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Mohammed Tag-Adeen, Keiichi Hashiguchi, Yuko Akazawa, Ken Ohnita, Sawayama Yasushi, Niino Daisuke, Kazuhiko Nakao
Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (ATL) is a rare disease, related to human T-lymphotropic virus-1 (HTLV-1) and presented mainly in adulthood by generalised lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, skin lesions and hypercalcaemia, with rare gastrointestinal and/or oral manifestations. We reported this case to raise awareness and demonstrate the therapeutic challenges of this rare disease. A 49-year-old Japanese female presented with skin papules on both forearms, painful mouth ulcers and multiple neck swellings since early February 2017...
2018: Ecancermedicalscience
Darren C J Wong, Pietro Ariani, Simone Castellarin, Annalisa Polverari, Elodie Vandelle
Arabidopsis thaliana Toxicos en Levadura (ATL) proteins are a subclass of the RING-H2 zinc finger binding E3 ubiquitin ligases. The grapevine (Vitis vinifera) ATL family was recently characterized, revealing 96 members that are likely to be involved in several physiological processes through protein ubiquitination. However, the final targets and biological functions of most ATL E3 ligases are still unknown. We analyzed the co-expression networks among grapevine ATL genes across a set of transcriptomic data related to defense and abiotic stress, combined with a condition-independent dataset...
February 16, 2018: Scientific Reports
Huseini Kagdi, Maria Antonietta Demontis, Juan Carlos Ramos, Graham P Taylor
Adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma (ATL) arises from chronic non-malignant human T lymphotropic virus type-1 (HTLV-1) infection which is characterized by high plasma pro-inflammatory cytokines whereas ATL is characterized by high plasma anti-inflammatory (IL-10) concentrations. The poor prognosis of ATL is partly ascribed to disease-associated immune suppression. ATL cells have a CD4+CCR4+CD26-CD7- immunophenotype but infected cells with this immunophenotype ('ATL-like' cells) are also present in non-malignant HTLV-1 infection...
February 14, 2018: PLoS Pathogens
Liv Gunvor Hove Midtbust, Atle Dyregrov, Heidi Wittrup Djup
A vast number of people annually are affected by natural disasters. Children are at risk of losing their lives and suffer mentally or physically after such events. The fostering of resilience and preparedness ahead of disasters can reduce untoward effects of disastrous events. Risk communication and disaster education are considered important aspects of disaster preparedness, but little is known about whether such strategies influence children's behaviour when natural disasters occur or how they cope in the aftermath...
2018: European Journal of Psychotraumatology
F N Morgado, L M V de Carvalho, J Leite-Silva, A J Seba, M I F Pimentel, A Fagundes, M F Madeira, M R Lyra, M M Oliveira, A O Schubach, F Conceição-Silva
The clinical presentations of skin diseases produced by different pathogens, as American tegumentary leishmaniasis (ATL) and sporotrichosis can be similar and possibly influenced by the skin immune system (SIS). The aim of the study was to understand the underlying mechanisms of skin inflammation produced by different pathogens. We used immunohistochemistry to analyze 96 patients: a- localized cutaneous leishmaniasis (LCL-ATL); b- sporotrichoid cutaneous leishmaniasis (SCL-ATL); c-lymphocutaneous (LC-SP); d- fixed (F-SP) sporotrichosis...
February 13, 2018: Scientific Reports
Chloé R Nater, Atle Rustadbakken, Torbjørn Ergon, Øystein Langangen, S Jannicke Moe, Yngvild Vindenes, L Asbjørn Vøllestad, Per Aass
Body size can have profound impacts on survival, movement, and reproductive schedules shaping individual fitness, making growth a central process in ecological and evolutionary dynamics. Realized growth is the result of a complex interplay between life history schedules, individual variation, and environmental influences. Integrating all of these aspects into growth models is methodologically difficult, depends on the availability of repeated measurements of identifiable individuals, and consequently represents a major challenge in particular for natural populations...
February 13, 2018: Ecology
Anne Baerug, Line Sletner, Petter Laake, Atle Fretheim, Beate Fossum Løland, Christin W Waage, Kåre I Birkeland, Anne Karen Jenum
AIM: It has previously been shown that breastfeeding may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in mothers with recent gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). This study compared the cessation of predominant breastfeeding in mothers with and without recent GDM in a multi-ethnic population. METHODS: From May 2008 to May 2010, healthy pregnant women attending antenatal care provided by community health services in Eastern Oslo, Norway, were recruited. We included 616 women - 58% non-Western - and interviewed and examined them at a mean of 15 and 28 weeks of gestation and 14 weeks' postpartum...
February 12, 2018: Acta Paediatrica
Olivier Hermine, Juan Carlos Ramos, Kensei Tobinai
Adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma (ATL), a rare and aggressive T-cell malignancy caused by human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1), is associated with a poor prognosis. Evidence-based standard treatment options are lacking and outcomes are generally unsatisfactory, particularly for patients with relapsed or refractory disease. Continued research is contributing to changing treatment landscape as a number of existing and investigational agents are evaluated. We describe the epidemiology of HTLV-1 and ATL, discuss the biology behind the disease, review current treatment practices and guidelines, and provide an overview of emerging therapies in ATL, with a focus on those for relapsed or refractory disease...
February 6, 2018: Advances in Therapy
Lars Pilø, Espen Finstad, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Julian Robert Post Martinsen, Atle Nesje, Brit Solli, Vivian Wangen, Martin Callanan, James H Barrett
The melting of perennial ice patches globally is uncovering a fragile record of alpine activity, especially hunting and the use of mountain passes. When rescued by systematic fieldwork (glacial archaeology), this evidence opens an unprecedented window on the chronology of high-elevation activity. Recent research in Jotunheimen and surrounding mountain areas of Norway has recovered over 2000 finds-many associated with reindeer hunting (e.g. arrows). We report the radiocarbon dates of 153 objects and use a kernel density estimation (KDE) method to determine the distribution of dated events from ca 4000 BCE to the present...
January 2018: Royal Society Open Science
Ljubomir Buturovic, Jason Shelton, Stephen R Spellman, Tao Wang, Lyssa Friedman, David Loftus, Lyndal Hesterberg, Todd Woodring, Katharina Fleischhauer, Katharine C Hsu, Michael R Verneris, Mike Haagenson, Stephanie J Lee
Survival of patients undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) from unrelated donors for acute leukemia exhibits considerable variation, even after stringent genetic matching. In order to improve the donor selection process, we attempted to create an algorithm to quantify the likelihood of survival to five years after unrelated donor HCT for acute leukemia, based on the clinical characteristics of the donor selected. All standard clinical variables were included in the model, which also included average leukocyte telomere length (ATL) of the donor based on its association with recipient survival in severe aplastic anemia, and links to multiple malignancies...
February 1, 2018: Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Zhengxun Li, Ning Zhang, Yang Wang, Songhua Cao, Zheng Huang, Yong Hu
BACKGROUND: Equinus of the ankle is a common deformity in spastic cerebral palsy. Achilles tendon lengthening is one of the effective options for the treatment of equinus deformity. METHODS: In the study, a new stair-shaped Achilles tendon lengthening (ATL) procedure that preserves of the tendon continuity was performed in 28 tendons with equinus deformity (20 patients, mean age=10.5±2.6 years). The results were compared with a group of patients treated with the Z-lengthening procedure...
October 27, 2017: Foot and Ankle Surgery: Official Journal of the European Society of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Takero Shindo, Kazutaka Kitaura, Hiroshi Ureshino, Kazuharu Kamachi, Masaharu Miyahara, Kazuko Doi, Tatsuro Watanabe, Eisaburo Sueoka, Tadasu Shin-I, Ryuji Suzuki, Shinya Kimura
Although the anti-CCR4 antibody mogamulizumab (moga) shows striking antitumor activity against adult T cell leukemia (ATL), it can also cause fatal immunological pathology such as severe skin rash and graft-versus-host disease, which might be attributed to depletion of CCR4+ regulatory T cells. We previously showed that next generation sequencing enables precise analysis of the T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire, and we here used the technique to reveal the immunological dynamics in moga-treated ATL patients...
2018: Oncoimmunology
Chandni Porayath, Maneesha K Suresh, Raja Biswas, Bipin G Nair, Nandita Mishra, Sanjay Pal
Major autolysin (Atl) of Staphylococcus aureusis a cell surface associated peptidoglycan hydrolase with amidase and glucosaminidase domains. Atl enzymes (amidase and glucosaminidase) are known to participate in biofilm formation and also can bind with host matrices. Earlier studies demonstrated the binding of Atlwithfibronectin, thrombospondin 1, vitronectin and heat shock cognate protein Hsc70. Here, we have shown, Atl mediates attachment of S.aureus to heparin and gelatine as well. The atl mutant strain demonstrated around 2...
February 2, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Lian-Yang Zhang, Xiu-Zhu Zhang, Xiang-Jun Bai, Mao Zhang, Xiao-Gang Zhao, Yong-An Xu, Hao Tan, Yang Li
Trauma is a life-threatening "modern disease". The outcomes only could be optimized by cost-efficient and prompt trauma care, which embarks on the improvement of essential capacities and conceptual revolution in addition to the disruptive innovation of the trauma care system. The experiences from the developed countries, the systematic trauma care training are the cornerstone of the generalization and the improvement on the trauma care, such as the Advance Trauma Life Support (ATLS). Currently, the pre-hospital EMS (emergency medical services) has been one of the essential elements of infrastructure of health services in China, which is also fundamental to the trauma care system...
December 8, 2017: Chinese Journal of Traumatology, Zhonghua Chuang Shang za Zhi
Graham P Taylor
HTLV infection appears to be more common among renal transplant candidates than in the related general population. HTLV-1-associated diseases may occur in carriers who are transplanted but there is insufficient evidence to confirm whether these occur more frequently as a result of the associated immunosuppression. Consequently, pre-existing HTLV-1 infection should not be considered a contra-indication to transplantation. The risk of transmission of HTLV-1 through solid organ transplantation from a confirmed infected donor is unknown...
January 29, 2018: Reviews in Medical Virology
Ang Song Yee, John Tharakan, Zamzuri Idris, Shalini Bhaskar, Sanihah Abdul Halim, Salmi Abd Razak, Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussin, Regunath Kandasamy, Wan Mohd Nazaruddin Wan Hassan, Laila Mukmin, Mohamad Hasyizan Hassan, Tan Yew Chin, Badrisyah Idris, Abdul Rahman Izaini Ghani, Hillol Kanti Pal, Jain George, Sani Sayuthi, Mohamed Saufi Awang, Jafri Malin Abdullah
Epilepsy surgery has been performed by a few centres in Malaysia, including Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). To date, a total of 15 patients have undergone epilepsy surgery in HUSM. The epilepsy surgery included anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) with amygdalohippocampectomy (AH) and Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS). The surgical outcomes of the patients were assessed using the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) outcome scale. The ILAE scores for patients who underwent ATL with AH were comparatively better than those who underwent VNS...
December 2017: Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences: MJMS
Marte G Haug, Atle Brendehaug, Gunnar Houge, Masayo Kagami, Tsutomu Ogata
We report a Norwegian girl with mild clinical features of Kagami-Ogata syndrome (KOS) and mosaic upd(14)pat. To our knowledge, this is the first report describing a mosaic patient with KOS. These results imply that mosaic uniparental disomy should be examined in patients with mild features of imprinted disorders.
January 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Marlee A Tucker, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, William F Fagan, John M Fryxell, Bram Van Moorter, Susan C Alberts, Abdullahi H Ali, Andrew M Allen, Nina Attias, Tal Avgar, Hattie Bartlam-Brooks, Buuveibaatar Bayarbaatar, Jerrold L Belant, Alessandra Bertassoni, Dean Beyer, Laura Bidner, Floris M van Beest, Stephen Blake, Niels Blaum, Chloe Bracis, Danielle Brown, P J Nico de Bruyn, Francesca Cagnacci, Justin M Calabrese, Constança Camilo-Alves, Simon Chamaillé-Jammes, Andre Chiaradia, Sarah C Davidson, Todd Dennis, Stephen DeStefano, Duane Diefenbach, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Julian Fennessy, Claudia Fichtel, Wolfgang Fiedler, Christina Fischer, Ilya Fischhoff, Christen H Fleming, Adam T Ford, Susanne A Fritz, Benedikt Gehr, Jacob R Goheen, Eliezer Gurarie, Mark Hebblewhite, Marco Heurich, A J Mark Hewison, Christian Hof, Edward Hurme, Lynne A Isbell, René Janssen, Florian Jeltsch, Petra Kaczensky, Adam Kane, Peter M Kappeler, Matthew Kauffman, Roland Kays, Duncan Kimuyu, Flavia Koch, Bart Kranstauber, Scott LaPoint, Peter Leimgruber, John D C Linnell, Pascual López-López, A Catherine Markham, Jenny Mattisson, Emilia Patricia Medici, Ugo Mellone, Evelyn Merrill, Guilherme de Miranda Mourão, Ronaldo G Morato, Nicolas Morellet, Thomas A Morrison, Samuel L Díaz-Muñoz, Atle Mysterud, Dejid Nandintsetseg, Ran Nathan, Aidin Niamir, John Odden, Robert B O'Hara, Luiz Gustavo R Oliveira-Santos, Kirk A Olson, Bruce D Patterson, Rogerio Cunha de Paula, Luca Pedrotti, Björn Reineking, Martin Rimmler, Tracey L Rogers, Christer Moe Rolandsen, Christopher S Rosenberry, Daniel I Rubenstein, Kamran Safi, Sonia Saïd, Nir Sapir, Hall Sawyer, Niels Martin Schmidt, Nuria Selva, Agnieszka Sergiel, Enkhtuvshin Shiilegdamba, João Paulo Silva, Navinder Singh, Erling J Solberg, Orr Spiegel, Olav Strand, Siva Sundaresan, Wiebke Ullmann, Ulrich Voigt, Jake Wall, David Wattles, Martin Wikelski, Christopher C Wilmers, John W Wilson, George Wittemyer, Filip Zięba, Tomasz Zwijacz-Kozica, Thomas Mueller
Animal movement is fundamental for ecosystem functioning and species survival, yet the effects of the anthropogenic footprint on animal movements have not been estimated across species. Using a unique GPS-tracking database of 803 individuals across 57 species, we found that movements of mammals in areas with a comparatively high human footprint were on average one-half to one-third the extent of their movements in areas with a low human footprint. We attribute this reduction to behavioral changes of individual animals and to the exclusion of species with long-range movements from areas with higher human impact...
January 26, 2018: Science
Beverley Lim Høeg, Christoffer Johansen, Jane Christensen, Kirsten Frederiksen, Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton, Atle Dyregrov, Per Bøge, Annemarie Dencker, Pernille Envold Bidstrup
Being able to form and maintain intimate relationships is an essential part of development and the early loss of a parent may negatively affect this ability. This study investigates the association between parental loss before the age of 18 years and the formation and dissolution of marriage and cohabitation relationships in adulthood, in relation to factors that may help identify potentially vulnerable subgroups of bereaved children, that is, sex of the deceased parent, cause of death and child's age at the time of death...
January 25, 2018: Developmental Psychology
Yan-En Lyu, Xiao-Fei Xu, Shuang Dai, Xiao-Bo Dong, Shao-Ping Shen, Yao Wang, Chong Liu
BACKGROUND: Anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) is the standard surgical treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), but patients may suffer from recurrent seizures post-surgery. Invasive electrical monitoring plays a critical role in precisely identifying the epileptic foci. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the benefits of long-term invasive electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring and two-stage surgery with the classical approach to examine their effect on post-surgical brain function and complications...
January 19, 2018: International Journal of Surgery
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