cm(-1) at a resolution of 2.0×10(-3) cm(-1). In total, 11,903 transitions were assigned. Additional 1466 transitions reaching the v3=v6=1 state were obtained from the ν3+ν6-ν6 and ν3+ν6-ν3 hot bands near 360 and 590 cm(-1), respectively. Moreover, 30 highly accurate CO2 laser sideband transitions of the (r)Q0 branch of ν5 (J.M. Frye, W. Schupita, and G. Magerl, J...
June 5, 2016: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Caroline C D Thai, Lalehvash Moghaddam, William O S Doherty
Sugar cane biomass is one of the most viable feedstocks for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Therefore, processing the whole of crop (WC) (i.e., stalk and trash, instead of stalk only) will increase the amount of available biomass for this purpose. However, effective clarification of juice expressed from WC for raw sugar manufacture is a major challenge because of the amounts and types of non-sucrose impurities (e.g., polysaccharides, inorganics, proteins, etc.) present. Calcium phosphate flocs are important during sugar cane juice clarification because they are responsible for the removal of impurities...
February 11, 2015: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Wenxiong Lin, Linkun Wu, Sheng Lin, Aijia Zhang, Mingming Zhou, Rui Lin, Haibin Wang, Jun Chen, Zhixing Zhang, Ruiyu Lin
BACKGROUND: The current study was undertaken to elucidate the mechanism of yield decline in ratoon sugarcane using soil metaproteomics combined with community level physiological profiles (CLPP) analysis. RESULTS: The available stalk number, stalk diameter, single stalk weight and theoretical yield of ratoon cane (RS) were found to be significantly lower than those of plant cane (NS). The activities of several carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus processing enzymes, including invertase, peroxidase, urease and phosphomonoesterase were found to be significantly lower in RS soil than in NS soil...
2013: BMC Microbiology
Regina Stemberger, Katharina Kerschan-Schindl
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease, mainly affecting middle-aged and elderly persons. People with OA of the knee or hip experience pain and deconditioning that may lead to disability. Treatment goals include pain control, maximizing functional independence, and improving quality of life within the constraints imposed by both OA and comorbidities. Exercise is a core recommendation in all nonpharmacological guidelines for the management of patients with knee or hip OA; it is supposed to ameliorate pain and maybe function as well...
May 2013: Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift
Fabio Aparecido Cordeiro, Michelle Zibetti Tadra-Sfeir, Luciano Fernandes Huergo, Fábio de Oliveira Pedrosa, Rose Adele Monteiro, Emanuel Maltempi de Souza
Bacterial endophytes of the genus Herbaspirillum colonize sugar cane and can promote plant growth. The molecular mechanisms that mediate plant- H. seropedicae interaction are poorly understood. In this work, we used 2D-PAGE electrophoresis to identify H. seropedicae proteins differentially expressed at the log growth phase in the presence of sugar cane extract. The differentially expressed proteins were validated by RT qPCR. A total of 16 differential spots (1 exclusively expressed, 7 absent, 5 up- and 3 down-regulated) in the presence of 5% sugar cane extract were identified; thus the host extract is able to induce and repress specific genes of H...
March 1, 2013: Journal of Proteome Research
Bo Zhu, Qing Zhou, Li Lin, Chunjin Hu, Ping Shen, Litao Yang, Qianli An, Guanlin Xie, Yangrui Li
Five nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains (SP1(T), NN143, NN144, NN208 and HX148) were isolated from stem, root or rhizosphere soil of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum L.) plants. Cells were Gram-negative, motile, rods with peritrichous flagella. DNA G+C content was 55.0 ± 0.5 mol%. Sequence determinations and phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene and rpoB indicated that the strains were affiliated with the genus Enterobacter and most closely related to E. radicincitans DSM 16656(T) and E. oryzae LMG 24251(T)...
July 2013: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Deb A Kegelmeyer, Sowmya Parthasarathy, Sandra K Kostyk, Susan E White, Anne D Kloos
Gait abnormalities are a hallmark of Parkinson's disease (PD) and contribute to fall risk. Therapy and exercise are often encouraged to increase mobility and decrease falls. As disease symptoms progress, assistive devices are often prescribed. There are no guidelines for choosing appropriate ambulatory devices. This unique study systematically examined the impact of a broad range of assistive devices on gait measures during walking in both a straight path and around obstacles in individuals with PD. Quantitative gait measures, including velocity, stride length, percent swing and double support time, and coefficients of variation were assessed in 27 individuals with PD with or without one of six different devices including canes, standard and wheeled walkers (two, four or U-Step)...
May 2013: Gait & Posture
Mo Bai, Martin Köstler, Jürgen Kunstmann, Burkhard Wilske, Andreas Gattinger, Hans-Georg Frede, Lutz Breuer
A system was developed for the automatic measurements of ¹³CO₂ efflux to determine biodegradation of extra carbon amendments to soils. The system combines wavelength-scanned cavity ring down laser spectroscopy (WS-CRDS) with the open-dynamic chamber (ODC) method. The WS-CRDS instrument and a batch of 24 ODC are coupled via microprocessor-controlled valves. Determination of the biodegradation requires a known δ¹³C value and the applied mass of the carbon compounds, and the biodegradation is calculated based on the ¹³CO₂ mixing ratio (ppm) sampled from the headspace of the chambers...
December 30, 2011: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: RCM
Lachlan D Rash, Rodrigo A V Morales, Simone Vink, Paul F Alewood
Amphibian skin secretions are well known as a rich source of bioactive peptides. However, little is known about the presence or role of peptides in the highly toxic, parotid secretion of the cane toad or giant toad, Bufo marinus (Rhinella marina), though small molecule bufadienolides, which act as potent cardiotoxins, have been described. In the current study we used RP-HPLC, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry to analyze and determine the first sequences of peptides from the parotid secretion of B...
February 2011: Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology
S Donovan, C Lim, N Diaz, N Browner, P Rose, L R Sudarsky, D Tarsy, S Fahn, D K Simon
Freezing of gait (FOG) and falls are major sources of disability for Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, and show limited responsiveness to medications. We assessed the efficacy of visual cues for overcoming FOG in an open-label study of 26 patients with PD. The change in the frequency of falls was a secondary outcome measure. Subjects underwent a 1-2 month baseline period of use of a cane or walker without visual cues, followed by 1 month using the same device with the laserlight visual cue. The laserlight visual cue was associated with a modest but significant mean reduction in FOG Questionnaire (FOGQ) scores of 1...
May 2011: Parkinsonism & related Disorders
Meisong Liao, Chitrarekha Chaudhari, Xin Yan, Guanshi Qin, Chihiro Kito, Takenobu Suzuki, Yasutake Ohishi
For a suspended core nanofiber, the holey region is expected to be as large as possible to propagate the light at wavelengths as long as possible. Additionally, a large holey region is significant for its applications in sensors. However, the fabrication of nanofiber with large holey region is still a challenge so far. In this paper a method, which involves pumping positive pressure of nitrogen gas in both the cane fabrication and fiber-drawing processes, was proposed. A suspended core nanofiber, with a core diameter of around 480 nm and an unprecedented diameter ratio of holey region to core (DRHC) of at least 62, was fabricated in the length of several hundred meters...
April 26, 2010: Optics Express
Albert Tarancón, Neus Sabaté, Andrea Cavallaro, Isabel Gràcia, Jaume Roqueta, Iñigo Garbayo, Juan P Esquivel, Gemma Garcia, Carles Cané, José Santiso
The present study is devoted to analyze the compatibility of yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition and metalorganic chemical vapor deposition techniques, with microfabrication processes based on silicon technologies for micro solid oxide fuel cells applications. Deposition of yttria-stabilized zirconia on Si/SiO2/Si3N4 substrates was optimized for both techniques in order to obtain high density and homogeneity, as well as a good crystallinity for film thicknesses ranging from 60 to 240 nm...
February 2010: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Meisong Liao, Xin Yan, Guanshi Qin, Chitrarekha Chaudhari, Takenobu Suzuki, Yasutake Ohishi
We have fabricated a highly nonlinear complex microstructure tellurite fiber with a 1.8 micron core surrounded by four rings of holes. The cane for the fiber was prepared by combining the methods of cast rod in tube and stacking. In the process of fiber-drawing a positive pressure was pumped into the holes of cane to overcome the collapse of holes and reshape the microstructure. The correlations among pump pressure, hole size, surface tension and temperature gradient were investigated. The temperature gradient at the bottom of the preform's neck region was evaluated quantitatively by an indirect method...
August 31, 2009: Optics Express
J Limpert, N Deguil-Robin, I Manek-Hönninger, F Salin, F Röser, A Liem, T Schreiber, S Nolte, H Zellmer, A Tünnermann, J Broeng, A Petersson, C Jakobsen
We report on a novel ytterbium-doped fiber design that combines the advantages of rod and fiber gain media. The fiber design has outer dimensions of a rod laser, meaning a diameter in the range of a few millimeters and a length of just a few tens of centimeters, and includes two important waveguide structures, one for pump radiation and one for laser radiation. We obtained 120-W output power in single-mode beam quality from a 48-cm-long fiber cane that corresponds to an extracted power of 250 W/m. The fiber has significantly reduced nonlinearity, which therefore allows for scalability in the performance of a high-peak-power fiber laser and amplifier system...
February 21, 2005: Optics Express
Chieh-Mei Wang, David E Cane
Methylisoborneol (2) is a volatile organic compound produced by a wide variety of Actinomycete soil organisms, myxobacteria, and cyanobacteria. It has an unusually low odor threshold and, together with geosmin, is responsible for the characteristic smell of moist soil as well as unpleasant taste and odor episodes associated with public water supplies and contamination of various foodstuffs, including fish, wine, and beer. Despite considerable interest in detection and remediation of methylisoborneol, the biosynthesis of this methylated monoterpene has been obscure...
July 16, 2008: Journal of the American Chemical Society
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