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Nicolino Marchitto, Umberto Ceratti, Serenella Dalmaso, Gianfranco Raimondi
 In most cases, the etiology of epilepsy is unknown, although some individuals may develop epilepsy as a result of certain brain injuries, following a stroke, a brain tumor or because of drugs and alcohol. Even some rare genetic mutations may be related to the onset of the condition. Seizures are the result of excessive and abnormal activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex. In this case report we show a clinical case of refractory epilepsy due to pain related to uncontrolled dysmenorrhea. The patient, 43 yrs old, had a history of epilepsy of 20 years and ovarian cancer...
October 23, 2017: Acta Bio-medica: Atenei Parmensis
Lucía Rivas, Óscar Blanco, Cristina Torreira, Alfredo Repáraz, Cristina Melcón, Alfonso Amado
INTRODUCTION: Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH) is a reduction of the size of the cerebellum and pons secondary to an alteration in its development, and can be caused by neurodegenerative diseases of genetic origin, of which there are known 10 subtypes (PCH 1-10), cortical malformations, metabolic and genetic diseases. OBJECTIVE: To present the case of a child with microcephaly, PCH and West syndrome, in which the genetic study allowed to make the diagnosis of a deletion on chromosome X...
2017: Revista Chilena de Pediatría
Silvia González Munguía, Moisés Pérez León, Marta Piñero González, Marina Magnolia Díaz Pestano, Rafael Molero Gómez, Hugo Daniel Luzardo Henríquez
UNLABELLED: Objetive: To describe etanercept use and effectiveness on steroid- refractary acute graft-versus-host disease after hematopoietic cell transplantation. METHOD: Patients treated with etanercept as off label use for steroid-refractary acute graft-versus-host disease were selected and each patient's medical history was reviewed to assess the clinical response. RESULTS: The study included five patients: four presented with digestive manifestations and one presented pulmonary and liver manifestations...
May 1, 2015: Farmacia Hospitalaria
Carme Espinet, Hugo Gonzalo, Catherine Fleitas, Maria Jose Menal, Joaquim Egea
Neurotrophins are important neurotrophic factors involved in the survival, differentiation and function of a wide variety of neuron populations. A common feature for most neurotrophins is that they are synthesized as precursor proteins (pro-neurotrophins) that upon being processed by proteolysis render the mature active form responsible for most of their trophic functions. However, some of the pro-neurotrophin form of these proteins, such as the precursor form of NGF (pro-NGF), have been shown to induce opposite effects and trigger apoptosis on neurons through the p75NTR receptor...
2015: Current Drug Targets
Fernando Oetterer Arruda, Hélio Penna Guimarães, Luiz Fernando Dos Reis Falcão, Patrícia Helena Rocha Leal, Renato Delascio Lopes, Ivan Dunshee de Abranches Oliveira Santos, José Luiz Gomes do Amaral
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The presence of adverse reactions, inherent to all treatments, justifies the necessity of deep knowledge, by the medical team of the prevention and treatment of occasional organic dysfunctions, reducing its impact. The purpose of this paper is to report a case comprising the several systemic adverse reactions after perfusion of limb with melphalan and hyperthermia. CASE REPORT: A white female, 64-years old patient with diagnosis of melanoma in the medial malleoli region of the left lower limb...
December 2006: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
L Gallego, L Junquera, A Pelaz, J Hernando, J Megías
The use of pedicled buccal fat pad flap (BFP) has proved of value for the closure of oroantral and oronasal communications and is a well-established tool in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Otherwise, the perceived limitations of surgical therapy for bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (BRONJ) have been widely discussed, and recommendations have largely been made to offer aggressive surgery only to stage 3 patients refractary to conservative management. Oroantral communication may be a common complication after sequestrectomy and bone debridement in upper maxillary BRONJ...
March 2012: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Marc Possover
OBJECTIVES:   To report about our first short series of laparoscopic implantation of neuroprothesis-LION procedure-to the sacral plexus for treatment of different neurogenic bladder dysfunctions in patients in whom percutaneous sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) failed. MATERIAL AND METHODS:   A unilateral sacral LION procedure was performed in four patients with a refractary interstitial cystitis, in 13 patients with refractory bladder overactivity (multiple sclerosis N= 8, spina bifida N= 1, incomplete paraplegia N= 2, diabetic cystopathy N= 1), one patient with a neurogenic bladder incontinence by Parkinson syndrome, and in four patients for treatment for bladder atonia (Fowler's syndrome)...
April 2010: Neuromodulation: Journal of the International Neuromodulation Society
Raúl Carrillo-Esper, Benjamín Calvo-Carrillo
INTRODUCTION: Vasodilatory refractory shock is common in patients with severe burns. It is defined by resistance to high doses of volume and vasopressor therapy. OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to investigate effects of vasopressin therapy in severe burn patients with vasodilatory refractory shock. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We carried out an open, prospective study in 15 patients with severe burns with vasodilatory refractary shock. Patients were monitored with arterial line, pulmonary artery catheter, transtoracic echocardiography, arterial and central venous gases, gastric-arterial CO2 gradient, serum and urinary osmolality, urinary electrolytes, dieresis, and trooping T and CPK-MB levels...
March 2003: Cirugia y Cirujanos
R E Parchment, A Pessina
DNA topoisomerase I is a nuclear enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of the DNA topology by introducing single-strand breaks into the DNA molecule. This enzyme represents a novel and distinct molecule target for cancer therapy by antitopoisomerase drugs belonging to the campthotecin series of antineoplastics. As many tumors can acquire resistance to drug treatment and become refractary to the chemotherapy it is very important to investigate the mechanisms involved in such a drug resistance for circumventing the phenomenon...
September 1998: Cytotechnology
Emilio Gómez de la Concha
Inflammatory bowel diseases are complex diseases due to the combination of genetic and environmental factors. Many genes have a limited effect and none is necessary nor sufficient. It has been observed that many of these genes confer susceptibility to specific clinical forms of the disease. So, HLADRB1*0103 confer susceptibility to the pancolitis form of ulcerative colitis and also to Crohn's disease but only with colonic localization. IKBL gene confer susceptibility only to ulcerative colitis, also the pancolitis form and refractary to treatment...
2006: Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina
Cristián Labarca, Loreto Massardo, Paula I García, Sergio Jacobelli
BACKGROUND: Tumor necrosis factor antagonists are useful in the treatment of several chronic inflammatory immune mediated diseases. AIM: To assess the effects of infliximab in 21 patients with inflammatory arthropaties, refractary to conventional treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Eleven patients with rheumatoid arthritis, seven with psoriatic arthritis and three with spondyloarthritis were treated. The mean duration of the diseases was 10 years...
October 2003: Revista Médica de Chile
H N Zhang, X Q Li, Q H Liang
In order to investigate the relationship between Ganhuo shangyanzheng and Can-shengyin xuzheng in herpes simplex karatitis patients, we observed corneal pathologic changes and examined blood levels of prostaglandin F2 (PGF2), prostaglandin E2 (PGF2), tumor necrosis factor (TNF), arginine vasopressin (AVP), norepinephrine (NR), epinephrine (E) in sixty herpes simplex karatitis patients with Ganhou shangyanzheng or Gan-shengyinxuzheng. The results showed that the corneal pathologic changes were corneal ulcer infiltrating to stroma of cornea in Ganhuo shangyanzheng patients, and refractary corneal ulcer with large amount of corneal neovascularizaton and infiltration of corneal stroma in Gan-shengyinxuzheng patients, the blood levels of PGF2, PGE2, TNF, AVP, NE, E in Ganhuo shangyanzheng patients were higher than those in Gan-shengyinxuzheng patients or healthy persons...
February 28, 2001: Hunan Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao, Hunan Yike Daxue Xuebao, Bulletin of Hunan Medical University
M A Alama Zaragoza, A Robles Iniesta, I Roca Adelantado, M A Sales Maicas, M C Navarro de León, P Román Sánchez
A case of primary adrenal bilateral non-Hodgking lymphoma, with depressed adrenal reserve is presented. This rare neoplasm causes rapid evolution and fatal outcome in most cases. In our patient, lethal outcome was associated with severe hypercalcemia and refractary hypotension. Many other complications are due to tumoral lysis syndrome associated with high steroid doses in adrenal insufficiency. This rare entity must be included in the differencial diagnosis of adrenal masses, uni or bilateral, because early diagnostic is important for preventing complications, potentially lethals and for improving survival...
October 2002: Anales de Medicina Interna: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Interna
R Martínez-Mañas, J Rumià, F Valldeoriola, E Ferrer, E Tolosa
INTRODUCTION: Severe head trauma could be followed by a wide range of movement disorders. Usually, they appear as a moderate or severe intention tremor that causes great patient disability. Those movement disorders use to be refractary to medical treatment, although sometimes they would be spontaneusly controlled by a year. CLINICAL CASE: 14 year old boy who suffered severe head trauma at age of 8. One year after the injury he developed an action tremor and choreiform dyskinesia with hemibalistic features evocated by the movement...
February 1, 2002: Revista de Neurologia
Z.-Y. Fermin, F.-J. Silvestre, A. Plaza, M.-C. Serrano
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 1999: Medicina Oral
M F Herrera, R R Lozano-Salazar, P Bezaury, G Césarman, G Hernández, S A Sánchez, A Velázquez, X López-Karpovitch
OBJECTIVE: To describe the perioperative characteristics, complications and outcome of the first 22 patients who underwent laparoscopic splenectomy for refractary/recurrent ITP in our institution. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Clinical and biochemical characteristics, spleen size, indication for surgery, operative time, blood requirements, complications and outcome of 22 patients who underwent laparoscopic splenectomy between 1994 and 1997 were prospectively recorded. Their mean age was 40 +/- 15 (+/- SD), 15 females and 7 males...
March 1998: Revista de Investigación Clínica; Organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutrición
R Caraballo, J Trípoli, L Escobal, R Cersósimo, S Tenembaum, C Palacios, N Fejerman
INTRODUCTION: Prospective study to evaluate efficacy of ketogenic diet (KD) in the treatment of children with intractable epilepsies (IE). Tolerability of the KD was also considered. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Criteria for inclusion were: 1. Epilepsy refractary to treatments with antiepileptic drugs (AED) in monotherapy and combining two or three AED. 2. Acknowledgment of blood levels of these drugs in therapeutic range. 3. Absence of liver or kidney disease, metabolic abnormalities, inborn errors of metabolism or other progressive encephalopathies...
January 1998: Revista de Neurologia
A de Oliveira e Silva, E S Cardoso, C R de Melo, T E dos Santos, G S Mourão, M T Meniconi, E D Santos Júnior, J L Copstein, L A D'Albuquerque
Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts (TIPS) represents a new surgical technique minimally invasive utilized in the treatment of portal hypertension. Such technique avoid the risks of general anesthesia, and major surgery like portocava anastomosis, reducing the hepatic-portal gradient, and help bleeding esophagogastric varices, hemorrhagic congestive gastropathy and refractary ascites. Certainly diminishes the intensity of intraperitoneal colorectal circulation and the necessity of blood transfusion during surgery for liver transplantation...
October 1996: Arquivos de Gastroenterologia
M Rivero Marcotegui, C Maravi Petri, J Barba Cosials, R Hernández Palacios, J Sánchez-Alvarez
We present the case of a silicotic patient, with recurrent febrile episodes during the past three years, who was hospitalized for the study of prolonged fever. In addition to compliance with the criteria of fever from unknown origin (FUO), the patient presented semiology and echocardiogram compatible with infectious endocarditis. Later on, he developed a severe aortic failure refractary to medical treatment and hence, he underwent surgery. The surgical intervention showed an abscess in the aortic root, which resulted to be of a tuberculous origin and an intact aortic valve...
November 1994: Anales de Medicina Interna: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Interna
A Valdivielso, J Casado Flores, A Ruiz Beltrán, J García Pérez, M García-Onieva, I Hidalgo
Naloxone clorhidrate was administered intravenously to 15 patients with endotoxic shock and refractary hypotension, following meningococcal sepsis. Doses used were between 0.01-0.2 mg/kg. Three patients (two of them with moderate shock) showed an increase in sistolic arterial pressure, which was maintained and above 20 mm/Hg. Among the rest of them (except one with severe shock) naloxone action was non-existent in nine cases, or with short action and without answer to next doses in other three. Eleven patients died...
February 15, 1984: Anales Españoles de Pediatría
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