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Feng Hu, Zhenhua Pei, Ying Wen
Removable partial dentures (RPDs) are used to restore missing teeth and are traditionally fabricated using the lost-wax casting technique. The casting process is arduous, time-consuming, and requires a skilled technician. The development of intraoral scanning and 3D printing technology has made rapid prototyping of the RPD more achievable. This article reports a completed case of direct fabrication of a maxillary RPD metal framework (Kennedy Class I) using intraoral scanning and 3D printing techniques. Acceptable fit and satisfactory clinical outcome were demonstrated...
November 16, 2017: Journal of Prosthodontics: Official Journal of the American College of Prosthodontists
Ofélia Anjos, António J A Santos, Vasco Paixão, Letícia M Estevinho
This study aimed to evaluate the potential of FT-Raman spectroscopy in the prediction of the chemical composition of Lavandula spp. monofloral honey. Partial Least Squares (PLS) regression models were performed for the quantitative estimation and the results were correlated with those obtained using reference methods. Good calibration models were obtained for electrical conductivity, ash, total acidity, pH, reducing sugars, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), proline, diastase index, apparent sucrose, total flavonoids content and total phenol content...
February 1, 2018: Talanta
R K Douglas, S Nawar, M C Alamar, A M Mouazen, F Coulon
Visible and near infrared spectrometry (vis-NIRS) coupled with data mining techniques can offer fast and cost-effective quantitative measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in contaminated soils. Literature showed however significant differences in the performance on the vis-NIRS between linear and non-linear calibration methods. This study compared the performance of linear partial least squares regression (PLSR) with a nonlinear random forest (RF) regression for the calibration of vis-NIRS when analysing TPH in soils...
November 8, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Bappa Das, Rabi N Sahoo, Sourabh Pargal, Gopal Krishna, Rakesh Verma, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Vinay K Sehgal, Vinod K Gupta, Sushanta K Dash, Padmini Swain
In the present investigation, the changes in sucrose, reducing and total sugar content due to water-deficit stress in rice leaves were modeled using visible, near infrared (VNIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) spectroscopy. The objectives of the study were to identify the best vegetation indices and suitable multivariate technique based on precise analysis of hyperspectral data (350 to 2500nm) and sucrose, reducing sugar and total sugar content measured at different stress levels from 16 different rice genotypes...
October 31, 2017: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Yi Yang, Hong Zhuang, Seung-Chul Yoon, Wei Wang, Hongzhe Jiang, Beibei Jia
In this study visible/near-infrared spectroscopy (Vis/NIRS) was evaluated to rapidly classify intact chicken breast fillets. Five principal components (PC) were extracted from reference quality traits (L(∗), pH, drip loss, expressible fluid, and salt-induced water gain). A quality grades classification method by PC1 score was proposed. With this method, 150 chicken fillets were properly classified into three quality grades, i.e., DFD (dark, firm and dry), normal, and PSE (pale, soft and exudative). Furthermore, PC1 score could be predicted using partial least squares regression (PLSR) model based on Vis/NIRS (R(2)p = 0...
April 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
Ahmed Rady, Akinbode Adedeji
The main objective of this study was to investigate the use of spectroscopic systems in the range of 400-1000nm (visible/near-infrared or Vis-NIR) and 900-1700nm (NIR) to assess and estimate plant and animal proteins as potential adulterants in minced beef and pork. Multiple machine learning techniques were used for classification, adulterant prediction, and wavelength selection. Samples were first evaluated for the presence or absence of adulterants (6 classes), and secondly for adulterant type (6 classes) and level...
October 24, 2017: Meat Science
Jae-Hyun Lim, Jun-Seok Cha, Bu-Joo Kong, Seon-Ho Baek
Concentration levels and seasonal variation of odorous gases at landfill site and in surrounding areas within the city of Incheon, South Korea were investigated. Sampling was conducted at 11 points (5 at landfill site and 6 in surrounding areas). The highest concentrations of odorous gases (complex odor, ammonia, acetaldehyde, and VOCs) at landfill site were found in summer, probably due to fast decomposition of waste in high temperature related with more release of ammonia. In addition, specific weather condition of dominant wind direction, humidity and higher atmospheric pressure with no or lower wind speed caused positive effect of higher aldehyde compounds and VOCs concentration...
October 28, 2017: Journal of Environmental Management
Clara Arianta Akinyamoju, Tunde Joshua Ogunrinde, Juliana Obontu Taiwo, Oluwole Oyekunle Dosumu
PURPOSE: Restoration of partial edentulous mouth may be done using a variety of treatment options. Removable partial denture (RPD) is commonly used because of its availability. RPDs from flexible resins unlike those from acrylic engage hard and soft tissue undercuts and feel more comfortable in the mouth. The aim of the study was to compare satisfaction with dentures made from these two types of materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS: It was a quasi-experimental study among thirty patients at the Prosthetics Clinic, University College Hospital, Ibadan...
July 2017: Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal
Linda Morris Brown, Bonnie Rogers, Kathleen Buckheit, John Pat Curran
Interview, observational, and discussion group data at 9 health care organizations (HCOs) were collected to better understand elastomeric half-facepiece respirators' (EHFRs) use. We found that HCOs do not routinely use EHFRs as a respiratory protection device (RPD) for health care workers; compliance with other respirator types was less than expected. This finding has important training implications for proper use of all RPDs and EHFRs as an alternative RPD stockpiled for use during a respiratory infectious outbreak...
October 24, 2017: American Journal of Infection Control
Daniel Galvez, Rebecca Sorber, Ammar A Javed, Jin He
Minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery, has become the standard of care for many abdominal procedures. However, the technical complexity associated with pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) due to the anatomic location and oncologic characteristics of pancreatic tumors has hindered the widespread application of minimally invasive techniques to this procedure. Recent studies have reported that for experienced surgeons, the application of robotic techniques to PD is associated with equivalent oncologic outcomes and rates of complication when compared to an open operation, and may be associated with accelerated surgical recovery...
2017: J Vis Surg
Artur Gołaś, Michal Wilk, Petr Stastny, Adam Maszczyk, Katarzyna Pajerska, Adam Zając
Gołaś, A, Wilk, M, Stastny, P, Maszczyk, A, Pajerska, K, and Zając, A. Optimizing half squat postactivation potential load in squat jump training for eliciting relative maximal power in ski jumpers. J Strength Cond Res 31(11): 3010-3017, 2017-Training load manipulation in a single workout session can increase or decrease training effectiveness in terms of athletes' strength or power gains. In ski jumping, the complex training that elicits maximal power gains may take advantage of the postactivation potentiation (PAP) mechanism...
November 2017: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Said Nawar, Abdul M Mouazen
Accurate and detailed spatial soil information about within-field variability is essential for variable-rate applications of farm resources. Soil total nitrogen (TN) and total carbon (TC) are important fertility parameters that can be measured with on-line (mobile) visible and near infrared (vis-NIR) spectroscopy. This study compares the performance of local farm scale calibrations with those based on the spiking of selected local samples from both fields into an European dataset for TN and TC estimation using three modelling techniques, namely gradient boosted machines (GBM), artificial neural networks (ANNs) and random forests (RF)...
October 24, 2017: Sensors
Alessandro Rabiolo, Riccardo Sacconi, Maria Vittoria Cicinelli, Lea Querques, Francesco Bandello, Giuseppe Querques
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in patients >50 years old. The hallmark of the disease is represented by the accumulation of extracellular material between retinal pigment epithelium and the inner collagenous layer of Bruch's membrane, called drusen. Although identified almost 30 years ago, reticular pseudodrusen (RPD) have been recently recognized as a distinctive phenotype. Unlike drusen, they are located in the subretinal space. RPD are strongly associated with late AMD, especially geographic atrophy, type 2 and 3 choroidal neovascularization, which, in turn, are less common in typical AMD...
2017: Clinical Ophthalmology
Daniel Cortez, Anneli Svensson, Jonas Carlson, Sharon Graw, Nandita Sharma, Francesca Brun, Anita Spezzacatene, Luisa Mestroni, Pyotr G Platonov
BACKGROUND: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy (ARVD/C) carries a risk of sudden death. We aimed to assess whether vectorcardiographic (VCG) parameters directed toward the right heart and a measured angle of the S-wave would help differentiate ARVD/C with otherwise normal electrocardiograms from controls. METHODS: Task Force 2010 definite ARVD/C criteria were met for all patients. Those who did not fulfill Task Force depolarization or repolarization criteria (-ECG) were compared with age and gender-matched control subjects...
October 13, 2017: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Zhongfu Yang, Gang Nie, Ling Pan, Yan Zhang, Linkai Huang, Xiao Ma, Xinquan Zhang
Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) is an important cool-season, annual forage crop for the grassland rotation system in Southern China. The primary aim of breeding programs is always to seek to improve forage quality in the animal productivity system; however, it is time- and labor-consuming when analyzed excessive large number of samples. The main objectives of this study were to construct near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) models to predict the forage chemistry quality of Italian ryegrass including the concentrations of crude protein (CP), acid detergent fiber (ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), and water soluble carbohydrate (WSC)...
2017: PeerJ
Xiaoping Wang, Fei Zhang, Jianli Ding, Hsiang-Te Kung, Aamir Latif, Verner C Johnson
Soil salinity is recognized worldwide as a major threat to agriculture, particularly in arid regions. Producers and decision-makers thus require updated and accurate maps of salinity in agronomical and environmentally relevant regions. The goals of this study were to test various regression models for estimating soil salt content based on hyperspectral data, HJ-CCD images, and Landsat OLI data using; develop optimal band Difference Index (DI), Ratio Index (RI), and Normalization Index (NDI) algorithms for monitoring soil salt content using image and spectral data; and to compare the performances of the proposed models using a Bootstrap-BP neural network model (Bootstrap-BPNN) from different data sources...
February 15, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Xiaoping Wang, Fei Zhang, Jianli Ding
The water quality index (WQI) has been used to identify threats to water quality and to support better water resource management. This study combines a machine learning algorithm, WQI, and remote sensing spectral indices (difference index, DI; ratio index, RI; and normalized difference index, NDI) through fractional derivatives methods and in turn establishes a model for estimating and assessing the WQI. The results show that the calculated WQI values range between 56.61 and 2,886.51. We also explore the relationship between reflectance data and the WQI...
October 9, 2017: Scientific Reports
Maarjaliis Paavo, Winston Lee, John Merriam, Srilaxmi Bearelly, Stephen Tsang, Stanley Chang, Janet R Sparrow
Purpose: We sought to determine whether information revealed from the reflectance, autofluorescence, and absorption properties of RPE cells situated posterior to reticular pseudodrusen (RPD) could provide insight into the origins and structure of RPD. Methods: RPD were studied qualitatively by near-infrared fundus autofluorescence (NIR-AF), short-wavelength fundus autofluorescence (SW-AF), and infrared reflectance (IR-R) images, and the presentation was compared to horizontal and en face spectral domain optical coherence tomographic (SD-OCT) images...
September 1, 2017: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Supriya Mahajan, Brian S Appleby
Purpose of review The sudden emergence of a change in cognitive abilities or behavior is an important symptom that warrants medical evaluation and may represent the early stages of a rapidly progressive dementia (RPD). To correctly ascertain the cause of RPD in a given patient, the clinician must be methodical and knowledgeable about the range of potential causes and must move forward with supportive treatment, and in some cases empiric treatment, based on clinical features alone. Recent findings Significant advances in prion disease biomarkers, the molecular features of rapidly progressive Alzheimer's disease, and new detection of autoimmune limbic encephalitis disease entities have caused a shift in the diagnostic and treatment framework of RPD...
September 30, 2017: Current Treatment Options in Neurology
Felix Y H Kutsanedzie, Quansheng Chen, Md Mehedi Hassan, Mingxiu Yang, Hao Sun, Md Hafizur Rahman
Total fungi count (TFC) is a quality indicator of cocoa beans when unmonitored leads to quality and safety problems. Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIRS) combined with chemometric algorithms like partial least square (PLS); synergy interval-PLS (Si-PLS); synergy interval-genetic algorithm-PLS (Si-GAPLS); Ant colony optimization - PLS (ACO-PLS) and competitive-adaptive reweighted sampling-PLS (CARS-PLS) was employed to predict TFC in cocoa beans neat solution. Model results were evaluated using the correlation coefficients of the prediction (Rp) and calibration (Rc); root mean square error of prediction (RMSEP), and the ratio of sample standard deviation to RMSEP (RPD)...
February 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
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